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Minister Warn Students Over 'Sakawa'

According to him, the youth of the country should not use the internet to dupe innocent people.

He also warned Ghanaians in general to be cautious at all times in order not to fall prey to the nefarious activities of fraudsters.

Dr. Omane Boamah said there is 'no free lunch' and charged the youth not to succumb to free offers from aliens on the internet.

The Minister made the remarks during the presentation of 180 desktop computers to selected Community Information Centers (CIC) in the Ashanti region in Kumasi on Tuesday.

Dr. Omane Boamah said government was collaborating with South Korean government to introduce technologies that would help protect the people.

The donation formed part of plans by government to distribute 4,000 computers to CIC, ministries, departments and agencies to help boost the learning of ICT.

Dr. Omane Boamah said ICT development was a priority for the NDC government, noting that the Mahama administration believes the country cannot develop appropriately without ICT in this computer era.

He disclosed the NDC government would in the next four years distribute a whopping 400,000 laptops and computers to students and schools to boost ICT learning.

The government, he said, had invested a staggering 37 million Euros in a 780 kilometer optic fiber project nationwide, which is geared towards boosting the internet to enhance businesses.

The Minister sternly cautioned people against cable theft which negatively affects communication.

The beneficiary areas in the region were Adansi North, Affigya Kwabre, Amansie West, Atwima Nwabiagya Kwabre, Sekyere Central and Sekyere South.

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Eric Opoku said the Regional Coordinating Council had secured land to construct an ultra-modern press center to enhance the work of the media in the region.

He said drawings for the building had been completed and some funds had been secured to start the construction of the edifice soon.

 FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

Nigeria frees 16 women in new 'baby factory' raid

LAGOS (AFP) - Nigerian police have raided a home and freed 16 pregnant young women who were allegedly being forced to have babies to be offered for sale for trafficking or other purposes, police said Thursday.

They said they arrested the man suspected of running the home, adding he was arrested on similar accusations two years ago but it was unclear what happened to the previous case or why he had been freed.

"The operation was carried out by the DSS where 16 expectant mothers, aged between 17 and 37, were found," Abia state police spokesman Geofrey Ogbonna told AFP.

The DSS is the Department of State Services, a domestic intelligence and police force.

He said the raid on Cross Foundation in the southern city of Aba was carried out on Tuesday and the proprietor, Hyacinth Ndudim Orikara, had been arrested.

"The suspect is a serial human trafficker. He claims to be a medical doctor. I could recall that the same man was arrested in May 2011 and 32 teenage girls were rescued from his home," he said.

He said the girls confessed that they had been offered to sell their babies for between 25,000 and 30,000 naira (around $200), depending on the sex of the baby.

Ogbonna said the previous incident had been referred to the state-run agency fighting human trafficking, the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons.

"I don't know what became of the matter and now he has been arrested again for the same offence," he said.

A spokesman for the anti-trafficking agency said it does not have jurisdiction over such cases and had handed the man back over to police. He was unsure what occurred after that.

Nigerian security agents have uncovered a series of alleged baby factories in recent years, notably in the southeastern part of the country.

Last month, six pregnant teenage girls were freed in a raid on a house in Enugu where three people suspected of planning to sell their babies were arrested.

The incident came just five days after police in nearby Imo State freed 17 pregnant girls and 11 small children from a home in the town of Umuaka.

The girls, aged between 14 and 17, said they had been impregnated by a 23-year-old man who is currently in custody. The owner of the building is on the run.

Human trafficking is widespread in west Africa, where children are bought from their families to work in plantations, mines and factories or as domestic help.

Others are sold into prostitution, and less commonly they are tortured or sacrificed in black magic rituals.

Twenty secrets every woman keeps

Secret one
My best friend knows everything. She knows all of your vitals - from the size of your bank account to the size of your other, er, holdings - and she knows how both compare with those of every other man I've dated.

Ask her about me or discuss our relationship at your peril. She will tell me. Even if she promises not to. This is not always a bad thing (like if you happen to be telling her how much you love me). But, in general, remember that she is my confidante first and yours never.

Secret two
I'll never tell you exactly how many men I've slept with. No matter how sincere I appeared when I answered your question.

Secret three
I fantasised about being with you at least a dozen times before we actually first got naked.

Secret four
I still think about my ex-boyfriends and compare them to you. Mostly you win. Sometimes not.

Secret five
I have discovered your porn stash and your frequently visited dirty websites and think the things that turn you on are hilarious.

Secret six
You've made me cry more times than you'll ever know.

Secret seven
I want you to talk dirty.
Secret eight
I obsess about when you're going to call me again. The period of time between our first date and your "I had a great time the other night. Would you like to go out again this weekend?" always seems stretched into slow motion. So don't worry about appearing eager. Call.

Secret nine
At the beginning of our relationship, I save all of your voicemails and listen to them repeatedly.

Secret 10
I'm constantly testing you. I observe, analyse and judge every action, word, gesture, e-mail and facial expression. When I ask you if you want to have a threesome, I don't mean it. If you want me to speak to you again, let alone sleep with you after this conversation, the answer should always be: "Why would I want to sleep with another woman when I have you?".

Secret 11
I check out your bum every time you leave the room.

Secret 12
I need constant indications that you want me around. That's why it's better, for example, to say, "I want you to come away with me for the weekend. Could you come with me?" than to ask, "What are you up to this weekend?".

Secret 13
I want you to take control in bed. Yes, I have a successful career, I'm financially independent, I live on my own and I don't need a man to make me happy (in theory). But I still want you to pick me up, carry me into the bedroom and take without asking.

Secret 14
Twenty secrets every woman keeps
Secret 15
Even though I may complain that I don't see you enough (or that you work too hard), I find nothing sexier than watching you put on a suit in the morning and rush off to work.

Secret 16
I start fights with you because I'm feeling ignored. Don't retreat into your cave; just give me what I want: some attention. And never tell me to "calm down", unless you want to guarantee that I absolutely won't.

Secret 17
Even if I insist on paying or splitting the bill on our first date, I'll think you're cheap if you let me.

Secret 18
I may find your best friend repulsive, but I've fantasised about sleeping with him. Not because I want him, but because I want a piece of a bloke who is so close to you.

Secret 19
If I'm going to break up with you, all of my friends know long before you do. I've been talking about it for two weeks.

Secret 20
When we do break up, I'll put photographs of you and mementos of our relationship in a shoe box and store it in my closet. Just in case I get nostalgic. Just in case you come back.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Woman uses black magic - confesses to using water from her private parts to cook and sell her foods

An owner of a popular ‘buka’ (local street restaurant) in Portharcourt confessed last Saturday to using diabolical means to entice customers, as well as take their destinies.

    According to eye witnesses, the lady named Happiness a native of Akwa Ibom state, suddenly ran mad while at her buka located at Aleto in Eleme Local Government area of Port-Harcourt, Rivers state. She was said to have suddenly started acting crazy, tore her clothes and started confessing how she employed diabolical means for the growth of her business. In her confession, she said she mixes water used to bathe corpses with her food, as well as water from her private part and menstruation blood.

She said she did all these to attract customers whose “destinies” she used for the growth of her business and riches. After her confession, she tore off her clothes and went around town naked, confessing her evil, appearing to have lost her sanity. The news of her confessionspread around the area, and some of her customers who are mostly the commercial ‘okada’ riders and angry onlookers ponced on her beating her till the Police who arrived in time and took her away.

Big Brother Africa Is Fast Becoming A P0rn Fest.

What is this world coming to?


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