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RE: Grace Disgracing Akufo Addo Presidential Staffer To Be Punished

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My attention has being drawn to a news item which was published on 8th December, 2017 at exactly 11:12:07 am on I wish to categorically state that the story was misleading, defaming and full of factual inaccuracies. I will humbly request that this rejoinder will be given the same air time the said story was given.

First of all, I have never carried myself as a presidential staffer.

In my appointment which was given to me in January, 2017, I was given the mandate to assist the ministry to do a bungalow to bungalow audit in order to ascertain the true state and available space which will support the ministry to allocate accommodation to newly appointed Presidential staffers, CEOs MP and ministers.

My designation was Protocol in-charge of housing at the office of chief of staff. This was due to the fact that the presidency has a share of government bungalows which are to be allocated to some of his appointees.

It is worthy of note that I have never ejected anybody from his/her bungalow since I have no such powers. Upon the ministers assumption of office I gave him my appointment letter and the minister handed me a vehicle and other logistics to use for the exercise which I used for some few days before the vehicle broke down. As stated by the minister I have since submitted my report to the ministry. I have nothing to do with the ministry unless when am called by the minister to explain any issue in my report.

Also, it is worthy of note that on the said date the incident happened I was on admission at health net hospital in Roman Ridge. I will entreat your media house to verify this from the hospital. This assertion can also be verified from the fact that in the video circulating on both mainstream and social media, there is nowhere my person is seen in it.

Let me also correct some inaccuracies in the report given by Mr. Abdulai Amin. During the audit process I went to his house i.e bungalow number D4, castle road with my team on six occasions for him to assist us with his pay slips and his place of work. He earlier on said he worked at Ghana revenue authority but our checks revealed that he lied. Which we could have reported him to the attorney general for him to be sued for deceiving public officer.

We gave him another chance for him to show us where he works, not until several insistence before he told us that he worked at the Controller and Accountant General department. Evidence on his own pay slip proves that since 2013 he has never being deducted his rent from source which is against the laws and the regulations governing the allocation of government bungalows. Meaning he has never paid any money to the state, since the state allocated him the house.

Not until August, 2017 when there was severe pressure on him before he paid GH¢620.00 through Bank of Ghana. Mr Abdulai Anim is one of the numerous persons occupying government bungalows without paying a dime to the state. Details of such issues can be found in my report.
Furthermore, I will like to state that, the minister was misinformed and deceived by the said video which he admitted never watching the video before his interview with Kojo Yankson on the super morning show. I will humbly and respectfully entreat all persons to be very circumspect when commenting on such issues.

In conclusion I will like to respectfully request your media house to allow for the same time and space that was given to the 8th December 2017 story in order for your listeners and readers to get the true picture of the incident.

I will like to assure my teaming supporters that Grace Acheampong understands the struggle and sacrifices that the masses of this country invested in the change we are all enjoying. Grace Acheampoing will be the last to help any action that contradict the massage we sent to the people of Ghana not to repeat the mistakes of the previous administration. I will also call on all appointees to work diligently to support Nana Addo exesecute all the promises he made to the people of Ghana.

Grace Acheampong
Protocol in-charge of housing, office of chief of staff.

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