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Alleged demon home sells for $35,000

Four days after The Indianapolis Star
broke a story about a mother who told public officials she was
possessed by demons, the home in
which she and her family once lived
was purchased for $35,000.

Zak Bagans, host and executive
producer of "Ghost Adventures" on
the Travel Channel, offered
Wednesday to purchase the home
in Gary, part of a media frenzy that
enveloped many of those tied to the case. Media outlets in more than a dozen
countries have clamored for
interviews with Latoya Ammons, her
family and others mentioned in The
Star's report. It chronicled her
description of strange occurrences involving her and her three children
— and the government's response. Her tale spurred a series of
exorcisms that a priest claims were
the first authorized by the current
bishop of the Catholic Church's
Diocese of Gary. The fervor over Ammons' claims
surprised nearly everyone closest to
the situation.

"I figured ... that I would get
uproar from ... my hometown, but I
never imagined that it would go
viral," said Ammons, who now lives
in Indianapolis. Ammons said people have shown up
at her home and falsely claimed
they were her friends. She fielded
requests for interviews from media
outlets, such as CNN and "The Dr.
Oz Show," and movie producers but, as of Wednesday, had agreed
to talk only with "Inside Edition." But she said she stopped looking at
social media sites after reading
negative notes. "They can say whatever they want
to say," she said. "I'm fed up with
the backlash." The Rev. Michael Maginot has
granted a series of interviews,
including with "The O'Reilly Factor."
Maginot, priest at St. Stephen,
Martyr Parish, in Merrillville,
investigated the house and, ultimately, conducted four
exorcisms on Ammons. "I was kind of shocked that it would
stir that much interest."

Gary police Capt. Charles Austin,
who investigated Ammons' claims,
said he expected notoriety and
figured a movie would come of this. "I thought that because of my
expertise in the field of law
enforcement ... and the things I've
seen at this house that I've never
seen before in my life," he said.
"(But) I didn't expect this kind of reaction, not on my life." Austin, who said he was initially
skeptical but became a believer,
told The Star he's been contacted
by media outlets from 20 countries,
including Australia, France and in the
United Kingdom. While he's enjoying that brief taste
of fame, he said he wouldn't go
back to the house unless required
to do so for an investigation. "Why go where evil possibly is
there? You have no idea what you
may run into." Psychologists who evaluated
Ammons and her children came to a
different conclusion. They
characterized her fixation on
demons as being part of a
"delusional system." Bagans of "Ghost Adventures" said
his use of the house will likely
involve research into the purported
paranormal activity. "I really (have) a passion for this
stuff and the research aspect." Charles Reed, the homeowner and
Ammons' former landlord, said the
current tenant called police to
complain when reporters and
photographers showed up, and she
declined offers of money and interview requests.


If you ever hoped to see controversial Afro-
Gypsy musician Wanlov the Kubolor settle down with any of the five women he has children with, you have a long wait to endure.

The musician says he does not intend marrying although he already has five children with five women. Wanlov, who is a member of music duo FOKN Bois, explained to in an interview that he does not believe in man-made institutions such as marriage.

According to him, he does not have time to "devote my life to man-made institutions such as religion and marriage." He has five children - aged 7, 4, 2, 2, and 3 weeks old - with American, British, Ghanaian, Danish and Japanese women.

The musician, who is not new to controversy, has given the children very interesting names. Abonsamposuro, Mali Wasty, Ama Manpi, Tivi Lili and Kojolescu Alata Mori are the names of Wanlov the Kubolor's children.

For the last born, Kojolescu Alata Mori, he took to Facebook to explain that: "We have named my 5th born child Kojolescu Alata Mori … 1st name is a Ghana/Romania hybrid, 2nd name is to honor his Japanese grandfather + persecuted innocent gay Nigerians and last name is Yaa Ninja's last name … Domo Arigato."

He had Kojolescu Alata Mori with his long time girlfriend Shokola Mori popularly known as Yaa Chinese, a Japanese Arts and Cultural Coordinator based in Accra Ghana.


Yvonne Nelson Goes Topless

Yvonne Nelson struts her stuff with this sexy pose.

This is the lady some accuse of serious skin bleaching.

So what do you think? Is she bleaching for real?

Naya Rivera Admits She Has S£x With Big Sean "Everywhere"

Glee star Naya Rivera covered the latest
edition of the Cosmopolitan Latinas, and
she talked to the magazine about life
with fiance Big Sean. "I think he's going to
be an amazing husband, and he'll make a great
father someday," the brunette beauty gushed to the mag.
"He's so kind to people, but he also wears the pants in our
relationship, which I love.

We Latinas are very independent and strong,
so it's even sweeter that I've found somebody
who can let me out of that role for a minute."
Naya & Big Sean met on Twitter, and the 27-year
old actress says after the 1st date, she felt like
she had known him forever.

Rivera revealed she recently installed a
stripper pole in the couple's home and
looked up "At Home Pole Tricks" on
YouTube, admitting "I'm still sore!" She
also said she has "tons" of nice lingerie
and shared that the most essential ingredient to
a hot sex life is passion,
joking, "We have sex in public.

We have sex everywhere!" "Latinas are really
great nurturers who are great to our men;
we love hard and we love to cook," she revealed.
"The other morning I woke up and was like,
'I need china - this table needs to be set all the time!'
Focusing on those things is where I'm at right now."

Guru Attacks Charter House

Ghana Music Awards is just around the
corner and eve before the nominees list
is released, lots of artistes are talking
about it. Earlier this week, Guru talked
about winning more than three awards
including the Artiste of the year at this year's GMAs and here he is again daring
the organisers to give him five awards to
prove there is fairness in their awards.

According to a report by, Guru said this when he was called on Agoo East Entertainment Show. The Alkaeda hit maker, Nana Yaw Adjei Yeboah Maradona, popularly known as Guru has hit on organizers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, "Charter House" by saying there is no fairness in the awards (VGMA).

Speaking to Agoo East Entertainment Show, Guru said he was disappointed in 'Charter House' organizers of VGMA when they rejected his track "Lapaz Toyota" during the 2013 awards without any meaningful
explanation. "If charter house claims there is fairness in the awards, they should give me five awards because I have worked hard" he challenged. Let's take a look at my
Azonto Boyz track with Kwadwo Nkansah
Lil Win, Boys Abre with Lil Shaker, these tracks are everywhere. They are played
at parties, on radio, nightclubs etc. Not
to mention Alkaeda. He added.

Speaking on his new track "Pooley" Guru said it is way to eradicate some of
the provocative word like "ashawo"
literally means, prostitute from our
language. Guru therefore promised to storm
Nkawkaw Staboat come Val's day on
14th February, 2014 as he urged his fans
to come for their valentine gift through
an unstoppable performance with Dj
Blay, Levels Man.

Business confidence in economy at record low since 2012

Business confidence in Ghana's economy
has hit its lowest since 2012, the
Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)
has revealed.

This revelation is contained in the AGI's
Business Barometer Report for the
fourth quarter of last year. The decline, according to the report, is
based on concerns by Ghanaian
businesses that the business
environment is not conducive, with no
signs of improving any time soon. Also, access to credit came up as the
major hurdle facing businesses, while
high utility tariffs and cost of credit
stood out as the second and third

President of the Association, James
Adjei Asare, told Joy Business
government must act on the concerns
and challenges quickly to save
businesses in the country. He stressed that results of the survey
must not be seen as "an academic
exercise". "These [results] are from chief
executives, players in the industry at
high levels of business who have
articulated their views...on the problems
militating against businesses in this
country", he clarified. "So we need take the survey seriously",
he admonished.

The AGI Business Barometer for the
fourth quarter of 2013 engaged 300
chief executives of big and small
business owners in the country. The AGI Business Barometer, is a
quarterly survery that captures the
prevailing business mood and
expectations of Chief Executive Officers
in the country.

Ghana defeats Nigeria 4-2 on penalties to go through to finals

(GFA) Ghana are through to the finals of the Africa Nations Championship after
defeating Nigeria 4-2 on penalties on
Wednesday. The home-based national
team will meet Libya in Saturday's finals
of the tournament exclusive to players based in their home countries.

Nigeria were dubbed the free-scoring
side after hitting 12 goals on their way
to semi-finals but once Ghana kicked off
the game, their opponents did not find
their scoring touch. Ghana's Kwabena Adusei was sent off in
the 64th minute as the last-four contest
traveled 120 minutes after both sides
drew goalless in regulation time.

Coach of the side, Maxwell Konadu has talked about his sides resilence ahead of
the game and despite Adusei's sending
off, Ghana still kept their shape and
battled the Nigerias.

And when the penalty lottery started,
captain Michael Akuffu led by example
by dispatching the first kick past Agbim. Nigeria missed two kicks with goalkeeper
Stephen Adams saving the second kick
while the third kick was skied as
Theophilus Anobaah, Abeiku Ainooson
and Asiedu Attobrah all scored from 12
yards to send Ghana into their second finals of the tournament.

Real Mermaid Caught On Camera? - [See Photo]

Could this be real? Mermaid caught on camera whilst resting on a rock.

Could well be another good photoshopping.

What do you think?

Sordid Rape At St John's Grammer Senior High School

News reaching Ghana Leaks indicates that some girls have been raped at the St John's Grammer Senior High School.

The three men apparently work in the school. They came back at a time they knew the girls will be sleeping. They jumped the wall and proceeded to attack the girls in their dormitory.

Sources say one of the men was arrested while trying to get away, however the other two managed to escape and currently at large. If you know anyone that works in the school behaving suspiciously, or has decided not to go to work then you are adviced to inform the authorities.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Is This How A Warri Bible Will Be Written?

Warri Bible Sample version:

English: As it is written in the bible.
Warri: As dem yan 4 bible

English: Jesus entered the boat with his disciples!
Warri: bros J cum enta canoe with Im
Padi dem!

English : As the boat was sailing, there
was a great storm!
Warri: As the canoe dey move naim yawa
cum gas!

English:.the storm was so great with it
Was like a whirlwind!
Warri: As the yawa dey gas na im kasala
burst join!

English: the disciples became so afraid
And they shouted Master! Master!!
Warri: naim liver fail im padi dem ,naim dem begin dey hala Bros J! Bros J!!.

English: Jesus got up and calmed down
The wind!
Warri: na so bros J get up kon arrange
the mata!

English:. He turned to his disciples and
said oh ye with little faith !
Warri:.naim bros J luk im padi dem shake
im head kon provoke "O BOI ! Una fall
ma hand oo!

English:.the disciples replied and said
"what MANNER of man is this?"
Warri: im padi dem kon hala. "SHOO"
bros J u 2 much

Ghanaians Must Refuse GM Crops As If Their Life Depends On It - Which It Does

Ghanaians must wake up and not be dormant as they have been with many other issues. This is a major deal and your life depends on it.

The west is only doing what it does best, using Africans as guinea pigs and the whole of Africa as a testbed. They try out things on animals in the lab and then when it comes to human testing, they prefer to test on Africans before they proceed in the west.

Do not be deceived. This is modern day slavery at its best. Why do you think the IMF and others like it exist? They are there to make sure that we keep depending on them. In any power struggle you must have something to bargain with, you must have an upper hand.

Our leaders are so blind that they cannot see past their stomach. Perfect puppets for the puppet masters. This is why the west can have the audacity to threaten us with non funding if we decide not to dance to their music.

We africans are a joke. Consider this. What do you think the interest will be for all the gold looted from Africa and for the slave human resource labour exploited a long time ago?

They owe us far more than they will care to admit. In fact all the so called loans that are given to African leaders are just insults to our intelligence and since our leaders are so dumb to realize it, they continue to go to the slave masters like bulls to the slaughter.

Twiaaaaaaa... I spit in disgust

Ghana Leaks Blog

Young Ghanaians Rushing Into Evangelism Because Of Money?

A Social Scientist, Dr. Obiri Yeboah has
attributed the proliferation of churches
in the country to increasing curiosity in
young Ghanaians to venture into
evangelism and its related exploitation to
the unbearable cost of living.

The integrity of the Christian religion has
come under serious scrutiny as a result
of the conduct of some pastors. Many
at times stories of pastors duping their
congregation, defiling children, raping
women inundate newspaper front pages.

Even as he questions the heightening
enthusiasm in establishment of churches
especially by young men, Dr. Obiri
Yeboah added that the prevailing high
cost of living is a catalyst for the
exploitation in the churches.

"What is in pastor hood or priesthood or
church that everybody wants to
organize? There are good pastors, they
are professors, they earn something…
but please every young person O' level,
SHS does not want to continue, and they want to form a church.

What is in there, it has become like an
industry, the church is now becoming
the fastest industry and they are not
honest", he stated.

Dr Obiri Yeboah meanwhile believes the
Christian Council has a direct mandate to
ensure those miscreants are eliminated
from the system.

On his part, Reverend Tetteh
Djangmah, who is the Senior Pastor of
the True Vine Charismatic Church
International (TVCCI), charged the law
enforcement agencies to severely deal
with pastors who engage in such practices.

"There is a law enforcement agency in
the land. Let them enforce the law if
there is criminality. I empower people
not to leave their destinies into the
hands of others", he reiterated.

Watermelon Seller Wins Airtel’s Sleek BMW

Lady luck smiled on Hajiya Fati Issaka, a
watermelon seller at Asokore Mampong
in the Ashanti Region, as she won a
brand new BMW car during the Airtel
Supa Star Promotion last Friday.

Hajiya Fati, an Airtel subscriber, who was
accompanied by her husband and family
members to the venue, was beaming
with smiles when officials of Airtel
Ghana, a leading telecommunication
company in the country, presented the keys of the car to her.

The watermelon seller, who could not
hide her joy, told the gathering at the
colorful ceremony that Airtel had
improved her life, noting that services
provided by Airtel were low-priced so
people should patronise it.

The Supa Star Promo, which
commenced in August 2013, officially
came to an end in January 2014. About
15,000 Airtel subscribers won various
prizes worth GH¢650,000 during the

The Head of Corporate Communications
and External Affairs, Airtel Ghana, Donald
Gwira, said the promotion was to reward
customers of Airtel and also to improve
its services.

The Marketing Director, Airtel Ghana,
Manu Rajan, said his outfit would
continue to be responsive to the needs
of its customers by offering attractive
services and promotions for Airtel

The Zonal Business Manager of Airtel,
Ashanti Region, Walter Tabi-Debbrah,
said the winners took home sleek BMW
cars, Samsung smartphones, shopping
vouchers and airtime during the

He disclosed that six of the winners in
the promotion enjoyed a trip of a
lifetime to Brazil, admonishing the
populace to switch to Airtel to benefit
from improved services and promotions.

Shortage Of Dollars Hits Commercial Banks

Some of the country's biggest
commercial banks say they do not have
enough dollars to aid their operations. The banks attribute the serious short fall
to limited supply of the currency by the
Bank of Ghana. Some of the banks tell
Joy Business most of their dollar
requests sent to the Bank have not
been met.

The commercial banks say the situation
is so bad that they currently have
difficulties in transferring dollars on behalf
of their clients in Ghana to other banks
outside the country.

The situation has also affected most
businesses that need the dollars for their

A commodity trading firm tells Joy
Business they had to turn to the black
market for supply of dollars. "I am able
to get about 50 thousand dollars when I
go to the black market."

A bulk oil distributor also tells Joy
Business the current difficulty has
affected their import of petroleum

This could lead to trading move out of
the banking system, and would make it
difficult for the Bank of Ghana to
adequately check dollar circulation in the

Meanwhile, the Bank of Ghana has
however assured that it has enough
dollars to meet the demands of the
commercial banks and businesses.

A source at the Bank of Ghana says they
have enough reserves that would last
for about three months of import cover.
The source however adds that as
regulators, they need to manage the
situation well so that the country's reserve is not depleted sharply.

The source further stated that the
situation has come about because most
of the banks are putting in request that
they actually do not need. "Some have
doubled their request and we have also
seen it; that is why we are taking our time in responding to their request."

If the situation is not addressed quickly,
it could have serious implications for the

Woman Rents Out Her Husband To Other Women For Cash.

A clever housewife has managed to
balance her family budget - by renting
out her husband to other women who
don't have a man about the house.

But the offer from Renate Kogler, 28,
from Graz, in Styria, Austria, is strictly
limited to purely domestic duties, such
as fixing and repairing things around the
house or helping to lift and move things.

Renate said: 'A lot of single women
really miss a man when it comes to
putting together furniture, gardening or
doing repairs around the house.

My offer to rent out my husband Andreas is
mainly targeted at single women, but also to those women whose men are
not so handy around the house and
with DIY.' She added: 'When I was single I really missed having somebody to put my
furniture together.

I'm happy to share my man with others who are still stuck being single.' She said her husband, 34, was a real handy man to have around, and added that all those who have hired him so far for the equivalent of £20 an hour have said they would come back for more.

Armed Robber Is Pentecost Elder

Moments after the publication of the
story about the arrest of Samuel Kwame
Akwetey, a notorious ring leader of a
robbery syndicate in the Eastern Region,
Koforidua was thrown into a state of
shock, as a gang member was identified as an elder of the Pentecost Church.

Many people who know Samuel Kwame
Akwetey aka Kwame Agbeko and some
of members of the gang expressed
surprise at the news.

A vendor said a member of the church,
who identified Charles Awuku, 47, as a
Pentecost elder, rushed to the news-
stand to grab a copy of the paper when
he heard the news, even though the
church is yet to confirm this.

A source told Daily Guide that Charles
Awuku aka Kwadwo Mega was his boss
and hailed from the Kwahu area.

He said they sold local metallic pots
known as "Dadese", noting that Charles,
who is popular in the New Juaben
Municipality, was also the CEO of Mega
Sounds and owned about four durable
spinners which he leased to people. "Huh, I am really surprised," he said.

The police said that Charles Awuku sold
the booty from the robberies to his
numerous customers.

Daily Guide also gathered that another
member of the gang, Gideon Boateng,
38, driver, who used his private car to
transport the suspects and their booty,
got married about four months ago to a
UK-based lady and was expected to join her. Gideon was expected to leave the
country with the love of his life few
weeks ago but the death of his father,
whose remains would be interred next
week, disrupted the plans, a source

It would be recalled that Samuel Kwame
Akwetey, 35, and other suspects, were
arrested in separate operations in
Koforidua and other parts of the Eastern
Region. The Deputy Eastern Regional Police
Commander, ACP James Azuma Abass
Abaah indicated that Samuel and the
other suspects were responsible for over
20 armed robbery attacks, including the
recent robberies at several hotels.

They perpetuated violent crimes such as
rape in the New Juaben Municipality. In one of their operations, they beat a
lady, who refused to surrender, to pulp
before raping her together with her
sister on the eve of Christmas.

They ran out of luck, however, when
the ring leader was accosted by an
individual who had seen his photograph
in a publication as a wanted robbery
suspect in the region.

Also arrested were Godwin
Ametorwonyo, 38, Isaac Agormor, 22,
Gideon Boateng, 38, Mohammed Zibbo,
32, trader and Charles Awuku, 47.

According to ACP James Azuma Abass
Abaah, the young man (name
withheld), who single-handedly arrested
the ring leader, had seen the suspect
on Thursday, January 23, 2014 around
the SSNIT Old Estate area in the evening.

He confronted Kwame Agbeko on
suspicion that Agbeko might have been
lurking the area to pounce on
unsuspecting victims at night.

In an ensuing struggle, the young man
overpowered the suspect and with the
help of a taxi driver he was handed over
to the police.

During interrogation, he mentioned the
names of his accomplices whom the
police succeeded in arresting in separate
operations, whilst some were still on the

The police boss used the opportunity to
appeal to the public to volunteer
information to the police to arrest the
other suspects.

Nursing Mother Kills Son With Breast

The Waywardness of a thirty year-old
nursing mother, Asantewaa Lily, has led
to the untimely and avoidable death of a
seven-month-old baby boy who was
painfully killed by the breast of her
mother while he was being breast-fed.

The heavily intoxicated nursing mother
while breastfeeding her baby fell deeply
asleep on the baby with her breast still
in the mouth of her son on Saturday
evening at Akyem Old Tafo in the East
Akyem Municipality of the Eastern Region.

The breast, family sources say
suffocated the baby to death while the
wayward mother was deeply asleep.
The deceased has since been buried. Sources close to the family revealed that
the nursing mother, a habitual drunkard
got drunk at a funeral in the community
over the weekend and headed straight
to the house for her baby who had
suffered hours of hunger.

When she got to the house at night,
realizing the baby was hungry because
he was crying incessantly, decided to
breastfeed him, but fell asleep on him
and suffocated the baby to death. The nursing mother after waking up the
next morning found out that her baby
had died.

She was said to have
screamed for help, but when people got
to the scene the baby had long died
before being sent to the hospital. She later informed the family members
about the incident which led to the
burial of the deceased the same day.

The Akyem Tafo District Police
Commander, ASP John Yeboah in an
interview said no official complaint has
been lodged about the incident;
however, he assured that thorough
investigations would be conducted into what residents describe as silent murder
and the necessary action taken.

The nursing mother is now left with two

Meet The Woman With ‘The Most Expensive Body On Earth’

Meet Amanda Lepore, the transsexual
who has been tagged as 'the most
expensive body on earth'.

The 46-year-old blonde had a sex
change operation from male to female
when she was 19, and ever since then,
she has gone under the knife for all
sorts of extreme plastic surgery

The busty party-girl has had three chest
augmentations, butt implants, multiple
nips and tucks, lip injections, fillers, nose
job, forehead life, botox and had her
hairline lowered; she even had her
bottom ribs broken to achieve a smaller waist and a perfect hourglass statistics
of 38-22-38.

Speaking on her sex change procedure,
she described it as the most painful
procedure she has ever done. She has however refused to disclose
just how much she has spent in total on
all her procedures, responding instead
with "There is a reason I am labelled
'The Most Expensive Body On Earth'".

<a href='#'>#</a>

Another BBC journalist dies

The British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, has announced the death of yet another journalist, Anne Waithera, barely two weeks after Ghanaian journalist Komla Dumor, who was well known internationally as the main presenter of the BBC World News programme Focus on Africa.

She died on Monday evening after a long battle with cancer.

Announcing her death, BBC Africa wrote: "It's with deep sorrow that we announce the death of our colleague Anne Waithera who passed away Monday in Nairobi."

Before joining the BBC, Ms Waithera worked at Royal Media Services' Citizen TV and Nation Media Group's Easy FM radio station.

5 Important Lessons The Pencil Teaches Us

1. Everything you touch will always leave
a mark.

2. The mistakes you make can always be

3. Your most important asset is what is
inside you.

4. In life you will undergo some painful
sharpening that will make you a better

5. To be the best you must allow
yourself to be held and guided by the
hand that holds you.

Be a PENCIL and allow GOD to be the
HAND that guides you throughout 2014
and all your life.

Original Afia Schwarzenegger Bounced At A Club In Kumasi

According to a reliable source, Afia
Schwarzenegger (Original) tried to enter
a popular night club in Kumasi but was

According to the report, she wanted to
use her fame to enter for free but
unfortunately, the bouncers who hardly
watch her programme did not recognize
her and demanded she pays.

According to the source, when they asked her to pay, she said in Twi, "Oh! Mo nnim me, eye mu nipa oh! Afia! Afia Schwarzenegger" meaning, "Oh! Don't you recognize me, it's me oh! Your sister, Afia! Afia! Afia Schwarzenegger"

The bouncer in charge retorted, "Schwarzenegger? Hwe!!! Wo! Woo wo ye Schwarzenegger, yen yeye
Terminators na ye gyina ha no, toa sika
no na gyae dea wo kyire no woho"

You're Schwarzenegger, we're Terminators as we stand here, pay and stop what
you're saying"

But for the timely intervention of the
Club Manager, it would have been a
different case.


Afrocandy Almost Made Love To D’banj - Shockin'

AfroCandy today tweeted about how
she almost made love to D'banj in her
dreams and regretted she woke up
before the main thing.

She tweeted about it and some of her fans hailed her, while some said D'banj is already taken.

That word almost got her angry and she
replied one of them by saying, 'Nobody
own's the anaconda yet'….

Lagos University Professor Caught In The Act With A Female Student

Lagos Uni Professor caught LIVE in the
act with a female student at a dingy

Sadly, with all the sordid act, it is
still obvious she won't graduate with
good grades as she can't sleep with
every single man in the school.

It is a known fact that many of these
Profs just want to have a taste of every
beautiful girl on campus and when you
refuse they will fail you even if you pass
your exams. See the Photos

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Empowered women may be a theme of her songs – bu when you're Beyoncé Knowles, it seems empowerment involves striking suggestive poses and gyrating around the stage in a sheer leotard.

Within minutes of the singer appearing at the Grammy Awards, her routine with husband Jay-Z was denounced as 'vile p0rn' by horrified parents. Opening the show for a global audience of millions, Beyoncé performed a series of provocative dance moves, including writhing against her husband – who was fully clothed – as they sang X-rated lyrics.

At one point, the mother-of-one straddled a chair and was seen running her hands up and down her thighs in a suggestive manner before leaning back to drape herself seductively over her seat. Many of her other poses were too risque to be shown in a family newspaper.

Viewers condemned the sexually charged display as a step too far for the annual music ceremony, usually regarded as family entertainment. One noted that it is 'sad when our children can't even watch the Grammys', a sentiment that was echoed by hundreds of others who took to the internet to express their disgust at the performance of Drunk In Love which opened the ceremony in Los Angeles.

Yesterday campaigners also accused Beyoncé, who has a two-year-old daughter called Blue Ivy, of being a 'dangerous role model' and a 'disgrace' to thousands of young girls who would have been watching. Margaret Morrissey, of Parents Outloud, said: 'It is time Beyoncé realised she is offending every decent person in this country who I hope in future once they hear her name will switch off their TV.' Pippa Smith, of SaferMedia, added: 'There is something rotten at the heart of this so-called "music" industry when young women celebrities and now a husband and wife start to behave in such an obscenely sexual manner at events popular with all ages.

They are doing enormous harm to children's perception of what is normal behavior.' The Grammy Awards, which is in its 56th year, was broadcast on Sunday evening on US channel CBS and repeated in the UK last night on Freeview channel 4music. And while it was aired here at 9pm – just after the watershed – many children will already have seen video clips and images on the internet of Beyoncé, 34, and Jay- Z grinding against each other.

Campaigners and parents expressed dismay that the singer – who champions female independence – was semi-naked, while her 44-year-old husband remained fully dressed. Vivienne Pattison, of Mediawatch-UK, said: 'In this footage Beyoncé is wearing a really skimpy outfit but Jay-Z is not.

'If girls and women are seen exclusively as sexual beings rather than as complicated people with many interests, talents and identities, boys and men may have difficulty relating to them on any level other than the sexual.'

The latest furore comes just weeks after fans turned against the former Destiny's Child singer over the X-rated lyrics and 'pornographic' videos that feature in her self-titled album, released last month.

In the videos, she is seen scantily dressed and adopting provocative poses as she repeatedly refers to sex and alcohol.


Photo: Belinda and her first husband, Maximus Anumah

A 32-year-old woman and her father have been charged with bigamy by the police after she successfully got married to two different men legally in Ghana.

According to a report by The Finder newspaper, Patience Belinda Gyamfi (the woman at the centre of investigations) got married to Maximus Anumah, a member of staff at the 37 Military Hospital in 2012 and to Audrey Atikpo in January 2013 while she was still married to the former.

The newspaper reported that Belinda's marriage to Maximus was held at a church in Labadi and registered at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) while and the second marriage was registered in Somanya in the Eastern Region.

The report indicated that in mid-January 2013, Belinda, who had not been blessed with a fruit of the womb from her marriage with Anumah sought permission from her husband to go to Edumfa Prayer Camp in the Central Region for fasting and prayers to seek divine intervention so they could have children, to which her husband granted the request.

It said unknown to Mr Anumah, Belinda, her father and some family members had arranged a secret wedding with another man, Audrey Atikpo, who came down from the United States of America (USA). How they met is yet to be established.

The report said, according to the second marriage certificate, Belinda got married to Atikpo on January 31, 2013 and registered the marriage at the Somanya Magistrate Court. Atikpo then rented an apartment at East Legon where he stayed with Belinda for some days and went back to the US to process the necessary documents for Belinda to join him there.

According to The Finder report, when Atikpo left, Belinda packed back to her first husband's house at Labadi in mid- February 2013. It said, upon her return, Belinda always found faults with anything that Anumah did, resulting in frequent misunderstandings.

Some months later, Belinda's father brought drinks and GH¢300 to Anumah saying his daughter wanted divorce, but Anumah rejected the items, the report said. Being suspicious of his wife's calls from a gentleman and a woman from the US, Anumah enquired about the calls and Belinda told him that the man (Belinda's second husband Atikpo) was her cousin and the woman (Belinda's mother in-law in US) her aunty.

Not satisfied with the answers, Anumah started searching for his own clues and it was in the course of the search, Anumah found a piece of paper in their room bearing the name and address of Atikpo, The Finder reported.

According to the newspaper, Anumah logged on to Facebook, searched for Audrey Atikpo and sent him a friendship request. Upon accepting the request, and seeing Anumah and Belinda's wedding photos in Anumah's Facebook photos, Atikpo confronted Anumah and the two men both claimed to be the rightful husband of Belinda, The Finder said.

According to The Finder, Atikpo called Belinda from the US and confronted her on the matter and the following day, Belinda packed all her belongings from Anumah's house and went back to the house Atikpo rented for her at East Legon.

Feeling fooled and cheated by Belinda, Anumah reported the case to the police, who are currently investigating the matter.

Video capturing three senior high school students from Kumasi in a sex scandal has been leaked.

Exclusive video capturing three senior high school students from Kumasi in a sex scandal has been leaked. The names of the two boys and the girl due to police investigations cannot be revealed now.

The first part of the video of about two minutes sees one of the boys bonking the girl whilst the other fellow videos it. In the same video, one could hear the two guys laughing and giggling whilst the girl stayed cool for the guy to bonk her. The shocking aspect of this whole leaked tape is when the girl knew she was being recorded whilst the guy had sex with her but laid down to receive the exercise as though she has been paid to act in a blue movie.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

'Sex Roles Are Easy For Me' says Michael Seddoh

Sex scenes in motion pictures generate some excitement among movie fans the world over.

While some consider sex scenes the most exciting part of filmmaking, others frown on them. Ghanaian born Michael Darlington Seddoh, who plies his trade as an actor and model in far away South Africa, has disclosed that sex roles are not challenging for him at all, and that, he actually finds them very easy. He said sex scenes greatly contribute to movies because they do not only help the plot of movies and influence movie sales, but also mirror the fact that sex is part of human life. "I will say sex roles are the best parts of this job but it is not challenging. Action roles are the most challenging in my opinion. Other actors may have their different opinions but I think it's easy to act sex scenes", Michael said.

The tattooed actor who has featured in a number of South African modeling shows and productions played sex roles in the movies, 'Trustee' and 'Crushed'. Recently photos from one of the sex scenes raised eyebrows on social media. But Michael said, "It is not real, it is just a make believe. If it looks real then I will probably say we have done our job very well".

Shatta Wale Fights Profane Tag

Ghana's supposed 'Dancehall King', Shatta Wale, has challenged his critics to produce evidence that most of his songs have profane lyrics and therefore do not qualify to be nominated for the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

A number of music industry stakeholders have criticized Shatta's 'Enter The Net' and the mega hit 'Dancehall King' tracks as having sexually explicit content and therefore should be disqualified. This criticism is largely coming from persons who have one issue or the other against the musician and is largely calculated at getting him disqualified even before the VGMA board starts collating entries.

"Shatte does not only release songs for the media and for public shows. He also has songs for the streets and the ghettos. The second category of songs is not for radio or television airplay and they come in a language that suits the streets. But we can say on authority that none of the songs we have released for media airplay and for shows have a single profane or sexually explicit word. And we challenge anyone who has heard any media house play a Shatta song with profane lyrics to produce evidence or shut up and stop tagging the artiste as profane," Bull Dog, Shatta's Manager disclosed.

He said the criticisms are baseless and would not deter the artiste from submitting his works for the VGMAs this year. "We believe the Nomination Board would judge Shatta Wale by his works as a musician in 2013 and by the particular songs he would submit as well as his public votes, which would be huge, but not by his other songs he has not submitted," he added.

Management has confirmed that Shatta would be submitting his songs to compete for Song of the Year, Dancehall/Reggae Song of the Year, and the overall Artiste of the Year.

Zita Okaikoi Now Runs 'Z-Bar'

The freshest entrant to join Accra's finest top-tier restaurants is the Z-Bar Restaurant and Lounge, comfortably seated at the top floor of the World Trade Center building in the heart of Accra Business District.

The talk-of-the-town eatery is run by Zita Sabah Okaikoi, former Minister of Tourism. Barely seven months after setting up, Z- Bar Restaurant and Lounge has earned a positive reputation of providing good customer service in a clean environment. The manager is always around to address any issues that an unsatisfied guest may have.

The Z-Bar has a cozy ambiance, elegant decor, background music and comfortable seating and great lighting. The Manager, Nana Kofi Odame, said what make Z-Bar unique is their passion and commitment to customer satisfaction. "The customers' satisfaction and comfort is our first priority and this is our hallmark. The people who eat here are becoming like family because they keep coming back. They come for breakfast, return for lunch and again supper. They come back not only because our prices are the most affordable around here but they tell us our food quality and client service is what keeps them coming back. We take a lot of feedback and go an extra mile to make eating here a pleasant experience," Nana Kofi Odame disclosed.

The restaurant which can seat about 100 guests also has a cozy longue for private meetings and a well-stocked wine bar area. "We serve anything from continental to African and Ghanaian. And when we say Ghanaian we mean indigenous Ghanaian dishes and we also take orders for private parties, conferences, weddings and corporate happy-hours. On Fridays, we have our special happy-hour that starts from evening till about 3:00am. Corporate people come to hang out and have fun," he added.

Kwaku Gyesi Involved In An Accident - Gospel Musician

Ghana Music Awards Gospel Artiste of the Year, Kwaku Gyasi has been involved in a fatal accident this morning.

According to our source, the Kumasi-based gospel musician was on his way from Kumasi to Nkawkaw for a show this dawn (25th January, 2014) and just as he was approaching Nkawkaw, he lost control of the steering wheel and had his Hyundai 4x4 wheel drive, veered into the bush leaving it mangled.

Asked what could have caused the accident, the informant said that Kwaku Gyasi had gone to an all-night service last night and although tired, decided not to fail his fans at Nkawkaw but to go perform for them.

Even though Kwaku's car is seriously damaged, the good news is that he is in good state of health.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Aviance employees steal iPads at Kotoka International Airport

From L-R, Abraham Armah, Emmanuel Sowah, John Paiul Dzanku and Abraham Tetteh Pinto

Three employees of Aviance Ghana
Limited have been captured on video
breaking into the baggage of travellers at
the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in
Accra and stealing iPads and mobile
phones from them. The closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage captured baggage offloading
activities in the bulk holding
compartment of Emirates Flight EK787
that arrived at the KIA from Dubai on
October, 2013.

Names of suspects According to the police, the suspects,
whose names were given as Emmanuel
Sowah, 35; Abraham Armah, 33, and
John Paul Dzanku, 36, conspired with
Abraham Tetteh Pinto, a member of
staff of Glory Height Profile Consult, to carry out the operation. The first three have been working with
Aviance Ghana since 2009.

The CCTV footage showed the three
forcibly opening the baggage of some
passengers of the Emirates flight and
stealing gadgets, including iPads and
mobile phones. While Pinto kept watch to ensure that
they were not caught, the three
Aviance Ghana workers hid the stolen
items in their working gear before leaving
the bulk holding compartment. Emirates Invites Aviance Security The footage was seen 10 days after the
incident when Emirates Airlines invited
the management of the Aviance Security
Department of the Ghana Airport
Company Limited to watch it. The management of the Airport
Security, led by the Aviation Security
Operations Manager, Mr Kennedy Affum
Agyapong, was said to have been
overwhelmed by what it saw.

One iPad retrieved The Public Relations Officer of the CID,
Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr
Joseph B. Darkwa, told the Daily Graphic
that Aviation Security officers later
retrieved one iPad from suspect Dzanku
upon a search. He said all the four suspects deserted
their posts and had since gone into
hiding. They have been charged with stealing
and a warrant of arrest was obtained
from the courts on January 14. The four have been itemised on the
police wanted list in the Police Gazette. Pictures of the four suspects have been
posted at vantage points at the KIA and
on the notice boards of a number of
police stations throughout the country.

It is believed, he said, that the suspects
could be hiding in Accra, Kumasi,
Takoradi, Somanya or in the Volta
Region. "Anybody with information on them
should contact the nearest police station
or the Director of the Commercial Crime
Unit at the CID Headquarters in Accra" the police notice stated.

Source: Daily Graphic

Friday, January 24, 2014

Court orders woman to be gang-raped by 13 men

Unspeakable abuse:
The woman, seen surrounded by family members as she is escorted into hospital, was locked in a shed and raped overnight by 13 men, ten of which had been 'judges' in the kangaroo court which sentenced her A 20-year-old woman has been left fighting for her life in hospital today after a kangaroo court in India ordered her to be gang-raped for having an affair with a youth from another village.

The brutal punishment was allegedly carried out by the very same 'court' which found her guilty in a village near Suri in west Bengal state, 150 miles from Kolkata, police said. Police said that all 13 accused men - ten of whom made up the kangaroo court - have since been arrested for rape. Among them is the village headman. Despite her critical condition and clinging to life, the female victim managed to tell her story to The Times of India. 'I had an affair with a man,' she told the paper. 'We were dragged to a gathering where our community headman was present. They told me to pay 50,000 rupees (£490). When I said I couldn't, they brutalised me.' A doctor told the paper that the young woman was alive 'only because she is a tough tribal girl.' The woman's distraught mother said that
'the crime was committed by our own people.' She added: 'They tortured my daughter and dumped her home late at night.

We were threatened not to go to police. 'We tried to go to Bolpur hospital, but they stopped us.' The paper said the woman was raped in a village in the Labhpur police station area. It was on Monday afternoon that a group of tribal men found the woman sitting with her lover, who is from Chowhatta village and of a different religion. They dragged the two of them to a religious place known as a 'than' where a makeshift court was hastily put together on the orders of the tribal chieftan. Police said that the youth was told to pay a fine of £245 and warned that if he did not pay, men from the village would 'have fun with the girl.' With no money forthcoming, the woman was allegedly tied to a tree before she was forced into a shed and raped continuously until Tuesday morning. The woman's family were forced to remain indoors throughout Tuesday, doing their best to care for their daughter who was bleeding from severe injuries. According to the Times of India, the family managed to slip out late on Wednesday afternoon and take the woman to a health centre, where doctors said she should be taken immediately to the nearest hospital.

But from that hospital she was shifted on to Suri hospital in a critical condition at night. 'This is when the crime came to light,' said police officer Prashanta Chowdhury. 'She was gang raped and the details are yet to be investigated.' The shocking incident is not the first time that a woman has been punished for having an affair in the area. Four years ago a teenage girl was stripped and forced to walk naked through four villages, during which hundreds of people molested her and mocked her. They even filmed her with mobile phones, which resulted in police moving into the area and making arrests. The girl received a bravery award from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and today she lives in a state-run welfare home.

Source: Mail Online

Jealous 'friend' found guilty of pouring acid on Naomi Oni

Mary Konye (L) guilty of attacking
Naomi Oni with acid A woman has been found guilty of throwing acid over her friend's face and leaving her with life-altering injuries.

Mary Konye, 21, threw acid over Naomi Oni, also 21, outside her house in Dagenham, east London, in December 2012. Konye was disguised in a niqab and threw the acid in revenge for being called ugly, a court heard. Snaresbrook Crown Court found Konye of throwing or casting a corrosive fluid with intent to burn, maim, disfigure, disable or do grievous bodily harm. Oni had to undergo a series of skin grafts and has significant scarring on her face, hand and thigh. Judge David Radford warned Konye that she faced a substantial sentence.

Det Chief Insp David Whellams of Homicide and Major Crime Command said: "This was truly a horrific attack on the victim by someone she considered to be a friend. "But Konye was almost obsessively jealous of the victim's good looks and, after a previous argument between them, hatched an almost unbelievable plan to attack her with acid.

"The victim's life has been changed forever - she will always bear the scars of what happened - but she has been incredibly brave and I am pleased she has seen justice done today." Baljit Ubhey, CPS London's chief crown prosecutor, said: "The use of acid as a weapon is cruel and horrifying.

It can have a devastating effect on victims and can cause long-term pain and disfigurement as well as emotional and psychological harm. "The attack left Naomi with shocking injuries, including deep chemical burns to her face, neck, forearm and thigh. "This was an extremely brutal attack committed as Naomi made her way home from work.

Mary Konye disguised herself in a niqab and followed the victim from her workplace in Stratford to her home in Dagenham. As she got off a bus near her home the defendant threw sulphuric acid over her, then fled the scene." Konye will be sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on 7 March


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fake Doctor Grabbed - Posed as a Gynaecologist

agyeman duah

Agyeman Duah

A SELF-STYLED medical doctor, Agyeman Duah aka Dr. Prince Boakye has found himself in trouble for posing as a gynaecologist to defraud certain traders to the tune of GH¢19,700 after making them believe he could solve their infertility problems.

The accused person who claimed to be a doctor working with Lister Hospital allegedly informed his victims that he had a cure for infertility and collected money ranging from GH¢4,700 to GH¢5,000 from them.

He was on Friday put before an Accra Circuit Court on five charges of practicing medicine without lawful authority and defrauding by false pretences.

He denied the offences at the court presided over by Audrey Korcuvie-Tay and was denied bail to reappear on January 30. This was after the prosecutor had indicated that investigations were still ongoing as more people were reporting cases against him.

Presenting the facts of the case, ACP Atibilla stated that the four complainants are traders at Kantamanto and Okaishie while the accused is unemployed but a self-styled medical doctor residing at Ayigbe Town in Accra.

He disclosed that the complainants have infertility problems and in the year 2013 they met the accused person who told them he was a gynaecologist at Lister Clinic, Airport.

Agyeman Duah allegedly made the complainant believe that he could help them medically to overcome their problems and as a result collected various sums of money from them after which he administered drugs to them, some via injections.

The complainants, according to the prosecutor, after using the medicine for months got to know that Agyeman Duah was not a medical doctor and subsequently reported the case to the police.

On January 8, 2014, the accused person was arrested and when a search was conducted in his room, the police found injectable drugs, laboratory and x-ray reports of complainants and other victims, stethoscope, pictures of himself dressed as doctor, as well as books with his name Doctor Prince Da-Costa.

He allegedly denied being a medical doctor but admitted having administered drugs to some pharmacy shops.

He further stated that he referred complainant with complicated cases to hospitals.

 BY Mary Anane, Benedicta Gyamfi

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Despite Group Establishes Microfinance Company

BoG Boss

Millison Narh cutting the tape for BestPoint Savings and Loans Limited (BPSL) to commence business

Despite Group of Companies, the parent company of Peace Fm and United Television (UTV), yesterday launched a microfinance company, BestPoint Savings & Loans Limited (BPSL), in Accra to meet the needs of the unbanked in Ghana.

Ernest Ofori Sarpong, Board Chairman of BSPL, in a speech, noted: “Our vision is to significantly impact and improve the lives of customers who hitherto could not access banks and certain facilities.

“We seek to better the lives of the ordinary worker and provide financial services to artisans and small-scale businesses.

Kofi Ampofo Agyapong, Managing Director of BPSL, in a speech, stated that his outfit intends to employ innovation and tailor-made financial solutions to meet the needs of individual households and businesses in the country.

BSPL is jointly owned by Osei Kwame Despite and Ernest Ofori Sarpong, two Ghanaian business magnates.

Millison Narh, Deputy Governor of Bank of Ghana (BoG), delivering the keynote address, noted that the increase in the number of private tertiary institutions had enhanced the human resource base, adding that “savings and loans companies must take advantage of this to improve the quality of their staff.

He reiterated BoG’s commitment to supporting savings and loans companies across the country.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, George Ricketts Hagan, entreated management of the new microfinance company to offer quality services to Ghanaians in order to facilitate the growth of small-scale businesses in the country.

“Don’t over charge your customers because they come to you for loans,” the deputy finance minister noted, adding that they should rather help to grow customers’ businesses by offering moderate charges.

By Melvin Tarlue & Edem Tamakloe

Car Snatcher Jailed 30 Years

A DRIVER, who allegedly pulled a knife on a taxi driver and succeeded in snatching his Toyota Corolla taxi from him, has been convicted and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

The convict, Hayford Prince Ganyo and his accomplice, Ben, currently on the run, allegedly hired the victim, Joseph Dankyi to transport them to Adjiringano but attacked him on the way and snatched the taxi.

Ganyo and his accomplice also allegedly stole a Nokia phone and cash of GH¢240.00.

The convict before the court presided over by Francis Obiri admitted to two counts of conspiracy to commit crime and robbery and was sentenced accordingly.

The prosecutor, DSP Patrick Mokeh, presenting the facts of the case stated that the complainant Joseph Dankyi was a taxi driver in charge of Toyota Corolla with registration number GE 4422 -12 and resided at Pokuase while Prince Ganyo lived at Kofevi, Achimota.

He narrated that on January 10, 2014, the complainant was on his daily errands and when he got to a mechanic shop at Abofu around 4:30 pm, the accused and Ben now at large, stopped him and requested that he transported them to Adjiringano adjacent former President Rawlings’ house.

The complainant then charged GH¢15.00 and on reaching American House, the accused asked the driver to head towards Tesa, an area popularly known as 69.

The prosecutor said the complainant obliged but on the way, Ganyo pulled a knife at the complainant and ordered him to stop.

When the complainant and the accused got out of the vehicle, Ben sped off with the taxi leaving behind Ganyo.

Sensing danger, Ganyo allegedly took to his heels but the complainant shouted for assistance which attracted a taxi driver and a passenger.

They subsequently gave Ganyo a hot chase and apprehended him at East Legon Police Station.

DSP Mokeh said the stolen vehicle was later abandoned at a different location from the scene of crime when the police sent message across all police station.

A search conducted, according to the prosecutor, revealed that the accused had no permanent place of abode.

In his caution statement to the police, Ganyo allegedly denied having committed the offence.

However, the accused later confessed having committed the offence together with Ben and gave a confession statement in the presence of an individual witness.

The convict in the statement allegedly said someone requested for a car with the promise to give them GH¢3,000 for their service.

As a result of that Ben asked him to accompany him to Achimota to get a car for the person.

The stolen vehicle had since been retrieved.

 By Benedicta Gyamfi



Oil Service Workers In Ghana Go Bonkers - [Workers of Schlumberger]


Some aggrieved workers of Schlumberger

Scores of angry workers of Schlumberger, an oil service provider located at Apremdo near Takoradi, yesterday staged a massive demonstration at the premises of the company over what they described as discrimination against Ghanaians workers by the expatriates.

The workers alleged that the local people receive low remuneration and for that matter the foreigners consider them as cheap.

Charles Acheampong, chairman of the local union of the company, who read a resolution by the angry workers to journalists, noted that there had been no significant salary increment for the local workers since 2010.

According to him, every expatriate worker received a daily meal allowance of GH¢60.00.

“Meanwhile, the net basic salary of a graduate Ghanaian with over three years experience in the company is less than GH¢1,800 per month.

“Some local unionize employees are being paid a housing allowance of GH¢29 per month before tax, while non-unionized workers receive GH¢600.00 per month,” he added.

He noted that the global bonus scheme for offshore workers was being enjoyed by the expatriate workers only.

He stressed that even though Schlumberger claims to be the pioneer in the oilfield services business, its remuneration was less than other companies in Ghana.

Management expect the Ghanaians workers to work outside working hours with no pay but has refused to meet the demands of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Mr. Acheampong mentioned.

“Our Labour Act, which speaks of equal work, equal pay, never exist between locals and expatriate workers in this company,” he stressed.

He stated, “Management of the company has refused to implement Labour Laws on overtime and general local practices of Ghana. It has also threatened to place not less than 20 employees on redundancy because the local union insisted on discussions on wages and allowances.

The local union chairman therefore called on the leadership of the National Union to intervene to resolve the concerns of the workers within five working days otherwise the oil service provider would incur their wrath.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi

Customers Attack US Group of Companies

US Office

Agitated clients at the entrance of the US office.

But for the timely intervention of the police, customers of US Group of Companies would have ransacked the Ho office of the firm.

Over 100 customers of the company, who invested in the failed tilapia investment scheme, were invited by the company’s officials to receive their monies.

But the offices of the company were locked when they got to the premises.

The irate customers besieged the offices of the company and its radio station, which are all housed in the same building.

Speaking in an interview with BUSINESS GUIDE after the police foiled their plans, they said they were unhappy with the elusive and fraudulent tactics that the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Godfred Mediciné and his staff had adopted.

They stated that they would do everything possible to retrieve several millions of Ghana cedis from the company since it breached the contract.

According to reports, some customers proceeded to the studios of the radio station and succeeded in stopping the morning show, which was being hosted by Torgbui Ahorgo.

The police, upon a tip-off, immediately moved to the place to restore clam.

They led the customers out of the main building and allowed five representatives to meet some US officials for over an hour.

After the meeting, the representatives – Simon Deho, Henry Quarshie, Agbenyavu Reuben, Samuel Azah and Alex Kwadzobu, told their colleagues and the press that they had spoken to the CEO, Chief Godfred Mediciné on phone and that he promised to meet all customers on 23rd January, 2014 at the Pensioners Hall.

Despite the assurance, the customers were unconvinced and vowed to ensure the arrest and prosecution of the CEO if he failed to pay their money.

The US Group of Companies is an indigenous company which has offices in the Volta, Eastern, Central, Ashanti and Greater Accra regions. It promised its clients incredible profits which it failed to honour last year.

Chief among the schemes that were used to siphon the hard-earned income of clients were the tilapia investment module and money investment module under the US farming project.

Customers were said to have invested huge sums of money ranging from GH¢100 to over GH¢100,000.

The unsuspecting customers claimed they were promised interest of between 96 percent and 120 percent over six to 12 month period.

However, when the date for redeeming their investments was due (somewhere in June and July 2013), not even a pesewa was paid to them.

It also failed to pay a four-percent default interest on the investments every month.

Last year, about 21 customers took legal action against the company while others attempted to loot the head office of the company at Nungua in the Greater Accra region.

However, the police intervened in the matter to stop the irate customers.

Owing to the development, the Bank of Ghana (BoG) warned the public to be wary of their dealings with the company.

From Fred Duodu, Ho

Jealous Man Butchers Wife

JUSTICE AMPOFO, a 38-year-old man last Saturday January 18 butchered his wife, Elizabeth Danso, 38, at Akyem Tafo in the Eastern Region over suspected infidelity.

The suspect, a well known serial caller believed to be a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Eastern Region, attempted suicide by drinking poison shortly after the incident. However, both the suspect and the victim have been admitted at Koforidua Government Hospital receiving medical care under police protection.

Investigations by DAILY GUIDE indicated that the suspect had, for some time now, assumed that his had been cheating on him.

He suspected a top official of the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana, CRIG, (name withheld) believed to be his wife’s boss was having an affair with her; a claim she had denied.
However, tempers flared between them when Ampofo allegedly sighted amorous text messages exchanged between his wife and her so-called lover with hints of a sexual encounter.

Sources further disclosed that out of anger the suspect inflicted deep cutlass wounds on the face of the victim around noon. After the evil deed the suspect reported himself to the police and was subsequently arrested.

The victim was rushed to Akyem Tafo Government Hospital for treatment, while the suspect was arrested by the Tafo Police Command.


However, upon his detention, he informed the police of severe stomach pains and revealed that he had taken in poison. He was therefore rushed to Tafo Government Hospital, and later transferred to Koforidua Government Hospital alongside his wife, where they were currently receiving treatment.

ASP John Yeboah, Tafo District Police Commander briefing DAILY GUIDE, confirmed the story but declined further comment, explaining that the case had been referred to the Regional Police headquarters.

He however said investigations were ongoing for the suspect to be charged appropriately for prosecution after recovery.

Attempts to speak to the man suspected to be flirting with the woman proved futile as he declined to comment on the matter.

FROM Bampoe Daniel, Akyem Tafo

Maher-shalal Has Been Dedicated To Komla Dumor - Nicholas Omane Acheampong

Gospel artiste Nicholas Omane Acheampong has said he is dedicating his current hit song, ‘Maher-shalal-Hash-baz’ to the memory of Komla Dumor of BBC, who passed away in London last Saturday.

“I have read from the papers and also heard on radio what was said to be one of the last pieces Komla Dumor wrote a few days before he died. In that letter, Komla was talking about some crisis and misery he was going through and some people with negative attitudes stabbing him in the back. But his conclusion was that he thanks God for seeing him through and that ‘the enemy will be scattered’. That last sentence is what my song, ‘Maher-shalal-Hash-baz’ is talking about. I am so moved by his statement,” Nicholas Omane Acheampong told NEWS-ONE.

Omane Acheampong explained that the crisis and pressure Komla was talking about was not different from what many journalists and Ghanaians in general experience in their everyday lives and that it is necessary for everyone going through any form of crisis to take it easy and believe in God to scatter the enemy and bring victory.

“I got the title from Isaiah chapter 8 verse 1, ‘Maher-shalal-Hash-baz’, meaning, the enemy or evil one shall be destroyed. So when you meet someone just say ‘Maher-shalal’ and the person would respond ‘Hash-baz’ and then all enemies of poverty, sickness, bareness shall be destroyed,” Nicholas Omane Acheampong explained to NEWS-ONE.

He continued: “I will be making this official when I sign Komla’s book of condolence. This is a time those of us who are ministers of the gospel should use our calling to calm people down and sing songs of consolation, songs of hope, songs of prayer and songs that would minister peace and happiness to the hearts and minds of Komla’s family in particular and the nation as a whole.”

Nicholas Omane Acheampong was arguably the biggest gospel act for the year 2013 considering the popularity of his ‘Maher-shalal-Hash-baz’ song, the radio and TV airplays and his sheer number of public performances.

It is widely expected he would scoop several gospel awards at the upcoming Ghana Music Awards including Gospel Song of the Year, Gospel Artiste of the Year and Gospel Album of the Year.



Tonto Dikeh With Her Cute House-Help, Onyinye Having A Good Time Together

tonto dike and her housemaid oyinye'

Poko baby shared some photos of herself and her beautiful housemaid Oyinye.

See more photos below...

tonto dike housemaid oyinye

tonto dike and her housemaid oyinye 312





Leonardo DiCaprio Kisses African Actress Lupita [Pictures Inside]

African Actress Lupita Gets a Kiss From Leonardo DiCaprio

African Actress Lupita Gets a Kiss From Leonardo DiCaprio 1

Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong'o pictured meeting and kissing one of the world's greatest actors, Leonardo Dicaprio on the red carpet at the Producers Guild Awards yesterday in LA.
The Kenyan actress was posing for pics on the red carpet when Leonardo walked by and stopped to chat and kiss her on both cheeks. Isn't she living every girl's dream?

See more photos after the cut...

African Actress Lupita Gets a Kiss From Leonardo DiCaprio 3

African Actress Lupita Gets a Kiss From Leonardo DiCaprio

African Actress Lupita Gets a Kiss From Leonardo DiCaprio'



2Face & Wife Annie Idibia Name Their Second Child Olivia Idibia

2Face & Wife Annie Idibia Names Their Second Child Olivia Idibia

2Baba posted a picture of himself and the newborn, who happens to be his 7th child, with the caption “Ma baby gat ma back! Say hi 2 olivia idibia”

See another photo below...

2Face & Wife Annie Idibia Names Their Second Child Olivia Idibia 22

18-year-old arrested for selling her unborn baby on Facebook for £68

Veronica Carrera Chaparro (center), was arrested for allegedly selling her newborn daughter on Facebook

Veronica Carrera Chaparro (center), was arrested for allegedly selling her newborn daughter on Facebook

A Chilean teen sold her unborn baby on Facebook for just £68, police said.

The 18-year-old woman, named as Veronica Carrera Chaparro, was arrested alongside her mother and sister who are accused of helping her with the sale.

Police claim that Chaparro found out she was two months pregnant in February 2013.

She told her then 17-year-old boyfriend and made him promise to keep the news quiet.

But he broke the secret and told her family.

Chaparro's 42-year-old mother Angela Chaparro, and her 24-year-old sister Daniela Perez reportedly gave her three options.

'Sell it, abort it or give it up for adoption,' is what police chief Miguel Ampuero said she was asked to decide.

The as yet unborn baby was put up for sale on social networking site Facebook, and attracted immediate interest from a couple in the city of Concepcion.

However, the parties could not negotiate a deal.

A family from the Santiago neighbourhood of Puente Alto then got in touch, who offered to pay the child's $1,135 formal registration fees.

The baby was eventually born on November 4 and, the following day, the husband of the buyers allegedly paid the sum to authorities. He then handed over the much-smaller amount to the birth mother, who lived in the Maipu district of the capital, reports Cooperativa.

Chaparro, her mother and sister were all arrested and charged in connection with the sale

They appeared before a court in Santiago on Sunday.

Judge Ernesto Silva said the case was 'very serious'.

But he revealed that it could prove 'complex' because under Chilean law it is 'not a crime to offer over the internet the delivery of a newborn, even though financial compensation is offered.'

The buyers were also detained and will appear before a court on Monday.



Ghanaian emerges tops at London School of Economics

• Ms Nana Yaa Antwi-Gyamfi (right) being congratulated by officials of the London School of Economics and Political Science

• Ms Nana Yaa Antwi-Gyamfi (right) being congratulated by officials of the London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) named a Ghanaian student as the overall best performer in the Organisational Behaviour Programme at its graduation ceremony in 2013.

Nana Yaa Antwi-Gyamfi, 26, beat 25 other students in her programme to receive the prize from the prestigious university, where she had been studying for her master’s degree on a Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) scholarship. 

No stranger to academic success, Ms Antwi-Gyamfi, who graduated from LSE with distinction, has a long history of scholastic achievements dating back to her days in junior high school, where she obtained 10 As. 

From there, she only grew, placing second in Ghana in the 2005 West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and being named the best candidate in General Arts.

At the University of Ghana, she majored in Accounting and graduated with First Class honours in the Business Administration programme.

Advice to students

Ms Antwi-Gyamfi, who plans to stay within the realm of academia and hopes to pursue a Ph.D in the near future, said her early love for reading had really been beneficial  to her studies and advised other students that reading was key.

"It not only gives you a strong grasp of the English language but also opens your mind to different angles," she said. 

She advised students against the mindset that particular subjects were "off base" for some people and stressed the importance of focus and determination in overcoming challenges. 

"I really didn't like Mathematics, but I kept working at it and got better. I would just like to tell people that it isn't true that some people are not good at certain things," she explained.  

Finding a balance so that one did not become single-focused was also very important, according to Ms Antwi-Gyamfi, who is heavily involved in her Accra church's drama group and is also an aspiring poet and writer on the side. 

Above all, she said she believed that it was by the grace of God that she was able to achieve so much. 

On what was next, Ms Antwi-Gyamfi said she hoped to use her skills to help bridge the gap between academia and the real business world, ensuring that academic theories translated into functioning business practices here in Ghana. 

"While I can definitely see the attraction of remaining abroad, I think this is where most of the skills and knowledge are needed. Ghana will always be home," she said.  



Jubilee partners to produce 100,000 barrels of crude oil daily

Kosmos Energy Ltd has announced that Tullow Oil plc, the operator of the Jubilee field, has provided a revised production forecast of 100,000 barrels of oil per day (Bopd) for the full year 2014.

This rate allows for a potential two-week shutdown for regular maintenance at the Jubilee floating production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO).

A release from Kosmos said: “Based on the operator’s revised production guidance, Kosmos’ net interest in the field’s 2014 production is approximately 24,100 Bopd, similar to 2013 net production levels. As a result, Kosmos currently expects to sell eight crude oil cargoes during 2014.”

“The revised forecast is unrelated to reservoir performance and well productivity, which remain strong,” the release added.

It said new forecast primarily stems from the recently completed third gas injection well which started up in the fourth quarter of 2013 and provided minimal relief.

Additionally, the release noted that delays in restoring full water injection during 2013 further compounded the gas handling challenges.

Restoration of full water injection was achieved late in the fourth quarter.

Short, medium and longer-term options to ameliorate the situation in the best interest of all stakeholders are being discussed with Ghanaian authorities.

The Ghana National Gas Company’s Western Corridor Gas Infrastructure system is currently expected to be ready to receive gas from the Jubilee field in late 2014.

Meanhwile, the achievement of the revised production forecast is contingent on the timely resolution of these matters.

Petroleum Receipts

Acording to the 2014 Government of Ghana budget statement, the projections are not likely to significantly affect the government’s expectations in terms of revenue from the Jubilee Fields.

According to the budget statement for 2014, in the first nine months of 2013, crude oil production from the Jubilee field averaged 102,503 barrels of oil per day (bopd), compared with a projected output of 83,341 bopd and 71,997 bopd in 2012.

This works out to a total of 27,060,737 barrels for January-September 2013, compared with a full year estimate of 30,419,465 barrels and 26,351,278 barrels for the full year of 2012.

By end-September 2013, GNPC had made five liftings on behalf of the State. This totalled 4,977,922 barrels, which resulted in a total revenue of US$533.86 million.

The Jubilee Field is currently in its second phase of development – the Phase 1A. Work done so far in this phase helped to further increase production to an average level of around 107,000 bopd in October 2013.

Should production continue at the October 2013 level, the 2013 Jubilee average daily production is anticipated to exceed the 102,503 barrels mark recorded for January-September 2013.

Again total petroleum receipts, including proceeds from Jubilee Field oil lifting by GNPC on behalf of the State as of the end of the third quarter of 2013, was US$707.28 million (GH¢1,358.18 million), compared with a total 2013 Budget estimate of US$581.72 million (GH¢1,122.72 million).

The main reasons for the positive variance of US$125.56 million (GH¢235.40 million) were the realisation of more than expected inflows from corporate income tax and increased production.

It is, therefore, clear that nothing much is to be expected from the oil find this year.

Against this background, there is the need for the government to develop other sectors of the economy, such as agriculture and manufacturing as well as tourism to be able to rake in more funds to support national accelerated development and provide the needed jobs for the people.

This is because it is becoming evident that the economy cannot over-rely on the oil find to make any meaningful projections.


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