Friday, February 2, 2018

Use Internet Availability To Champion Women's Right Issues – Women And Girls Advised

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Women have been encouraged to make public and widen on the various internet platforms with information that would make women and girls stand out on their rights.

In a base line report conducted by Media Foundation for West Africa [MFWA], revealed that women instead of using the internet to promote issues concerning girls and women, they rather use them on issues that are of no relevance to women empowerment, a terrible practice that needs to cease.

At a workshop on Womens Right Online in Ghana held by the Media Foundation for West Africa [MFWA], Ms Jemima Abdullai, a founding Director of encouraged that women must commence using demographic means through the internet to promote issues that has to do with the girls and women to make publications on women understandable and easy to read or come by.

She as well insisted that women should come out of their cold and comfort zones to boldly defend and challenge the problems facing them.

Ms Abdullai noted that, Women must bear it in mind that anything you do electronically especially through the internet never gets deleted easily, therefore the focus now on Womens Right Online [WRO] initiative.

However, the mission of the organization is to promote and defend the right to freedom of expression of all persons particularly the media and human right defenders in West Africa.



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