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Ghanas Stream Plastic Waste Sees 12% Increment

Mr Ebbo Botwe, the Chairman of the Plastic Waste Management Programme Ghana (PWMPG), says Ghanas stream plastic waste has seen a 12 per cent increment from 3 per cent in 2011 to 14 per cent in 2018.

He assured Ghanaians that the increment could be terrible if left unattended to and unrecycled, adding that, ‘plastics could be recycled to useful resources.

He said plastic waste could be recycled into diesel fuel and that; the fuel extracted from plastic was of better quality than the normal one.

Mr Botwe said this when he delivered a solidarity message at the second Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Environmental Service Providers Association (ESPA) in Accra.

He said during the recycling process, a supplementary ‘black carbon element would be gathered, which in itself was a resource.

He said there were two types of plastics, flexible (sachet rubbers) and rigid (P.E.T bottles), and that the PWMPG on its own funding has recycled the flexible one and added value to them,

With the plastic bottles, 80 per cent of them could be used for diesel fuel, and the fuel from such plastics is of better quality than the normal one, he said.

He said there was a complete shift from packaging in glass to P.E.T bottles all over the world because rigid plastic bottle was actually more of a resource than junk.

Even on the world market, the P.E.T bottles are sold cheaper about half the price of the flexible, so, it is even cheaper to package water in plastic bottles than sachets, hence the shift to plastic bottles

He said plastics were very fine materials and there was no way the country could do away with plastics.

Mr Botwe said a complete plant that could recycle plastic bottle back to plastic bottles or to the other resources would cost Ghana about GHC 27million and that he described as reasonable.

He said if government released the accrued GHC 724 million it got from the Plastic Waste Management Fund established in 2011 from taxes on plastic products, PWMPG could build 26 of plastic recycle plants across Ghana.

Mr Botwe, who is also the President of Ghana Plastic Manufacturers Association, demanded government to release the fund, which whereabouts was not privy to the very organisations the funds were set up for in the first place.

The AGM was attended by ESPA members from across the country and partner stakeholders in sanitation, the Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation (CONIWAS), sanitation think-tanks TERSUS-Ghana.


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Family Of Alleged Murdered Armed Robber Calls For Independent Investigation

The family of Emmanuel Amofo, who was allegedly mistaken for an armed robber and killed by a Police Patrol Team, Friday, appealed to the Inspector of General Police and the Ghana Police Council to cause an independent criminal enquiry into the incident.

Amofa, 27, who was a resident of Agbogba, a suburb of Accra, was shot to death in the early hours of Monday, April 16.

According to the Patrol Team, they spotted three men smoking in front of a drinking spot and accosted them.

After interrogating them, they searched the suspects and found a locally manufactured pistol strapped to the waist of Amofa.

The Police said Amofa kicked the officer conducting the search and attempted to scale a wall close to the drinking spot; but the Police shot him in the process, resulting in his death and fall into the compound of the house with the related wall.

However, at a press conference, in Accra, Nana Akua Amofa, the sister of the deceased, rejected the Polices statement that their brother was an armed robber, alleging that the Patrol Team were covering-up their crime against humanity.

Nana Amofa said from the familys initial investigation and eye witness accounts, they had learned that their brother posed no danger to the Police before he was shot.

These include those of Amofas friend, Richard and Kwame Baah, a bar attendant, who were arrested and locked up in Police cells. They have, subsequently, been granted bail.

Nana Amofa said her brother resided with her and had left home on Sunday, April 15, at about 1800 hours, to attend a funeral with a couple of his friends in the neighbourhood.

She said at about an hour after midnight, Amofa and Richard were standing in front of a drinking spot, where Baah worked.

Nana Amofa said a Police Patrol Team pulled up in a vehicle and stopped in front of them and Amofa stepped into the drinking spot; but he was confronted by the Police.

After searching the other guys outside the drinking spot, they pulled Amofa into the bucket of their pick-up vehicle.

According to Nana Amofa, he was then subjected to severe beatings and molestation and when he could no longer bear it, he took to his heels, while the Police pursued him amid sporadic gunfire.

She said in an attempt to seek refuge, Amofa jumped unto the wall to enter the house of Mr Mensah, their fathers friend.

These policemen chased my brother, while shooting to kill him and putting the lives of Mr Mensahs family at risk, she stated.

The Police caught my brother alive behind the main building and shot him in cold blood, despite his cries of innocence.

She said the claim by the Police that Amofa had concealed a gun around his waist, was unfounded and stressed that the bar attendant attested to that.

Nana Amofa said the bar attendant claimed that there were about four male customers seated and drinking in the bar, long before the arrival of Amofa and the Police team.

She said the Amofa Family believed that their brother was gruesomely murdered and were, therefore, asking the Police Authority to bring the perpetrators to book.

We believe its our right to know the true events leading to that gruesome murder..., and consider the Polices claim that he was an armed robber, a conscious attempt to justify their crime and besmear his fine name.

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About 19,000 Ghanaians Die From Diarrhoea And Cholera

Madam Mary Ama Kudom Agyemang, a Media Expert on Thursday disclosed that about 19,000 Ghanaians die from diarrhoea and cholera annually due to the practise of Open Defecation in the country.

According to her, 29,000 people were affected by cholera outbreaks in 2004 alone, which cost the country an amount of $79 million yearly.

Madam Agyemang disclosed this during a Media summit on Open Defecation Free (ODF) in Tamale, which brought together media practitioners from the Northern, Upper East, Upper West and the Brong Ahafo Regions.

The summit organised by the World Vision in collaboration with Kings Hall Media Limited was to sustain the interest of the media in the four regions in Open Defecation matters.

It was also to strengthen the capacity of the media practitioners from the target regions to campaign against Open Defecation in the country.

Madam Agyemang said currently, 19 per cent of the population of Ghana practised Open Defecation daily, which is about six million people involved from every region and the districts in the country.

She mentioned that the practice was highest in the three Regions of the North and appealed to the media to embark on a lot of sensitisation to reverse the trend.

According to her, tourists complained about Open Defecation (OD) on the beaches and other tourist sites, which needed to be addressed and called on the Media to intensify advocacy and focus the agenda setting on OD in the country.

Madam Margaret Gwada, Chief of Field Office, of UNICEF urged the Media to create awareness on the dangers of Open Defecation, which affected personal and collective well-being of the public saying the Media needed to contribute more by campaigning to ensure that the Open Defecation Free Vision for the Country was kept alive.

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Ghana Gas Ready To Supply To Potential Investors

Authorities of the Ghana Gas Company has lauded governments efforts at synchronize all activities across the gas value chain.

    The synchronisation has ensured that all the necessary tie-ins are done with relevant stakeholders in maintaining a world class facility tied around efficiency and effective service delivery that met international best practices.

    Engineer Maxwell Kally, Senior Manager, Engineering and Maintenance of the Ghana Gas Company said this during a briefing exercise on the success chalked during the 24-day shutdown period for maintenance and repairs as well as expansion works on the facility to Journalists in the Western Region.

  The maintenance, he said had helped to improve on reliable energy supply as well as built resilient infrastructure that would ultimately culminate to growth of businesses and larger industries.

We are ready to supply to any potential investor wishing to do business in the country, he said.

    The period of the maintenance according of him recorded no lost time injury, adding that safety was cardinal in all the stages of maintenance.

    Engineer Kally said great efforts were being made to ensure that direct connection from Western region to Tema And this we will do without any interruption to production.

     The Maintenance Engineer said the company would continue to harness all tie-ins as a measure of saving the country time and cost. "We are also looking at channelling current flared gas to energy generation", he added.

    He said the maintenance also gave room for the provision of new valves which would ultimately increase capacity.

    Mr Kally lauded the contribution of the local team for a great work done and working within the stipulated time, great efforts is being made to ensure the participation of locals.

    Mr Jaasu Yahaya, Safety Manager said the company was committed to safety and would therefore work in a manner that promoted safer communities and the environment.

    He said the ability to do the maintenance work with little expatriate involvement was a marvel to partner companies like ENI and Tullow adding, We have demonstrated that though young in the industry, we are capable as Ghanaians to work in the industry. We observed all standard procedures in accordance with the EPA, we did not vent any gas, he added.

    Mr Ernest Owusu-Bempah, Head of Corporate Communications said using locals to do the repair works had saved the country GH¢10million to be channelled into other areas of development.

    The successful work done only goes to affirm that Ghanaians are capable, let build Ghana together, he added.


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No Need To Memorise Numbers, Just Dial 191 To Access Police – Vice President Bawumia

The era of memorising and dialing different contact numbers for specific police stations and offices has become a thing of the past, as the Ghana Police can now be reached on the special emergency number 191 to address enquiries anytime and anywhere.

The emergency number 191, is linked to the digital address system to make it easy to locate a place and also reduce the stress of memorising numbers of the call centres of the police.

The Vice President of the Republic, H. E Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia announced this at the 2017 West African Security Services Activities (WASSA) of the Ghana Police Service 2017 held at the Integrity Square, Ghana Police Headquarters, Accra on Friday, 20th April, 2018.

You can dial 191, the number one nine one, from any part of Ghana and you will get a police call centre and they will respond to your needs. We don't have to try to remember many numbers of different police stations. If you want the police just dial 191 and you will get responses Vice President Bawumia announced.

Dr. Bawumia admonished the police to also explore using technology to support policing in Ghana.

"Let us explore how we can use technology to support in our policing he said. The Vice President urged the police to make fine use of the formalisation of the economy to support reduce crimes.

"The introduction of the national identification system together with the digital address system should support in the crime -stoppers efforts Dr. Bawumia added. The emergency call system will also provide detailed information on callers to aid the police in their work.

Present at the event were the Interior Minister, Hon. Ambrose Dery, the Inspector General of Police, the Chief of Defence Staff, members of the Police Management Board (POMAB) and the heads of the other security agencies.

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Democrats Sue Trump, Russia And Wikileaks

The Democratic Party in the US is suing Russia, the Trump campaign and the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks for conspiring to disrupt the 2016 presidential election.

Documents filed in court allege that the campaign "gleefully accepted Russia's help" to win the election.

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R Kelly Staff Resign After 'Sex Pet' Allegations

Two high-profile women within R Kellys inner circle have resigned following revelations made in the BBC Three documentary, R Kelly: Sex, Girls And Videotapes.

New allegations have also arisen against the singer, claiming he knowingly and intentionally infected a 19-year-old woman with an STD.

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OBS FACTS: Lawyer Opposes SSNIT Falsehood

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A Barrister-at-Law, Charles Nii Koi has taken a swipe at attempts by the Board Chairman of the SSNIT, Dr. Kwame Addo-Kufour to persecute the former Director General of SSNIT, Mr Ernest Thompson in the media even though no court has pronounced him guilty regarding the implementation of SSNIT rsquo;s Operating Business Suit (OBS). According to him ...

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CUTS International Launches Its Sixth Overseas Center In Washington DC

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CUTS International, a research and advocacy organization rsquo; has opened its sixth overseas centre in Washington DC, becoming the first south-south think-tank to have its centre in the United States. Secretary General of lsquo;CUTS International rsquo;, Pradeep S Mehta described the opening of the Washington DC chapter as a reflection of the ...

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Thank You For Your Sacrifices – Vice President Bawumia To Police

The Vice President of the Republic, H.E. Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has, on behalf of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the people of Ghana, expressed the nations gratitude to the officers and men of the Ghana Police Service for their continuous efforts to maintain law and order.

Dr Bawumia has also expressed his condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the line of duty, and pledged governments commitment to resource the Service to enable it discharge its duties in a professional manner.

Permit me to express the gratitude of the people of Ghana to you for your dedication to duty and resilience in the execution of your mandate Vice President Bawumia stated at the 2017 West African Security Services Activities (WASSA) of the Ghana Police Service in Accra on Friday 20th April, 2018.

The WASSA is an annual get-together of members of the security agencies in an informal setting to review the years activities and exchange frank ideas on the way forward.

The programme, was attended by the heads of the other security agencies as well as the Minister of the Interior, Hon Ambrose Dery.

Our gratitude and sympathies go to the families of the gallant men and women lost in the course of duty through unwarranted attacks by some criminals. Let me say that you made your fallen officers proud with the speed and dispatch by which you pursued the perpetrators of such heinous crimes that resulted in their arrest. We say thank you for your resolute and professionalism by which you undertake such selfless and noble tasks.

Vice President Bawumia commended the officers and men of the Service for delivering on their mandate despite the challenges, and promised governments continued support.

I wish to commend you once again for the sacrifices you have been making with very scarce logistics, and under trying conditions. I am also aware of the efforts you are making day and night to keep our communities safe for the socio-economic development of our nation.

It is noteworthy and indeed admirable that the Police Administration persisted in its efforts and administered the limited resources to achieve those monumental feats in the past year. It is this attitude of commitment and dedication to duty that has culminated into the successes recorded in 2017.

Dr Bawumia continued,

Having made all these demands on the Police, it is just proper that the government provides the resources you need to discharge your responsibilities. It is in the light of this that over 120 pickups were given to you to enhance your operations. I wish to assure you that Government has advanced in its efforts to procure the requisite logistics, equipment and other resources for you as promised. Government is of firm conviction that, once these resources are made available your efficiency and overall performance will rate higher.

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‘Prioritise Social Protection To Achieve SDGs - Prof Philip Alston

A UN human rights expert has indicated that unless Ghanas growing inequality and continuing high poverty rates are addressed, the country will fall far short of meeting the key UN Sustainable Development Goals, including the eradication of extreme poverty by 2030.

Ghana is at a crossroads and must now determine whether to continue existing policies that will further enrich the wealthy and do little for the poor, or to make fiscal adjustments that would lift millions out of poverty and bring them into the agricultural economy in ways that would contribute significantly to economic growth, said the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty, Philip Alston, at the end of a 10-day fact-finding mission to the Greater Accra, Northern and Upper East regions.

The benefits of record levels of economic growth experienced over the past decade have gone overwhelmingly to the wealthy, and inequality is higher than it has ever been in Ghana, said Mr Alston, who examines the human rights implications of poverty in countries around the world.

The most recent official data from the Ghana Statistical Service for 2012-2013 revealed that almost one-quarter of the population were living in poverty and one person in every 12 in extreme poverty.

Three-and-a-half million of those in poverty are children, with more than a third of them in extreme poverty.

Spending on social protection is surprisingly low by the standards of most comparable African countries and very little is spent on social assistance, explained Mr Alston.

With a thriving economy and the option to begin collecting some of the existing but unpaid taxes that currently exist, choosing to eliminate, or not to eliminate, extreme poverty is a political choice for Ghana, the UN expert said.

The Special Rapporteur continued: Ghanaian politicians are immensely fond of, and very fine at, creating slogans to describe complex but appealing programmes. But there is little doubt that the appetite for such slogans has already far outrun the capacity for realistic implementation.

The challenge going forward is for the government to decide its real priorities, make sure that social protection is among them, and to be more transparent about potential costs and possible funding sources, Mr Alston stressed.

The Special Rapporteurs final report on his visit to Ghana will be presented at the upcoming session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in June 2018.

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Our Fuel Is Safe – Radiance Petroleum

Management of Indigenous Oil Marketing Company (OMC), Radiance Petroleum Limited (RPL), has dispelled claims that its Kasoa Nyanyano Branch has sold unclean fuel to some Taxi drivers.

Nonetheless, Management of the company has launched investigations into the matter.

It has taken samples of the product and reported the case to its Bulk Distribution Company and the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

It has also intensified its security, monitoring and surveillance at all its 37 branches across the country to offer the best of services to customers.

The General Manager of the company, Joseph Addae told the media, We are committed to our mission, which is: to provide the best fuel to our customers in ways that are compliant, profitable, reliable, safe and socially responsible. Customer service is paramount to our operation â€" nothing is more vital to us than a satisfied customer â€" and we will go all length to ensure will are selling the right products and giving the right service to all who patronize our stations.

Even though this is a complaint at only one of our stations, we have taken precautionary measure to ensure all our station never record such complaints.

The company has been in existence for five years and is recording such a complaint for the first time.

Since the inception of the deregulation exercise, Radiance Petroleum is among OMCs selling the cheapest and safest fuel in the country.
RPL next five years.

Radiance Petroleum Ltd. (RPL) is a limited liability Company incorporated under the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 179).

RPL is to leverage the expertise acquired in the sector in the last five years to position itself well to deliver excellent customer service.

The company, which has been operating in the downstream petroleum sector since March 2013, said customers should expect enhanced service delivery in line with safety.

The Managing Director of the Company, Emmanuel Pobee, explained that the first five years of operations have been a learning curve for the company to understand the business, its customers and what pertains in the industry.

I will not say the first five years have been easy but I believe it has helped us learn a lot to support us improve going forward, he said.

Radiance Petroleum Limited is a limited liability companyincorporated in October 2012. The company loaded its first product on March 15, 2013. It currently operates in six regions and 37 service stations.

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Jobberman Ghana Releases Best 100 Companies To Work For 2018 Report

At Jobberman, we are excited to launch the first ever 100 Best Companies to Work for in Ghana report. The report ranks top employers based on a survey taken by former and current employees.

The list of winners features organisations across different industries in the Ghanaian job market. Tullow Ghana took the crown, clinching the top spot, while audit firms like Deloitte and KPMG were among the top companies. The banking sector was not left behind with Bank of Ghana and Ecobank featuring among the top 10 best places to work.

With many discrepancies in the formal sector and an alarming unemployment rate, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding employment in Ghana. This is why Jobberman Ghana sent out the survey to rank the Best 100 companies to work. The purpose of the survey was to know what employees rank highly in a company, and which company they would like to work for, given the opportunity. The survey also considered feedback from employees about their current employers.

The survey used for gathering data for the report focused on age, gender, experience level, salary, years of employment as well as job level. Most respondents chose three factors from a number of factors that they regard as fine traits from an employer.

Career progression, fine benefits aside from salary and job security. Many of the top ten companies provided these factors in varying degrees as indicated by their current or former employees.

Categorisation of respondents was based on the premise that employed respondents are better qualified to provide accurate and unbiased views on their current or past organisations. All respondents were classified according to Age Bracket, Seniority Level, Monthly Salary and duration at the company.

Only seniority level had a weighting and impact in the final results with the senior level carrying the most weighting and entry-level carrying the least. The Business Owner level carried no weighting so as not to make the results biased.

The report provides insights like
•There is a young entrepreneurship demographic, with most entrepreneurs falling within the 25-34 years bracket.

•The older demographics dont rate companies as high, however, they are more likely to stay.

•Entry-level employees value job security and pay highly, and although a majority of them rate their companies higher, they are likely to leave to pursue these traits.

•Mid-level employers value pay and proximity, they rated their companies the lowest on average and are more likely to leave, to pursue these traits.

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Shrines Location Hinders Dredging Of Drains

Dredging of some drains in the Adentan Municipal Assembly (AdMA) to prevent flooding during the rainy season is being hindered by the owners of a shrine who fear the work will ruin part of the dwelling place of the deity.

The Municipal Roads Engineer at AdMA, Mr Emmanuel K. Salifu, made this known when the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah, toured parts of the municipality last Wednesday to assess the preparations the assembly had made towards the rainy season.

The MCE was accompanied by officials of the Physical Planning Unit Department, National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) and the Urban Roads Works Department of the assembly.

Areas visited

Some of the areas toured were the Frafraha Prison Junction, Amrahia Newtown Zongo, Ashieyie Fulani Junction and Frafraha Animal Research, all of which are flood-prone.

Briefing Mr Adumuah, the Municipal Roads Engineer, explained that dredging had to be stopped at the point where the shrine was located because of the concerns raised by its owners.

In engineering, when you get to such places, you have to respect the traditions, rules and views of the people, Mr Salifu further explained.

He said the family which owned the shrine had told him that definite rites would have to be performed before the watercourse in front of the shrine could be dredged.

Mr Salifu, therefore, appealed to the MCE to take up the issue to pave the way for dredging to continue.

Agreement reached

At the Frafraha Prison Junction, where the shrine is located, the owners of the shrine confirmed to the MCE that they had to perform definite rites before the watercourse could be dredged.

Responding to their concerns, Mr Adumuah advised the shrine owners to dredge the waterway themselves, to prevent any possible damage to it.

I have spoken to them and they have agreed to do it. I have accorded them the respect and I trust they will do it and if they do not, I shall use the law, he said.

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Former President Kufuor Not Related To UK Cocaine Suspect Felicia Kufuor

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has dissociated himself from one Felicia Kufuor who was part of a syndicate arrested at Heathrow Airport for importing £32 million worth of cocaine.

This follows some media reports purporting that the woman who was arrested alongside 13 others  was a niece to the former president.

But a statement issued by the office of the former President and signed by his Senior Aide, Dr. Kwabena Osei-Adubofour, said Felicia Kufuor is not known to Mr Kufuor and is no niece or relative of his.

Ghanaian names pop up in £32 million cocaine bust at Heathrow

A social media circulation of the arrest in December 2016 by the Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom authorities of several people including three UK-based Ghanaians and their recent imprisonment for a total of 139 years that included one Felicia Kufour has come to the notice of the Office of Former President John Kufuor. Some sections of the media are erroneously linking the said Felicia Kufour to the former president as his niece.

The office of Former President John Kufuor wishes to let all in the media and the general public to know that the said Felicia Kufour is in no way related to the former president. It is instructive that there is a picture of the said Felicia Kufour associated with the said publication. The former president wants to make it known to all and sundry that that individual is not known to him and is no niece or relative of his, the statement said.

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Police Hunt For Driver Who Ran Over Cop

The police have mounted a manhunt for a taxi driver who allegedly ran over a policeman on duty at the Dobro Barrier, near Amasaman in Accra, with his car and absconded on Thursday.

The driver, who had crashed his taxi into another vehicle, was exchanging words with the driver of that vehicle when the policeman, who was a few metres away from the scene of the crash, drew closer to intervene.

After knocking down the policeman and running into an open drain, the driver of the taxi, with registration number ER 871-18, abandoned the vehicle and took to his heels, while the helpless policeman shouted for help.


Confirming the incident, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Accra Regional Police Command, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mrs Effia Tenge, said about 9 p.m. Thursday, the Amasaman Divisional Police Command received a distress call about an accident at the Dobro Barrier and responded immediately.

On reaching the scene, the police found that a policeman, identified as Sergeant Appiah Owusu of the Formed Police Unit (FPU) of the Accra Regional Police Command, who was on duty at the barrier, had been knocked down by a car.

The injured policeman was taken to the Amasaman Hospital, from where he was referred to Police Hospital for further treatment.

In view of the gravity of his injury, it was recommended that Sergeant Owusu be transferred to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, but he died on the way.


The 44-year-old policeman was born on September 5, 1974 and got enlisted into the Ghana Police Service on May 5, 2003.

He was posted to the Accra Police Band on January 9, 2004 and then to the Sunyani Police Band on January 16, 2005.

After four years in Sunyani, he was transferred to the Head Office of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Accra on January 12, 2009.

He had been with the FPU since October 3, 2016.

He was married with five children, with his last child being below two years.

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SSNIT Scandal: Lawyers Condemn 'Media Trial' Of Ernest Thompson

The Lawyers for the former Director General of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), Mr. Ernest Thompson have phooey the recently held press conference by the current Director General, Dr. Ofori-Tenkorang as mischievous, reckless and spurious.

According to a statement issued by A. Tetteh Mensah of Baako Apem Chambers, Solicitor for Ernest Thompson, the lawyers said they find it unusual the reason SSNIT management turned itself into spokespersons for EOCO and the office of the Attorney General to allegedly release the outcome of investigation, which was solely conducted by EOCO.

Let us categorically state that EOCO was the investigating body and SSNIT has never investigated our client and therefore in no position to tell the media at the Press Conference the outcome of the investigations conducted by EOCO, the statement reads.

It indicated that the conduct obviously underscores the whole mischief behind the Press Conference and the avowed unprecedented hatred for their client, especially as the use of such a criminal word like Arrest would obviously portray our client as a criminal.

The statement however describes the press conference as weapons persecution and victimization of their client in the media without the truth, evidence and facts surrounding this OBS project.

It is to be noted that the management of SSNIT which claims to be the complainants in this matter continue to persecute our client in the print and electronic media with press conferences and releases at the least opportunity without any regard to the evidence and the facts adduced before the investigators at EOCO, the statement noted.

It also condemns the persistent posture by the media coordinators of the press conference for not allowing entry of some media houses to cover the press conference as an infringement of their press freedom pertaining to state functions.

We have realized that there is an orchestrated project by the management of SSNIT and some selected media houses and organizations aimed at whipping up negative public sentiments against our client and at the appropriate time we shall take the necessary steps to defend and uphold the hard earned reputation of our client that is deliberately being damaged, the statement posited.

According to the statement, they are also constrained to point out, on behalf of their client, that at the said Press Conference, there was a deliberate attempt to not only read but also instruct the media present to report a falsehood i.e. our client and others were arrested and cautioned

Please let those who are minded to go on this voyage of recklessness in pursuit of these defamatory statements against our client be advised accordingly, the statement cautioned.

Read Statement Below:


We act as solicitors for and on behalf of Mr. Ernest Thompson, Esq. immediate past Director General of SSNIT. We have critically observed, examined, listened to and heard both from the print and electronic media landscape for almost a period of 15 months in respect of our client Mr. Ernest Thompson, the immediate past Director General of SSNIT, and wish to set the records straight for the benefit of the generality of Ghanaians, especially after the recent press conference in the PWC report.

Since the commencement of the investigations into the Operational BUSINESS SUITE (OBS) software by EOCO, which began on 06-04-2017 we as solicitors for Ernest Thompson, advised him to adopt the approach of a dignified silence as his reply in order to enable EOCO to undertake its investigations unhindered. In the circumstances we cooperated fully with EOCO in furtherance of its statutory mandate.. to monitor and investigate economic and organized crime and on the authority of the Attorney General prosecute those offences to recover the proceeds of crime and provide for related matters

Indeed the last time we appeared before EOCO on the OBS issue was in October 2017, almost six (6) months ago. Our reliable information is that EOCO, in accordance with its procedure, had presented its report to the Attorney Generals Office for the necessary advice, which may be civil or criminal. Curiously we have a situation that, at a needless press conference, the SSNIT management turns itself into spokespersons for EOCO and the office of the Attorney General to allegedly release the outcome of investigations, which was solely conducted by EOCO.

At the said Press Conference, the SSNIT team even refused entry to some media houses, amidst protest, and only allowed its own selected and preferred media houses and personality to enter the room.

It is thus obvious and crystal clear that the SSNIT management has decided to do politics and in the process has adopted as its weapons persecution and victimization of our client and ignored the truth, evidence and facts surrounding this OBS project. They were not even prepared to be asked pertinent questions from media men they considered unfriendly to their cause, by preventing some of them entry.

It is to be noted that the management of SSNIT which claims to be the complainants in this matter continue to persecute our client in the print and electronic media with press conferences and releases at the least opportunity without any regard to the evidence and the facts adduced before the investigators at EOCO.

The usual mantra of the management led by the Director General has been the spurious allegation intended to deceive the public that the original contract price of $34 million escalated to $72 million without explaining how or what brought about the price escalation, which should actually be the crux of the matter.

We wish therefore to provide to the unsuspecting public just two instances that occasioned or led to the price escalation which had nothing to do with criminality.

In the original scoping for the contract requirement that put the contract sum at $34 million, provision was made for only 400.000 cards. Meanwhile SSNIT has a contributor population of over 3 million.

Again the scoping provided for only five (5)kiosks (the machines that look like the ATM machines of the banks) whereas SSNIT has about 54 branch offices throughout the country each needed to be provided with the kiosks to enable the contributors to access any information required.

From the above therefore the purchases for additional cards of over 2 million and 50 kiosks in furtherance of the effective management of the project would justifiably be in the right direction which would lead also to contract price escalation automatically.

Making the rounds in recent days has also been the PriceWaterHouse alleged audit report that has emerged in a so called investigation claiming to indict our client in the OBS software.

Our client is unaware of any investigation or audit undertaken by Price Water House. We say this on authority because it would seem odd to us that an audit or investigations could be conducted over a period of several months and a report released without ANY HEARING given to our client by PWC to state his side of the case. PWC never met our client before finalizing its report.

It is one of the cardinal principles of law that no one can be condemned without a hearing and no matter the scope of an investigation and notwithstanding any other investigations being conducted by different bodies, our client and other persons who may be affected by the outcome of an audit must be given a hearing on the issue by the Auditors.

Indeed we have just had wind of some aspects of the PWC report and it is very obvious to us that if our client, the vendors, the Project Manager and the previous General Managers in charge of the MIS division had all been given hearing by PWC, some of the misconceptions and so called findings of the PWC report in the media would have been totally different. We have also keenly noticed that at the end of the PWC report one of its major recommendations on the OBS was that, SSNIT should further investigate the issues identified in this report and seek legal advice Indeed this OBS issue also involves the interpretation of the contract signed by SSNIT and the vendors, which took place BEFORE our client was appointed as the Director General.

It is thus obvious that the PWC report itself anticipates some more investigations to be done, may be and presumably because key persons involved in this project had not been heard on the issues raised. We have realized that there is an orchestrated project by the management of SSNIT and some selected media houses and organizations aimed at whipping up negative public sentiments against our client and at the appropriate time we shall take the necessary steps to defend and uphold the hard earned reputation of our client that is deliberately being damaged.

We are also constrained to point out, on behalf of our client, that at the said Press Conference, there was a deliberate attempt to not only read but also instruct the media present to report a falsehood i.e. our client and others were arrested and cautioned.

Let us categorically state that EOCO was the investigating body and SSNIT has never investigated our client and therefore in no position to tell the media at the Press Conference the outcome of the investigations conducted by EOCO.

This above conduct obviously underscores the whole mischief behind the Press Conference and the avowed unprecedented hatred for our client, especially as the use of such a criminal word like Arrest would obviously portray our client as a criminal. Even though we are of the firm belief that our client whilst in public office did not criminally misconduct himself, we still assure the public that we shall cooperate fully with all credible state institutions handling this matter.

Please let those who are minded to go on this voyage of recklessness in pursuit of these defamatory statements against our client be advised accordingly.

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Queen Elizabeth's Last Living Corgi Has Died

Queen Elizabeth's 15-year-old corgi, Willow, was put to sleep after suffering through a battle with cancer.

It is the first time the Queen is without her favorite breed since the end of World War II. She was gifted a corgi named Susan for her 18th birthday in 1944 and, 14 generations of faithful companions later, Willow was born.

There have been more than 30 corgis in Queen Elizabeth's rotation of pups.

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Ernest Thompson Flew 1st Class – SSNIT Boss

The Director-General of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), Dr. John Ofori-Tenkorang has disclosed that his predecessor, Ernest Thompson, while in office enjoyed first-class services for his foreign trips.

Dr. Ofori-Tenkorang said he cancelled such benefits and opted for business class when he assumed office.

He said the changes were part of measures he put in place to drastically reduce expenses incurred by the insurance company on its executives.

We started cutting cost, putting definite procurement items on hold. The first time I went there and I was being told my benefits, as part of my conditions of service I was told that the Director-General flies first class for all his business travels. But I declined. I said I will fly business [class] because, from a first-class ticket, that is probably twice the price of a first class visit, he said.

Dr. Ofori-Tenkorang made the revelation on the Citi Breakfast Show on Thursday.

That is a signal to say that cost cutting is here so we should all tighten our belts, he noted.

The SSNIT Director-General said when he assumed office, he also realized that there were a lot of overseas travels for staff of the company attending conferences, training sessions and others and depending on your position within the organisation, you will fly business class or economy.

We revised our travel policies, he said.

He also noted that about GHc7.9 million was budgeted for travel trips in 2017 for their staff but due to some prudent measures they only expended GHc1.9.

As part of the measures that we put in place in terms of regulating travels, there had been an amount of GHc7.3 million budgeted for travel and accommodation. We went through the whole year and spent only GHc1.9million, Dr. Ofori-Tenkorang added.

Former SSNIT boss, others indicted
Four persons, including the former Director-General of the SSNIT, Ernest Thompson, have been charged for allegedly causing financial loss to the state following the Economic and Organised Crimes Offices (EOCO) investigations into the $72 million SSNIT software scandal.

SSNIT under Mr. Thompson allegedly embarked on a digitization drive the company which made the company lose about $72 million.

Mr. Thompson and four other persons had initially been arrested by EOCO after an audit by PricewaterhouseCoopers Ghana indicted them.

The five are; the former Head of IT Department, Caleb Kwaku Afaglo; former OBS project manager; John Hagan Mensah, one Thomas Samson Owusu and Juliet Hasana Kramah, the CEO of IT company, Perfect Business Systems.

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Contactum Ghana Holds One Day Safety Training For Ghanaian Electricians

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Contactum, one of the world 39;s leading manufacturers of electricals and circuit protection products based in the United Kingdom, now in Ghana, on Thursday held a one-day training workshop on wiring and fire safety at the Paloma Hotel, Spintex Road for Ghanaian electricians. The training program, which brought together about 60 Ghanaian electr ...

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"Don't Let Anyone Rush You With Their Timelines" - VIDEO

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Norwegian Teenagers Warned To Stop Having Sex On Roundabouts

Norwegian teenagers have been warned to stop having sex on roundabouts during their traditional post-high school party period in case they cause accidents.

The country's annual post-graduation blow out, called Russefeiring or Russ in Norwegian, lasts weeks and involves various drunken challenges, usually with a sex and nudity theme.

Terje Moe Gustavsen a former minister of transport who now runs the Public Roads Administration, issued the warning in a statement titled 'No to sex on roundabouts'.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Theresa May Promises To Ban Sale of Plastic Straws, Drink Stirrers And Cotton Buds

Theresa May has announced plans to introduce a ban on the sale of plastic straws by the end of the year - as she urged Commonwealth leaders to rise to the challenge and tackle climate change'.

The Prime Minister said plastic cotton buds and drink stirrers will also be banned from shop shelves as she unveiled the next stage of her war on disposable culture.

Mrs May also urged fellow leaders of the Commonwealth to join the crusade against plastics and support clean up the world's oceans.

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Sexy Headmaster Of Tweneboah Koduah SHS Under Probe

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

The headmaster of the Tweneboah Koduah Senior High School in the Ashanti Region, has been interdicted following allegations of sexual misconduct. Rev. Francis Badu Agyare is alleged to be having sexual affairs with female students of the school. The Education Directorate in the Kumawu District in a letter dated April 12, 2018, asked the headm ...

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FDA Cautions Manufacturers, Importers Against Unlabelled Products

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) have cautioned manufacturers and importers of food, drug, and cosmetics that the distribution of products not labelled in English contravenes Section 4 Subsection 3 of the Ghana Standards Board (Food, Drugs and Other Goods) General Labelling Rules, 1992 L.I 1541.

In a statement issued by the FDA, they explained that medical devices and household chemical substances that have been imported and not labelled in English also breaches the rules.

According to the Ag. CEO of the FDA, Delese A.A.Darko, the public should desist from buying and patronising such products and to inform the FDA of any regulated product found on the market with non-compliant labels by giving information.

Her comments follows FDAs move to sanction Citydia, a departmental store, for blatantly flouting the provisions of Section 136 Subsection 2 of the Public Health Act,2012,Act 851 by offering detained/ seized non-compliant products for sale.

In line with its mandate of ensuring the protection of public health and safety, the FDA carries out market surveillance and import control activities to ensure that all foods, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and household chemical substances locally manufactured, imported, sold and distributed in Ghana are safe, efficacious and of fine quality.

In view of this, products imported by Citydia that were not labeled in English in accordance with Section 4 Subsection 3 of the Ghana Standards Board (Food,Drugs and other Goods) General Labelling Rules,1992, L.I.1541, were placed under detention.

The FDA then requested Citydia to provide English labels on the products under its supervision, following several interactions in that regard.

However, in spite of several attempts to get Citydia to conform, the FDA says it has no choice but to go ahead to take necessary regulatory measures against them

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Govt Urged To Improve Access To Water, Sanitation

The government has been urgently asked to improve access to water and sanitation, so that Ghana can attain Universal Health Coverage (UCH), by 2030.

Mr Kofi Adusei, Chief Health Educator and Programmes Manager for the Regenerative Health and Nutrition Programme at the Ministry of Health, who said this in Accra, noted that attaining UCH was not solely dependent on building health facilities.

UHC enables everyone to receive the services that address the most vital causes of disease and death, and ensures that the quality of those services is fine enough to improve the health of the people who receive them.

Speaking in an Interview with Ghanaian Times on this years World Health Day celebration, Mr Adusei stated that it was about time health care provision in Ghana was shifted to preventive health care rather than the usual curative services.

The health conditions of the people would massively improve if everyone can have access to clean water and proper sanitation, the lack of these are the   common causes of illness like cholera, malaria, diarrhoea recorded frequently in the health facilities, Mr Adusei said.

Ghana every year joins the rest of the World in commemorating World Health Day (WHD) instituted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), to provide a unique opportunity to mobilize actions around a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world.

The theme for this years WHD is: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere and seeks to ensure that all persons can have access to essential quality health services without facing financial hardship.

This celebration is expected to promote UHC by 2030 with the aim to help policy-makers, civil society organizations, individuals and the media in the journey to bring UHC to all countries.

Mr. Adusei stressed the need for laws on hygiene to be enforced, and called on the public to manage their own health, by going to health facilities for check up regularly, eating balanced diet, and exercising at least 30 minutes each day.

He said UHC was not only about minimum, essential, package of health services, but also about ensuring that people received better health services and financial protection as more resources became available.

Mr. Adusei indicated It is not only about health services for individuals. But it also includes services for  the whole population, such as public health campaigns for example, adding iodine to salt to get iodated salt to address problems of goiter and other iodine deficiency diseases.

A press statement issued by the Ministry of Health on the WHD said over the past few years, there had been improvement in access to health care in Ghana, although there were many challenges to the achievement of UHC.

It said for Ghana to move towards universal health coverage, the country needed to find more money, strengthen the financing and coverage of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), to expand access to health care services and to raise the quality of care.

The statement said the Community Health Planning Services programme, which had been designed to provide a close-to-client service, needed to be expanded to ensure that Primary Health Care services were closer to the people and within the reach of the poor.

It observed that Ghana had already made significant progress towards UHC, but some Ghanaians were unable to obtain the needed health services.

This years WHD, which aims to shine a spotlight on the need for UHC and the advantages it can bring, was observed in Ghana on April 11.

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GRA Clamps Down On Tax Stamp Defaulters

Manufacturers and importers who fail to affix the new tax stamp stickers on products before making it available for sale will from today lose their products.

This is because the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has threatened that such products would be removed from various point of sales and confiscated.

The warning comes on the back of the Authoritys final inspection exercise in Accra yesterday to enforce compliance of the tax stamp policy, which came into effect in March this year.

The Melcom Plus, West Hills Mall, and 37 Max Mart, all shopping centres in Accra were inspected and had some products which lacked the tax stamp stickers cleared off the shelves.

GIHOC Distilleries, manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which was also inspected, had installed three stamp fixing machines to support in its operations.

Briefing the media, Mr Akwasi Bobie-Ansah, Head, Communication and Public Relations Unit, GRA, said the exercise was to ensure that the Tax Stamp Policy, which emanates from the Excise Stamp Act, 2013 (Act 873), was fully enforced and complied with.

He said the taskforce observed that some manufacturers and importers were engaged in selective compliance, that is, fixing the stamps on some products and leaving out others and urged for total compliance to avoid sanctions.

He noted that the GRA had provided adequate training to the taskforce to ensure improved monitoring and enforcement of the policy.

The Tax Stamp Policy was launched in September last year by the GRA in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance as part of governments efforts to address the counterfeiting of products on the Ghanaian market and to improve revenue assurance.

Manufacturers and importers were to be supplied with small stickers with security features by government to be affixed to their products before they were released onto the market.

The presence of the tax stamps on a product, therefore, provides enough guarantee of product authenticity.

The government disclosed that in accordance with Act 873, the implementation of the policy would commence with tobacco, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, bottled water and textiles.

Mr Emmanuel Kofi Nti, Commissioner-General, GRA, during the launch, explained that in the implementation of the policy, local manufacturers and importers of excisable products were required to register with GRA to enable them obtain the stamp.

Furthermore, he said, whereas local manufacturers were required to affix the stamp on each product unit before the product was delivered out of the factory, importers of excisable goods had the option of affixing stamp on product by the authorised foreign manufacturer of the importer, affixing product with stamp at the point of entry in a specialised facility, affixing product with stamp in a place or premises approved by GRA.

Mr Nti urged manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers to clear the stocks of all excisable goods without the stamp to ensure a smooth transition.

He warned that any person who displayed, sold or distributed excisable goods without the stamp would be sanctioned as per provisions of the law.

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Visiting Ghanaian Parliamentarians Watch As Thugs Invade Nigerian Senate - VIDEO

Lawmakers from Ghana were on a visit to the National Assembly on Wednesday when the hoodlums invaded the Senate chamber and stole the mace. The Ghanaians, who were also as confused as the Nigerians scampering to safety, watched in amazement.

They entered the House and sat at the gallery to observe proceedings as members debated the invasion.

It is unfortunate that we have visitors from Ghana, who are on a parliamentary visit to Nigeria.

We apologise because this is not usually how our legislature operates, he added.

A member from Anambra State, Mr. Gabriel Onyenwife, supported the motion, calling the invaders terrorists.

He spoke more, The National Assembly is under a terrorist attack; that is the appropriate description.

If the legislature is no more, what is the fate of democracy Today, it is the mace, it could have been a senator or a member that the terrorists came to attack.

The security personnel in the National Assembly must clarify the role they played in this saga.

A lawmaker from Osun State, Prof. Mojeed Alabi, captured the invasion as a failed coup that should be meted with the appropriate penalty for coups.

There is punishment for a coup, a failed coup.

The punishment for this invasion should be the same punishment for coup plotters, Alabi said.

More members spoke in help of the motion, condemning the attack.


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Father 'Gifts His Daughter To His Friends And Joins Them To Gang Rape Her'

An Indian man 'gifted' his daughter to two friends and joined them in locking her in a house and taking turns to rape her for 18 hours.

The man in his late 50s took the 35-year-old woman to a fair in Kamlapur on Sunday where they met his friend Maan Singh, police said.

They convinced her to ride on the back of a bike to the house of another friend, Meraj, in Lucknow where the father handed over his daughter to them.

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Defunct Capital Bank Founder Ato Essien Released After Detention

The Economic and Organised Crimes Office (EOCO) has granted bail to Mr William Ato Essien, the founder of collapsed bank, Capital Bank after detaining him overnight.

EOCO invited Mr Essien on Tuesday April 17 to assist with ongoing investigations into circumstances leading to the collapse of the bank in August last year.

Its Executive Director, Mr K. K. Amoah, told Graphic Online Wednesday that the detention was part of the investigation process.

He, however, declined to say what informed the decision to detain him overnight except to say he is to be reporting to EOCO as part of the process.

This visit to EOCOs offices on April 17 is the second in a week.

On April 10, Mr Essien and other former directors of the bank appeared before the anti-graft body to support acknowledgement questions pertaining to the collapse of the bank.

They were, however, cautioned and released.

Mr Essien is the founder of First Capital Plus Bank (FCPBL), which later transformed into Capital Bank, and a number of companies, including Essien Swiss International Capital Holdings (ESICH), Gye Nyame Mines, and Wade-Laurel Printing Press Limited.

Shirking of responsibilities 

The licence of the erstwhile Capital Bank and that of UT Bank were withdrawn on August 14 2017 after the banks were found to be illiquid and deficient in capital.

Consequently, a purchase and assumption (P&A) agreement was signed with largely state-owned bank, GCB Bank, to assume ownership of assets and select liabilities.

Since then, the Bank of Ghana has openly panned the former directors for allegedly shirking their responsibilities in return for favours, leading to the collapse of the two banks, while EOCO is looking at probable criminal acts that could form the bases for prosecution.

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Dont Be Intimidated For Being Professional – Domelevo

Mr Daniel Yaw Domelevo, the Auditor-General, has urged internal auditors to be professional and daring in the discharge of their duties despite the poor working conditions and intimidations from some senior management members of their organisations.

He noted that internal auditors often faced intimidations and sometimes maligned for being professional and, thus, charged them not to give up.

I tell people that when youre being professional and bold, you become like a corkthey will push you down but for some days or years they will be tired and you will come up.

He said internal auditors were supposed to be the ears and eyes of their organisations and, therefore, entreated management to create an enabling environment for them to work efficiently.

Mr Domelevo said this at the opening of the Annual Internal Audit and Governance Conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors Ghana, in Accra on Wednesday.

The two-day conference, which is on the theme: Impact of Leadership on Institutional Governance, attracted heads of ministries, departments and agencies, managers and chief executive officers of public organisations and internal auditors across the country.

The event would create a platform for knowledge-sharing, networking and stock taking of activities and chart the way towards ensuring accountability, transparency and fine governance in public institutions.

The Auditor-General said many professional practitioners all over the world had undergone difficult times and maligned for being professional, saying; that is the story of every successful person because theyre tenacious in their purpose and they still come up.

He, however, asked internal auditors to send the original copies of their reports to his office whenever they faced various acts of intimidation from senior management.

He assured them that their identities would not be disclosed to safeguard them from further intimidation, adding that the Auditor-General would rather dispatch a team to undertake special audit of the organisation in question.

Mr Domelevo said terrible governance was a bane to progress and asked various institutions to put systems in place to achieve their corporate objectives.

He said the President alone could not bring the desired change but needed the active help of the citizens to achieve progress.

The Auditor-General urged the Internal Audit Agency to be proactive and engage the senior management of organisations to let them understand their role.

He gave the assurance that from this year onward the annual report of the Auditor-General would include that of the internal auditors so that government would appreciate their work.

Mrs Juliet Aboagye-Wiafe, the President of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Ghana, in her welcome address, said the conference would enable the professionals to share knowledge and network to remain relevant to their organisations.

She said organisations faced a number of challenges due to globalisation, therefore, the platform would equip participants with the right information and attitudes to work effectively for the success of their institutions.

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Justin Bieber Shares Photo Of His Face Cropped Onto Beyonce's Body

He's known for entertaining fans across the world.

But Justin Bieber was eager on getting a rise or two out of his nearly 100 million Instagram followers on Wednesday evening before heading off to his weekly church services in Los Angeles.

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Report: SSNIT Board Failed To Ensure Accountability In Failed $147m Project

The Board of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has been faulted for failing to demand accountability leading to wanton mismanagement of pension funds in a $147m ICT project that is partially faulty.

After reviewing more than seven years of board minutes from 2010 to 2017, a Pricewaterhouse Coopers report found that the Joshua Alabi-led SSNIT board;

"...did not appear to demand accountability when the issue of poor overspending and poor project management were brought to their attention"

The project to automate SSNIT operations was initially planned to cost $38m but jumped by close to 400% to hit $147million.
The independent assessment report also found no evidence that SSNIT board's directive in November 2016 for an audit was carried out.

Already the Director-General at the time Ernest Thompson has been marked down for possible prosecution for causing financial loss to the state. 

Professor Joshua Alabi who is believed to eyeing the presidency and on the ticket of the opposition NDC has maintained the Board did not wrong in its oversight role.

He has said the matter is not worth the description of a scandal and accused the media of blowing things out of proportion.


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Togbe Afede Warns Chiefs Against Politicians

The National House of Chiefs has attributed the increasing chieftaincy disputes in the country to direct interference of politicians in chieftaincy matters.

The House observed that political interference in chieftaincy issues tend to distort laid down processes and procedures in resolving chieftaincy disputes.

Addressing the media in Kumasi, President of the National House of Chiefs Togbe Afede XIV warned chiefs to desist from turning to politicians to address their disputes.

The House has observed the escalation in recent times of chieftaincy disputes in the country and the direct interference of politicians in chieftaincy matters. This phenomenon has assumed alarming proportions and needs to be arrested.

The House admonish and caution chiefs who are involved in chieftaincy disputes to ensure that they adhere to the due processes of law and procedure laid down by the relevant statutes on chieftaincy rather than resorting to politicians who interfere and distort the procedures.

The House also raised concern over the acute polarization and political tension engulfing the country.

The House is amazed at the high incidence of gaping partisanship and the politics of equalization that has characterized discussions and debates on national issues. National interest should rather be made to take the centre stage in public discourse for peace and progress of the country.

Togbe Afede XIV said the police should be given the space to be professional in investigating alleged criminal conduct of public office holders no matter whose ox is gored.

This he added will bring the truth out.

Let the police do their work for the truth to be revealed in all our dealings in public and in private life. The Police should also be fair in their dealings with the entire citizenry.

The House stated that in any democratic system of governance, no one is above the law and that for the sake of enduring peace, progress and development of the society the law is above all.

By Ibrahim Abubakar||Ghana

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Student Clashes: Victim To Undergo Counselling

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

A student of the University of Ghana who got caught up in clashes between residents of his hall and rivals at Katanga hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is to undergo counseling. The Student Representative Council (SRC), President of UG, Daniel Otting Awuah, made this known to Joy News on the AM Show Wednesday ...

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Corruption Scandal: Metro Mass Boss Ordered To Proceed On Leave

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Embattled Metro Mass Transport MD, Mr. Bennet Aboagye has been ordered to proceed on leave with immediate effect from powers from above at the seat of government. This action comes on the back of a recent corruption scandal that has rocked the company over the last few days. The staff union of the transport company on Tuesday April 17th 2018 ...

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Student Clashes: Victim To Undergo Counselling

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

A student of the University of Ghana who got caught up in clashes between residents of his hall and rivals at Katanga hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is to undergo counseling. The Student Representative Council (SRC), President of UG, Daniel Otting Awuah, made this known to Joy News on the AM Show Wednesday ...

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Counterfeit electrical products recipe for fire outbreaks

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Participants at a workshop held in Sunyani on counterfeit electrical products have called for an all hands approach in discouraging the sale, patronage and use counterfeit electrical products in the country as a result of the direction consequences of the use of such products. They were of the view that the continuous use of counterfeit electric ...

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How Two Corrupt British Airways baggage handlers helped smuggle £32million of cocaine stuffed in suitcases through Heathrow

This is the moment a gang of 13 drug smugglers led by two corrupt BA baggage handlers who imported £32million of cocaine through Heathrow were busted before being jailed for more than 139 years today.

Ringleader Joysen Jhurry, 41, moved drug-laden suitcases flown in from Brazil from the international arrivals carousel to the domestic arrivals hall to avoid security checks.

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Chief Imam Spokesperson Chides Media Over WhatsApp Call-To-Prayers Saga

The Spokesperson of the National Chief Imam, Sheihk Aremeyaw Shaibu, has taken a swipe at the media for taking Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation out of context when he suggested Muslims should resort to phones to call-for-prayers.

Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng was reported to have called upon Muslim leaders to consider using phone calls or text message to call their members to worship instead of using the megaphones.

According to the reports, the minister said the use of mobile phones will support reduce noise pollution in the country.

But speaking on 3FMs Sunrise, Sheikh Aremeyaw said the minister was misquoted and such action by the media has created some form of bitterness amongst the Muslim populace.

He called on the National Peace Council and National Security to act swiftly to avoid any mayhem.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Counterfeit electrical products recipe for fire outbreaks

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Participants at a workshop held in Sunyani on counterfeit electrical products have called for an all hands approach in discouraging the sale, patronage and use counterfeit electrical products in the country as a result of the direction consequences of the use of such products. They were of the view that the continuous use of counterfeit electric ...

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Ghana Outrage Over Flogging Of Girl

Police in northern Ghana are hunting for three brothers after a video of them allegedly flogging their sister with a horsewhip went viral.

The disturbing footage, showing a screaming girl being held down on a wooden bench in a courtyard by two strong men and then a third man whipping her, has caused outrage in Ghana.

She was allegedly beaten for her habit of coming home late.

Otiko Djaba, Ghanas childrens minister, has called for the prosecution of all those involved.

This act of brutality is unacceptable in Ghana 61 years on [after independence] and cannot be countenanced by all of us.
No woman or girl should ever go through this harrowing and degrading experience in the name of discipline."

Emmanuel Horlutu, a deputy superintendent, told BBC Pidgin that the police needed the publics support in apprehending the suspects.

The incident was filmed in Shishagu, Sanerugu municipality, in Ghana's Northern Region.

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$72m SSNIT Saga: Four Officials Charged With Financial Loss

Some four officials of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) including the former Director General, Ernest Thompson have been charged with wilfully causing financial loss to the state.

Their indictment is as a result of an investigation by EOCO on the procurement of an ICT Software costing $72 million.

The Company Secretary of SSNIT speaking during a press conference Wednesday revealed that Juliet Hasana Korama who sold the software to SSNIT is also part of the indicted persons.

EOCO started investigating SSNIT in August 2017 after it emerged that the Trust had injected $72 million on the procurement and installation of a software and other hardware systems known as the Operational Business Suite (OBS) to digitize SSNITs operations.

The Trust had been widely lambasted over the project which is reportedly not fully functional.

The project included the installation of a software to ensure that its headquarters receives data directly from all of its offices.

The Board Chairman of SSNIT, Kwame Addo Kufuor, in an interview in August last year confirmed that about 15 people appeared before EOCO as witnesses in the matter.

SSNIT also contracted PricewaterhouseCoopers to conduct an audit into the contract.

In a 4-point statement released in 2017, SSNIT said it expects the names of the people associated with the I.T (OBS) contracts to be released in the near future.

SSNIT further assured that it will publish findings from the audit by PricewaterhouoesCoopers into the matter.

Fake MIS boss

Amidst the controversy, it emerged that the General Manager of MIS at SSNIT, Caleb Afaglo, who was appointed to the position in 2015, did not hold the right qualifications.

He was interdicted by the management of the Trust over suspicions that his Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees were fake.

EOCO conducted raids in his house, seized his passport and froze his bank account to begin investigations into his qualifications.

EOCO also reportedly interrogated members of Mr. Afaglos household, and confiscated a number of documents belonging to him.

The Management of SSNIT subsequently said it was fully convinced that the degrees were fake and has therefore taken the decision to sack Mr. Afaglo.

Mr. Afaglos CV indicated that he acquired his BSC and MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a PHD from the Kennedy Western University, which was an affiliate of the University of Cincinnati until it was closed down in 2011.

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Celebrities, Former Presidents & Politicians Pay Tribute to Former First Lady

Many in politics, Hollywood and around the world are mourning the loss of Barbara Bush, who died on Tuesday at age 92.

Former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as Donald Trump and Mike Pence, joined politicians, including Nancy Pelosi and Madeleine Albright, in expressing their condolences via Twitter following the news that the former first lady had passed away.

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Kwabenya Police Cell Break: 1st Accused Arrested With Gun

The fourth prosecution witness in the Dome Kwabenya District Police Station cell break, and killing of a policeman case, has told the Accra Circuit Court One that he arrested Prince Osei, the first accused with a locally manufactured gun, and one other, on January 16, this year.

Lance Corporal Richard Amoako, stationed at the Police Headquarters, was giving evidence before the court, presided by Mr. Aboagye Tandoh.

He said he sent Osei and Attah Kwadwo, a drivers mate, now serving 30 months each for conspiracy to commit crime and escaping from lawful custody to Dome Kwabenya Police Station, after he found six cartridges and a locally manufactured gun on Osei.

They were part of suspects released following the cell break, and killing of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Emmanuel Ashielevi, on January 21.

The witness was led in evidence by Superintendent Kwaku Bempa.

On April 10, two out of the 12 persons being tried for various offences were jailed 66 months.

Emmanuel Quartey and Kofi Darko were found guilty on charges of conspiracy to commit crime and abetment and would serve 34 and 32 months respectively, in hard labour.

This brings to four the number of persons jailed since the beginning of the trial.

On February 14, the court presided by Mr. Aboagye Tandoh, jailed Prince Osei, also known as Bebe, a scrap dealer, and Atta Kwadwo, a drivers mate, 30 months each.

Meanwhile, the first prosecution witness had given evidence on the other 10 accused, being tried for different charges of abetment to escape from lawful custody.

Led in evidence by the prosecutor, Supt. Bempah, General Lance Corporal Robert Owusu said the accused fired gunshots and asked him to release the keys to the cell and he obliged.

The witness said he did not see the faces of those who fired the gunshots because he had his face to the ground.

Lance Corporal Samira Mohammed, the second prosecution witness, corroborated the evidence of her colleague, but added that one of the accused pointed a gun at her and took her laptop computer.

The accused on January 21, 2018, attacked the Kwabenya Police Station, and freed their colleagues, who were detained for various crimes.

The court heard that two of the accused, who went to the police station, pretended to lodge a complaint, and told the officer at the counter that someone had borrowed their money and refused to pay.

Supt.Bempah said Robert Owusu, the witness, then in charge, advised them to initiate civil proceedings against them in court.

Few moments later, the two signaled their colleagues, who attacked the police station, resulting in the death of Inspector Emmanuel Ashielevi, who was on duty, and held two others hostage.

The prosecutor told the court the accused took the keys to the cell and released inmates, namely Chibuzor Akwuba, believed to be a Nigerian, Emmanuel Kotey, Rockson Edem, Dickson Ofori, Osei Kwadwo and Kofi Darko.

The case has been adjourned to April 18.

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Rawlings Reacts To Syria Gas Attack


Is the world not in a frame of mind to express gratitude to Putin and Russia for not firing back at those Western vessels

I have spent many hours pondering over what to say to Macron and Theresa May. What to say to the knowledgeable statesmen and women of the world. What to say to the masses of this world whose ignorance and belief in the Western propaganda and deceit would have emboldened Macron, Theresa May and the blowman in the White House to do what they did Friday night.

I dont know what I can say or do to make people wake up to the fact that Putin and Assad are innocent of the charges leveled against them.

What can I say to people around the world to make them realise that Macron, Theresa May and presumably Trump should all be aware that two other countries very much aligned to Britain, France and the US have been responsible for this gassing operation all this while.

If the masses of this world and the supposed intelligentsia cannot even see which two nations could very well be guilty of this gassing operation then they do not deserve the freedom and justice that is slowly but surely being curtailed by the savagery of capitalism.

The British have told this lie in a hysterical and passionate manner, while the French have told theirs in a cold and calculating manner.

If Theresa May, Macron, Trump, Boris Johnson, some selected personnel around them and their intelligence machinery are prepared to subject themselves to the polygraph test to prove to the world that they did not know that the allegations they were directing at Putin and Assad were false, and Putin and Assad to also prove their innocence which I believe in, I will spend the rest of my life apologising to them (West) and wage a campaign telling the world what monsters Putin and Assad are.

If Assad the supposed monster were to be subjected to a polygraph test, I believe and I know that he will pass the test...his truth will pass the polygraph test. If Putin of Russia were to be subjected to a similar test, I believe and I know his truth will also pass the polygraph test. I also believe and know that if President Macron, Prime Minister Theresa May, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson were also subjected to the same test on a polygraph, their truth will fail the test and they know it. Assad and Putin are no saints but they definitely are not guilty of this monstrosity brewed in a Western pot.

Events of this kind have been staged many a time by warmongering nations and exploited for their own political ends.

Wars have broken out following the staging of these kinds of deceitful events. The last well-known example was the one the US staged at the UN. By the time the truth had been established, America and her so-called allies had prosecuted the war against Iraq with its indefensible consequences.

On 11th April 2017, a similar staged gas attack was orchestrated right on the verge of a joint Assad/Putin victory in the Syrian conflict and the global outcry fed into Western agenda.

Almost to the date of the anniversary of this atrocious crime, it has been committed again when the Assad government has just about won the war.

The most recent attempt to stage and accuse Russia and more directly Putin was on British soil but was fortunately exposed by another British institution.

What other evidence did the world and its statesmen and women need to recognise the intentions of some of these Western nations We all remained silent risking the probability of a World War.

Is the world so unaware of how close we came to the outbreak of war We may, therefore, not be in the correct frame of mind to recognise the need to express our gratitude to God, Putin and Russia for the restraint they have exercised in this provocation. We must also congratulate the Russian and Syrian military for intercepting most of the recent missiles.

How could Theresa May have fallen for this act How could the capitalist West feel threatened and intimidated by a Russian leader who has earned the true respect, admiration and loyalty not only of his people, but the world at large

The leadership of both China and Russia are providing the needed international stability while the US and her allies find their feet and their moral compass. The leadership of China and Russia appear to have adopted a sympathetic and supportive role to enable the West recover. In spite of this, the West and her allies are abusing human rights with downright impunity and insensitivity.

The cool-headedness of Putin as opposed to the desperation and sometimes hysterical behaviour of definite Western leaders has made a heroic figure of Putin well beyond his borders.

A good opportunity to create a better and stable world based on freedom, justice and morality is being undermined, being rejected in what appears to be a desperate attempt to restore a Cold War climate. Cant leaders of this world speak out

For those of us in the developing world, we only need to remind ourselves of the powers that kept the brutal apartheid regime propped up for so long. A cursory glance at the fate of Palestinians and Yemenis should tell us the callous creature that the savagery of capitalism has turned out to be since the collapse of the bipolar authority.

America and her allies have over the years appeared determined to maintain a unipolar power no matter what it takes through incidents of unjust wars, wanton provocation, intimidation and casting of judgement without trial.

If integrity, truthfulness and justice must give way to falsehood and deceit to enable them control and rule the world, so be it and to hell with it. If the integrity of intelligence operatives and others can be subjected to polygraph tests to ascertain their integrity and truthfulness, what puts politicians and others above the truth in circumstances of this nature

Jerry John Rawlings

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Liberian President Weah Orders Probe of Exxon 2013 Oil Deal

Liberian President George Weah ordered a probe into Exxon Mobil Corp.s 2013 deal for drilling rights off the West African nations coast, his office said.

The investigation follows last months report by campaign group Global Witness that Exxon purchased the rights despite knowing that the block was suspected of being partially owned by Liberian individuals who may have illegally granted it to themselves while holding public office.

Exxon voiced concerns over the history of the oil block but eventually structured a deal to purchase its stake from Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd., a partner in the asset, rather than directly from Liberian companies, Global Witness said.

Exxon didnt immediately comment on the probe. Last month, it said the agreement complied with all national and international anti-graft laws and that the company is committed to ethical behavior.

Weah named a five-member investigating committee that has two weeks to submit its initial findings and make recommendations, his office said in an emailed statement Tuesday.

The former A.C. Milan soccer player came to power in January after winning a runoff vote the previous month to succeed former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

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We Will Permanently Solve Flooding Problem – Atta-Akyea

Mr Samuel Atta-Akyea, the Minister of Works and Housing has said Government has provided of amount GHc 17.3 million to ministry to support resolve the perennial flood problem in some part of the country.

He said President Akufo-Addo has realised the challenges of the crises and consequences of the destruction of properties and was committed to add an additional GHc200 million. 

 He said government will do away with the process whereby monies are allotted for desilting each year which has not had not yielded positive results.

Mr Atta-Akyea said this when he addressed the media after inspecting some drains in selected flood prone areas in Accra together with officials of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

  The areas visited were Nima drain behind Paloma Hotel, Adabraka Odaw drain, South Kaneshie drain, Odaw/Korle Lagoon, Sukura drain, Kaneshie First Light/Odorkor drain, Baale drain and Sakaman drain. 

Without a permanent solution, the cycle of allocating monies for desilting drains which will eventually be filled with rubbish will never end.

      Over the years, floods that had destroyed lives and properties had been attributed largely to the choking of major drains with silt and garbage, a situation which forces rainwater to find its way into residential areas.  

     He said government was planning to introduce a nationwide underground sewage system to nib the menace in the bud.

    He said the initiative forms part of President Akufo-Addos policy to address the poor sewage system in the country.

    He indicated that the Ministry will open up most of the sewage projects for competitive bidding to world class engineers to work with local engineers to solve the problem.

   He added that: ‘and if it means we allot monies from the budget to pay for a long term loan to solve this problem once and for all we should commit ourselves to do it for posterity. 

    ‘This is a national project which has trans-generational consequences and everybody should be interested in it. 

   He said as the Meteorological Department has warned of intensive rains this year, and for that matter desilting which is a palliating solution will continue in the interim. 

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University Of Ghana Warns Trouble Makers Following Student Clashes

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Authorities of the University of Ghana say they will not hesitate to take disciplinary actions against any student found culpable in the recent clashes on campus. Director of Public Affairs of the University, Mrs. Stella Amoa has cautioned students to seize fire or face the music. ldquo; hellip;so I will urge any student who has any intentio ...

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MP Claims Double Salary For Ministers Have Been There Since 1992

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Honourable Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe Ghansah, Member of Parliament for Ada Constituency has pronounced that members of parliament who also serve as ministers of state have been taking double salary since 1992. The MP explained that apart from the normal salary that the ministers will take, they are also given something small for serving as ministers ...

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The World's Largest Cruise Ship Sets Sail

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

After three years of construction, the world 39;s largest cruise ship just set sail from Barcelona, Spain, on its inaugural voyage to destinations around the Mediterranean. But the ship 39;s record-breaking size isn 39;t its only claim to fame. The Symphony of the Seas is home to the tallest waterslide at sea, the ocean 39;s fastest Inter ...

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

LEAP Team Steps Up Community Engagement Ahead Of Expansion

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The Department of Social Welfare and Community Development (DSW CD) in the Asutifi North District in the Brong Ahafo Region have step up community engagement and sensitization of potential beneficiaries of the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programme. The LEAP management secretariat under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Socia ...

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Government reviews Road Traffic Regulation

The government is reviewing the Road Traffic Regulation to come up with the best strategy to deal with break-down vehicles on the roads.

The Minister of Transport, Mr Kwesi Ofori Asiamah, said the review of the regulation would address the difficulties associated with the clearing of break-down vehicles from the roads.

He made this known in a speech read on his behalf by the Executive Director of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), Mrs May Obiri Yeboah, at the VIVO Energy Ghana 2017 Transporters' Awards in Accra last Saturday.

Mr Asiamah said the Ministry of Transport would also empower the NRSC to ensure compliance with road safety standards by motorists.

"There should be strong laws to empower the NRSC to enforce road traffic regulations," he stressed.

The minister called for collaborative efforts by the government and transport companies to devise measures to reduce the rate of motor accidents in the country.

He said it was only through such collaboration that motorists could be educated on road traffic regulations, as well as the need for them to exercise caution when driving.

"We have to work together to prevent the crashes, he stressed.

Mr Asiamah lauded VIVO Energy for building the capacity of its drivers and using the appropriate technology to ensure the observance of road traffic regulations.

He also commended transporters of VIVO-branded vehicles for driving for the past nine years without recording any accidents.

He urged other companies to learn from the example of transporters of VIVO Energy.

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Physician Assistant In Senchi Injection Deaths Granted Bail

A Koforidua High Court has granted Simon Takrama, the Physician Assistant connected to the death of four persons at the New Senchi Health Centre, GH¢20,000 bail with two sureties.

Simon Takrama was arrested alongside James Yeboah, a retired Disease Control Officer who administered the said contaminated injection, whiles working at the facility illegally.

Physician assistants start sit down strike over colleague in prison custody

The High Court, presided over by Cecilia Naa Shormey Davis, granted him the bail after the lawyer for the accused person, Sulleymana Musah, successfully argued for same.

Meanwhile, the over 1,800 physician assistants in various health facilities across the country have called off their sit down strike following the bail of Mr Takrama.

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Media Coalition Against Galamsey Prescribes Stiffer Punishment For Offenders

The Media Coalition Against Galamsey (MCAG) has intensified the campaign against illegal mining, popularly known as galamsey, in the country, with a call for stiffer punishment for persons arrested for engaging in the act.

The coalition, which was set up last year, to drum home the need for authorities to stem the menace of of illegal mining, seems to have chalked lots of successes, however, the gains made so far, could be eroded unless people are punished for their actions.

Addressing a town hall meeting, here, over the weekend, the President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Mr. Roland Affail Monney, who is also a member of the coalition, said Operation Vanguard has been able to apprehend over 1,000 suspected illegal miners.

However, he said it was regrettable that only ten per cent of the total figure had so far been prosecuted as a result of delay on the part of prosecutors.

Mr. Monney observed that the activities of illegal miners were detrimental to the development of the country, as they were major cause of the destruction of the nations rich vegetation and water bodies.

He explained that as part of efforts of the MCAG to end illegal mining, it spearheaded the formation of the task force (Operation Vanguard), which had been at the forefront of the fight against galamsey, shaped opinions, influenced policies and set the agenda towards its fight since its inception about a year ago.

My Monney emphasized the need for cases related to galamsey to be fast-tracked, to ensure that perpetrators of the act were brought to book, to serve as a deterrent to others.

He added that the fight against galamsey could not be won by one institution, and urged the public, media and other stakeholders to help the coalition to nib the practice in the bud.

A senior research scientist at the Water Research Institute (WRI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Dr. Anthony A. Duah, bemoaned that illegal mining had not only destroyed water bodies in the country, but that it had also led to the destruction of forest reserves.

According to him, this had further resulted in climate change and erratic rainfall pattern, the country was currently facing, which had dire consequences on the lives of the people.

Dr. Duah indicated that though a lot of progress had been made in the fight against galamsey, much needed to be done, and called on the government to put in stringent measures to sustain the gains made so far.

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