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Eleven (11) Small Things Guys Notice About You

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When it comes to attracting men, there are a lot of things girls often take for granted. Most of the time, we always just assume that guys only notice a girls boobs and butt, and for the most part, that is what guys notice in women first.

However, thats really not all they notice. Whether you believe it or not, guys notice a lot more than just that. Take a look below to see some of the things guys pick up on when theyre talking to you.

1. Your personality.

Even the sexiest Megan Fox lookalike will not have much success in dating if her personality is vapid, cruel, or otherwise just bad. Though it may take guys a while longer to notice a terrible personality versus a fine one, they do eventually notice it. And thats often what makes or breaks a mans desire to date you long-term.

2. Your nails.

Most of the time, we associate nail art with fashion choices that are more meant to impress ourselves or other women. But guys do notice if your nail game is on point. As one of my guy friends said, Nails are a fine indicator of whether or not a girl really cares about herself.

3. Your financial situation.

This may not be the most politically correct thing for me to say, what do guys notice in women If youre loaded with money and if they may be more inclined to date you if you have a lot of cash in the bank

Theres some fine reason for this, too. While there are some guys out there who are totally okay with providing girls with money, most guys want to be sure that you arent with them for the cash alone.

4. How happy you are.

No one likes a Debbie Downer, especially not a guy whos looking for love. If you look morose, angry, or suspicious, guys wont want to be around you.

5. Your self-esteem.

You know how you can tell that the guy with the Ferrari that constantly boasts about cash in his bank is actually an insecure mess Yes, the same goes with guys. This is doubly true among abusers, who often will purposefully seek out girls that they feel have low self-esteem for their next victim.

6. Your sense of style.

People often think that fashion is something that only girls notice, but its really not. Its what guys notice in women. For some guys, the way you dress can be a major factor in whether or not they want to talk to you. Some even might fetishize definite types of clothing, such as yoga pants or high heels.

7. How active your social life is.

Just like girls love to date a guy who has a lot of friends and an active life, guys want to date a girl whos well-liked as well. This doesnt mean that you need to be Miss Congeniality, but it does mean that you need to have a life if you want to get a man.

8. How much common sense you have.

If a guy wants to date for the long-term, he will want to look for a girl who has common sense and is capable of handling her own stuff without being babysat. A girl who cant actually think without making horrible mistakes in judgment isnt sexy â€" at least, not if youre looking for a serious relationship. Trust me when I say they notice this.

9. Your smile and your laughter.
Both are things guys like to see a lot of and their absence is equally noticeable. Theres a reason why the girls who seem to be laughing all the time tend to get the most guys, you know!

10. Your scent.

Most guys I know go a little bit crazy over the way a girl smells â€" perfume or otherwise. If you wear perfume, theyll probably notice your signature scent. If you have a distinct smell, theyll also notice that, too. Its a fine thing, too, since that tends to be the first of a persons senses to trigger memory.

11. How open you are to love.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that what guys notice in womenis if they are hostile towards men. On the other hand, if youre very open to getting a new boyfriend, guys will be willing to talk to you. Go figure, right

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