Monday, December 11, 2017

Accident Vehicle Engulfed In Flames After Crash On N1 Highway (VIDEO)

12:21:00 AM

One of two cars involved in a high speed race on the George Walker Bush Highway was thrown off the road and burst into flames after it crashed into the roundabout.

According to an eyewitness, two speeding vehicles; a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Highlander were speeding from Lapaz towards the Tetteh Quashie Roundabout.

The Toyota Corolla sped under the overhead bridge but the Highlander in a bid to overtake his competitor used the overhead bridge, missed his turn and was thrown off the highway. The fourwheeler burst into flames after somersaulting and the landing, bursting all the tyres.

Reports indicate that the driver got out of the car unscathed and pleaded with bystanders to support him douse the burning car.

One fire tender was enough to put the fire out when the Fire Service arrived at the scene but the vehicle could not be salvaged.

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