Friday, August 24, 2018

Man Uses 300 Billboards To Ask Forgiveness From Girlfriend

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A young Indian man, Mr Nilesh Khedekar who wanted to get back with his girlfriend after an argument, put up 300 billboards all over their local suburb, to let her know he wants her forgiveness.

Though, it is not clear what the argument was between the two, Mr Khedekar idea it was serious enough to be worth the effort of an impressive action to earn her forgiveness.

Recently, after Mr Khedekar heard that the girl, was returning from Mumbai to her home in Pimple Saudagar, a suburb of Pune, he decided to come up with a creative way of showing her how sorry he was about their argument.

He commissioned hundreds of different-sized posters with the message Shivde, I am Sorry!.

On the night before the girls scheduled returned, he paid a group of boys to hang the billboards all over her neighborhood.

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