Saturday, March 18, 2017

Trending: Girls Be Warned!!!

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My Dear Friend, this is vital for saving our families and future generations.

Some Ghanaian women (could be your sister, daughter or granddaughter) are being lured by men (majority foreigners, our West African neighbours) into relationships and so called marriages at the pretence of making a family.

They shower these girls with riches as a sign of their LOVE. Over time they fly these women abroad and mainly to SOUTH AFRICA with the pretence of a thorough medical checkup especially if these women have some illness. My fine friend unknowing to these women, one of their kidneys are taken at the hospital. It is a big business globally controlled by cartels and earns these guys millions of dollars.

To compensate for their guilt if any, these guys buy cars for the girls. Our sisters in their naivety see it as LOVE. People, let's support save our sisters from these unscrupulous blood sucking greedy vampires who are only here in Ghana to mess up our future mothers and generations. You see them all over the country driving posh cars and living lavish lifestyles pretending to be big-time business men but this is what majority of them do in the "dark". Please let's support circulate this to our loved ones and everyone on your contact list. God Bless you for helping save a life

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