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The Centre of Awareness (COA), a research institution has strongly condemned the impression being created by some members of the general public that its product, the COA FS, can be used to cure therapeutic ailments such as HIV/AIDS.

According to the Centre, the COA FS is a food supplement that assists in building the immune system and generally boosts the immune systems of users.

However, it has emerged that some HIV/AIDS patients have allegedly used the COA FS to cure their sicknesses but die as result.

At a press conference organised to set the records straight, the Chief Executive Officer of COA Dr. Samuel Duncan stressed that, the company was taken by surprise when it discovered that a letter was written to health facilities to stop the sale of their product at health facilities.

He averred that, the company approached the Eastern Regional Aids Commission over the matter to clear the erroneous impression being created that COA FS is being used as a cure for HIV/AIDS.

..We agreed in fine faith to work with RAC to reverse that wrong impression given about the COA FS, he stated.

According to Dr. Samuel Duncan, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) had registered the product which is being produced in Ghana as a food supplement which has over the period enhanced the health status of users.

Many have touted its positive attributes and have recommended it to friends and relatives, he said.

The Company also indicated that, there is only one advertisement approved by the FDA and that the COA FS is described only as an immune booster and not a cure for HIV/AIDS in those two advertisements.

However, it is likely that due to its efficacy, some peddlers of the food supplement are misinforming the public by stating that the food supplement is a cure for HIV/AIDS, he lamented.

He, however, stated emphatically that the company has never approved the COA FS as a cure for HIV/AIDS and that; the company was ready to assist any authority to investigate the claims.

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