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Mawarko Saga: ‘It Was Just A Splash Of Pepper’...It Was Not Intentional – Jihad’s Lawyer

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Counsel for Jihad Chaaban, Lawyer Augustine Asarfo-Adjei has said that the case of alleged assault by his client has been misconstrued by the media and as a result has incited unnecessary public reaction.

According to him, the victim, Evelyn Boakye’s face was not dipped in a bowl of blended hot pepper as media reports suggest, instead he says, “it was a splash” and was purely accidental. He added, that the damage resulting from the splash was “very little” as the girl was present at work the next day.

“the facts as we have it now, is that it was just a splash of pepper into the face of the lady, it cannot be intentional, have you bothered to query if she came to work the next day , she was at work the following day, when the incident happened, she was on the night shift, the following day, 7am, she was at work”, he explained.

According to him, the media has conveyed misrepresented facts which in no way depict the actual details of the story as it happened. This he says has incited public anger and created unnecessary tension.

“The media has been engulfed with so much falsehood and I don’t know why the media will allow their space to be used to propagate fraud. I’ve been hearing a lot of things on the radio that he has been detained for 6 hours, and the victims face was pushed in blended pepper, question is, was it when the pepper was in the blender Could the face have entered the blender Those are some of the issues you should query and get answers for but you just take the information and incite everybody against him”, the incident that happened has been misrepresented, He said.

Lawyer Adjei revealed that the accused, Jihad Chaaban is a Ghanaian and not Lebanese as media reports have suggested. He explained that, despite the fact that they are fair skinned, Jihad and his uncles are all Ghanaian.

“we don’t even know who the people are, in the media, a Lebanese, Lebanese, Lebanese, we should also look at people who commit crime by themselves, and not to generalize, if we put people in groups and say they criminalize, is that fair The company is a Ghanaian company and his uncles you see with fair skin are Ghanaians”.

Lawyer Adjei said the misrepresentation of facts by the media could lead to the destruction of the same company employing several of Ghanaians.

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