Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Calling A Female Judge 'Her ladyship' Is Derogatory - Dr Antwi Danso

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Director of Academic Affairs at the Ghana Armed Forces, Dr Vladimir Antwi Danso says the fight for gender equality should not always be based on biological gender as that only makes the fight ‘ridiculous.

Speaking at the First edition of the Progressive Organisation for Womens Advancement (POWA) forum in Accra, Dr Danso said it is wrong to address a female judge as ‘Her Ladyship whilst men are referred to as ‘His Lordship.

He urged Ghanaians, especially women to stop the biological based gender equality fight.

We are still looking for an apposition always to show that we are women, its wrong. Shes ‘Lord why cant the woman be Lord, he quizzed.

Her Ladyship is the title for the wife of a king, the woman who has aspired to be ‘Lord is ‘Lord. That place is ‘His Lordship but the woman has aspired to the place. She is ‘Her Lordship, he added.

The forum focused on women empowerment and the role of the Ghanaian woman in society.


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