Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Youth Of Wa Protests Against Police Shooting Incidence

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Hundreds of youth poured out on the principal streets of Wa clad in red to protest against Saturdays night shooting incident where a pillion rider sustained injuries.

Tensions went high when the youth chanting no police, no police marched to the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) to register their displeasure to Mr Sulemana Alhassan, the Regional Minister, but were rather prevented by the police and military.

The youth who were also insistent on entering the RCC premises angered the military who started chasing them away, an action which got the youth throwing stones at the military.

The Regional Minister, however, came out from his office and met with the youth to listen to their concerns.

The mood of the youth changed from that of rage to excitement immediately they saw the Regional Minister approaching them and started chanting ‘boossu, ‘boossu to welcome the him to talk to them.

Junoo Yussif, a leader in the gathering, thanked the Minister for coming out to listen to them and expressed dissatisfaction at the manner the police in town was treating them.

He said the youth do respect and appreciate the role of the police who in turn need to reciprocate and use their discretion in a manner that would promote tranquil coexistence.

The police must act professionally and stop the needless shootings, he said.

Junoo Yussif said Upper West Region is noted as one of the most tranquil regions in the country but the activities of some police could mar the existing atmosphere.

Mr Alhassn thanked the youth for not taking the law into their hands since the incident occurred Saturday night.

He said he had held various security meetings and provided the assurance that whoever was found culpable would be dealt with according to the law.

You are our people and we will do everything possible to protect the lives and property of the people but you must also allow peace to prevail for us to work quickly to amicably resolve the matter he said.

On Saturday night, one Ali Rashid, a 24-year-old teacher was allegedly shot by a Police Officer, Constable Francis Kpenge for allegedly refusing to stop when he asked him to do so.

The victim, a pillion rider, was on an unregistered motor bike and was rushed to the Upper West Regional Hospital where he was admitted and has since been responding to treatment.

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