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New Report Reveals How Turkey Is Jailing Innocent People On Ridiculous Charges

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A recently released report by the Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF) has revealed how the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has abused the rule of law and jailed innocent people on absurd charges, from possessing a dollar bill and cancelling a cable TV subscription to purchasing the most highly circulated daily and membership ...

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From China, Slow Food Rallies Its Network Of Food Activists In 160 Countries: Lets Change The Food System And Stop Climate Change

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Menu for Change campaign against climate change launched at the Slow Food International Congress in Chengdu ldquo;We are all involved. Climate change is a current crisis that demands the united efforts of all of humanity. Each of our choices can make a difference, because it is the sum of all our individual actions that will drive cha ...

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5 University Senior Staff Associations Sever Ties With FUSSAG-TUC

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About five members of the Federation of Universities Senior Staff Associations of Ghana (FUSSAG - TUC) have announced their withdrawal of their membership from the Association. The decision which is to take immediate effect was arrived at after consultations with the TUC and the Vice-Chancellors Ghana. The members in a statement, have ...

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Mfantseman Assembly Bans Discos And Leavers Jam

The Mfantseman Municipal Assembly has banned discotheques and leavers jam in the municipality.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area, Mr Kenneth Essuman, who made this known at an advocacy meeting with traditional councils and family heads at Mankessim last Wednesday, expressed concern about how teenagers who are about to start their education will gather in some dark alleys and engage in immoral activities and call themselves ‘leavers.
The programme was sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to spearhead advocacy on teenage pregnancy, sexual and gender-based violence and child marriage in the region.

What are they leaving, basic education So, what will those who complete tertiary education do Jump from the last floor of their hostel, the mad MCE stated.

Total ban

He recommended a total ban on all leavers jams across the country to stem the alarming rate of teenage pregnancy and child marriages in the country and urged traditional leaders to be the strong advocates for change.

Mr Essuman said a bar operator was recently summoned by the assembly for making his facilities available for the young boys and girls to engage in immoral behaviour at night.

He called on the traditional leaders not to settle rape cases at home but direct such incidents to the appropriate law quarters for redress.

He said the assembly spent GH¢18,000 in transporting Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates to their various centres throughout the period of writing their examination last academic year.

He added that the municipality took all those steps to guarantee the future of the young ones through education and urged them to reciprocate the gesture by being serious with their studies.

The Regional Director of the Department of Gender, Mrs Thywill Eyra Kpe, said the region was plagued with the incidence of child marriage mainly as a result of teenage pregnancy.

It is estimated that one out of every three girls (31.2 per cent) in the region either married or cohabits before age 18.

Child marriage

The situation, Mrs Kpe intimated, could not auger well for the human resource development of the families, communities, regions and the country as a whole.

She stated that it does not only affect the career prospect of the girls, but also puts a strain on the national purse.

She said although some modest gains were made in the fight to reduce teenage pregnancy, there still remained a lot of work to be done, since the figures remained very high.

Mrs Kpe drew the attention of the participants to the legal ramification of their actions as citizens.

She stressed that if a man impregnates a child, then the laws of our land need to deal with the perpetrator.

We are, therefore, here to build networks to sustain our engagement with other members of the traditional councils and their communities to champion the reduction of teenage pregnancy and child marriage, she said.

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Police Calls On Public To Refrain From Instant Justice

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr Theophilus J. Essilfie, the District Commander of the Korle-Bu Police Station has called on the public to refrain from meting out instant justice to people whom they suspect to be criminals. 

     He condemned the practice of instant or mob action, adding that, through such acts, innocent victims have been killed and family members deprived of their loved ones as well as a lost to the state.

     ASP Essilfie made the call during the National Commission for Civic Educations (NCCE) community engagements with the Chorkor Zonal Branch of the Ghana National Tailors and Dressmakers Association and the Agege Zonal Branch of the Beauticians and Dressmakers Association on the topic The Rule of Law and Anti-Mob Action in Accra.

     Citing the case of the late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, who was brutally lynched by a mob in Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region whilst on official duty,  Mr Essilfie said when people lose hope in the justice system, they tend to put the law into their own hands, which according to him, should not be the case.

     He therefore called on the public to report any criminal activity or suspected criminals to the nearest police station instead of taking the laws into their own hands.

     People must be patient when an alarm is being raised on a suspected thief and must do the needful by taking such suspects to the police station to ascertain the truth or identities of the suspects, he said.

     Bemoaning the horrible practice where some police officers collect bribes before issuing Police Statement forms to victims during emergency cases, Mr Essilfie explained that the police service is still in the process of putting measures in place to weed out the horrible nuts in the service to boost public confidence in the police.

     He pledged the help of his outfit to support anybody who reports criminal cases to the Korle-Bu Police Station, saying that, If you report the case to the police and you are treated unfairly by any police personnel, you can personally call on me at the office.

    Mr Stephen Y. Heymann, the Officer-in-Charge of the Ablekuma South-West Sub-Metro of the National Commission for Civic Education spoke on corruption and how it affects society.

      He said the level of corruption is so high in the country to the extent that people with the requisite qualifications find it very difficult to gain employment whilst people who lacked those qualifications have been placed in fine positions on the job market.

      He further explained that corruption affects the developments of the country and reduces the trust of foreign investors in the economy, adding that, all hands must be on deck to tackle it from all angles.

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OJ Simpson To Be Freed Next Week

OJ Simpson will make a 415-mile journey handcuffed in a cage in the back of a prison van before he is freed next week, can reveal.

The journey, which takes approximately six hours and 30 minutes, will take him from Lovelock Correctional Center, in northern Nevada, to High Desert Prison, in Indian Springs, 45 miles outside Las Vegas.

It is likely to include a restroom break in Tonopah â€" a tiny town of 2,478 people that is home to a small prison camp.

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Court Dismisses AGs Stay Of Execution Against Indian Businessman

An application for the Stay of Execution filed by the Ghana Immigration Service in respect of an order to restore the work and residence permit of Mr Ashok Kumar Sivaram, an Indian businessman, has been thrown out by a High Court, in Accra.

          Dismissing the application, the Court, presided over by Mrs Justice Naa Adoley Azu, held that Mr Sivran should be given a residence and work permit to enable him to defend his cases before the courts.

          The Court explained that if the application was granted in favour of the Ghana Immigration Service and the Ministry of the Interior, it meant that he would be renewing his permits every three months.

          Mr Sivaram would resort to a cycle, which would be repeating itself until his substantive issues were heard.

          According to the Court, Mr Sivaram would also be at the mercy of the GIS whilst battling his case at the Court.

          The Court also discounted the Attorney Generals claims that if the application for stay of execution was granted the writ of Mandamus would constitute immunity for Mr Sivaran and other prospective persons.

          In the Courts view, a writ of Mandamus originally was directed at Statutory institution to do what they were supposed to do, adding that statutory institutions were not above the law.

          It also held that the Court of Appeal had the power to order the High Court to reverse the order of Mandamus.

          The Court discounted claims of the State that if the application was dismissed it would serve as a precedent, explaining that a precedent that the Court would hear the matter on its merits and also see the Judiciary as independent should be embraced by all.

          According to the Court, no evidence was provided before it supporting the preposition that if the application was granted it would affect the security of the State.

          The order of Mandamus was issued on business concerns and those concerns exist and are subject matter before the court. It is clear that Mr Sivaram would suffer undue hardship but the applicants would not suffer any negative effects if the application was granted.

          Moving the application for the Stay of Execution, Ms Jasmine Armah, a Senior State Attorney, held that if the order of the Court was not stayed it would be a precedent for others to resort to the Court for the grant of visa for residence and work permit, an act which constituted a breach of an Act of Parliament.

          Ms Armah explained that if the application was not granted it would amount to the interference of the work of the GIS as provided under the law.

          In her view, Mr Sivaram had been untruthful and inconsistent with information relating to his family and his marital status.

          Mr Gary Nimako Marfo, counsel for Mr Sivaram, intimated to the Court that if the application was granted it would mean that his client would be in the country illegally and conduct business illegally.

          According to counsel for Mr Sivaram, even if the appeal filed by the State began at the Court of Appeal, his client ought to be in the country to defend his interest in the two matters before the Court.

          The Counsel said the issuance of the Residence and work will not in any shape or form affect the appeal.

          Mr Nimako Marfo earlier on withdrew his affidavit in opposition to the application for stay.

          This was because the State asked for an adjournment to enable them to contact the GIS and Ministry of the Interior contained in the affidavit in opposition.  

          On September 18, this year a High Court in Accra ordered GIS to restore the Residence and Work Permit of Mr. Ashok Kumar Sivaran, the Indian businessman within seven days.

          Granting an order of Mandamus filed by Mr Sivaran against the Service, the Court also ordered the GISs assigns, agents and servants to desist from harassing him until his application before the Service was duly processed.

          On June 1, this year, the GIS following an order by the Interior Ministry, deported Mr Sivaram on the premise that he had forged his marriage certificate in an application for citizenship.

          The Indian businessman, therefore, contested his deportation by filing a judicial review through an order of Certiorari.

          Mr Justice Kweku Ackah-Boafo upheld the businessmans application and quashed his deportation order on July 31, this year, on the grounds that the Interior Ministry exceeded its jurisdiction.

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One Will Not Survive Beyond 10 Years Eating From A Takeaway Pack Every Day — Researcher warns

Young people have been advised to stop eating food from styrofoams, popularly known as takeaway packs.

A Researcher into Human Health, Mr Effa Baffo Gyamfi, who gave the advise, explained that styrofoams are made from black waste from petroleum fuel distillation popularly known as coal tar. Therefore, when food is put in them, they leach these risky chemicals into the food making it toxic for human consumption.

Mr Gyamfi, who is also a Library Assistant at the University of Ghana Medical School, Korle Bu, stated that the chemicals in the takeaway packs called Styrene also cause low sperm counts (having fewer sperms than normal) in men.

Prostrate enlargement

Moreover, he told the Graphic Youth World that young men who continuously ate from the takeaway packs could suffer from prostrate enlargement later in life. If one eats food from a takeaway pack once every day, it is likely he or she will not survive beyond 10 years, he added.

Explaining further, Mr Gyamfi said when plastics including takeaway packs come into contact with anything that contains oil, salt, alcohol, heat and acid like pepper, the chemicals in the packs leach the risky substances used in their manufacture into the food at a very high rate and this could be risky to ones health.

It is very common in the country these days to find at social gatherings like funerals, weddings, some restaurants as well as food vendors dishing out food in takeaway packs because of the convenience of carrying the food from one place to another.

From waakye to rice and stew, beans and gari, pastries among other foods, people prefer their foods to be dished out in these packs which come in various colours, shapes and sizes.

Mr Gyamfi said instead of using takeaway packs, food could be put in leaves, foils or one should buy with their own stainless steel bowls.

Ghana Standards Authority

When contacted, the Executive Director of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), Prof Alexander Nii Oto Dodoo, said the GSA could report only on products legally in the country and those that are submitted to the GSA for certification.

For plastics used to package food, he explained, the GSA has not detected any migration of chemical into the food as per their studies. However, we are aware that there are several brands of plastic on sale that have not been assessed by us. We will, therefore, be increasing our market surveillance to ensure that all packaging materials for food in Ghana meet both the Ghana and international standards, he assured.


Throwing more light on the dangers of eating food or drinking from plastics, Mr Gyamfi cautioned young people who patronised alcoholic beverages stored in small plastic sachets to desist from the practice since by doing that, they could be consuming poison.

Plastics are made from chemicals that are very risky for human health. When these chemicals in plastics come into contact with alcohol, they leach risky chemicals such as antimony and phthalate into the alcohol. Phthalate causes low sperm count in men so for those young men who take alcohol in sachets, they might develop low sperm count later in life, he explained.

Similarly, he said young ladies who patronise alcohol in sachets will have high estrogen levels which cause fibroids.

Alcohol in small sachets are very common in the country nowadays. They come in different brands.They are cheap and because they are small, it can easily be concealed in pockets. Some even keep them in their pockets when they attend social gatherings.

According to the BBC, Cameroun, Malawi and Senegal have banned the sale and production of alcohol in sachets.

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Nursing And Teacher Trainee Allowances Paid Via E-Zwich

Government has resumed the payment of nursing and teacher trainee allowances using the e-zwich biometric system.

     The move will ensure transparency, a proper audit trail and prevent impersonation.

     The payment of the allowance to the trainees has been handed over to the Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), the body mandated to disburse loans to tertiary students.

    The SLTF has been using the e-zwich to disburse students loan over the years and is also using the same system to pay the trainee nursing and teachers allowance.

    The use of e-zwich to disburse such funds is also expected to inculcate in the students, the habit of using electronic payment cards and eventually discourage the over reliance on cash for transactions.

     Commenting on the development, the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) Mr Archie Hesse commended government for allowing these payments to be made through e-zwich.

     He said the move is in furtherance of the cash-lite agenda and urged the students not to only receive the electronic funds on the card but to also use the card to make payment and transfer of funds.

     The GhIPSS has been setting up agents to offer e-zwich services to complement the financial institutions in order to make the service readily available to the teaming number of people, who now use it. A number of banks Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are also being reconfigured to accept e-zwich cards, just to increase the number of channels through which e-zwich can be accessed.

    Mr Hesse said GhIPSS will continue to work to ensure that e-zwich card holders enjoy smooth service at all times. He explained that there are designated staff, who visit the agents, the financial institutions and the ATMs to ensure efficient delivery of service.

    The GhIPSS Boss urged the banks to see the payment of nursing and teacher trainee allowance as an opportunity for them to win over new depositors.

     He therefore challenged them to find innovative ways to make the use of e-zwich cards an delicious experience that will endear students to the banks.

     Currently, student loans, National Service allowance, Youth Employment Agency remunerations and the various government social intervention programmes are carried out through the e-zwich with the nursing and teacher trainee allowance being the latest.

     This implies that huge sums of transactions will be done through the e-zwich. 

     Mr Hesse also urged shop owners to get hybrid Point of Sales (POS) devices in their shops so that they can also tap into the phenomenal growth that the e-zwich is experiencing.

     The hybrid POSes accept both e-zwich and domestic cards.

      Mr Hesse said GhIPSS on its part, will continue to promote the biometric smart card and all other electronic payment channels to ensure that Ghana truly migrates into an electronic payment society.

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Agric Minister Swears-In New Councils And Boards Of Four Institutions

Dr Owusu Afriyie Akoto, the Minister of Food and Agriculture, on Friday, swore-in a new Council and Board members for four separate institutions under the Ministry.

    They are the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghanas Management Board, the Plant Protection Advisory Council, Veterinary Council of Ghana and the National Seed Council.

     The Chairpersons for these institutions are Professor Ebenezer Owusu, the Presidents nominee for the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghanas Management Board, Prof. Kwame Afreh-Nuamah, for the  Plant Protection Advisory Council,  Dr William Fenteng Danso, the Veterinary Council of Ghana and Mr Josiah Wobil, for the National Seed Council.

     The Minister urged the Members of the various Councils and Boards, to work hard to bring about a comprehensive improvement in Ghanas agricultural sector.  

     He underscored the critical contribution of the Cocoa Sub-sector, which was considered as the nerve of the countrys economy, but said it was currently plagued with several challenges, including low yields and the current drastic fall in world market prices, where Ghana was losing about one billion dollars.

     Dr Akoto said the inauguration of the Plant Protection Advisory Council, was very significant, narrating Ghanas ordeal and huge revenue losses since the European Union placed a ban on the importation of the countrys vegetables, for failure to follow acceptable international procedures.

     The country, he said, after the ban, was given a year to reorganise things, but unfortunately failed again last year to pass the test required, but expressed trust in the expertise of the new Council in addressing the standing issues, and the numerous challenges that plagued the sector.

     He cited challenges such as the shortage of human resource, poor attitudes of staff and the high level of corruption, saying that, the Plant Protection Directorate, being Ghanas biological police, must ensure that all food items met international standards, and also protect the countrys borders from the import of foreign organisms that could threaten food security.

     The Minister said he had made a special appeal for the recruitment of veterinary surgeons and other professionals to ensure security of the quality of the countrys animal protein supply, and also to make the sector attractive for enhanced investment.

      Government had set up a special committee to look into the current conflicts, involving Fulani herdsmen and was sure they would soon be resolved to bring about peace in the northern sector.

      Mr Akoto said the National Seed Council was crucial to the success of the governments ‘Planting for Food and Jobs, which was greatly dependent on improved seeds, and their availability to farmers, which was a current challenge and gave the assurance that government was committed to supporting every move that would sustain national growth and development.

      Representatives of the various inaugurated Councils and Boards, thanked the government for the honour and confidence reposed in them, and pledged their commitment to work hard to meet their mandates.

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Fake Uber Driver Rapes Five Women...

A Chicago man faces charges after prosecutors say he allegedly pretended to be an Uber driver to pick up five different women and then sexually assault them.

Musaab Afandi was initially arrested in March by Stokie Police after two women said the 33-year-old man attacked them after posing as their Uber driver. Those cases are still pending.

On Wednesday, Afandi appeared in court for a bond hearing after DNA testing allegedly linked him to three additional attacks, the Chicago Tribune reports.


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Rihanna Enjoys A 2am Chinese Dinner With Billionaire Boyfriend...

Rihanna and boyfriend Hassan Jameel were spotted enjoying a romantic late night dinner at Park Chinois, Chinese restaurant in Mayfair in the early hours of Friday morning.

The pair turned heads after not being seen in public together for weeks, casting questions over their relationship status.

The couple left the restaurant separately choosing not to be pictured together with Rihanna, 29, exiting out the back door at around 2am.

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Kneeling Before Your Husband Does Not Make You Less Of A Feminist – Gifty Anti

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Television hostess, Gifty Anti has denied that she knelt before her husband in a now-viral photograph that has resulted in many questioning her stance as a feminist. The photo which shows Gifty Anti in an embrace with husband Nana Ansah Kwao was met with a backlash on social media with many bloggers accusing her of abandoning her feminist ...

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Tema Motorway Roundabout Opens To Traffic

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The current ease in traffic being experienced at the Tema motorway roundabout is expected to become a permanent feature. Additionally, the improved landscape and illumination around the area would help beautify the roundabout and make it safer for pedestrians and motorists at night. This was made known by the Head of Road Implementation a ...

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Tema Motorway Roundabout Opens To Traffic

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The current ease in traffic being experienced at the Tema motorway roundabout is expected to become a permanent feature. Additionally, the improved landscape and illumination around the area would help beautify the roundabout and make it safer for pedestrians and motorists at night. This was made known by the Head of Road Implementation a ...

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Peasant Farmers To Hold Discussion On Planting For Food And Jobs

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG) in collaboration with the Crop Directorate of Ministry of Food and Agriculture will hold a national discussion on Planting for Food and Jobs policy.

A statement issued in Accra by Pascal K. Kudiabor, Communication Officer, PFAG said the discussion will also focus on the Fertilizer Subsidy programme for 2017.

The Peasant Farmers on April 28, this year launched the 2017 PFAG fertilizer watch dogs, in Paga in the Upper East Region to monitor fertilizer and seed distribution in all hotspots and border towns in the three Regions of the North, where fertilizer smuggling is high.

It said subsequent to that, PFAG members in all the other ten regions were also tasked by the national executives to monitor the implementation of the Planting for Food and Job programme and the fertilizer subsidy programme.

The statement said the purpose of the roundtable discussion to be held in Tamale from September 27th and 28th was to interact with farmers across the country in order to provide government with concrete evidence of successes and challenges of the implementation of the policy to support improve future programmes.

The Planting for Food and Job programme seeks to create some 750,000 jobs and would motivate farmers to grow staple foods such as maize, millet, and beans.

It said in support, PFAG would meet farmers to ascertain the extent to which they are benefitting from the policy, their challenges and solicit from farmers, how the challenges could be resolved.

The statement quoted Mr Charles Kwowe Nyaaba, the Programme Officer, PFAG as saying The approach of meeting the farmers is to create a platform for government to touch base with farmers and listen to their concerns regarding the implementation of the initiative.

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Footballer Balotelli's Model Girlfriend Gives Birth To A Son

Mario Balotelli has much to celebrate after reportedly becoming a second-time dad.

The 27-year-old footballer's girlfriend Clelia gave birth to a baby boy named Lion in Zurich, Switzerland, on Thursday, according to Sky Sports Italia. 

Mario - who also has four-year-old daughter Pia with Italian TV personality Raffaella Fico - appeared to hail his new arrival on Instagram, posting an image of a stairway to heaven with a caption reading '#FELICITA', which translates to 'happiness'.

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Kneeling Before Your Husband Does Not Make You Less Of A Feminist – Gifty Anti

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Television hostess, Gifty Anti has denied that she knelt before her husband in a now-viral photograph that has resulted in many questioning her stance as a feminist. The photo which shows Gifty Anti in an embrace with husband Nana Ansah Kwao was met with a backlash on social media with many bloggers accusing her of abandoning her feminist ...

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Photo of the week: So why put children in harm's way

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During his rounds in Accra, 39;s award-winning photojournalist, David Andoh witnessed a boy climb up a Forex bureau to clean its metal doors and windows. It was done under the supervision of a man whose relationship with the boy could not be ascertained. 22 ...

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Pentecost Chaiman Honoured In Ukraine

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The National Aviation University in Kiev, Ukraine in collaboration with The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, has honoured the President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) and Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah, for his sterling leadership in promoting practical Christianity and ...

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Photo of the week: So why put children in harm's way

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During his rounds in Accra, 39;s award-winning photojournalist, David Andoh witnessed a boy climb up a Forex bureau to clean its metal doors and windows. It was done under the supervision of a man whose relationship with the boy could not be ascertained. 22 ...

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Police Administration To Chart Common Path With Media

The Police Administration has indicated its preparedness to chart a common path with the media to enhance democracy and make policing in Ghana a world class service.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) David Eklu, the Director-General in charge of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, said the Service would, therefore, launch a directive on how to communicate effectively with the media as part of the new dynamics to reach out to the public and track crime in the society.

ACP Eklu, who was accompanied by the Regional Public Relations Officer, ASP Olivia Adiku, outlined the vision of the Police Administration to a cross-section of journalists during a media engagement in Takoradi as part of a three-day working visit to the Western Region.

He earlier visited the maritime area to get acquainted with the operations there and is billed to address a town hall meeting on behalf of the Inspector General of Police on illegal mining at Wassa Akropong on Friday.

ACP Eklu said the Police Administration was making strategic restructuring,  which would, among other things, give specialised training to journalists on  correct crime reporting and community policing.

He said plans were far advanced for the Service to improve its investigative mechanisms and the Motor Traffic and Transport Department so that the officers there would act more professionally as well as introduce technology to help investigations, data collection and analysis.

He underscored the vital role the media played in fine policing adding "Without the media there is no, policing".

ACP Eklu said it was vital to organise capacity building programmes for both the Police and Media so as to have fruitful results and called for cooperation between the two.

He announced that the Service was developing media guidelines, which would enhance communication between the media and the Police.

Touching on a recent encounter where a police officer was alleged to have assaulted a journalist in Takoradi, ACP Eklu said the incident was still under investigation and would soon be resolved, adding; There is no need for a police officer and a journalist to fight as their work complements each other.

He said he would ensure that the Military and the Police Service in the Region buried their differences and forged ahead in unity with a common goal since conflicts dented the image of the security services and gave criminals a leeway to operate.

ACP Eklu noted that the issue of illegal mining was still prevalent in definite parts of the Region with special reference to the Wassa Akropong Area where the presence of Chinese nationals in galamsey sites had gathered momentum.

Reacting to a concern from reporters on the GHC1.00 some police officers collected from drivers at the Nchaban and Apremdo barriers, ACP Eklu described it as bad and unprofessional policing, an issue the IGP was not happy about.

He promised to discuss the matter with the Regional Commander to deal with such officers who dragged the name of the Service into disrepute.

He said four police officers were already facing disciplinary action for collecting GHC1.00 from drivers and entreated journalists and the public to expose such officers through photographing the very act of collecting the money from the drivers.

The Director-General said the Service welcomed constructive criticisms from the media and assured the general public of maximum protection and security.  

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Failed Law Students Threaten Court Action

A group calling itself the Concerned LLB Graduates, has threatened to sue the General Legal Council for contempt of court, for using the recently taken entrance exams and interview to deny over seven hundred students who failed access to the Ghana Law School.

Prior to the examination, the students had petitioned the Council over a ruling by the Supreme Court which declared the examination and interview requirements as illegal, but the Council rejected their petition.

Speaking to Citi News, the spokesperson of the group, Ken Donkoh, said they will within the next few days seek legal interpretation of the earlier ruling on the matter. 

We will be going to court to seek interpretation of the orders that were given by the Supreme Court. Among them is the consequential orders that were given, and the consequential orders to us was very clear. It was not directing the General Legal Council to engage in any act such as conducting of examination and interview which will form the basis of disqualifying any student, he said.

He argued that, it was wrong for us to be directed to take part in a conduct that the Supreme Court of Ghana has declared as unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional.


797 students failed the entrance exam, which was contentious, to commence with.

Prior to the examination, the students had petitioned the Council over a ruling by the Supreme Court which declared the examination and interview requirements as illegal, but the Council rejected their petition.

The Supreme Court in June declared as unconstitutional the entrance exams and interview session, before admitting new students into the Ghana Law School.

According to the court, in a case brought before it by Professor Kwaku Asare, a United States-based Ghanaian lawyer in 2015, the requirements were in violation of the Legislative Instrument 1296 which gives direction for the mode of admission.

The affected group under the umbrella name, Concerned Law Students, reiterated the Apex Courts judgment saying it will be a travesty of justice to still require qualified applicants to pass an entrance examination and subsequent interview in order to be admitted into the Ghana School of Law.

The group, in a statement, has now challenged the General Legal Council to release 

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Eighteen (18) Yr-old Student Publicly Proposes Marriage To His 16-Yr-Old Girlfriend...School Suspends Them

Two high school pupils' excitement at a marriage proposal on the school grounds captured on video has been cut short.

Mduduzi Tlou, 18, proposed to his 16-year-old girlfriend (whose name is withheld because she is underage) at Tholulwazi Secondary School in Tsakane, Ekurhuleni, last week, with the video going viral on social media.

But a few hours after the two got "engaged" in front of cheering fellow pupils, the school confiscated a R2000 ring Tlou had bought for his girlfriend and suspended both pupils.

The pupils yesterday appeared before a school disciplinary hearing.

Tlou told Sowetan that they had been dating for eight months. He said he wanted to marry her because she had "changed" his life.

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Angry JHS Students Repeated For Poor Performance Set Classrooms Ablaze

About 130 students and teachers of Tabiri Gyansa Junior High School at Mpasaaso Number One in the Ashanti Region have been left without shelter after fire ravaged their three-unit classroom block.

Wednesday nights incident in the Ahafo Ano South District saw teaching and learning materials and other school property completely burnt.

Though the cause of the fire has not been established yet, school authorities suspect a group of students who had been asked to repeat their class for non-performance is behind the fire.
News of inferno at the school which sits on the outskirts of the town came as a surprise to many because there is no electricity there.

Distress calls to the nearest fire station at Mankranso yielded no result.

Members of the community managed to salvage only a few pieces of furniture.

Students and teachers arrived on the campus Thursday morning to a devastating sight of the destruction. They later wore red armbands, calling for investigation to track down and bring the perpetrators to book.

Students say they had brought the threats to attention community leaders and police after an earlier arson attempt. Though teachers will not speak on record they say they have been targets of robbery.

The community is saddened at the incident.

Nana Obiri Yeboah, a concerned parent says the whole community have kept awake since the time of the incident.

Police at Mankranso say they have commenced investigations into the matter.

District Commander, Supt. John Adusei says they are working with the community to uncover the mystery behind the incident.

We have been on the ground since the incident happened, my men were even present when the fire was consuming the building. The people are suspecting arson so we will consider that as well, he said.

The community proposes a Senior High School structure under construction be used temporarily by the displaced JHS students.
Omanhene of the area, Nana Tabiri Gyansah says the community will prepare the proposed site to receive the students.

Meanwhile, the District Education Directorate says it will liaise with the community to resettle the students, based on advice from the District Security Committee.

Public Relations Officer, Osei Brenya says they are considering sharing students among schools in the community.

Teachers upon request will be transferred temporarily from the community until the place is declared safe for them.

Teachers do not feel safe so we will also consider their safety in every step we take, he added.

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John Mahama Eligible To Vote In GJA Election

It seems former President John Mahama is eligible to vote in the ongoing election organized by Ghana Journalists Association (GJA).

His name is captured in a list of GJA members in fine standing, which was released by the Association on Thursday.

John Mahama is a known communicator but has not been actively involved in journalism for a while.

It is therefore unclear why his name is on the list because he entered active politics over a decade ago.

Prior to ascending to the high office of President, John Mahama wrote several articles which were published in some newspapers both locally and internationally. Some of the media houses that published his epistles included Daily Graphic, Huffington Post, New York Times among others. 

He has also published some books including My First Coup dÉtat.

656 media personnel to vote

The GJA election was supposed to be held in March, 2017, but was postponed because of some unresolved disputes.

At the time, Lloyd Evans, who is also contesting for the presidential slot, was appealing his disqualification, and some journalists were also challenging the authority of the current president, Affail Monney and his executives to organize the election.

Lloyd Evans said at the time that he would resist the decision to disqualify him and has since been reinstated.

In all a total of 656 media personnel are expected to cast their votes nationwide to elect leaders to to man the affairs of the Association.

There are three aspirants vying for the GJA presidential slot. But many believe the race is between the incumbentâ€"Roland Affail Monney and Lloyd Evans.

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GJA Poll: Prez Mahamas Name Replaces Aspirants

The name of former President John Dramani Mahama has replaced that of a presidential aspirant taking part in the Ghana Journalists Association election ongoing today, Friday 29 September.

Mr Mahamas name appears at No. 138 on the register, a spot meant for aspirant Johnny Ayittey, whose camp described the situation as strange.

Mr Ayitteys camp, represented by Bibini Nutor, told Class News that Mr Benedict Asoro, who is the chairman of the GJA electoral committee, has given the assurance that his aspirant will be given the chance to vote.

The other contestants for the presidential spot include Lloyd Evans and incumbent Mr Affail Monney.

Mr John Mahama is also a registered member of the GJA.

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GIS Fights Indian Businessman Man Again

The legal tussle between Ashok Kumar Sivaram, the Indian businessman in Ghana and the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) headed by Kwame Asuah Takyi is far from over.

This time around, the Attorney-General has filed a motion on notice seeking to stay the execution of an Accra High Court ruling ordering the GIS to restore the residence and work permit of Ashok within seven days.

The court presided over by Mrs.  Justice Naa Adorley Azu had also ordered GIS not to attempt to deport Ashok within the period.

The court had granted the applicants request for injunction restraining the GIS from harassing the Indian businessman in whatever shape or form until the permit is issued.

The courts orders follow an application for mandamus filed by lawyers of the Indian businessman challenging the cancellation of his work and residence permit leading to his subsequent deportation by the GIS.

Ashok was asking the court to make an order of Mandamus directed at the respondents-the Minister of Interior and Director/Controller of Immigration to restore his residence/work permit which was cancelled by the GIS on the basis of a Deportation Order dated May 15, 2017 which was quashed by the High Court in a ruling dated July 31, 2017.

But ten days after the judgment, the AG is back in court in an attempt to reverse the decision of the judge.


In a 21-paragraph affidavit in help of the motion deposed to by one Cecilia Boatemaa Tufuor, an Assistant State Attorney, the AG insists that if the orders of the court were not stayed, it would open the floodgates for persons within the category of Ashok to use judicial means to prevent the GIS from performing its mandate adding this may further put the security of the nation at stake.

She argued that if the order was not stayed it would serve as a precedent for others to resort to the court for the grant of residence/work permit though same had been revoked legally.

The Assistant State Attorney further averred that the orders of the judge ought to be stayed in order not to serve as a precedent for the grant of immunity to a party from the consequences of breaching an act of Parliament.

According to her, the order by the court was a direct interference with the work of the Ghana Immigration Service.

Ashok Disagrees

In a acknowledgement to the affidavit in opposition to the application, the Indian businessman arguing through his lawyer, Gary Nimako Marfo said the applicants have not demonstrated exceptional circumstances to warrant the court to exercise its discretion in their favour.

He said the applicants have not demonstrated in their affidavit what they stand to lose if the residence/work permit was (revoked).

Gary among other things indicated that the notice of appeal filed by the applicants on September 19, 2017 is a sham and merely to frustrate the erudite ruling of the court.

Ashok said he is a businessman who needs to be free to travel in and out of the country to conduct his business engagements while the applicants pursue their appeal.

He said that in the view of the conduct of the GIS, he would not be surprised if the matter travels to the Supreme Court.

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NCA Sanctions 131 Radio Stations

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has sanctioned a total of 131 FM Authorisation Holders found to have committed various infractions pertaining to their authorisations to operate as contained in Section 13 of the Electronics Communications Act (2009), Act 775. A further 13 FM Authorisation Holders have been issued with reprieves as pertains to their authorisations.

This follows the completion of a nationwide FM Spectrum Audit conducted this year to decide compliance of Authorisation Holders with their Authorisation conditions and to choose which FM stations were in operations or otherwise. The FM Spectrum Audit also forms part of a wider and on-going audit of all services regulated by the NCA, including TV and ISP services.

Section 13 of the Electronics Communications Act (2009), Act 775 states among others that the Authority may suspend or revoke a licence or a frequency authorisation where

(a) the licence or the authorisation holder has failed to comply materially with any of the provisions of this Act, Regulations or the terms and conditions of its licence or frequency authorisation

(b) the licensee or the authorisation holder has failed to comply materially with a lawful direction of the Authority,

(c) the licensee or the authorisation holder is in default of payment of a fee or other money, charged or imposed in furtherance of this Act, the National Communications Authority Act, 2008 (Act 769) or Regulations

(d) the licensee ceases to (i) operate the public communications network, (ii) provide the public electronic communications service, or (iii) use the frequency band.

The breakdown of the number of stations and the sanctions being applied to them are as follows:


* Twenty-one (21) FM broadcasting stations have had their authorisations revoked completely since their authorisations had expired over several years and were operating illegally. They had also failed to apply for renewal 3 months before expiry of existing Authorisation and as stipulated in their Authorisation. The FM broadcasting stations in question also did not respond to a notice the NCA sent to them to regularise their operations earlier this year.

* Thirteen (13) FM broadcasting stations will also have their authorisations revoked completely since their authorisations had expired and were operating illegally. They had also failed to apply for renewal 3 months before expiry of existing Authorisation and as stipulated in their Authorisation. This section of FM broadcasting stations responded to the notice but had requested for extension of time to regularise their operations, which the NCA found unacceptable and declined.


The stations below responded to an earlier notice requesting them to regularise their operations. However, they have been fined as per the category of infractions and pursuant to the NCAs gazetted Schedule of Penalties. The fines range from GHC50,000.00 to GHC61,000,000.00 depending on the infraction and the duration the infraction persisted.

- Eleven (11) radio stations have been requested to pay application fees for renewal of Authorisation and to pay a good in accordance with the NCAs gazetted Schedule of Penalties for failure to apply 3 months before expiry of Authorisation within 30 days.

- Two (2) radio stations have been asked to submit renewal application within 30 days.

- Sixteen (16) radio stations have been asked to submit renewal application, pay application fees, and pay a good in accordance with the Authoritys gazetted Schedule of Penalties within 30 days.

- Twenty-four (24) radio stations have been asked to submit omitted documents and pay a good in accordance with the Authoritys gazetted Schedule of Penalties within 30 days.

- Fifteen (15) radio stations will have their Authorisation processed after payment of fines in accordance with the Authoritys gazetted Schedule of Penalties.

- One (1) radio station has been asked to settle its outstanding indebtedness before renewal of Authorisation is considered.

- Twenty (20) radio stations have been asked to settle their Provisional Authorisation (renewal) fees which have been invalidated due to non-payment within sixty days â€" to pay interest on due amount.

- Eight (8) radio stations have been asked to pay a good in accordance with the NCAs gazette Schedule of Penalties before the authority conducts inspection as requested by the stations.

Aside the above, the NCA has also granted one radio station an extension to set up, 2 radio stations have been authorised to start test transmission. A further 3 have been asked to submit renewal applications within 90 days with 7 radio stations having their provisional Authorisation and final Authorisation issued.

Affected stations have also been given 30 days to settle their indebtedness or submit the relevant documentations as indicated in the letters sent them by the NCA.

The actions of the affected radio stations go against the Authorisations issued them before commencement of work. The validity period of the Authorisations are for a 5-year period, effective from the date of the Authorisation, and renewable 3 months prior to its expiration through any of the eight offices of the NCA nationwide. It is vital to note, however, that some of the FM broadcasting stations have never attempted to renew their authorisation; some for as long as 17 years. This has resulted in the stations depriving the state of statutory revenue.

This is a situation which the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament of Ghana found unacceptable and for which the NCA was invited to clarify its actions before the committee earlier on this year.

Much as the NCA recognizes the key role the radio stations play in the socio-economic life of the country, dissemination of information, employment and investment opportunities it creates, it is vital that players within that space adhere to the regulatory requirements and conditions of their Authorisations. Ghanas spectrum, just like any other countrys, is finite and it is vital that the country maximizes the benefits of the spectrum and to also ensure that those who are given a piece of the spectrum use it judiciously for the benefit of society and the state.

The Authority wishes to assure the public that it will play its regulatory role as contained in the NCA Act and the Electronics Communication Act among others to sanitize the industry and ensure that players adhere to the rules pertaining to their various licences and authorisations.

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Leaked Tape Controversy: Police CID Vows To Take On A Plus...

The embattled Deputy Police CID boss caught in a leaked audio recording, will at the right time, take on controversial hip life artiste A plus, the police administration has said.

Deputy PRO at the Police CID Olivia Turkson gave the assurance in an interview on Joy News on behalf of ACP Maame Yaa Tiwaa, Addo Danquah, the officer alleged to be covering up allegations of misconduct against two chiefs of staff.

Turkson said her outfit will do whatever it takes to clear the name of ACP Addo Danquah.

A voice said to be that of the police Deputy CID is heard on a controversial audio tape recording asking A Plus to manage a situation she was supposed to investigate.

She went further to assert in the audio that the president has fine intentions but will not be able to achieve his objectives because of the people around him.

The audio has since gone viral with A Plus bold the police to arrest him if they have evidence he has doctored a tape.

ACP Addo Danquah had been tasked by the administration to investigation allegations A Plus made against the two Chiefs of Staff- John Jinapor and Boakye Asenso.

The hip-life musician, among other things accused the two of abusing their office by collecting bribes from people who wish to see the president.

The president who had promised to investigate every single corruption allegation against his men instructed the CID to subject the allegations made by A Plus to vital scrutiny.

The CID after weeks of investigation released a statement claiming there was no evidence to substantiate the claims made by A Plus.

Just when the dust on the allegation was about to settle, a new twist, this time, a leaked tape emerges in which ACP Maame Yaa Tiwaa, Addo Danquah is heard having a not too convinent chat with A Plus, the man she and her colleagues were supposed to investigate.

Critics have been quick to describe the earlier report issued by the CID as a cover up. But the police administration has dismissed the content of the audio tape recording.

Olivia Turkson is convinced the audio was pieced together to tarnish the image of her boss and that of the police administration.

When she was asked if the voice in the recording was that of ACP Addo Danquah, Turkson confirmed it was but added the content of the audio had been doctored.

It is her voice but she never told A plus to drop the case, she stated.

"She [ACP Addo Danquah] is affirming she never made such a statementThe audio is doctored and no one should attach any importance to it, Turkson said.

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Ghana Picks Three Awards At ITU Telecom World

Ghana picked three awards at the just ended ITU Telecom World 2017 Conference in the technologically advanced city of Busan in South Korea.

Team Ghana, led by the Deputy Minister of Communications, Nenyi George Kojo Andah won a certificate of recognition for commitment and participation the in conference and exhibition.

Earlier, the Commonwealth Telecoms Organisation Secretary-General Shola Taylor had lauded Ghana for the unique public and private sector collaboration at the conference.

The other two awards went to two private sector organizations, Subah Infosolutions and the Wireless Applications Service Providers Association of Ghana (WASPAG).

Subah's award was for commitment and participation and also for being a partner of the ITU in the organization of this year's event.

Subah sponsored the ITU App, which was downloadable on Google Play Store and Apple for free, and it provided participants of the conference with detailed information about the event - dates, venues, locations of various stands and more.

The company also held an unprecedented event dubbed Subah LeaderSpace Happy Hour, which was a novelty at the ITU Telecom World and it provided a relaxed atmosphere for private and public institutions to network over drinks and light food.

WASPAG also walked away from the ITU World with an award for promoting innovative ICT solutions with social impact at the ITU World 2017.

WASPAG showcased a number of ICT solutions developed by its member organizations, particularly the Care 247 mobile health solution from.

Care 247 is a mobile health app that provide 24/7 access to information on sexual reproductive, maternal and infant health, as well as proper nutrition via SMS, USSD, data and voice in at least nine local dialects.

It is currently being used by at least 250,000 people and ready to be scaled up globally.

Other participating countries and companies also won awards in various categories.

ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao congratulated the awardees for their excellence and for continuous help for ITU activities.

He noted that ITU awards have over the years boosted the reputation of winners and propelled their businesses to higher heights and he does not expect anything less from this years awards.

Houlin Zhao assured member countries and participants that the ITU Council has endorsed the continuation of the award scheme and they will continue to do so to drive excellence in ICTs across the world.

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President Akufo-Addo Joins Hundreds To Celebrate ‘Legend Of The Ages Prof. J.H. Nketia

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has paid tribute to ldquo;one of the legends of the ages rdquo; at an event held in celebration of the academic life and achievements of Emeritus Professor Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia. According to President Akufo-Addo, ldquo;one runs out of adjectives trying to describe this noble Ghanaian. A few ...

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Parliament To Reconvene Tuesday 3rd October

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

The Seventh Parliament of the Fourth Republic went on recess on Wednesday, August 5 and after almost two months will be back in the House for business. Speaker Aaron Mike Oquaye by Standing Order 37 served the 275 members notice on Wednesday of the commencement of the Meeting. They are to assemble in the House at midday. The Meeting i ...

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Parliament To Reconvene Tuesday 3rd October

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

The Seventh Parliament of the Fourth Republic went on recess on Wednesday, August 5 and after almost two months will be back in the House for business. Speaker Aaron Mike Oquaye by Standing Order 37 served the 275 members notice on Wednesday of the commencement of the Meeting. They are to assemble in the House at midday. The Meeting i ...

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Come And Arrest Me - A Plus Dares Deputy CID Boss

Popular musician Kwame Asare Obeng also known as A-Plus has dared Assistant Commissioner of Police to arrest him if she has evidence he doctored her tape.

According to him, ACP Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah who was part of the team which investigated corruption allegations he leveled against two Deputies at the Office of the Chief of Staff, Messrs Samuel Abu Jinapor and Francis Asenso Boakye is being economical with the truth.

His comment follows claims by the Deputy CID boss that her voice in a conversation with A-Plus had been doctored for mischievous purposes.

The Criminal Investigations Department of the Police Service last week described as baseless, A-Plus' corruption claim against Jinapor and Asenso Boakye.

An audio idea to be excerpts of a conversation between A-Plus and a female investigator sought to downplay the CID report and suggested a cover-up by the police to protect the two public officials.

ACP Tiwaa Addo-Danquah in a statement admitted the voice in the audio is hers but maintained that the content has been doctored.

The Deputy Director-General of CID further stated that A-Plus "sent one a text message and threatened to put my voice in the public domain because the team had insulted hint by saying the allegation was baseless."

But in a quick rebuttal on Asempa FM Thursday, A-Plus said the Deputy CID Boss rushed with her conclusions he was the architect behind alleged tampering of the tape.

He could not fathom why a police chief without any evidence will conclude that her voice has been doctored.

Denying that he leaked the tape, the maverick musician maintained that the conclusion of the investigation was skewed to favour the two presidential staffers.

They said the allegation was baseless and I have kept quite now they want to sacrifice me. If you move one step, I will move two, he fumed.

A Plus said the statement put out by ACP Tiwaa Addo-Danquah is because her guilty conscience is haunting her.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

UNITAR, DIAGEO And Stakeholders Dialogue On Road Safety Management In Ghana

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Diageo Plc through its subsidiary Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL), the leading total beverage business in Ghana together with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), has organized a two (2) day workshop aimed at promoting road safety and sustainable transport systems in Ghana. The workshop brought together ...

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President Akufo-Addo Joins Hundreds To Celebrate ‘Legend Of The Ages Prof. J.H. Nketia

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has paid tribute to ldquo;one of the legends of the ages rdquo; at an event held in celebration of the academic life and achievements of Emeritus Professor Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia. According to President Akufo-Addo, ldquo;one runs out of adjectives trying to describe this noble Ghanaian. A few ...

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UNITAR, DIAGEO And Stakeholders Dialogue On Road Safety Management In Ghana

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Diageo Plc through its subsidiary Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL), the leading total beverage business in Ghana together with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), has organized a two (2) day workshop aimed at promoting road safety and sustainable transport systems in Ghana. The workshop brought together ...

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Taskforce Makes Progress In ‘Galamsey Fight

The joint military/police taskforce set up to enforce the ban on illegal mining, to support save the environment, has been making fine progress in its assigned task.

     It has so far arrested 362 suspected illegal miners including some Chinese and seized a number of mining equipment, among these are over 1,500 ‘chang fa and water pumping machines.

     Twenty-four (24) of those arrested have been convicted by the courts with some of them sentenced to fines ranging from GH¢1,080.00 to GH¢6,000.00, while others have been jailed â€" doing between four and 18 months.

     Major Gariba Adams Pabi, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Taskforce, which has been code-named ‘Operation Vanguard, made this known to journalists at New Obuasi (Denkyira-Obuasi) where they had made a stopover to visit the site where the late army officer, Major Maxwell Mahama, was gruesomely murdered.

     He said they were happy about the way things had gone and called for continued support, understanding and cooperation of everybody.

     He underlined the need for all to accept to get right with the law and work together to protect the water bodies and forest reserves.

     It was a quite an emotional moment, when the Commander, Colonel William Agyapong, led the officers and men to pray for the soul of the deceased officer.

    He also thanked God for the mercies, favor and protection as they carried out their duties to the nation. 

     Major Mahama was killed on May 29, this year, whilst leading a military taskforce to stop illegal mining in the Denkyira-Obuasi. 

     ‘Operation Vanguard was officially inaugurated on July 31, to enforce the ban on illegal and small scale mining across the country.  

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China To Shut Down North Korean Companies

China has told North Korean companies operating in its territory to close down as it implements United Nations sanctions against the reclusive state.

The companies will be shut by early January. Joint Chinese and North Korean ventures will also be forced to close.

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Obama: 'I Cried When Malia Went To College'

Barack Obama has said he could not hold back tears after dropping off his daughter Malia at university.

"It was a little bit like open-heart surgery," the former president said of the momenthe took Malia, his eldest daughter, to Harvard University.


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Source: BBC

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25m Unsafe Abortions Occur Each Year Worldwide – WHO

Worldwide, 25 million risky abortions (45% of all abortions) occurred every year between 2010 and 2014, according to a new study by WHO and the Guttmacher Institute published Thursday. September 28, 2017 in The Lancet.

The majority of dangerous abortions, or 97%, occurred in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Increased efforts are needed, especially in developing regions, to ensure access to contraception and safe abortion, says Dr Bela Ganatra, lead author of the study and a scientist in the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research.

When women and girls cannot access effective contraception and safe abortion services, there are serious consequences for their own health and that of their families. This should not happen. But despite recent advances in technology and evidence, too many dangerous abortions still occur, and too many women continue to suffer and die.

Classifying abortion safety

The new Lancet study provides estimates on safe and dangerous abortions globally. For the first time, it includes sub-classifications within the risky abortion category as less safe or least safe. The distinction allows for a more nuanced understanding of the different circumstances of abortions among women who are unable to access safe abortions from a trained provider.

When abortions are performed in accordance with WHO guidelines and standards, the risk of severe complications or death is negligible. Approximately 55% of all abortions from 2010 to 2014 were conducted safely, which means they were performed by a trained health worker using a WHO-recommended method appropriate to the pregnancy duration.

Almost one-third (31%) of abortions were less safe, meaning they were either performed by a trained provider using an dangerous or outdated method such as sharp curettage, or by an untrained person albeit using a safe method like misoprostol, a drug that can be used for many medical purposes, including to induce an abortion.

About 14% were least safe abortions provided by untrained persons using unsafe methods, such as introduction of foreign objects and use of herbal concoctions. Deaths from complications of dangerous abortion were high in regions where most abortions happened in the least safe circumstances. Complications from least-safe abortions can include incomplete abortion (failure to remove all of the pregnancy tissue from the uterus), haemorrhage, vaginal, cervical and uterine injury, and infections.

Restrictive laws associated with high rates of risky abortions

The study also looks at the contexts that commonly result in women seeking risky abortions, including countries laws and policies on abortion, the financial cost of accessing safe abortion services, the availability of safe abortion services and trained health providers, and societal attitudes toward abortion and gender equality.

In countries where abortion is completely banned or permitted only to save the womans life or preserve her physical health, only 1 in 4 abortions were safe; whereas, in countries where abortion is legal on broader grounds, nearly 9 in 10 abortions were done safely. Restricting access to abortions does not reduce the number of abortions.

Most abortions that take place in Western and Northern Europe and North America are safe. These regions also have some of the lowest abortion rates. Most countries in these regions also have relatively permissive laws on abortion; high levels of contraceptive use, economic development, and gender equality; as well as high-quality health services â€" all factors that contribute to making abortion safer.

Like many other common medical procedures, abortion is very safe when done in accordance with recommended medical guidelines and that is critical to bear in mind, says Dr Gilda Sedgh, co-author of the study and principal research scientist, Guttmacher Institute.

In the high-income countries of North America and Western and Northern Europe, where abortion is broadly legal and health systems are strong, the incidence of risky abortions is the lowest globally.

Among developing regions, the proportion of abortions that were safe in Eastern Asia (including China) was similar to developed regions. In South-Central Asia, however, less than 1 in 2 abortions were safe. Outside of Southern Africa, less than 1 in 4 abortions in Africa were safe. Of those risky abortions, the majority were characterized as least safe.

In Latin America, only 1 in 4 abortions were safe, though the majority were categorized as less safe, as it is increasingly common for women in the region to obtain and self-administer medicines like misoprostol outside of formal health systems. This has meant that this region has seen fewer deaths and fewer severe complications from dangerous abortions. Nevertheless, this type of informal self-use of medication abortion that women have to resort to secretly does not meet WHOs safe abortion standards.

Preventing dangerous abortion

Unsafe abortion occurs when a pregnancy is terminated either by persons lacking the necessary skills/information or in an environment that does not conform to minimal medical standards, or both.

To prevent unintended pregnancies and risky abortions, countries must make supportive policies and financial commitments to provide comprehensive sexuality education; a wide range of contraceptive methods, including emergency contraception; accurate family planning counselling; and access to safe, legal abortion.

Provision of safe, legal abortion is essential to fulfilling the global commitment to the Sustainable Development Goal of universal access to sexual and reproductive health (target 3.7). WHO provides global technical and policy guidance on the use of contraception to prevent unintended pregnancy, on safe abortion, and the treatment of complications from dangerous abortion.

Earlier this year, WHO and the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs launched a new, open-access database of laws, policies and health standards on abortion in countries worldwide. The database aims to promote greater transparency of abortion laws and policies, as well as to improve countries accountability for the protection of women and girls health and human rights.

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10 Amazing Benefits Of Beets For Health And Beauty

Beets, or beetroots, are sweet root vegetable that takes an vital position among healthy foods for your diet. Beets are a rich source of minerals and essential vitamins and are used as food item combined with salad, soup, and meals. Lets take a look at these 10 benefits of beets for health and beauty which might bring to see the wonderful nutritional values of this vegetable.

Decreasing Blood Pressure
The benefits of beets mainly come from blood flow improvement. Juice extracted from beet can support lower blood pressure, as it reduces systolic pressure in the blood, thanks to the natural nitrates presenting in beets. Researchers have studied that just one glass of beets can reduce blood pressure by 4-5 points. Nitrates provide nitric oxide to your body; therefore stimulate dilating and relaxing for your blood vessels.

Reducing Inflammation
Consume beets might prevent you from inflammation since their rich source of betaine is useful in protecting proteins, cells and enzymes from your daily life stress. To obtain better effects of anti-inflammatory properties, combine beets and ginger juice together. This juice recipe boosts beets anti-inflammatory power and keeps your digestive system from infection.

Supporting Detoxification
Betaine pigments and methionine found in beets also accelerate detoxification progress and expel broken toxins out of your body, in addition to other positive health benefits. This medicinal plant is believed to keep the pace of liver cells stimulating and keep toxins and fatty acid away from building up. Consume this valuable detox drink to purify your blood and refresh your body.

Beet Greens Benefits
What a surprise that green leafy tops found in beets are one of the healthiest parts of this vegetable. These greens are rich sources of essential nutrients for your bodies such as protein, fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, C, B6, calcium, and iron. What is more, high content of iron in beets greens helps you boost bone strength and immune system, overall nutritional value helps ward off numerous chronic diseases. Dont throw these greens away and try to add raw beet leaves to your vegetable juice and salad or consume them along with other vegetables in your diet.

Avoid Cancers
Researchers have studied that beets contain phytonutrients along with pigment betacyanin that inhibits cancerous cell development. Drink beet juice every day to cancel cell mutations caused by nitrates found in your daily meals that lead to the expansion of nitrosamine compounds. All vegetables contain nitrates, but an average-sized beet contains 20 times more dietary nitrates than others. Products made from beets such as juice and powders are demonstrated to decelerate multi-organ tumor growth. Dont hesitate to add this healthy vegetable to your diet to keep your body away from cancer for long period.

Enhancing Sexual Performance
Sounds weird, but this root vegetable can provide benefits in boosting sexuality, in another word aphrodisiac for men. This is because beets contains huge amount of mineral boron which has been indicated to increase sexual hormones production, such as sperm mobility, libido and fertility improvement. Add beets to your daily basis to enhance your sexual life with your partner.

Boosting Energy
When it comes to benefits of beets, people might be amazed that beet juice also works as a powerful sport drink. A great amount of carbohydrates present in beets supply fuel to boost stamina and prolong your sport workout. The high nitrate content that increases nitric oxide helps reduce the oxygen consumption from low-intensity exercises and produce endurance to high-intensity ones. Additionally, beet fiber can decrease cholesterol and triglycerides, improve your healthy heart as well as enhance your tolerance in sport activities.

Macular Degeneration
The beta-carotene in beetroot is helpful in decreasing and slowing eyes macular degeneration. Its rich source of vitamin A supplies antioxidant capabilities and protect the eyes against harmful effects of free radicals.

Preventing Strokes
Lack of potassium might be the main cause of strokes for your body. Potassium works best as vasodilator that lower blood pressure, leads to the restriction of detritus accumulation that enable blood clots formation along the walls of blood vessels. These clots are the culprits of heart attacks and strokes.In that case, its recommended to consume beetroot to boost heart health and deliver a rich source of potassium to your body.

Fighting Against Premature Aging and Age-Related Diseases
You might have purchased many skin-care products that are available in the market out there, however beetroot juice is still an outstanding low-cost product that protects your skin from inside-out. According to Food Research International journal published in July 2011, the betaine pigments presenting in red beets rule out antiviral and antimicrobial effects, provide water and nitrates to your body and neutralize free radicals. Plus, high antioxidant and inflammatory properties support keep your body against diseases related to age. Especially, drinking a cup of beet juice can let the fine effects of lycopene maintain your skin elasticity and protect your skin from excessive sunray exposure at the same time.

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Demonstrate Willingness To Work Hard - DCE

Workers of the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies have been urged to be resourceful and demonstrate the willingness to work hard to increase productivity.

Mr. Alexander Frimpong, the Asante-Akim South District Chief Executive (DCE), cautioned against wasting valuable working time attending to personal issues unrelated to their job.

That, he indicated, was completely unacceptable and could not continue to be tolerated.

He was speaking at a meeting with members of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association (CLOSSAG) at Juaso, the district capital.

Present was the Ashanti Regional Chairperson of the Association, Mrs. Mercy Acheampong together with some other regional officers of the CLOSSAG.

The DCE said it was vital for everybody to learn the most efficient way to perform their assigned tasks to deliver the expected outcomes.

He reminded them that the assemblies could not afford to disappoint the people.

Mrs. Acheampong underlined the need for the workers to accept to work with passion to improve the performance of the assemblies.

She rallied them to forge a united front and said this was necessary to advance their welfare.

She encouraged the workers to take advantage of the associations credit scheme, land and car loan facilities to better their lives.

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Thief Busted On STC Bus Fined GH¢1,200

A notorious thief who plies his trade on buses run by the State Transport Company (STC) has been fined GH¢1,200 by the Kaneshie District Court for stealing two laptops belonging to passengers.

In default, 23-year-old Michael Peprah will serve a three-month jail term.

The court, presided over by Ms Rosemond Dodua Agyiri, sentenced Peprah to the good on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to two counts of stealing before the court.

Regular passenger

According to the Prosecutor, Sergeant Eric Pobee, Peprah patronises STC buses regularly to conduct his stealing operations.

The convicts modus operandi was to wait for other passengers to alight at a rest stop and then steal their items, especially electronic gadgets.

On September 13, 2017, Peprah boarded an STC bus from Accra to Takoradi with the intention to steal.

The prosecutor explained that the bus stopped for a 10-minute rest at Anomabo in the Central Region, during which time all the passengers alighted, with the exception of Peprah.

When the passengers boarded the bus again, two of them realised that their Apple and HP laptops valued at GH¢7,000 and GH¢1,500 respectively were missing. They, therefore, reported the incident to the management of STC.

A review of the closed circuit television (CCTV) device on the bus by the management of STC revealed that Peprah stole the two laptops the victims had left on their seats, concealed them in his black back-pack and bolted from the bus, the prosecutor said.


Sgt Pobee revealed that on September 19, 2017, Peprah went to the STC yard at Awudome in Accra to purchase a travelling ticket to Takoradi to apparently continue with his stealing activities.

Luck, however, eluded him when he was identified by a staff member of STC as the one seen in the CCTV footage. He was accordingly arrested and handed over to the police, he said.

Police investigations, the prosecutor added, revealed that Peprah had been involved in the theft of several laptops and other gadgets belonging to passengers on many STC buses.

Forgive me

After Peprah had pleaded guilty, he begged the court to forgive him, because he had a three-month-old baby to take care of.

Please have mercy on me because there will be no one to take care of my baby, he pleaded.

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Diego Costa Puts His head In His Hand Following Chelsea Win - Atletico Madrid 1-2 Chelsea

Michy Batshuayi planted the ball in the net and the next thing anyone in the Wanda Metropolitano stadium knew, the Atletico Madrid club anthem was emerging through the speakers and it was time to go home.

Yes, that late. Yes, that much of a killer. This was a huge victory for Chelsea, a milestone for English football, too. No English club had won away to Atletico Madrid, and their coach Diego Simeone had been unbeaten by the English.

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Pregnant Julia Stiles Marries Fiancé Preston

Julia Stiles has married fiance Preston J. Cook.

The pregnant actress, 36, surprised fans with the news on Tuesday, which she revealed by posting a close-up picture of her new husband's hands cradling her growing bump, clad in a white wedding dress.

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4-Years SHS Duration Pending Review

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The Akufo-Addo government is seriously considering extending the length of secondary education to four years again after the previous New Patriotic Party government did same in 2007, but it was reversed by an NDC administration. The Minister of Planning, Professor Gyan Baffour on Wednesday revealed that government is monitoring the three- ...

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Prince Harry Sneaks Girlfriend Into His Five-Star Hideaway...

On their first official appearance together she wore a ‘husband shirt. Now Meghan Markle has moved into Prince Harrys Toronto hotel suite while he is in the city for his Invictus Games.

The couple are staying in one of the best rooms at the Fairmont Royal York, one of Canadas leading hotels.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Free SHS: Angry Parents Petition Minister Over Boarding Accommodation

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Over 50 parents on Wednesday morning petitioned the Eastern Regional Minister, Eric Kwakye Darfour, at the Regional Coordinating Council over what they term as the refusal of school authorities to provide their wards with boarding accommodation. This action by the parents comes barely two days after Citi News reported that some par ...

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130 Doctors Cleared For KATH

The Ministry of Finance has completed the financial clearance of 130 house officers to commence work at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi.

Barring any last minute hitch, the fresh medical doctors will resume work at KATH, beginning from this upcoming weekend, CEO of KATH has announced.

Dr Oheneba Owusu-Danso stated that KATHs management is, indeed, elated that the house officers are eventually about to fill the gap at the hospital.

He was speaking in an interview with DAILY GUIDE during the 2017 annual two-day mid-week performance review workshop on Tuesday.

Exit of 150 Doctors

About 150 house officers who had completed their one-year stay at KATH left the hospital some weeks ago, creating some challenges for the hospital.

Doctors who were supposed to fill the gap that their exit had created could not do so on time due to delay in their financial clearance by the Finance Ministry.


Dr Owusu-Danso admitted that the delay in the financial clearance of the house fresh 130 officers created a gap in the hospital for some few days.

He, however, disclosed that in the face of the challenge, management quickly engaged some senior doctors to hold the fort to support save lives at KATH.

Dr Owusu-Danso stated that KATH continued to offer normal services for patients who visited the facility on a daily basis even when the 150 house officers had left.

He underscored that the hospital would not face any deficit again in the area of medical doctors, now that the 130 house officers are coming.

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Khloe Kardashians Pregnancy Officially Confirmed

KHLOE Kardashian's pregnancy has been confirmed by the executive producer of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The star is expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson with Jeffrey Jenkins confirming the news and congratulating the happy couple.

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Saudi Arabia Women Hail End Of Driving Ban

Campaigners in Saudi Arabia have hailed King Salman's decree allowing women to drive for the first time.

One female activist called it a "great victory", while another said things would "never be the same again".

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PUWU To Sue Govt Over Refusal To Pay Redundancy Package To ECG Workers

Public Utility Workers Union (PUWU), mother body of the staff of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), will on this Friday, September 29, 2017 file a writ at an Accra High Court against government over its intended move to privatise ECG.

The workers also revealed their intention to stage a massive demonstration today against the new concession agreement the government has entered into with a private entity.

According to the union, the current concession agreement did not make provision for the payment of redundancy packages to ECG workers in the event the government succeeds in handing over ECG to a private entity to manage.

Utility service workers, especially ECG workers together with some stakeholders in the past objected to the concession arrangement, which is part of the $498.2 million the US governments Millennium Challenge Compact II programme aimed at improving the countrys power sector, which has been bedevilled with managerial and operational inefficiencies.

Despite several stakeholder engagements by government to allow for a private concessionaire to run the operations of the state-owned power distributor under the agreement, the workers union seemed not to be satisfied with the agreement.

Speaking in an interview with Today yesterday after an emergency meeting held at the Eastern regional Office of ECG, Local Chairman of PUWU, Mr. Abraham Lincoln confirmed that they were preparing to take the matter to court for redress.

According to him, the absence of the severance package component in the concession agreement violates the labour laws and the conditions of service under which the workers were employed.

He noted that if government was going ahead with the concession, then we must do what the law says.

Mr. Lincoln stressed that the staff of ECG are entitled to be paid their severance packages and you cant use any thought or any principle to say that were not going to pay anything because were moving you and youll have to continue to work; what people are legitimately entitled should not be denied them.

that one, we say well not accept that. If it comes to the crunch and we have to even go to the court, were preparing and well take the matter to court, he told Today.

He added: Once you move from ECG to the private sector, youre no longer a staff of ECG, and the law says that, where any arrangement will lead to the termination of employment relationship, under section 65 of the Labour Act, youre supposed to be paid the person severance.

but so far in all the arrangement, nobody is talking about payment of severance to ECG staff but this is a legal issue and well not just keep quiet. That one well assert our right through every legal means possible.

Mr. Lincoln further reiterated the unions opposition on the concession agreement in its current form, stating that government should rather resort to a Joint-venture approach to create a win-win situation for the private concessionaire and the Ghanaian public

We idea that, the option of a joint-venture with ECG partnering with a private operator to bring reforms would have been the best way to go around many of the negatives with the concession, he stated.

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