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Students Will Pay Utility Bills Despite Protests - Prof Mahama

The directive for students of public tertiary institutions to pay for
their utility bills will take effect from the 2016-17 academic year,
despite the widespread protest against it.

According to the Executive Secretary of the National Council for
Tertiary Education, Professor Dawuja Mahama, the decision was long
overdue and will not be reversed.

Speaking on the Ultimate Breakfast, Prof Mahama told host Prince
Minkah that heads of the various public tertiary institutions should
begin to psyche their students to accept the reality ahead.

'The management of these institutions, the Vice Chancellors themselves
have long ago advocated for some of these measures, and so as the
current year is coming, in anticipation of these things coming, I
think it would be a wise thing for them to start engaging them on the
way forward.

'It wouldn't be out of place if they started talking right now that
look, get prepared, from next academic year, you are likely to pay for
this and this is how much you will pay,' Prof. Mahama stated.

The students have given the government 48 hours to withdraw plans to
charge them utility tariffs, but it is unlikely the government will
succumb to their request. The students are threatening mass protests
across the country starting next week if the government fails to meet
their demands.

According to Mahama, 'Government's rationale behind the bills payment
by students, will serve as an alternative means to tackle increasing
utility debts in public universities and sustain the halls of

'Is it government's fault that utility bills are so high on campus? I
am not too sure it is government's fault that the bills are that high
but when we talk about sustainability, we have advised that as a
general policy of providing sustainable for tertiary education, it is
important for all the stakeholders to contribute.

'When we talk about stakeholders, we talk about government doing its
part, parents and students on one side and industry and then of course
the institutions themselves.'

Meanwhile, government said there is no official position on the policy.

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Putin and 'Global Elders' discuss global questions

(From Kester Kenn Klomegah, GNA Special Correspondent, Moscow)

Moscow, April 30, GNA - Russian President Vladimir Putin and representatives of The Elders, an independent group of political and public leaders who previously held top positions in their respective countries and international organizations, held extensive discussions on significant global issues, especially regions in conflicts as well as political, economic and social development trends on Wednesday at his Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow.

According to an official transcript, Putin told The Elders that 'there is a need for the active position you take in international affairs, especially now, when we are all witnesses to the complicated situation our world is in at present. Sadly, the world has not become any simpler since it was when you were active in political life.'

Putin added: 'I am not trying to say that this is your legacy, but simply that our world really is complex and diverse and has very many conflict situations. I will not list all these conflicts now. In any case, it would be a great pleasure and also useful for me to hear your views on a number of key issues. This is so for me, and for my colleagues, Foreign Minister [Sergei] Lavrov, who I am sure you all know well, and my aide, Mr Ushakov.'

As Ghana News Agency (GNA) gathered from sources close to the Kremlin, the meeting exchanged opinions on a broad range of issues on the international agenda. Special focus was placed on ways to deescalate geopolitical friction and reduce the intensity of conflicts in different parts of the world.

"The dialogue with you definitely enriches the international agenda," the Foreign Minister told the guests. "It's gratifying that this experience is coupled with energy, determination and willingness to contribute to the solution of international problems," Lavrov told journalists earlier before the Kremlin meeting.

Lavrov expressed confidence that combined efforts of the former heads of state and international organizations will allow them to successfully deal with the challenges facing the modern world.

"I'll be glad to hear your assessment of what is happening in different parts of the world, and I will also be glad to share Russia's view on various crises that require joint efforts of the international community," Lavrov said.

Lavrov unreservedly praised the group for their "energy, determination, and willingness to contribute to the solution of international problems."

Taking part in the meeting with Lavrov were the 7th UN Secretary General and Chairman of the group, Mr Kofi Annan, former Presidents Jimmy Carter of the United States, Marti Ahtisaari of Finland and Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico.

There were also the former Prime Minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland who served as Director-General of the World Health Organization between 1998 and 2013 and Lakhdar Brahimi, who held the position of special envoy of the UN Secretary General for Syria in 2012-2014, according to the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Elders group was founded in 2007 by former South African President Nelson Mandela as a group of prominent global leaders with experience in peaceful settlement of conflicts and protecting human rights in crisis situations.

The group currently has 12 members, headed by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. The Elders help to resolve the world's most serious and complicated problems, using their own personal influence and reputation in the international community.


Nifa SHS Headmaster Sued For Attempted Rape

The Headmaster of the Nifa Senior High School in the Eastern region
has been sued by his Assistant Headmistress for attempted rape.

Anna Duodo is accusing Alex Acquah of sexual assault and attempting to
rape her in May last year in his office.

She is also challenging her transfer from the school by the Regional
Education Director following a complaint of rape.

The assistant headmistress filed the suit at the Akropong circuit
court following several petitions to the Educational Directorate and
the Ghana National Association of Teachers.

Excerpts of the petition seen by read: 'As I
entered his office, he seized hold of me, dragged me to a chair,
tripped me up into it and sat astride me, I was in a skirt and a
buttoned top, he debuttoned the top, took hold of my breasts and
fondled them.

'Because there was no one around, all my distress cum protests yells
came to naught.

'At this point, he had fully worked himself into a frenzy, he pulled
me from the chair and tried to stretch me on a table while he stripped
himself naked, he relaxed his grip on me and when he was almost stark
naked he let go completely of me.

"Perhaps he thought I had yielded or had been prostrated by the
struggle. Then I made an escape with the little strength in me before
he fully got out of his boxer pant'.

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Five persons fined for environmental offences

Suhum (E/R), April 30, GNA - The Suhum Magistrates' Court Presided
over by Ms Naomi Akyeanu has sentenced five people to a total fine of
GH¢600.00 for various environmental offences and in default two months
in jail.

The accused persons were charged with indiscriminate disposal of
refuse and human excreta, creation of unauthorized refuse dumping
site, insanitary bath house drains and keeping of over grown weeds
around a residential area.

All of them, pleaded guilty to the charges.
The accused persons were, Ama Yeboah, Joyce Akosua, Mariama Mutala,
Esther Mante and Shallot Oparebea, all of Suhum.

Prosecuting, a Senior Environmental Health Officer, Mr Stephen Kwadwo
Asante said, on March 5, this year, two Environmental Health Officers,
Bismark Otopah and Sylvester Yeboah were on their normal rounds and
entered the premises of the five accused persons.

He said, on discovering the environmental challenges in the house, the
Environmental Health Officers pointed out to them, the health
implications of their activities and advised them to take measures to
remedy the situation.

Mr Asante said, the accused persons became offended and started
insulting the Environmental Health Officers, leading to the issuance
of summons to the accused persons to appear before the court.


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61 pupils pregnant in 2 months in Akatsi North

Sixty-one basic school girls in the Akatsi-North District of the Volta
Region, got pregnant during the past two months and are now out of

Dr. Anthony Ashinyo, the District Director of health, disclosed this
to The Ghanaian Times, at Ave-Dakpa yesterday, and said the girls were
between the ages of 12 and 19.

He described the situation as very alarming, considering the fact that
during the whole of last year, 120 of such cases were recorded in the
district, with a population of 34,400.

The frightening figures may just be a tip of the iceberg because not
all of such cases are reported at the Government Health Centre at
Ave-Dakpa, the district capital," he emphasized.

According to Dr. Ashinyo, the men who impregnated the girls were
adults between the ages of 20 and 47.

He said a recent survey by the health centre also revealed that there
is a high trend of girls under the age of 16 getting married, due to
deep-rooted cultural beliefs in the district.

The District Chief Executive, Mr. James Gunu, blamed the situation
largely on widespread parental neglect in the district.

He also revealed that in 2013, all the female candidates of the West
African Senior School Certificate Extermination (WASSCE) at
Matsrikasa, also in the district were pregnant.

Mr. Gunu assured that the Assembly was collaborating with the Ghana
Education Service, and PTAs to adopt the appropriate measures to
reverse the trend.

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Chad tightens security against Boko Haram at cost of disruption

N'Djamena (AFP) - Long tailbacks form at a bridge on the border between Chad and Cameroon while Chadian security forces, wary of deadly Boko Haram jihadists, screen all road users and their property.

"We're looking for weapons," a police officer explains at the Ngueuli bridge on the main road for imports to landlocked Chad, linking the capital N'Djamena to the far north of Cameroon.

Customs officials and security forces search men, women and children alike for arms being smuggled to the Nigeria-based Islamic extremists who have spread terror throughout the region. They also watch out for incoming explosives.

"There are no exceptions," a policeman says as he fleeces the pockets of a 13-year-old boy. "Have you seen how Boko Haram sends little kamikaze girls to blow themselves up in the middle of crowds? We don't want that happening here."

Every day thousands of traders and travellers cross the bridge, which opens at 7:00 am (0600 GMT) and closes at nightfall. They include children from the Cameroonian border town of Kousseri who go to school in N'Djamena.

Chad, whose battle-hardened troops are leading a four-nation regional offensive against the Nigerian insurgents, is seeking to prevent Boko Haram attacks on its soil, like in Cameroon and Niger.

Chadian soldiers have played a decisive part in weakening the sect since they deployed in Nigeria in February, as part of the operation conducted alongside the armies of Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria itself.

N'Djamena lies only about 50 kilometres (30 miles) from Nigeria's northeastern Borno state, the stronghold of the radical Islamist movement.

"We've launched open warfare against these people, we can't deny that there's a threat: bombs in the mosques and in the markets, that's their specialty," says Abakar Walar Modou, general secretary of the King Faisal University in N'Djamena, who knows the Islamist sect well.

Patrols by police and paramilitary gendarmes have been increased considerably on N'Djamena streets of late. Hundreds of people have been arrested after identity checks, which have become systematic in districts with a sizeable Nigerian community.

Security sources in N'Djamena say that Boko Haram fighters regularly enter Chad to seek refuge or to buy weapons.

A few weeks ago, 19 suspected members of the sect were detained as they crossed the border from Cameroon in the Bongor region, some 200 miles south of N'Djamena, according to a police captain who asked not to be named.

- 'Hot peppers cost too much' -

In a bid to stem such infiltration, Chadian authorities have halted all navigation on the Chari river and its tributary, the Logone, which both flow along the border between Chad and Cameroon.

Beneath the Ngueli bridge, the river once crossed daily by countless dugout boats in either direction now flows still and empty.

However, the stringent regulations are hurting the Chadian economy, which relies for maritime trade on the Cameroonian port of Douala on the Atlantic coast.

N'Djamena residents are paying the price.

"Crossing the bridge is a huge bother," says Ahmad, a trader. "Now when you return with only a small bag, they carry out a 100 percent search. You need ID and everything."

Many manufactured items, from farming tools and spare parts for motor vehicles to portable phones, are imported to Chad, a deeply poor and partly arid country that began to exploit its oil reserves a dozen years ago.

The bulk of the imported produce is transported by heavy goods vehicles to Kousseri, along a road that follows the border between Cameroon and Nigeria. On many occasions, the trucks have been attacked.

Supplies by road are increasingly scarce as a result, leading to a sharp rise in prices. "Many things have become too expensive," says Awa, a shop worker of about 40. "Even hot peppers cost too much."

CLOGSAG bemoans deplorable conditions of retired public officers

Accra, April 30, GNA - The Civil and Local Government Staff Association, Ghana (CLOGSAG) on Thursday bemoaned the deplorable conditions of retired public officers and pledged to unceasingly pursue activities to improve the lot of pensioners and those about to retire.

'It is evident that the hope for realization of a better pension has become a mirage. At each point in time when workers desire to see clear improvements in levels of pension income, their aspirations are dashed and had to wait for another long time in the future.

'We see no end to the promise and fail approach for better basis for payment of pension,'Mr Isaac Bampoe Addo, CLOGSAG Executive Secretary, said in a statement to mark 2015 May Day celebration and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

CLOGSAG has therefore tagged this year's May Day: 'The three tier Pension Scheme is Kpa, Kpa, Kpaa'.

The statement said in view of the development, workers ought to constantly acknowledge that current conditions of service had been attained through continuous struggle in the past and present by various workers Unions and Associations.

The CLOGSAG whilst touting the contribution of workers towards national development, expressed concern that the numerous concerns raised by workers in the implementation of the 'Three Tier Pension Scheme,' purported to improve and enhance pensions in the Ghanaian as well as bring an end to multiple pensions in the public services have not materialized."

CLOGSAG said it would be self-deception for workers to assume that 'our future aspirations would be achieved on a silver platter.

'It is this fact that has led CLOGSAG to be concerned with improvement in pensions for workers especially those within the Civil and Local Government Services'.

The statement recalled that demonstrations and strikes of workers compelled Government in 2004 to set up a Presidential Commission on Pensions to examine the issue of inadequate pension earnings - gratuity or lump sum and monthly pension - with the aim of improving pension income for workers.

It said in 2008, with the promulgation of the National Pensions Act 2008, (Act 766) the Three-Tier Pension Scheme was expected to give better pension to workers.

The statement said the NPA Act became operational on January 2010, and the improvement in pension was to be seen after five years that is from January 2015; retirees were expected to enjoy monthly pension income better that what SSNIT would have been paying under the Social Security Law 1991 (PNDCL 247).

'But what happened in reality, many pensioners were rather being paid lump sum gratuities which were less than a quarter of what they would have earned under the PNDCL247.

'Having waited for five years, the manipulation and implementation deficiencies of Act 766 made the extension of the exemption a necessity,' CLOGSAG stated.

CLOGSAG said the Pension Amendment Act 2014 (Act 883) was therefore passed in December 2014 …..'It was a clear indication that a section of workers have been reverted to the old basis for payment of pensions under the SSNIT scheme.

'By revising the exemption level from 55 years to 50 years as at January 1, 2010, it meant that the professed benefits under Act 766 may be realized in 2020, ten years after the implementation of Act 766'.

CLOGSAG said 'in its attempt to draw government's attention to the inequalities in the implementation of the 2nd Tier of the three-tier pension scheme, the government preferred to send the matter to the law court.

The statement said: 'In the midst of all this the dream of a better pension income is still in a limbo. Past credit involving workers contributions to SSNIT with its investment earnings up to December 31, 2009 continue to be a tussle between National Pensions Regulatory Authority and SSNIT.

'In all this the poor retiree bears the brunt of these delays as manifest in the paltry sums paid to retirees. It is evident that the hope for the realization of a better pension has become a mirage'.

According to CLOGSAG, at each point in time when workers desired to see clear improvements in levels of pension income, their aspirations were dashed and had to wait for another long time in the future.

It said to achieve the universal application of the three tier pension scheme has virtually become impossibility, some workers-groups have been given the opportunity to opt out while others have been reverted to schemes that are akin to the CAP 30.

CLOGSAG warned that there could not be any meaningful economic development while old age poverty persisted.

Adisco student attacked on campus

A driver’s mate, accused of attacking four
persons, including a second-year student of
the Adisadel College and injured him with a
machete on the school campus in Cape Coast,
has been remanded by a Cape Coast Circuit
Rasheed Kassum, 23, who pleaded not guilty to
charges of robbery and causing unlawful harm,
was remanded into prison custody to re-
appear before the court on Thursday May 14.
Prosecuting, Police Chief Inspector Charles Yao
Anku, told the court presided over by Ms.
Sedina Agbemava that the second year student
and the another victims, his sibling, live on the
school campus because their father is a
member of staff.
He said on Monday, April 20, at about 2030
hrs, the victims were returning home from
town when, Kassum a resident of Antem, a
surburb near the school campus, attacked
them with a machete, demanding their phones
and money.
The victims resisted him, resulting in a struggle
between the student and Kassum during which
kassum inflicted matchete wounds on the
student's right wrist and managed to escape
with a mobile phone belonging to one of them.
However, the victims had already recognized
him as a labourer who used to work for a
deceased teacher of the school.
Chief Inspector Anku said the following day,
the student, a member of the school’s cadet
corps, mobilised his colleagues, arrested
kassum and handed him over to the Criminals
Investigations Department of the Police in
Cape Coast.

Source: GNA

PURC Forces ECG, GWCL To Repay Complainants

Regulatory Com- mission (PURC), last year,
recovered up to GH ¢8 million in com-
pensation and refund for consumers of elec -
tricity and water.
According to the commission , it resolved
2 ,549 complaints from consumers of
electricity and water, under its Complaint
Resolution mechanisms.
Nana Yaa Akyempim Jantuah , Director , Public
Relations and External Affairs of PURC, said in
a statement issued in Accra yesterday that the
recoveries included compensation for a burnt
house , which attracted a compensatory amount
of GH ¢185 ,000, and a company whose
disputed bill was reduced from GH
¢ 8 ,012, 588.09 to GH ¢1 , 440,676.
It listed the complaints received as billing
( over- billing) , metering (acquisition and faulty
meters ); unlawful and wrongful disconnections,
outages associated with faults; quality of
service (no flow of water , low voltage, voltage
fluctuations , burst pipes etc. ) and damaged
“ Consumers of electricity and water are
encouraged to complain to the public utility in
the first instance , but where a complaint made
directly to a utility is not satisfactorily dealt
with by the service provider , the complaint
must be redirected to the Commission for an
appropriate redress ,” it stated .
The statement said complaints to the
Commission might be written or oral , adding
that “any Public Utility that contravenes the
provisions of the Public Utilities ( Complaints
Procedure ) Regulations 2000 (LI1665 ) will be
liable to pay the prescribed penalty units or
imprisonment for one year or both .’
Under the PURC Act 1997 ( Act 538) , the
Commission might apply to the High Court for
the enforcement of its decisions and
directions .

Power Crises: Complain To ECG - Nana Yaa Jantuah Tells Consumers

Communications Director of the Public Utility
Regulatory Commission (PURC ) has appealed to
electricity consumers to convey their
grievances to the Electricity Company of Ghana
( ECG) centers across the nation.
Speaking in an interview with Kwami Sefa Kayi ,
host of Peace FM 's " Kokrokoo ", Nana Yaa
Jantuah expressed worry over the incessant
complaints by Ghanaians which have since
yielded no results so far as the current energy
crises persist .
According to her , consumers should boldly
walk up to the nearest ECG centers and file
their complaints for immediate rectification of
their problems .
She explained that arrangements for checking
the power cuts in the nation have not seen any
major change; however no consumer should be
plunged in darkness daily .
“ If you’re not getting power throughout then
you shouldn’ t pay the same bills. You see , the
point is that [Kwami ], we can’t be everywhere
at the same time ; so the consumers must also
complain. If for instance , their lights are not
on (when it should be on ), they should go to
ECG. "
She further noted that the energy providers
will soon open new contact lines for
consumers to reach them via phone .
This she believed will help the energy
providers to quickly address their grievances.
“ We’ re about to put some numbers out from
next week onwards that anybody with any
problem should call cell phone numbers. Now ,
we ’re using one line. We ’ ve noticed that it
more comfortable for people to call cell
( phone) numbers but ECG themselves …they
should also put out numbers for people,
consumers, to call when they’ve problem .”
Nana Yaa Jantuah further discounted claims of
her compelling Ghanaians to get used to the
frequent blackouts.
On Wednesday , March 11, 2015 ; she was
reportedly quoted to have asked Ghanaians to
accept the "dum sor " because she has done
the same thing .
" As long as we ourselves don't accept that we
are in a certain situation that is where the
problem is . I can hear frustration in your voice
but you should accept it [dumsor ]. Me I have
accepted it ."
Addressing the issue on Kokrokoo , Nana Yaa
Jantuah stressed that her statements were
blown out of proportion and that she only
meant for consumers to put measures in place
to reduce the load on energy providers.

Prez Mahama Is The Worst Ever ; He Has No Excuse - Nana Boakye

NPP Communicator, Nana Boakye has called
for a vote of no confidence in President John
Dramani Mahama .
Contributing to Peace FM 's " Kokrokoo" , Nana
Boakye noted that the Mahama administration
is completely clueless and bereft of hope in
solving the energy crises that have since
become the bane of many Ghanaians .
According to him, President John Mahama and
his government have failed Ghanaians
woefully .
He further wondered why fanatics and
members of the ruling National Democratic
Congress seem to tickle themselves through
some statements they make regarding the
current power crises; " dum sor" .
To him, the NDC should see it as their
mandate to fix the energy situation and not
rather a ploy by them to gain advantage over
the opposition New Patriotic Party.
Speaking to host Kwami Sefa Kayi on Peace
FM 's " Kokrokoo" , Nana Boakye stressed that
" the President has no excuse . He has failed
Ghanaians and I’ ll continue to say …I’ m telling
you His Excellency John Dramani Mahama , he
is the worst President ever .”

Pregnant Women Warned To Shave Private Parts Before Labour

A Senior Midwife at Adabraka Polyclinic has
warned pregnant women to shave their private
parts before labour .
Hajia Damata Sulemana believes that pregnant
women risk contracting serious infections if
they refused to shave .
She explained that when the private parts are
not shaved , clots of blood could be trapped in
the hairs which could lead to serious
complications later after delivery.
Hajia Damata Sulemana ’s view come after a
pregnant woman who was in labour was turned
away by a nurse in Koforidua because she her
pubic hair was bushy.
Bushira Safinau, 25, was reportedly ordered by
the midwife to go home and shave before she
can be assisted to give birth at the health
centre .
Heavily pregnant and restless with pain , the
lady reportedly pleaded with the nurse to help
but her pleas were ignored.
Unable to bear the discomfort and pain, she
decided to go back home but delivered on her
But the midwife warned of dangers
accompanied by such acts.

50 % Ghanaian Workers To Lose Jobs

Ghana risks a major social upheaval if the
energy ( power) crisis persists and the difficult
economic environment does not improve .
Business owners say they have no other option
but to lay off not less than 50 per cent of
their employees by the end of this year as
industry is hardest hit by the worsening power
outages and other operational challenges .
The increasing job losses in the country will
spell doom for the country , even in spite of
the bailout programme with the International
Monetary Fund ( IMF), economic experts have
On edge , many businesses are compelled to
cut cost to avert total shut down and the first
casualty is labour. The latest to lament over
the devastating effects of the power crisis is
Blue Skies Limited .
The beverage producing company says it will
lay off 1000 of its workers in the next few
weeks if nothing is done to improve the erratic
power supply in the country .
This is coming at a time the company which
employs over 3000 people is planning to shut
down one of its plants due to high production
costs following the power crisis.
In the recent past , companies like Gold Fields
Ghana and the Coca -Cola Bottling Company
have announced plans to lay off over 400 of
their staff . Over 500 jobs have already been
lost due to the harsh economic conditions and
the deepening energy crisis.
According to an IMF report issued recently ,
government will embark on a comprehensive
programme to retrench public sector workers
by 2017 .
The plan is to increase the efficiency of the
civil service and allied services .
The announcement of the said job losses in the
civil service created some panic amongst
workers as the Trades Union Congress has
demanded full details of the outcome of
negotiations between government and the
Bretton Woods Institution.
Government has however been swift to
ostensibly correct what it calls misinformation ,
saying there will be no job losses; rather “ there
will be rationalization .”
But some experts have wondered what
difference exists between retrenchment and
“ Rationalization means moving people around
into positions that are preferably more suitable
in terms of qualification and will guarantee
efficiency and it can result in people losing
their jobs ,” says one expert .
In the midst of the confusion, analysts are
forecasting turbulent times for the country in
the next two years if the energy crisis is not
solved .
According to Dr Eric Osei Assibey of the
Economics Department, University of Ghana ,
the country is heading into a crisis of
joblessness , with its attendant societal and
economic ills .
“ We have a major problem of unemployment
on our hands . We are bound to have more
people idling about on our streets and this will
adversely affect our revenues, ” he laments .
According to him, the private sector which
should be ready to absorb people who lose
their jobs from the public sector is itself
worse off .
“ It appears there are more people losing jobs
in the private sector now as a result of the
power crisis and the unfavourable business
climate and so there is no way the sector can
take in public sector workers who will lose
their jobs ,” he adds .
Part of reasons for the downsizing of the
public sector workers is the large wage bill .
The size of the country’ s wage bill has been
described as too large , taking up almost 70
per cent of the country ’s revenues.
The IMF has recently warned that Ghana 's
ballooning wage bill , if untamed, will increase
the country 's debt to levels that will pose a
risk to its transformation agenda.
The wage bill rose by 47 per cent last year
following the implementation of the new pay
policy for public sector workers that saw some
salaries being doubled .
But experts maintain that the wage bill is not
the problem , pointing out that the country’ s
wage bill has always been high, “taking over 50
per cent of national output and so the wage
bill is not where the problem is ; rather,
government ’s revenue has dwindled drastically
over the last three years. ”
This gives credence to concerns from analysts
that the country has been spending more than
it earns , culminating in the unduly high debt
The experts say government must insist on
efficiency in the public service; it must employ
highly skilled staff and ensure that staff are
routinely upgraded in skill in tandem with the
dictates of world of work .
Government must remunerate and reward
workers appropriately and provide good
conditions of work ( not monetary ) but other
incentives that will motivate them to give off
their best
These will guarantee maximum and quality
productivity from workers in the public sector
and will be more sustainable than the IMF ’s

' Dumsor' Has Overshadowed All Of NDC' s Achievements - Koku Anyidoho

Had it not been for the erratic supply of
electrical power that continues to torment
every living soul in Ghana , the National
Democratic Congress (NDC ) would have
cemented itself as the only political party that
has transformed Ghana into an European
country , Koku Anyidoho has observed.
The Deputy General Secretary of NDC made the
above remark in an interview with Peace FM
during the station ’s midday news bulletin .
Mr . Anyidoho claims that the NDC
administration has brought a major facelift to
Ghana and it can be seen in the massive road
constructions that are taking place within the
few years the party has been in office.
“ Last time I used the off road of Madina and it
has been well re -constructed . I even thought I
was driving on the streets of a foreign country.
You can see the solar light system installed by
the side of the road . That tells you that a lot of
work has been done countrywide, ” he said.
Ghana , according to Mr . Anyidoho, has seen
major development and this has silenced
critics of government .
He pointed out that members of the opposition
New Patriotic Party have now toned down
when it comes to attacking the Mahama led
government over the bad nature of the
Nsawam -Suhum Road .
“ If you have realized, the NPP has ceased
talking about the NDC abandoning the roads
linking Accra to Kumasi. They used to sit on
Peace FM and say President Mahama is wicked
and wants to kill passengers who ply the road
but they have suddenly stop because they have
seen the magnitude of change on the road ,” he
However, Mr . Anyidoho admits that despite the
change they have brought, their achievements
have been overshadowed by darkness as a
result of ‘ dumsor’.
"‘ Dumsor ' has overshadowed every good thing
we have done and we all know that nothing can
thrive in darkness. When you live in darkness,
it is extremely difficult to trumpet your
achievements ,” he candidly said .

'No mercy' if troops guilty of C. Africa child rape: Hollande

Paris (AFP) - President Francois Hollande on Thursday vowed to "show no mercy" if French peacekeepers in Central African Republic were found guilty of raping hungry children in exchange for food.

According to a French judicial source, several children -- the youngest just nine -- allege that 14 French soldiers dispatched to the impoverished nation to restore order after a 2013 coup were involved in sexually abusing some of them in exchange for food.

Of those soldiers, "very few" have actually been identified, and those that have have still not been questioned, added the source, who wished to remain anonymous.

"If some soldiers have behaved badly, I will show no mercy," Hollande told reporters.

The defence ministry denied attempting to cover up a potentially devastating scandal following revelations it had been made aware of the allegations in July last year when it received a leaked report compiled by UN officials stationed in the chaotic African country.

- 'Not hiding the facts' -

The abuse reportedly took place at a centre for displaced people near the airport of the Central African capital Bangui between December 2013 -- when the French operation began -- and June 2014.

The defence ministry said it immediately launched a probe into the case, sending police investigators to the former French colony on August 1 after receiving the news, but the damning allegations nevertheless only emerged this week when The Guardian newspaper broke the story.

"There is no desire to hide anything," Pierre Bayle, a defence ministry spokesman, told reporters on Thursday.

"We are not hiding the facts, we are trying to verify the facts," he added, while urging "great caution" over accusations that have yet to be proven.

According to The Guardian, the UN employee accused of the leak, Swedish national Anders Kompass, turned the report over to French authorities because his bosses had failed to take action.

UN spokesman Farhan Haq confirmed that UN rights investigators had conducted a probe last year following "serious allegations" of child abuse and sexual exploitation by French troops.

But unnamed UN officials said Kompass leaked the confidential document to the French even before it was shown to officials in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, suggesting they were not aware of the report's findings when it was leaked.

Central African prosecutors meanwhile said they had not been made aware of an investigation into alleged child abuse and had launched a probe after this week's revelations.

"It's not because we're in a crisis-ridden country that the law can be flouted," said Prosecutor Ghislain Gresenguet.

The report allegedly details interviews with children who approached French soldiers to ask for food.

"The children were saying that they were hungry and they thought that they could get some food from the soldiers. The answer was 'if you do this, then I will give you food'," said Paula Donovan, co-director of advocacy group AIDS-Free World that saw the report and gave it to The Guardian.

"Different kids used different language."

The French judicial source said that of the six children testifying against the soldiers, four say they were direct victims of sexual abuse while two others witnessed abuse.

- Fears for CAR peace efforts -

If true, the allegations will not only affect the French army but also the Central African Republic itself, which is trying to find a way out of a long conflict that has killed thousands and displaced nearly 900,000 people.

The violence has largely pitted the Christian majority against mainly Muslim Seleka rebels who led the March 2013 coup against former leader Francois Bozize.

"Overall, I know that the French military presence has been helpful," said David Smith, an expert on the Central African Republic.

"If they hadn't been there, the airport couldn't have stayed open and that would have meant no emergency aid could have come in, no medical supplies, food...

"The French kept the road between the port of Douala in Cameroon and Bangui open as well, also allowing emergency supplies to come in."

"The hopes for success with the peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic are weak at the best of times. Moving the French out of there would make it even weaker," he added.

The Central African Republic had yet to react officially, but a government member who wished to remain anonymous said that if true, the allegations were "horrible and unacceptable."

Cabinet approves private sector participation in ECG operations

Cabinet has given the green light for private sector participation in the operations of the Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG.

Deputy Power Minister John Jinapor who disclosed this to JOYNEWS Thursday explained that the approval opens the door for the injection of private sector capital, skills training and technological know-how into the company.

The deputy minister insists the invitation for private sector participation "does not mean we are selling ECG".

He said Government is now looking for a transaction advisor to help select the best partner.

"All the properties of ECG will continue to remain as it is. What we are looking for is the skill and innovative ways that can make ECG much more efficient".

ECG finds itself in a power supply chain that has come under serious public pressure following an energy crisis.

The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum has had to deny reports that the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) will be privatised as part of conditions attached to the second Millennium Challenge Compact.

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Seychelles Islands: Asantehene invites descendants of Prempeh to Ghana

In what could be described as an emotional meeting that evoked memories of the past, the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has invited descendants of the late Prempeh I to visit Kumasi and connect with their extended family.

The Asantehene took advantage of his visit to the islands at the invitation of the President of Seychelles as special guest of the 5th international carnival to meet the descendants of the late Prempeh I.

Nana Agyemang Prempeh I was taken to the Seychelles Islands in January 1896 after surrendering to the British forces under the command of Sir Francis Scott.

The king who had earlier won two battles over the British was moved to the island with 50 others including his mother, three wives and his children. For 28 years he was held in captivity but was released to return to Ghana in 1924 under a special arrangement with the British authority to return as an ordinary man. He died in 1931.

But some of his descendants stayed in the Seychelles and have never been to Ghana.

On the sidelines of the Asantehene's visit to the island, the descendants including great granddaughter of the Prempeh I, Princess Mary Prempeh Marimba struggled to put words together in a meeting with the Asantehene.

"My first son Andrew, Dennis and Suzzy my only daughter are extremely proud to meet you today, very sentimental, very emotional and I do not know what to say, I want to say me and my family are grateful to meet you for the first time," Mary enthused.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu who celebrated his sixteenth year on the golden stool said he has always been eager to visit Seychelles and to abreast himself with where the descendants of Prempeh I were living.

"When we sit in Kumasi we feel that attachment because we know you are here and for 115 years since the late King was brought here, we have not forgotten that Seychelles is one of our homes," Otumfuo responded.

He indicated plans are already in motion to facilitate the visit of the descendants to Ghana and Kumasi to enable them reconnect with the family back home. Meanwhile, the Asantehene attended the Seychelles Anglican Church where the late Prempeh converted into Christianity and was baptized.

Together with other prominent chiefs, the mayor of Kumasi, Kojo Bonsu and the Tourism and Creative Art Minister, Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare were taken through photo exhibition depicting the life of Prempeh I and his family on the Seychelles Islands.

Ghanaians Insult John Dumelo For Defending Mahama

Actor John Dumelo might hit his head in a tree if he reads these comments by some Ghanaians for saying “Rome Was not build in a day” so Ghanaians should have patience for the first gentleman of the land, John Dramani Mahama.

After John Dumelo said on Starr FM in Accra that Prez. Mahama needs time to solve problems in the country, social media commentators have rained insults on him. Just read what we captured from Facebook concerning Dumelo’s comment to defend Mahama.

+Ghana Leaks

Farmer kills uncle

Krobom (E/R), April 29, GNA - A 26-year old farmer Kwesi Alini has shot and killed his own uncle, Kwabena Alini for allegedly owing him GH₵ 25.00.

The accused is currently on the run
The sister to the deceased, Comfort Awusi told the Ghana News Agency that, both the deceased and the suspect live at Krobom, a farming community near Suhum in the Eastern Region.

She said, the deceased is a chainsaw operator and hires the services of the accused to carry his sawn wood from the bush to the market for sale.

Awusi said, on April 20, the deceased hired the service of the accused and paid him some cash leaving a balance of GH₵ 25.00 to settle.

She said, two days later, the suspect's wife fell ill and so he went to the deceased to demand his money to enable him send her to the hospital but the deceased could not get him the cash.

This developed into a dispute and the suspect reported the behavior of the deceased to an elder of the community.

The elder invited the deceased to address the impasse and he promised to settle the amount the following day which he did.

However, on April 24, the suspect did not go to the elder to check if his money had been paid but rather went and armed bush the deceased on his way to his farm and gun him down.

When the Suhum police was contacted, they confirmed the story and said the body of the deceased had been deposited at the Suhum Government Hospital for autopsy.

The police are investigating the issue and also looking for suspect to arrest.


+Ghana Leaks

Trouble At ADB

The ADB building spotting the ‘ADB HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE…KEEP OFF’ notice. (INSET) Steven Kpordzi – ADB Boss

Tension is brewing at the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) between employees and management of the financial institution.

This follows the sale of the Bank's head office – which is located along the Independence Avenue at Ridge in Accra – under very bizarre circumstances.

But management of the state-owned development and commercial bank remains tight-lipped on the issue, in spite of agitations by some concerned staff.

Head of Public Relations Unit at ADB, Daniel Koomson, and his deputy, Samuel Coleman, both declined comment when DAILY GUIDE contacted them, even though sources said management had been meeting the workers' union over some of their concerns.

Instead, the two senior officials of the bank said it (bank) would respond to the issues at the appropriate time, which is most likely going to be today.

Reports, however, indicate that the two-storey office complex had been sold for $10 million whilst management of the bank has now rented a new office space located in the Accra Financial Centre (AFC), about a mile away from the old ADB head office.

Ironically, the bank is paying GH¢1 million per month as rent to owners of the AFC for the new office, excluding utility bills.

Meanwhile, ADB is said to be having a 10% stake in the AFC building, raising issues of financial impropriety.

Accra-based Joy FM quoted management of the bank as defending the decision, insisting that it was a prudent one because about 40% of the head office staff were housed in other buildings in the city.

This, it said, meant that utilities were paid separately and other rent charges were borne by the bank.

'The managers believe bringing all the staff under one roof is cost-efficient, even if they were unable to state exactly how much savings is being made. They said when the valuation of the ADB headquarters was done, the property was valued at GH¢17 million but a competitive bidding earned the bank $10 million. They, however, say the deal is yet to be concluded,' the Joy FM report stated.

The story also pointed out that management sources insisted that the claim that the ADB land used for the construction of the Accra Financial Centre was worth $10 million was untrue and that the land was valued at about $2.5 million.

Aside that, staff of ADB are said to have raised issues concerning an amount of GH¢600 million they had discovered in the bank's books as unrecovered loans which could affect its operations.

ADB, which used to occupy the fifth position on the list of 28 best performing banks in the country, now ranks 20th, trailing behind several others.
It is for this reason that the disgruntled workers and the union are pushing for the removal of the managing director of the bank, Stephen Kpordzih, and dissolution of the Board to make way for a forensic audit of the activities and operations of the bank.

As at April 2010, ADB was the leading financial institution in agricultural financing in Ghana, responsible for 35% of the total bank industry financing of the sector.

In September 2010, the bank was recognised as Bank of the Year at the Africa Investor Agribusiness Awards in Durban, South Africa – the first institution so recognised at this annual event.

The total assets of the institution at the end of December 2011 were valued at approximately US$683.6 million (GH¢1.21 billion) but now struggling to catch up on the list of best performing banks in the country.

Minority in Parliament
Meanwhile, the minority caucus in Parliament has threatened to sue the bank if it fails to seek parliamentary approval before floating its shares.

'…If steps are not taken to seek prior parliamentary approval, the Minority shall proceed to restrain you and your assigned agents, body or authority from going ahead with the said transaction without recourse to you,' a statement issued by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and signed by a solicitor for the party, Alex Afenyo Markin, indicated.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently gave ADB the approval to go ahead and offer its shares to the public.The bank is expected to offload a little over 100 million shares to the public by the end of this month.

Proceeds from the offer are expected to expand the bank's operations.

However, the NPP pointed out that the intention of the bank to float shares and participate in trading on the Stock Exchange Market 'requires parliamentary approval under Article 181 of the 1992 Constitution.'

Afenyo Markin said government owns 52% of the shareholding, with the remaining 48% held by the Financial Investment Trust on behalf of the Bank of Ghana.

'Over 50% of the shares of the bank is owned by the people of Ghana represented by the government and the remaining in the name of the Bank of Ghana, although there is no evidence on record that said shares were paid for by the latter.'

It cautioned, 'As much as the intention of the bank and its management to go public is a laudable one, it cannot override an express constitutional provision, cabinet approval notwithstanding.'

By Charles Takyi-Boadu

+Ghana Leaks

Puerto Rico Independence March Before UN Hearing

Various organizations will be marching again this year for the independence of Puerto Rico and the release of our Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar L ³pez Rivera. The march will take place on Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 10 AM at the Dos Hermanos Bridge.

We will march through the Condado Tourist Area of Puerto Rico the week before the United Nations' (UN) June 22, 2015 annual hearing to discuss Puerto Rico decolonization.

Puerto has been a colony of the United States government for 117 years, and Oscar has been in jail for 34 years for his struggle to decolonize his homeland.

United Partners for Puerto Rico Decolonization ( totally supports this collective effort to put pressure on the United States government to comply with the UN's 33 resolutions to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.

Join this magnificent display of unity and solidarity! Come with your flags and banners. We must all pull together, because those who maintain colonies don't believe in justice for all!

Click on the link below to see a video about last year's march.

Pulling together will make Puerto Rico decolonization happen.

Old students asked to stay clear of schools' administration

Kumasi, April 30, GNA - Mr Collins Amponsah-Mensah, member of the Old Boys' Association of Opoku Ware School (OWASS), has admonished old students to embark on development projects that will help develop their respective alma mater, and not to interfere in their day-to-day administration.

He said unnecessary interference in school administration sets alumni associations on coalition courses with school authorities.

Mr Amponsah-Mensah, leader of the 1990 year group of the (OWASS) Old Boys Association (Akatakyie), gave the advice during the year group's home-coming conference, which took place at the school.

He said though it was proper for old students to demonstrate concern for the schools where they received training to become who they were today, such concerns and other inputs should be made to pass through the appropriate channels to foster good rapport between the administration and the alumni.

'Let us all do well to give school heads the free hand to run the administration of the schools, whilst making life in the school more comfortable for current students to aspire to study and become good future professionals to develop the nation,' he added.

Mr Amponsah-Mensah was not happy about the current impasse between the national leadership of the OWASS Old Students Association and the school's administration, and called for its peaceful resolution through dialogue to promote the development of the school.

The old students used the home-coming occasion to fraternize with the students, staff and management of the school.


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Dumsor Far From Over

Ghanaians have to endure at least four more months of dumsor before the power expected from the Turkish company, Karpowership, can reach their homes.

The company says it's working frantically to send its first power ship of 120 megawatts installed capacity to the country earliest by August, 2015.

The power ship will start sailing to Ghana anytime soon, hoping to be ready to discharge its service by August.

According to the owners, Karpowership of Turkey - a subsidiary of Karadeniz Holdings - the 120 megawatts capacity power ship is a stop gap arrangement pending the construction of Ghana's barges of 450 megawatts which will be ready later in the year.

A team of Ghanaian journalists currently in Turkey at the invitation of Karpowership visited the construction site, with workers busily putting finishing touches to the smaller power ship while others were also working on the first 225 megawatts ship destined for Tema Port for the next 10 years, in line with the agreement with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The ECG had signed a power purchase agreement with Karpowership for the supply of 450 megawatts of power.

The ECG recently brought a closure to the deal with a guarantee provided by the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) while Ecobank supported with letters of credit, making the Turkish company to launch into action.

Speaking to the visiting journalists, Orhan Remzi Karadeniz, CEO of Power Group, said the financial arrangements now sealed, the company was on its way to meet its obligations ahead of schedule. He was, however, not ready to reveal the terms of the contract, rather directing probing journalists to its client, the ECG.

He explained that the 120 megawatts power ship to be deployed indicated the company's commitment in helping Ghana to get out of dumsor.

Dumsor ran through the company's communication with the media, indicating that indeed, the term is gaining international acceptance in referring to energy crisis in Ghana.

Karpowership is in its seventh year of building power ships and has supplied the facility to countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, and Pakistan among others.

Mr Karadeniz said the company sees Ghana as a gateway to the African market.

Karadeniz explained that the contract period to deliver the two barges are 215 days after the financial closure of the deal for the first power ship - to be stationed at Tema Port - while the second barge, with the same 225 megawatts, will berth at Takoradi.

However, cutting the waiting period by over 50 days makes the first power ship's arrival date from September going.

Corporate Ghana has been hit hard with dumsor, with companies laying off their workers because of high production costs.

Power Minister Dr Kwabena Donkor says resolution of the crisis is expected by the end of the year, with observers wondering what would have happened to other struggling companies which are spending so much to fuel their businesses.

Mr Karadeniz discounted the claims that their power ship was expected in April, saying that they were working according to schedule.

From Fortune Alimi, Istanbul, Turkey

BOST Boils

There is uneasy calm at Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) following the alleged sacking of the company's chairman of the Professional and Managerial Staff Union (PMSU).

The chairman, Albert Mantey, who is an audit officer at BOST, was reportedly sacked by the managing director, Kingsley Kwame Awuah-Darko, for breaching the company's conditions of service.

He was accused of granting media interviews on the ongoing restructuring exercise and staffing policy without express permission from Mr Awuah-Darko, who was the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate of Ayawaso West Wugon (East Legon area) in the 2012 elections.

Ernst & Young Audit
The BOST brouhaha heightened when a leaked Ernst and Young audit report revealed massive corrupt practices among officials of the company.

The report had said the endemic corruption was as a result of collusion between senior BOST officials and some of the Bulk Distribution Companies (BDCs) - a revelation which has sparked a war of words between the two players in the petroleum upstream sector.

In the ensuing confusion, a section of the BOST workers have accused Mr Awuah-Darko of being a dictator regarding the way and manner he is allegedly running down the state facility.

DAILY GUIDE learnt that Mr Mantey's employment was terminated on Tuesday, April 28, 2015, after he had denied a query letter sent to him on April 21 for breaching Clause 10.6 of the conditions of service, which the management said restricted communication on 'any matter' concerning the administration of/or policies of the company to the media.

The termination letter was signed by Phyllis Asinah, acting Head of Human Resource of BOST.

Media interview
Even though Mr Mantey has explained the circumstance that compelled him to grant the media interview, the BOST management is still adamant.

The PMSU chairman said a staff called Sackey had organised a news conference and levelled allegations against the staff fraternity and so he responded to them in his capacity as the leader of the union and said his dismissal was an attempt to stifle dissenting views on the mismanagement at BOST.

Chop Chop At BOST
It emerged that BOST, which had been struggling to raise funds for its activities, pays a whopping $43,000 as rent to a property owner called Frontiers Developers Limited at Dzorwulu, Accra, every month.

Before moving to DEMMCO House at Dzorwulu, Accra, BOST had its offices at the Airport Residential Area, which had bigger office spaces but reportedly paid $13,000 monthly as rent.

Customised Furniture
Additionally, the BOST MD is said to have ordered new customised furniture from the United States for his new office, a group of workers calling for forensic audit of the state-owned company's finances claimed.

In a letter they sent to the presidency to investigate Mr Awuah-Darko's management style, the petitioners claimed BOST entered into an agreement with a company called TSL Logistics (Ghana) Limited where the state-owned company pays $56,170.21 every month as management fees.

Huge Payments
BOST is also alleged to be paying $594,000 monthly to TSL, which they claimed is to cater for 'reimbursables' and the amount included money for maintenance, training, standard operating procedures as well as salaries, even though TSL Logistics is reportedly using staff of BOST to execute the said contract.

According to the petitioners, the hefty payments were being made without invoices but the alleged payments continue to go through with the endorsement of the MD.

The workers claimed that TSL Logistics continues to bill BOST for training fees, although there was no training while it (BOST) pays separately for its own training and added that it paid for a number of pick-up trucks for TSL and TSL in turn gave four of the trucks to the MD for his parliamentary campaign at the Ayawaso West Wugon constituency.

They further alleged that Mr Awuah-Darko presented a budget of $8 million as the total cost on automation of BOST depots nationwide, but in less than a year, he had purportedly revised the amount to $16 million with the board's approval.

The concerned staff claimed that BOST is failing to account for $15 million from its partnership with the Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC).

By William Yaw Owusu

10 Reasons You Should Have Great S3x Every Single Day with your spouse

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Strict measures rolled out to check underperforming public workers

The Finance Ministry has rolled out a number of strict measures targeted at uprooting public sector workers who fail to perform at their posts.

One of such measures is the establishment of a Compensation Committee to audit the public sector workforce.

The committee will, among other things, ensure that civil servants are paid only for work done.

It is also expected to come up with financial clearance certificates before salaries are paid to workers.

The committee is made up of representatives from the Controller and Accountant General department, the Finance Ministry and the Public Service Commission.

Chairman of the committee and Deputy Finance Minister, Cassiel Ato Forson, said the move is part of efforts aimed at addressing redundancy in the public service and guarantee value for money.

The government has said it will not lay off workers as part of rationalisation efforts aimed at reducing the ballooning wage bill.

Cassiel Ato Forson says rationalisation instead will include redeployment of surplus staff at various departments after an audit by the committee he chairs.

As part of a 3-year programme with IMF, Ghana has been asked to look at innovative ways to check the rising wage bill and make the sector more efficient.

Ghana must seek further directives on ITLOS ruling - ACEP

Director of Operations at the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) has said that Ghana should seek for further directives on the maritime dispute ruling by the International Tribunal for Law of the Seas (ITLOS).

Benjamin Boakye who spoke with Joy Business says the ruling which directs Tullow Oil not to drill more wells is not favourable to the country's oil prospects.

"If we are making a case for the investment that has been made and further drilling is necessitated at some point to realize the object of that ruling there is the need to drill and I think the court should be willing to grant that relief to make sure that they drill when it becomes relevant.

"It cost about 50 million dollars to drill one well, so you are talking about 500 million dollar investment on the field and the court says you can't continue, so what happens to their borrowings and interests on those borrowings, who finances them?" he questioned.

Benjamin Boakye is also worried; the ruling may affect the number of barrels of oil estimated at 80.000 barrels per day.

The TEN project is a unitized field operated by Tullow oil Ghana with other partners such as Kosmos Energy, Anadarko Petroleum, Petro SA and the Ghana Notional Petroleum Corporation.

Full Video: Shatta Wale’s Full Awesome Performances At Wembley UK

+Ghana Leaks

No decision taken on Utility fees- Gov't assures students

Government says it has not issued any directive that will make students in tertiary institutions pay utility fees.

Addressing students of Accra Polytechnic as part of the Campus Connect series, the Education Minister Prof Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang said that policy initiative was only a proposal and no definite decision has been taken on it.

Government last week issued a statement announcing the introduction of the new policy that will make students pay for the utilities they use on campus.

The statement was jointly signed by stakeholders including UTAG, POTAG.

However the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has rejected the policy.

The students in a counter-statement threatened to make the country ungovernable if government does not withdraw the policy.

At the Ghana Connect series, Wednesday, government appears to be taking a slow retreat on the policy.

Joy News' Naa Dedei Tettey reported the Minister as saying the policy was only a proposal.

She also advised the students to remain calm because there was no cause for alarm.

Wednesday's edition has been described as large peaceful and orderly, in sharp contrast to what happened in Kumasi where government officials were said to have been chased out by some disgruntled students.

Tertiary students issue 48-hour ultimatum to govt over utility bill payment

A group calling itself Confederation of Tertiary Students in Ghana has given government 48 hours to rescind its decision to compel tertiary students to pay for utilities.

The students say they will embark on what they describe as unprecedented student demonstration over the matter if government fails to heed their call.

The students are displeased by government's decision to compel students to pay for utilities in tertiary institutions.

Stakeholders in education met in Accra last month to discuss ways tertiary of institutions could conserve energy in the face of the county's power and general economic difficulties.

Documents circulating in the media suggest leaders of the NUGS agreed with government and stakeholders to pay utility bills.

However the student pressure group says the measure was ill-thought since NUGS has denied agreeing to such arrangement.

At a press conference in Kumasi on Tuesday, the angry students called on government to rescind its decision or face street protest.

The group is made up of Student Representative Councils and local chapters of the National Union of Ghana Students from public and private tertiary institutions.

They include University of Mines and Technology at Tarkwa, University of Education, Winneba, both main and Kumasi campuses, University of Ghana, University of Development Studies (Nyamkpala-Campus), Wesley College of Education and Christian Service University

The group is asked students across the country be part of what it describes as a 'red alert crusade' until government withdraws the policy.

According to them the 'yentua demo' Tuesday will be followed by mass student rallies across the country.

Spokesperson, Michael Kwadwo Nketiah, told Luv FM students will take to the streets should government drag its feet on their demands.

"If government does not listen to our call, we are going to paint the street of Ghana red not with our bodies but with our lives.

"We shall not sit aloof when the lives of the future of Ghana are being denied the right to education with dream-killing, insensitive, poisonous, anti-education and anti-poor policy to bill us...", Mr. Michael Kwadwo Nketiah warned.

The group says Tuesday's protest is to fight for poor students and parents.

Caption: Is This The World's Most Evil Grin?

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- Lower fuel prices
- End to dumsor
- END to Corruption
- Better pension
RED FRIDAY falls on 1st May
Wear your voice.
I rest my case.

By abraham.sagoesenior

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4th national celebration of girls in ICT held in Ho

The minister for communication, Dr Edward K Omane Boamah has announced government's plans to pursue a vigorous national broadband infrastructure development programme to reach all parts of the country to provide enough bandwidth capacity for ICT deployment.

According to Mr Boamah, this will open up business and employment opportunities as well as promote research, innovation, training and skills acquisition.

Dr Omane Boamah was speaking at the 4th National Girls in ICT celebration at the GNAT hall in Ho.

According to him, as part of the program, the construction of the eastern corridor fibre optic transmission network, which stretches from Ho to Bawku with a link from Yendi to Tamale is being embarked upon to light up the entire eastern portions of the country which will bring connectivity to and improve access to data, voice and video services to the more than 120 rural communities along the route.

The Minister said the e - Government platform project is deploying LTE technology and will further expand the broadband framework for the deployment of ICT Applications and usage in all sectors of the economy.

He said with the availability of broadband infrastructure, Government expects to rapidly expand access to quality education and place technology at the centre in building a knowledge-based economy and an information-rich society in Ghana.

"I wish to add that while Government continues to encourage young girls to consider technology as a career option, the responsibility must be shared among all parents, educators, industry players and children themselves. Let us therefore in our roles encourage our children to get on board the ICT agenda" he said

In her welcome address, the Volta Regional Minister Helen Adjoa Ntosu said it is a great honour for the region to be chosen to host the event which aims to advance and deepen the economic and social empowerment of young women in the country and also to explore strategies and opportunities by which information and communication technologies may be used to improve women's economic outlook while creating a conducive environment for learning and teaching the subject "our young girls must be exposed to ICT education very early in life, so that the culture, orientation and requisite ICT skills would be installed in them".

Girls in ICT Day has rapidly grown into a global movement with an estimated 3,500 events organised in 140 countries, reaching 11,000 girls and Ghana is one of the countries being counted. For the year 2015, 936 girls in the Volta region have had the opportunity to participate in the program.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to watch Floyd v Manny in Ghana - exact fight time, channels to watch on & more

Joy Sports' Gary Al-Smith gets you all you need to know about the much-anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao as the boxing world awaits their clash at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

When is the fight?

Given that Las Vegas is eight hours behind Ghana, boxing’s two biggest stars will lock horns on Sunday, May 3 at 3am for Ghanaian fans.

The first fight of the event will take place at 11pm on Saturday evening with the main event five hours later. If you are lucky enough to be attending the fight, doors will open at the MGM Grand at 9pm Ghana time.

Where is the fight?

At the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.

Can I still buy tickets?

Tickets for the long-awaited fight sold out in less than a minute on Thursday, April 23.

The more than 16,000 tickets withheld from the public sale will reportedly be split among the MGM Grand, the networks and the two camps.

What do the tickets look like?

ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell reported that tickets have been sold for as much as $41,000 (£26,000). He has also provided a preview of what the tickets look like:

How can I watch it?

Ghanaian boxing fans can watch the fight via pay-TV channel SuperSport on their channel 203. Premium subscribers get a little something extra, especially if you are on the Explora option. No free-to-air station has as yet acquired the rights to show the bout, as at press time.

Will the fight go the distance?

The bookies certainly think so with the odds suggesting a marathon bout is on the cards. Yes: 2/7 No: 5/2

How much will the fighters earn?

Mayweather and Pacquiao will split the purse 60/40 in Mayweather's favour. Reports have circulated that Mayweather will earn $150 million (£94m) and Pacquiao $100 million (£62m) respectively.

Floyd Mayweather

Age: 38

Nickname: Money

Stance: Orthodox

Height: 5ft 8ins

Record: 47-0, 26 knockouts

Estimated career earnings: $420 million

Manny Pacquiao

Age: 36

Nickname: Pacman

Stance: Southpaw

Height: 5ft 6ins

Record: 57 wins, 5 defeats, 2 draws. 38 knockouts.

Estimated career earnings: $340 million

Where to get pre-bout buildup

Available throughout the week on all Multimedia Group platforms: Joy FM, Aseda FM, Asempa FM, Luv FM, Nhyira FM, Adom FM, and Multi TV.


Follow Gary on Twitter: @garyalsmith

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MP3 Fresh Song Release: Memba Dat - Say no to xenophobia, By @MinisterKobby

A song about Xenophobic attacks in SA by @MinisterKobby titled 
[Memba Dat - Say no to xenophobia]
Free Download

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Ghana Showcases Culture At Seychelles Carnival ( PHOTOS )

Ghana last weekend joined 28 other
countries from around the world to
participate in this year 's Carnival
International de Victoria in
Seychelles .
This year' s carnival marks the fifth
edition and was a place of cultural
exchange where countries proudly
showcased their rich culture . It was
the biggest in the history of the
carnival and brought more than 20, 000
people to Victoria.
The Minister of Tourism Culture and
Creative Arts, Mrs Elizabeth Ofosu-
Adjare in a statement copied to Ghana
News Agency in Accra, said Ghana's
display of its rich culture , costume ,
and music & dance attracted applause
from the teaming crowd and
dignitaries .
She said Ghana 's tourism and
creative arts industry highly
represented with creative arts
industry players, tourism
practitioners, traditional rulers among
others .
The Minister , who led a high powered
delegation including Otumfuo Osei
Tutu II, Asantehene to Seychelles ,
said Ghana was in Seychelles to
showcase its rich culture to the world
and also share ideas with Seychellois
that would help develop cultural
tourism in both countries and
improve the lives of its people.
She said the visit was for a number of
reasons and key amongst that was
the historic visit of Asantehene to the
Islands .
She threw an invitation to the world
to also experience Ghana 's version of
the Carnival in December this year .
In a related development , Tourism
Minister Mrs Ofosu- Adajre
accompanied the Asantehene to pay a
courtesy call on President of
Seychelles , James Mitchell .
Ghana 's delegation included
government officials , traditional
rulers , tourism practitioners, and
members of the hospitality and
creative arts industry.

New twist in pastor's British wife's death case

It has emerged that Pas ­tor Eric Isaiah Adusah of the United Kingdom- based Global Light Revival Ministries implicated in the death of his British wife may not be the last person to have entered the room of the deceased.

Open record of the room purported to have been occupied by the late Ms Speirs, which is in the custody of Daily Guide, indicates that someone else entered the room after Pastor Adusah had left.

According to the prosecution, the condition of the body clearly showed that Ms Speirs died a couple of days earlier, a situation that raised their suspicion.

According to the document supposedly printed on March 22, 2015, some ­one from the front office with card number 00020100 at 11:17am entered the room of the deceased on March 19.

Berimah Adjei-Twinin, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mac Die Hotel, in a telephone interview on Tuesday, among other things, said nobody entered Ms Speirs' room, stressing that "scan cards are used to open our rooms, not ordinary keys."

He said although a painter had been asked to paint the ceiling of the room as a result of wine spillage, the person did not enter the room because he (painter) heard the sound of the television set in the room and abandoned the job.

According to Berimah Adjei-Twinin, there is no connection between the painter and the incident, adding that "if the man had entered the room, he would have been the first to know that the woman was dead."

The Mac Dic Hotel CEO was emphatic that the whole of March 18, 2015, the deceased did not come out of her room.

Admitting that the police had not arrested any of his staff in respect of the case, he said he was sur ­prised nobody, including one Daniel Offei - the man who booked the room for the couple - visited the deceased after the accused had left for the United Kingdom (UK).

Pastor Adusah has been charged with murder contrary to Section 46 of Act 29 of 1960.

He is alleged to have between 18 and 20 March, 2015, at Mac Dic Royal Plaza Hotel in Koforidua in the Eastern Region caused the death of Ms Speirs by "unlawful harm."

The prosecution had stated in its facts sheet that on March 18, 2015, when the accused checked out of the hotel, he had instructed staff at the front desk of the facility not to disturb his wife because she was observing fasting and prayers in her room and needed a quiet time until she checked out on Friday, March 20.

The police said their investigations showed that no one else entered the room after Pastor Adusah had left.

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah hits back at Prof. Yankah; mounts spirited defence

Former Sports Minister, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, has mounted a spirited defence of his record, saying there is no evidence of his involvement in embezzling state funds.

"I dare anybody to challenge me. I did not steal any money, I have not stolen any money. It is not everybody who is in government to steal money!", a fire-up Elvis Afriyie Ankrah said.

Parrying suggestions by President of Central University College Prof Kwesi Yankah that he was involved in financial misappropriation, Elvis Ankrah criticized the professor for "joining the bandwagon of saying things without any factual basis".

Professor Kwesi Yankah at an Institute of Economic Affairs' Corruption Conference Tuesday,said the Presidency has become a safe haven for ministers and political appointees embroiled in corruption scandals.

He explained that under-fire political appointees are often recalled to the Flagstaff House where they are given new positions.

Although he did not mention Elvis Afriyie Ankrah's name, his insinuations about the scandals surrounding the Sports minister at the center of the shambolic 2014 World Cup campaign in Brazil served as enough pointers.

To this end, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has expressed his disappointment in the Professor.

"It is not fair. It is not fair at all", he complained on Joy FM's Super Morning Show Wednesday.

He said a forensic audit done by Ernst & Young has vindicated his long-held position that he never misappropriated public funds.

He believes the report of the Commission set by the president to investigate the embarrassing episode in Brazil will also exonerate him.

"I am 100% confident that nothing will be found because I did everything to ensure that the right thing was done", he said.

He said the results of the auditing of two important accounts related to the 2014 World Cup, the Black Stars account and the Supporters account has seen him cleared of any wrongdoing.

According to the minister, he had refrained from reacting to accusations peddled by serial callers, newspaper reports and radio broadcasts because he could appreciate the disappointment many Ghanaians felt after the Black Stars crashed out of the Brazil World Cup in June 2014.

As head of the Ghana contingent to Brazil, he felt disappointed too after players revolted and $3million had to be airlifted to pay players before Ghana's final group game against Portugal.

He said he had publicly taken responsibility for that failed campaign. But beyond that any allegation of misappropriation will be unfounded.

The former minister dismissed suggestions that under the circumstances, he should have shown courage and resigned honourably.

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Story by Ghana|Myjoyonline|Edwin Appiah|[email protected]


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