Wednesday, August 8, 2018

R. Kelly Is Having Sex With Men And Spreading STDs - Brother

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The internet wasnt the only one rubbed totally the wrong way by R. Kellys 19-minute, supposedly self-revelatory I Admit song that he dropped in July, laying all of his innermost thoughts and realities surrounding his personal life, sexual deviancies and legal controversies out on the table.

The Chicago R&B veteran left nothing unaddressed, such as his heinous sex cult allegations and illicit relationship with fallen ‘90s R&B songstress Aaliyah, and even exposed secrets hed never touched on before, like his struggle with dyslexia and current financial hardships. Somewhere in the long eight verses of the record, Kelly also put his foot down with a statement directed toward his brother.

The Pied Piper doesnt go into specifics about his dismantled relationship with his sibling, but its clear that tension and differences, as he calls it, has called a major severance in their brotherhood.

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