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I Forcefully Took Off A 40-Year-Old Womans Panty For Juju - 18-Year-Old Prisoner (VIDEO)

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At the age of eighteen, Sam wanted to have control and power over his family members and the only option that came to mind was to seek spiritual support that will make him super rich.

Following the directives of a Mallam to get a womans panty landed him at the Senior Correctional Centre and has now spent 2 years there.

Narrating his story, Sam said, he was directed by a Mallam to get a woman's panty and that it shouldn't be a washed or new one but rather must be the one she is wearing.

This he said will make the rituals complete and achieve his goal if it is implemented well.

Since he wanted to get rich quickly, he did as he was told and planned on what to do next.

In executing his plan, he went along with a cutlass so it would be easier for him. He followed the 40-year-old woman to the farm and threatened to cut her into pieces if she doesnt do as she is told.

The woman afraid of her life succumbed to his threats and did as she was told. The man then took off her panty and left.

According to Sam, the woman got surprised because she idea he wanted to sleep with him so, she then followed him asking questions of what he was planning to do with her panty.

This brought a heated argument between the two making the woman slash the mans hand with a cutlass she was holding.

She sped off after the incident and he went home with the blood oozing from his body. Upon arrival, his brother asked of his wound but he refused to response the questions of his brother. He got rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The woman reported the incident to the police which got him arrested the next day.

Watch the video below as he narrates his story

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