Thursday, August 24, 2017

Demo Hits Pramso Chief

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IRATE-LOOKING residents of Pramso near Kumasi have embarked on a mammoth demonstration against their chief, who they accused of terrorizing them, among other charges.

The entire streets of the hitherto calm town was filled with mad people including women, who wore red arm bands and sang war songs to display their fury on Tuesday morning.

The agitators, who called themselves ‘Concerned Youth and Citizens of Pramso, warned that they would no longer sit aloof for Nana Gyampatoa II to continue to terrorize them.

Frimpong Manu Gyebi, who is also the assemblyman for Pramso, said they had had enough of the chiefs dictatorial tendencies, saying the chief ought to turn a new leaf to ensure peace in the area.

He alleged that Nana Gyampatoa II had engaged the services of some muscularly-built men, who act as land-guards and terrorize innocent people, who are legally developing their lands.

Mr Manu Gyebi also accused the Pramso chief of extorting money from landowners, including those who have genuine documents, adding that the chief was making life unbearable for the citizens.

He claimed the new chief is demanding GH¢ 1,700 from landowners as new registration fees and he keeps GH¢ 1000 of the said amount in his personal accounts and give GH¢ 500 to his land-guards to terrorize us.

The assemblyman alleged that the chief was demanding GH¢ 1,200 before issuing new allocation papers for land and house owners, as replacement of their old allocation papers, issued by the former Pramso chief.

Without mincing words, he said the extortions were becoming too many so the people would no longer accede to the chiefs request; warning the land-guards to leave the town or risked being arrested.

Chiefs Response

When contacted, Nana Gyanpatoa II flatly debunked the allegations leveled against him, stating that he was not using the land-guards to terrorize the people, saying they are just protecting the lands.

He noted that even though he ascended the stool recently, his interventions and policies had helped to accelerate the developmental agenda of the town.

Nana Gyanpatoa II appealed to the people to be law-abiding and always approach him if they had any concerns so that it could be solved amicably, indicating that he is a peace and development-oriented leader.

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