Saturday, August 19, 2017

Five People Reported Dead In Volta Region After Eating This  

5:10:00 PM

26 people are known to have reported sick after eating PUFFERFISH with 5 deaths in the Kpando municipality, Volta Region.

PUFFERFISH get their name from their ability to puff themselves up into a ball to evade predators. Characteristically they have 4 teeth fused together like a beak.

Almost all PUFFERFISH contain a deadly poison called Tetrodotoxin which has no known antidote.


The first symptoms occur within 10-45mins of eating the fish

Numbness and tingling around the mouth

Excessive salivation


Nausea & vomiting

Numbness & prickly sensation all over the body

Difficulty in breathing

Symptoms could progress to paralysis, respiratory failure, coma and death


Induce vomiting if the person is AWAKE & ALERT.

Administer Activated charcoal as soon as possible (within 1-2hrs)

Administer artificial respiration if the person has difficulty breathing.

Rush the person to the nearest hospital

Do not eat PUFFERFISH.

There is no known antidote, and treatment in hospital is supportive and symptomatic.

Chances of survival are fine if the person survives the first 24hrs.

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