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Do's And Don'ts Of Wearing Socks

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The art of wearing socks is a must study. Most of the time people get it totally wrong. Why would you mess your dapper look with your wrong socks choice

Socks are not just some closet items worn to prevent direct contact of the feet to your shoes. It forms part of your look and must be approached as such. Believe it or not, your feet are the next noticed aside your apparel.

Today, brings to you some rules to the socks culture so you dont miss your look next time with your socks.


Take this advice, try to match your socks color with your outfit. If your socks are multicolored it should at least contain one of the colors amongst your outfit.

It makes a fine fashion statement. It also this creates a solid line when you cross your legs and your pant leg rises up, exposing your footwear and maybe even your leg. If the pants are black, the socks should be, too.

Go in for striped colored socks. This is a very smart way to work every look. Most of these stripped colored socks contain colors likely to match your outfit. They equally have a very classic appeal, especially when worn with a cooperate attire.

Play safe always with a black sock if you are color blind.  Black is a universal color; acceptable to every occasion. That is the best way to avoid fashion criticisms. 


Never wear a sock with a sandal. This is totally hilarious trust me. Why would anyone do that   Sandals are meant to liberate the feet. It is the only time you are not to wear your socks. You end up looking like a subway clown.

If you dont feel comfortable exposing your feets in your sandals then take it off and wear your shoes. Thats what they are for.

Another thing that cracks me up a lot is the white socks. Folks lets take notice of this: white socks a big no when you want to approach the cooperate look. Even if you wearing a white shirt and would like to match up your socks with it like the advice given in the text above please, halt it.

This is the only time that tip becomes bad. White socks are worn only for sport related activities and possibly a casual look but not to the office. Leave that to the pallbearers.

Pulling your socks to the knee level should be left only to the footballers and other sports activities. Reasonably, your socks should be pulled to ankle level or slightly above the knee level.

Ridiculous socks moments should be left to Halloween.

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