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Presidential Museum Will Boost Study Of History In Schools - Catherine Afeku

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The era where students would have to struggle to remember facts about past Presidents and Heads of States in the country may soon end with the introduction of the Presidential Museum at Osu.

The Osu Castle, previously the seat of government has now been converted into a Heads of State Museum to serve the purpose of providing projecting Ghanas past presidents and statesmen as well as historic details and materials.

According to Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts Minister, Catherine Afeku the conversion of the castle into a Presidential Museum will give students nationwide an opportunity to get abreast with historical facts as far as Statesmen and past Presidents of the country is concerned. She said that it will also re-emphasize the theoretical aspect of the history they learn in class and give them a better appreciation of these historical figures.

But my interest is in school children, the children of Ghana would need to appreciate who is Ephraim Amu, who designed the flag, who did the coat of arms, who actually composed the National Anthem, who are the big six, what did they wear , what did they eat What was their favorite spot , these are pertinent things that you may not find in one book but if you take a tour in the museum, itll give you that kind of memorable lecture and it will support solidify the Ghanaianess in our children, she said.

Addressing the issue of renovation of other castles and forts in the country, Catherine Afeku said that work on the countrys forts and castles would resume once government is able to fully carry out this project and maintenance is sustained.

There are forts and castles, we have 64 of them, 18 are in very fine shape, so this is the beginning, one thing at a time, if this gets to the level of maximum patronage, it will inform the investment to go into the others, she stated.

Mrs. Afeku reiterated governments vision to transform Ghana into a country where arts and culture is given prominence.

She however maintained that for the purposes of consistent renovation, restoration, and maintenance, a token will be taken from persons who visit the Museum for sight-seeing.

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