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Immigration Personnel Enraged …Over Indece Parade Allowance Fiasco

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Personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS); especially those who took part in last Monday’s independence Day parade are seething with anger- ready to vent their spleen on their superiors- over news that preparations were not made to give them any allowance after they marched on the scorching sun, whereas their colleagues in the police, military, fire service, and other security outfits have received theirs.

They have consequently given their superiors up close of day today to clarify why the junior ranks should not take any action against them for their failure to ensure that adequate preparations were made especially for those who stood on the scorching sun to march.

 “We cannot devote our precious time to work and be taken for granted by our bosses who played no role on the day of the parade. Look, we found out that, that for the police and military were given out immediately they got back to their barrack so why was our case different ” a distraught personnel, whom we garb with the cloak of anonymity told this paper a day after the independence parade.

Immigration sources say what annoyed the personnel most was that “after we had returned from the parade, our provost, ACO1 Dovi summoned all of us and congratulated us for how wonderfully we performed during the marching and launched straight in ‘unfortunately, we could not arrange anything for you. We are still working on it so let’s see what the Lord will do,’ can u imagine that ”

In attendance at the parade were, officers from the Ghana Police Service, Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Custom Exercise and Preventive Service (CEPS) among other officials from the public institutions.

Amongst other things during his delivery on the day, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, indicated that being independent means one had the freedom and the ability to move informed decisions in life without having to query other people for permission, support or money but takes full responsibility for seeing things through.

He noted that if the signing of the bond of 1844 mark the formal begin of the gold coast colony, then the formation of the Aborigines Rights Protection society on 4th august, 1897, in cape coast, marks the begin of the struggle for political independence in Ghana.

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