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Too Much Prayers, Less Work Making Christians Poor - Prophet Badu Kobi

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Founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has said that, Christians know God but are behaving foolishly and that is why many Christians are suffering.

Speaking to host, Akua Sonto on 'The Sonto Show' on Agoo TV, Prophet Badu Kobi noted that, God separated day from night so that man can use daytime to work and make a living and not to be in church praying, yet Christians decide to pray more than work.

God knows exactly why he separated day from night, so that man can use daytime to work hard and make a living, not to be in church praying, yet Christians determine to pray more than working which is wrong, Christians know God but are fools, he said.

He indicated that, hes against weekday service as that is not recorded in the Bible, adding that hell only practice it when God directs him to do so.

For me I know weekday services is not in the bible so I will never allow or practice it my church unless God directs me to do so, it doesnt even make sense.

Prophet Badu Kobi furthered that; a Christian must be financially sound in order to help his family, nation and church.

As a Christian you must not be poor but financially sound both physically and spiritually, so that you can help your family, nation and church. Some Christians know nothing when it comes finance and economy, which is very bad, he noted.

He urged Christians to work hard and stop praying all the time as prayer alone wouldnt solve the problem.

The Sonto Show is aired every Sunday from 5:00-5:30pm on Agoo TV.  It delves into social, health issues and real life stories.

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