Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Egyptian Journalist Given Bail For Discussing Police Salaries

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A prominent Egyptian journalist has been released on bail after he was arrested on allegations of insulting the police, news agency AFP reports.

Khairy Ramadan was detained on Sunday after he allegedly discussed low salaries paid to policemen on his show called Egypt Today on the public broadcaster Channel 1.

He had presented a breakdown of the officers' salaries of £282 ($390).

His detention follows a crackdown on what authorities called the spreading of "false news" ahead of presidential election on 26-28 March.

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will run against a little-known candidate in the election, which he is expected to win.

The prosecutor's office said last week it would monitor news outlets and social media "in light of recent observed attempts to harm the security and safety of the homeland by publishing lies and untrue news".

It ordered state law officers to take "necessay measures under crimianl law" against untrue statement and rumours that harm the public or bring terror into the hearts of individuals".

Last week, Egypt demanded the BBC apologise over a report into its use of torture, which the government said was an "absolute falsification and fabrication".

The BBC, however, said it "stands by the integrity of its reporting teams".

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