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Lotto Marketing Companies Up In Arms Against Director General Of NLA

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Members of the National Lotto Marketing Companies and Retailers Association in the country are mad over the administration of lotteries by the management of the acting director general of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), Mr. Kofi Osei Ameyaw.

According to them they are up in arms against the acting director general of NLA and his management over their self-destructive policies, gross mismanagement, corruption and waste of scares national resources which are inimical to the lottery and the nation as a whole.

Members of the lotto marketing companies and retailers expressed their displeasure against the director general of the NLA at a hugely attended press conference in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi.

Narrating the concerns of the association to journalists, the acting general secretary, Mr. Joe Kwarteng Amanianpong, said Mr. Osei Ameyaw has acted in horrible faith and illegally by deciding to recognize the activities of the banker-to-banker operators in violations of the National Lotto Act 2006 (Act 722).

At a meeting with the lotto agents in early May, Mr. Osei Ameyaw had promised them that his administration will fully implement the National Lotto Act and also set up lotto courts to prosecute banker-to-banker operators.

It therefore beats our imagination why the acting director general reneged on his pledge of implementing the Act 722 and rather declared his intentions to issue licenses to banker-to-banker operators to operate lottery in the country the acting general secretary said.

He pointed out that the acting director general of the NLA has failed to maintain a clear vision for the Authority, which exposes his incompetence and his lack of understanding of the National Lotto Act 2006 (Act 722).

Mr. Kwarteng Amanianpong stated that the banker-to-banker lotto operators do not mean well for the country and he went on to describe them as nation wreckers who cannot be trusted to work in the interest of the country.

According to him sales of lotto in the country has also witnessed a drastic drop since the assumption of office of Mr. Osei Ameyaw.

He explained that the continuing confused intransigence to pay substantial wins and commissions according to the provisions of Act 722 accounts for the drop in the sales of lotto that eventually affects revenue mobilization for the state.

This situation has reduced the working capital of LMCs and retailers and reduced the playing strength of the staking public through non-payment of wins all of which has led to a loss of confidence in the lotto business which has driven revenue down and given more impetus to illegal banker-to-banker operations he adds.

The lotto agents are also accusing Mr. Osei Ameyaw of deliberately making allegations of fraud in the operations of lotteries in the country without providing any shred of evidence to prove his allegations.

This is dampening the lotto staking public, hence the drastic reduction in sales. These unproven allegations also perpetuate the long held myth that the operations of NLA are being manipulated to the disadvantage of the lotto staking public.

The lotto agents also reveal that they have information to the effect that Mr. Osei Ameyaw intends to award a contract to a company he has interest in, for the provision of 30,000 point-of-sale automated lotto staking machines in a ploy to force the two companies currently providing that services out of operations.

What the acting director general is engaging in is playing the classic case of giving the dog a horrible name in order to drown it by pointing accusatory fingers at Lots, Simlet (providers of automated machines) and the discounters, just so he can have his way to bring in his own company.

The lotto marketing companies are therefore calling on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to replace Mr. Osei Ameyaw with a well qualified and competent Accountant or Economist to manage the NLA.


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