Friday, September 14, 2018

Free SHS Placement: We Work With Only The Choices Provided Us - Education Ministry PRO

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Head of Public Relations [PR] unit of the Ministry of Education [MoE], Mr. Ekow Vincent Assafuah says his outfit cannot be entirely blamed for the mishaps in the double track Senior High School [SHS] placement.

According to him, even though there will be one or two mistakes in the placement system because it was created by human, the students chose the schools they were posted to.

We firmly keep to this measure because the CSSPS only post students to schools they chose in their various Junior High Schools [JHS] during the selection days, he stressed.

Vincent Assafuah, who spoke in a one-on-one interview with UTVs ‘Adekye Nsroma Friday edition, confirmed the MoE has not planned for any extra classes for free SHS students during long vacation hours as speculated by some Ghanaians.

It is up to parents to find proper ways of engaging their children while on long vacations, just like they do in the trimester days, he said.

He also warned parents not to pay any fee to teachers or school authorities when they send their wards to school.

Report to any of our district offices when you encounter problems to pay any fee required in the school when they claim, not even NHIS cards, he emphasized.

Mr. Ekow Vincent advised parents to keep quiet as they report to any of their [MoE] district centres in the regions or come to their independence square centre for their challenges to be redressed.

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