Wednesday, May 17, 2017

‘We Want Ghanaians To Travel To The United States But - US Embassy

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Contrary to the perception that the US makes it difficult for Ghanaians who wish to travel to that country to do so, the US Embassy in Ghana has stated that Ghanaians are welcome but should use the right processes to obtain visas.

Press Attaché Sarah Veldhuizen Stealey explained: We want Ghanaians to travel to the United States and want them to apply for visas the right way. Dont rely on visa fixers.

Her comments come in the wake of the announcement that some 7,000 undocumented Ghanaians are at various stages of deportation from the US.

Ms Stealey confirmed the impending deportation of the Ghanaians but was quick to add that those involved had committed various offences including flouting immigration laws, hence the deportation.

She dispelled the perception that Ghanaians in general were being targeted for deportation, emphasising that law breakers would not be allowed to remain in the US.

Ms Stealey explained that once an individual is able to prove that he or she will return to Ghana after their stay in the US, the embassy would have no issues granting a visa.

It is up to the individual to demonstrate that and that may mean significant financial ties, long term employment, and family ties [back home] among others, she explained in an interview with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

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