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Obinim May Be Worshiping a Different 'God'- Rev. Owusu Bempah Alleges

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Leader and founder of Glorious Word Power Ministry International (GWPMI), Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah says the leader and founder of The International God's Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim may be worshiping a different 'God'.

According to him, there are no Angels like 'Nimokafrim' or 'Ayɛtɛfrɛm' as described by the man of God in a recent video leak.

Speaking on Okay FM's 'Ade Akye Abia' programme, the outspoken man of God explained that he wonders where the Bishop gets his intuition and knowledge from the word of God from, but he strongly believes he may be referring to other lesser gods when it comes to his description of definite entities as angels or God himself.

Bishop Daniel Obinim claims he recently visited heaven to clash with Angel Gabriel for failing to accomplish a mission God had asked both of them to deliver.

Founder and leader of The International God's Way Church was captured in a recent video, during a church service, angrily exchanging words with an invisible creature which he claims is God.

The controversial Bishop Obinim told his packed congregation that he was engaged in the furious confrontation with God because the Creator of mankind had wrongly accused him of not carrying the mission he had tasked both Angel Gabriel and himself.

Speaking in a unusual language in the presence of his Church members, Bishop Daniel Obinim said he was being interrogated and accused by the master for not ensuring that he and his partner, Angel Gabriel, did not properly execute their heavenly duties.

The pastor dived into the bizarre by insisting that it was not his fault and pointed the accusing finger at Angel Gabriel by saying, Father query him, yes you can query him Gabriel. Yes because I went there with Angel Gabriel. I went there with him.

Obinim continued to speak in the ‘heavenly language, as he claimed. This time in a more furious tone.

While translating the scenario to one of his interpreters, Obinim said his ‘boss in the spirit world has expressed displeasure because he expected him to do exceptionally well in one of the tasks with Angel Gabriel.

He also claims to have prevented some two Angels, 'Nimokafrim' and 'Ayɛtɛfrɛm' from strangling a popular man of God to death.

Obinim narrated that he was going to a meeting with his angel friends, 'Nimokafrim' and 'Ayɛtɛfrɛm', when they told him of their plans to punish the pastors.

But he pleaded with 'Nimokafrim' and 'Ayɛtɛfrɛm' to abort their plans because he felt the other pastors were also training other people in the work of God.

Prophet Owusu Bempah claims with his study and knowledge of the bible, he has never come across any of these names, but believes they may be angels of satan.

He thus cautioned members of the public to becareful about who they are following as a man of God.

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