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I Will Withdraw Akufo-Addos Spiritual Protection If Homosexuality Is Legalised – Prophet Tawiah

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Founder and leader of Church of Rabbi, Prophet Kwabena Tawiah has said he would withdraw all help he has for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and possibly move from the country if homosexuality is encouraged.

In an interview with Kofi TV, Prophet Kwabena said his prayers played a major role in securing the President his seat and added that any action towards accepting gayism displeases the spiritual forces he works with and prays to.

Before the elections, I said so many things called several spirits to secure a calm election for the country so that the young can have a safe place to grow in the future. It is because of the future God made Nana Addo become President, and so if he goes back to say he is going to let such things happen, then I dont know what he is thinking. Those of us who work in the spiritual world know there is no spirit in Ghana that supports homosexuals, he said passionately.

President Nana Addo in an interview with Al Jazeera said homosexuality what something bound to happen in Ghana even though he did not have it on his agenda as a president to encourage it.

I think it is something that is bound to happen like elsewhere in the world, It is not so far a matter which is on the agenda, he noted.

The presidents acknowledgement on the topic has received major disapproval from stakeholders and even the supposed gay community in the country, mostly because it defies most of our cultural and religious beliefs and the homosexuals believe it will subject them to public ridicule.

Prophet Tawiah also suggested that the Presidents words might have been misunderstood but maintained that if the President decided to accept homosexuality, a majority of the populace comprising, Christians, Muslims, Traditionalist will fight against it.

Maybe we did not understand the presidents words. Maybe he saying it is bound to happen means when a group tries to pressure government there are people who are also going to oppose it. Muslims, chiefs, traditionalists, prophets and others will rise against it. So, I believe the larger sect are against it and it is nonsense. he mentioned.

He described the act as ‘sinful and ‘dirty and emphasized that I will disassociate myself from him and every spirit that I used to pray for him with, I will revoke them and will never go back. It is dirt and it makes the nation suffer, and it destroys the land. Our laws and our land hate it. If the NPP encourages this thing, the disgrace that will befall themI will disassociate myself from them. And the spirits I work with will be revoked and I wont stay here.

In Ghana, there have been several advocates pushing for a complete ban on homosexuality while some others have argued for it to be legalized.

Homosexuality is illegal in about 30 African countries and has laws that reprimand individuals caught in the act.

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