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Party Politics Destroying The University – Kojo Yankah

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Political interference has created serious rivalry and confusion in public universities, particularly University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Kojo Yankah has said.

The founder of the African University College of Communication stated that governance of UEW remains troubled as crises associated with various political orders has caused student disturbances, harassment of academic staff and the widespread academic corruption in the school.

Kojo Yankah expressed disgust at how politics has badly shaped all sectors of universities in Ghana which includes patterns of student access and the bias in teaching by some lecturers.

He expressed worry at the length to which some students, lecturers or even Vice-Chancellors revere their political affiliations more than their academic standing or vision.

We have a situation where people get warning from their lecturers that if they dont change their political affiliation, they are going to fail. Look at what is happening in our public universities There is academic freedom but you will find universities, Im not scared to mention University of Winneba. What is happening there is just party politics destroying the school. Where is the academic freedom He voiced.

He established that most student leaders are stuck to believing that engaging with political parties or campaigning for them could secure them fine jobs and luxurious cars after school.

Reacting to that, Mr Yankah said involving in student politics is not the only way to become a ‘statesman or attain a fine position in government thereby warning the youth to desist from such ‘irrational thoughts and focus on their education.

Stay away from these, they would not support you. If you think that is the way to get into politics and sit in 4wheel and V8 cars forget it. Im serious. Pursue your education, profession and career and make a human being of yourself. Once you get to become a pawn in someones arms youre never free, your freedom is taken and you would be in trouble. You would become a soldier and the next thing is youll join the association of unemployed graduates, he emphasised.

He said it is expected of student leaders to champion the interest of their fellow students and not political parties.

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