Thursday, June 1, 2017

STATEMENT: Promote The Interest Of Children - Karbo

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Today marks International Childrens Day.

It is a day set aside not just for the celebration of children but the recognition of their vulnerable nature in society and the need to work harder towards providing them a safe environment to grow and thrive in.

As a country, we have done well over the last decades by putting up mechanisms which recognize the vulnerable nature of children and offers them legal and social protection.

Through the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education and the National Health Insurance Scheme, we have ensured that children receive both some guarantees to education and healthcare from the State.

Yet, there is a lot more to be done.

Sadly, we havent been able to eliminate the canker of streetism, child labour and child marriages. It is a sad reflection on our society that one out of every five girls get married before their 18th birthday.

Social services and help services for children continue to face severe challenges in respect of resources hampering their effectiveness in attending to their core mandate.

Unregulated and poorly regulated รข€˜children homes have become a means for the selfish and wicked in our society to exploit the situation of the most vulnerable children for their personal gain.

Post basic education for many children is only a dream because of the cost involved. And child trafficking, in spite of Government's best efforts, continues to thrive in some areas.

As a nation, it is about time we rally round the agenda to protect and promote the interest and welfare of our children even further than we have already done.

I write this as a father, and as a Member of Parliament, who sees enormous potential in the children of this country if we create the right environment for them to grow in and to thrive in.

I have seen the sheer display of remarkable talent by some young kids who simply had the right push.

And so I urge that on this day we recommit ourselves to the promotion of the interest of our children and values that fosters their development and that creates the enabling environment for them to thrive in.

May God Bless our children. May God Bless Ghana.

Anthony Abayifaa Karbo MP

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