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Achimota Area Dedicates 4 New Church Buildings

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The Achimota Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Joseph Kwame Assabil, has dedicated four newly-constructed church buildings in the Kotoku District of the Achimota Area on Sunday December 17, 2017 at a colourful ceremony.

Apostle Assabil was ably assisted by Apostle Christian Tsekpoe, a lecturer at Pentecost University College, his wife, Mrs. Rebecca Assabil, as well as the pastorate and their wives in the Achimota Area.

The ultra-modern buildings, which were largely funded through grants received from the COP Headquarters and the Achimota Area include Papase Assembly, Mt Zion Assembly, Akotoshie No.1 Assembly and Akotoshie No. 2 Assembly. In all, a total amount of GHC275, 423.28 was spent to complete all the four chapel buildings.

Papase Assembly, which costs GHC 90,250 was opened in 2003 with ten members by Nsawam District through a rally. However, the church building project started in 2015 by the then District Minister, Pastor Michael Ofori-Adjei. The current membership of the assembly stands at 208 out of which 143 are adults and the remaining 65 are children.

Mt. Zion Assembly, on the other hand started in 2006 with 15 members under the administration of Ps. Charles Incoom (the then Medie District Pastor). The chapel building project, which costs GHC 48,577.70, started in 2014 and now has 74 members, comprising of 34 children and 40 adults.

Akotoshie No.1 Assembly started under a tree with eight members in 2005 under the leadership of Pastor Owusu Boreh (the then Nsawam District Pastor). The building project however, started in 2015 and was completed with an estimated cost of GHC 67,785.58. The current membership stands at 111. This is made up of 31 children and 80 adults.

The newly constructed Akotoshie No.2 Assembly, which costs GHC 68, 810, was planted in 2005 also under the leadership of Pastor Owusu Boreh (the then Nsawam District Pastor) after a rally with 12 members. The assembly formerly worshipped in a classroom until 2015 when its building project started. The current membership stands at 93 out of which 35 are children and the remaining 58 are adults.

By the dint of hardwork and commitment, all the aforementioned building have been completed under the leadership of Apostle Joseph Kwame Assabil and Pastor James Jabuik Doteeb, the current Kotoku District Pastor.

In his sermon, the Achimota Area Estate Committee Chairman, Pastor Francis Achiah, said it is not the beautiful nature of the building that matters but the character of the people, who worship in it. He, therefore, urged the members to stand by their biblical principles, draw closer to Jesus and depend on Him entirely.

In his remark, Apostle Assabil warned Christians to desist from moving from one prayer centre to another in search of spiritual assistance.

Many Christians are ignorant of the power they wield as children of God. Consequently, they have become vulnerable and are being deceived by some self-acclaimed men of God and prophets, he lamented vehemently.

He said that the devil has no power over Christians and therefore employs lies and deception to induce fear and manipulate suspecting believers. He therefore advised the members to see the church buildings as prayer centres where they can always come to personally seek divine assistance through prayer at all times.

Readers will recall that the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah, in the early part of this year also advised Christians to be cautious about the lies and deception of some self-acclaimed men of God and prophets during a dedication ceremony of McCarthy Down Central Assembly Church Building in Accra.

The advice from the afore-mentioned and well-respected Men of God came at the time when Ghana and other parts of the world are experiencing the unexplained mushrooming of untrue prophets and dishonest pastors within the Christian domain, which is crippling the moral greatness of the sacred religion.

Mushrooming of untrue prophets

The world's most populous and institutionally powerful religion, Christianity, is fast losing its historic moral credence and spiritual cogency.

In the last few years or so, Ghana has been witnessing the mushrooming and proliferation of churches. Many of them are neither legally registered nor spiritually genuine. Some of them are owned by husbands and wives, or boyfriends and girlfriends.

Self-enrichment, self-gratification, extortionism and a get-rich-quick ambition are the prime motives behind the existence of such churches. False prophetic claims are usually made and propagated with the sole aim of boosting attendance.

For centuries, Christianity has always been modelled on the virtues of eternal love, truth, honesty, compassion, selflessness, philanthropy, respect, dignity, and equality. Today, the ancient moral tenets and ethical prescripts of Christianity are no longer visible in the current body polity of Christianity. Instead, the scourge of commercialisation and self-enrichment has assumed prominence and supremacy in some churches.

The marauding untrue prophets and greedy pastors, who pretentiously call themselves the servants of God are actually a grave danger to the spiritual discourse of Christianity. These fake prophets and untrustworthy pastors are abusing and exploiting the sanctified name of Jesus Christ in order to extract financial benefits from unsuspecting congregants.

These "holy" charlatans and soulless crooks are powerful antithesis of everything Jesus Christ stood for and represented. They have corrupted the soul of Christianity by turning it into a money-making enterprise.

Commercialisation of Christianity has become the fundamental driving force behind the formation of some churches nowadays. Illicit capital accumulation and self-enrichment have, suddenly and most evidently, become synonymous with Christian priesthood and religious leadership in some quarters.

Faking of sicknesses or disabilities

Unknown persons from foreign countries are imported and coached to fake sicknesses or disabilities. All those who are allegedly "cured" are usually not known in nearby communities.

When unsuspecting congregants began seeing their prophets instructing a wheelchair-confined person to rise and walk, they suddenly and gullibly started believing in the healing powers of that prophet. Upon witnessing that "miracle", church members will contribute more money to the church.

Apostle Assabil concluded: God can reply everybodys prayer. Stop visiting untrue prophets and prayer centres and go to God yourself in prayers.

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