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The 17-Year-Old Sex Worker Who Sleeps With 15 Men A Night...

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The constitution of Ghana frowns on prostitution and its actually illegal for anyone to solicit for sex in a public place.

Not withstanding, commercial sex work has experienced a boost in Ghana รข€" with minors as young as 12 years engaging in such trade for money.

While some women willingly engage in such trades, most of them are forced into trading their bodies for money due to the economic hardships in the country.

With the high rate of unemployment and poverty in Ghana, there is bound to be more women engaging in this trade in the future.

What many of these women dont know is that prostitution is indeed a criminal act which attracts penalty as per the laws of the country.

In an interview with Berla Mundi on The Late Afternoon Show, a young commercial sex worker known as Obaa Yaa shared her plight as a commercial sex worker.

According to her, she started prostitution at the age of 16 due to the pressures from her family.

She went on to add that she usually sleeps with 10 men a night, and sometimes with 15 men when she gets lucky. These men usually pay GHC20 per session and she can make as high as GHC150 a day.

Watch her full interview below-

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