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Ferry Parts Missing - Titus-Glover

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The Deputy Minister of Transport, Daniel Titus-Glover, has appealed to the youth of Agordeke to return a missing chain of a ferry brought to Afram Plains to support transport scores of stranded passengers.

There is growing concern about the safety of passengers using the ferry brought in from Afram Plains to Yeji following reports of missing parts.

The situation is heavily affecting the smooth transportation of passengers across the lake.

The main chains holding the platform that allows vehicles and passengers to get on the ferry, have been removed, forcing the operators to use ropes instead.

Mr Titus-Glover strongly suspects that the youth at Agordeke are behind the act because they fiercely resisted the relocation of the ferry from its original position. It took the intervention of the navy to seize it and subsequently move it to its present location to support transport scores of stranded passengers following the closure of the Yapei and Buipe bridges in the Northern Region.

But the missing part has rendered the ferry a major travel risk.

Speaking to Class News, Mr Titus-Glover called on the Member of Parliament for Afram Plains North to impress upon the youth to return the missing part.

He said: I want to pass it through the Member of Parliament for Afram Plains North and the presiding member of the assembly because my intelligence tells me they know something about how the chains were removed from the ferry. This ferry is rendering a service to the community of Afram Plains, Agordeke and Kpando and I want to appeal to them that without the chain, we cannot render that service because its the chain that holds the platform when it gets to the landing site.

They have to lower it on the ground, then the vehicle and the human beings will drive and walk on it into the ferry. So if the youth have taken this metal chain away, the ferry cannot operate. So I want to appeal to them especially the Member of Parliament and the presiding member. The police are doing their best and we want to treat it as a family matter so that whoever has these chains should bring them back to the Volta Lake so that we can provide the service. If they dont do that we dont know the safety and security of my crew onboard the ferry. So for the general fine of their livelihood and the security of the vessel, we want to appeal to them once again. Now they are using rope to improvise and improvise can cause a lot of safety and health risk for all of us.

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