Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nigerian Model Shares Bikini Photo And “Birthday Sex” Video

Nigerian model/beauty specialist and rap star Ikechukwu’s ex, Sarah Ofili recently took to Twitter to share a photo of her hot body in a black racy lingerie.

She would be celebrating her birthday tomorrow so in other to ring in the big day, she also shared a video of herself on Keek which she aptly titled “Birthday Sex”.

Watch The Video Now

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Involved In Lesbianism

Call it the biggest scandal to hit the Ghanaian Gospel Music Fraternity and you will not be far from right.

Disgraceful? Reprehensible? Outrageous? Shocking? Or simply Scandalous Liaisons? All will be apt when the news is finally made public.

Host of Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” Kwasi Aboagye dropped the hint on the Saturday June 1 edition of the show on his return from a recent trip to the United States of America.

The dreadful and appalling news, according to the host of Accra’s most widely-listened to entertainment show is that, some female gospel musicians are involved in the act of lesbianism.

According to him, he has a list of the names of the gospel musicians involved in the practice. Moments after dropping the shocking exposé, several of his colleagues including panel members on the show and listeners who had their dials locked on the 104.3 frequency, flooded him with text messages with some even daring him to go public or cease speculating.

“Well, I’m not speculating. I’m saying that some female gospel musicians are involved in lesbianism and I don’t think that is speculation,” he stridently said.

Asked when he will reveal the identities of the gospel musicians involved in the practice, Kwesi Aboagye indicated that at the “right time I will disclose their identities on radio but i know what i’m saying…and I stand by it that some gospel musicians not all gospel musicians.

I said some female gospel musicians are involved in lesbianism and I have evidence to support that”. Pushed further to disclose whether they are budding artistes or veterans in the industry and or whether they based in Ghana or practice the act with other gospel musicians or ordinary women in the country, the “Entertainment Review” host simply said “i can only state that i got privy to the information in America and the gospel musicians are Ghanaians.

The revelation has certainly raised eye brows in the industry with tongues wagging as to which one among them practices lesbianism. But some believe it’s just a crude way by Kwesi Aboagye to gain more listenership.

However, considering his reputation in the entertainment industry and the niche he has carved for himself over the years, it will be highly inconceivable that a professional of his calibre will be so tactless to indulge in hearsay or peddle falsehood regarding such a sensitive issue without any shred of evidence.

For now, it remains to be seen as we keep our fingers crossed whether the “Darling Boy” as he is affectionately called, will make good his promise of disclosing the identities of the female gospel musicians involved in the practice of lesbianism after the completion of his investigations into the matter or it will be just another “expensive all fool’s day” joke; despite the fact that we are in the month of June.

Source: highstreetmail

Sunday, October 6, 2013

GYEEDA report released!

The Ministerial Impact Assessment and Review Committee report on the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA), has finally been released by government.

This comes after public outcry over what many described as government's attempt to shield some functionaries allegedly indicted in the report.

 The report was released together with a government action paper for implementation.

Among other things, the GYEEDA report recommends that, "RLG should refund an amount of five million and four hundred thousand Ghana cedis (GHS 5,400,000) being over payments made to the company."

It also states that government's "contract with Better Ghana Management Services Ltd. should be terminated in accordance with the provisions in the contract as it does not provide value for money."

Government had earlier described a "leaked report" as fake with President John Mahama promising to make public the true copy after a review committee headed by Mr. P.V Obeng had completed work on it.

Click here to download the full GYEEDA report (PDF format)

 By: Mawuli Tsikata

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Untold story of Legon “bikini” ladies

Before gaining admission to University of Ghana, some of us had the impression that although God Almighty is Omnipresent, the only place he is absent from is Legon Campus and that it is so because all LEGON GIRLS were morally disgusting.

Their counterparts in UCC, KNUST, UDS and some of the recently mushrooming University Colleges in obscure parts of Ghana all have “big” mouths to speak in condemnation of the Legon girl’s morality.

Even Makola Market women most of whom don’t know where Legon Campus is located “mpo” will flamboyantly narrate how Legon girls snatch their husbands – as if sexual promiscuity is an undergraduate course here in UG.

It has also become an acceptable traditional rumour or if you like an unspoken truth, that any Legon girl who drives a porsche car on campus is necessarily guilty of prosecution (please note: I didn’t say prostitution) of an immoral agenda with some “bigman” in government or the corporate world. While the aim of this article is not to say ALL Legon girls are literally like The Holy Virgin Mary, I write in condemnation of that jaundiced prejudice otherwise called Hasty Generalization (refer to your Level 100 UGRC 150 notes), that most if not all those speculations out there are not entirely true of all Legon ladies.

Many of us heard very dangerous stories of how Legon life was and that we will be safer going to Tech (KNUST) or even far-away UDS than coming here. Some students had to CONVINCE their mums and dads with illustrative statistical explanations before being allowed to come to LEGON! Girls who are eventually allowed to report to Legon are taken through a family counselling as if their daughter is going to the proverbial “EVIL FOREST”.

The guys are also taken through a similar ritual. Personally, I heard incredible stories of how Legon girls offered their “bearded meat” on request anytime Black Stars won matches! Come to think of it, this can pass for an Adwoa Tampico or “kyekyekule” joke.

But being in UG, I have come to see the untold positive stories of the institution; including the story of its beautiful girls and handsome gentlemen, who are subjected to the judgement of salt and pepper eating mouths nation-wide.

Nobody tells the story of a certain place called SARBAH FIELD where the same Legon ladies congregate to soak themselves in the grace of God and where University Security has had to disperse throngs of prayer warriors who are neck-deep in the pursuit of God; nobody tells of the persistent dawn Evangelism and door to door preaching that takes place on this Campus with girls and guys alike.

The Muslim Ladies Commission is never mentioned and their believe in Allah is silenced. The not so “Godly” ones are also obsessed with a marathon to beat Prof Aryeetey’s “80% for A” grading system in order not to disappoint family with E’s or F’s are left out of the discussions, a feat to be blamed purely on the draconian grading system. (There is no chilling in Legon ooo!!!) Ok, let me put it better, add “not anymore” to the bracketed sentence. You see what I mean? As I write, 120 students have been silently sent home on very poor academic output! On the fashionable beauties, they serve their purpose at Beauty Pageant shows and they are NOT as “baaaaaad” as is put out there. Few are worse though.

Finally, I must admit there are bad nuts not just here in UG, but everywhere including but not limited to KNUST, UCC, UDS, UEW, UPSA etc etc. However, until the Marys, the Ruths and the Marthas have had their stories told with pomp and cheer, the stories of LEGON will continue to glorify sexy bikinis.

Let those “girls” who by their actions and inactions bring disrepute to Legon Ladies’ names keep in mind that until the “Children of God” have had their historians, the story of Legon will justifiably be aluguntugui! Gui! MEDAAAASE! What a way to end an article?

Source: Mikdad Mohammed | University of Ghana/myJCR.Com

Legon Boys Hijack 'Ashawo' Business Bizarre sex activities perpetrated by male students of the University of Ghana have caused police detectives to be on the alert during the night. The Independent learnt the male sex workers make more money than their female counterpart, as their charges range between $300 and $400 per night. Further checks by the paper revealed that these males mingle with female sex workers during the night. "After the process, we buy drugs to suppress the pains. After all, it is rewarding and we make some cash to pay our fees and take care of ourselves,” one of the male sex workers, who pleaded anonymity, told The Independent. Startling revelations have emerged that the male students congregate in areas such as the Accra Mall, Kwame Nkrumah Circle, High Street, Togo Embassy, East Legon and Lapaz where they attract other interested gay counterparts. “There are men who have sex with other men as a matter of preference or practice, regardless of their sexual identity or sexual orientation and irrespective of whether they also have sex with women or not,” a police officer who pleaded anonymity has stated. This current development goes to support The Independent’s “Ghana Tops Gay List In Africa” banner headline carried on the 12th of August, 2013. It will be recalled that The Independent Newspaper published a story, which revealed that Ghana had been named as the African country with the most registered homosexual ‘hopefuls’ seeking expatriate partners. In the story, certain gay hotspots in Ghana were named. Prominent on the list of gay hotspots was the University of Ghana, Legon, where gays were alleged to hangout on specific days. Last week, reports said the Nigeria police had arrested over 32 male undergraduate students who allegedly indulged in homosexual acts, adding that those arrested upon completion of investigation might be taken to court.


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