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10 Facts You Didnt Know About Anas And No. 4 Will Shock You.

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We all know Anas. The investigative journalist whose name scares and frightens even the humble. You have heard a lot about his investigative works worldwide but do you more about his personal life

Here are eight facts you probably didnt know about Anas.
1. People mostly know him as Anas but his full name is Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

2. Many people think no one has ever seen him before but that is not the case; very few people had seen his face (but we dont know who the few people are)

3. Every organisation has a motto or an emblem. To him and his Tiger Eye Production, their Motto is Name, Shame and Jail.

4. Notable for his bravery, you might think what gives him that urge. In case you dont know Anas grew up in a military barracks in Ghana and his father- a retired military officer.

5. He had his basic education at one of the schools at Burma Camp in Accra before moving to the Christian Methodist School.

6. He went to the Ghana Institute of Journalism and then the University of Ghana. No one knows in details so please dont bother to find out the year and hall he was.

7. He worked for the Crusading Guide newspaper in 1998.

8. Tiger Eye Production, his own private production remains the only production house in Ghana that doesnt produce commercial movies. No one has no concept as to who his crew members are.

9. He has an award named after him

10. He has a collection of 20 awards both local and international

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