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Corruption Fight Cant Be Won; Its A Way Of Life -Duncan Williams

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Founder of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, says wining the fight against corruption is conditioned on a total change in Ghanaian attitudes.

In a sermon to his congregation Sunday, the baritoned charismatic leader said people who scream about fighting corruption in society should be careful what they wish for.

We need to be very careful as a society. Sometimes when we talk about corruption, corruption, corruption if we want to correct corruption, we have to jail everybody, he said.

The charismatic leader said corruption festers in Ghana because we have wrong belief systems

It is the way society is made up, he argued.

His comments was part of a sermon on the topic รข€˜Dont fight the process. He explained that people need to prepare to go through the mill so they can handle success when it happens.

Life is a process, if you miss the process, if you miss preparation you will become a danger to society.

Using Ghanas politics to illustrate his point, the Archbishop observed that meritocracy has been thrown to the dogs.

He said to occupy political office, a person be loud, learn the skill of arguing on radio and you have to learn how to insult people effectively.

If a person masters these skills his party rewards him with an appointment whether you have been through process or not, whether after school you have established business, build a house ,earn salary, pay taxes, done something with your life or not.

Archbishop Duncan Williams said people who have not saved a $1,000 before are signing contracts worth $10m and so get intoxicated by power and pecks.

You have security. You have a garden boy. You have two armed men, one in the morning, one in the evening. You have a diplomatic passport, you are traveling nations

He said the exposure to an unsustainable lifestyle forces the politician do everything to maintain that lifestyle

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams said the politician who tries to revert to a modest lifestyle runs the risk of being poisoned by his wife who has become used to a fine life.

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