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NUGS Stands In Solidarity With DSP Emmanuel Basintale On The Alleged Gold Scandal As We Suspect An Attempt To Defame His Character

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Being the Leader and bloc of all institutions and students under greater Accra Region and having the Legon fraternity holding the largest institutional barground as a sabath of our auspices, We were in great shock when the news reached our office on the 16th of March 2017 through our various representatives in the various institutions under his command that it had been alleged that the DSP and his men were involved in a Gold scandal and so have been interdicted since.

The leadership of the various SRC`S under his district have since been trying to reach him in order to hear his side and stand in solidarity with him in connection with the alleged gold saga but to no avail and so it was necessary to issue this statement in solidarity with him in these difficult and trying moments of his career and most especially considering the security threat to the students and residence within the Legon and East Legon areas.

As major and intellectual stakeholders, we decided to probe into the matter since we have the security of our students at stake and to find out what the real issues are on ground because, we have been enjoying some fantastic protection from DSP Emmanuel Basintale and his officers in the execution of their duties especially in safeguarding the interest of our students in and off the various campuses, and hostels around the district.

We must state on record that the DSP has proven beyond all reasonable doubts at all times to be credible and responsible and professional. Since he became the district Commander of Legon in 2013 and his subsequent transfer to East Legon district in 2015 he has always been there for the students’ right from the conduction of SRC Election issues, the protection of students from criminals and arm robbers around. The resolution of various disputes between students and management and many other security related issues involving the students of his community.
He has been very fair in his dealings and even in times when we idea he could be compromised, he stood firm and at the end won the respect of all students and management.

Due to his hard work and rich reputation, we as student leaders have been following his performance and exploits. It will amaze the public to know that he single handedly mobilised the residents of East Legon (East Legon Executive Fitness Club) to construct the most magnificent police district headquarters building in Ghana. In 2013 he also mobilised the residents of Legon and the student leadership to put up a one storey building office for Legon Police. That is not all; recently through his instrumentality a philanthropist donated a brand new Toyota Hilux Pickup vehicle to the East Legon Police to enhance their patrols and therefore the general security of the whole area.

Recently the student leadership and the community youth were there to express our help and appreciation to him for his hard work and contribution to the stabilization of peace and harmony within the various campuses and hostels and for his professionalism in carrying out his mandate as commander of the district.

Our findings in the case when we contacted the police station revealed that the DSP was the one who arrested the fraudsters, charged them and put them before court to be prosecuted. As intellectuals, it breaks logic to believe that a man of such high integrity and reputation would be accused of such a crime after personally arresting them and putting them before court. We believe there is more into the matter and we would continue to delve into it in finding the truth.

His youthful and welcoming nature was a plus to the student community within his jurisdiction as he understood the challenges of the young boys and girls all around when they had issues and reported to him. He has served as a role model to many students especially when he graduated from the law school whilst working with us and has also always served as a counsellor and advisor to our colleague students as he made his office available to all and created a very friendly ambiance for all those visiting.

We want to appeal to the IGP Mr. David Asante-Apeatu and his officers to look into the matter with all fairness and as soon as possible devoid of victimization as we strongly believe in the innocence and integrity of DSP Emmanuel Basintale in this matter. We want to believe that the matter is a clear frame up and an attempt to defame his character but would not last as we stand with him in solidarity till the truth prevails and he resumes his duties as Commander of the station.

Yaw Mainoo Yeboah
Regional NUGS President (0205297707)

Prince Asiedu
Regional NUGS Secretary


Derrick Abotsi
NUGS President Legon (0548621590)

Osman Mufida
NUGS President Islamic Univeristy

Eto Gershon
NUGS President UPSA

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