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Raw Sex Tape Out Of Ghanaian Actress?

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“Oh hurry up, hurry up Stephen…oh baby you are killing me…oh baby I am coming…”

These were sensually exciting words from a lady which have been captured in a 60-second sex video currently in circulation in Accra and Kumasi.

The video tape has generated what may become the biggest controversy in Ghana’s entertainment industry. Persons who have watched the video claim the light-skinned lady who was being ‘sexually assaulted’ from behind in a ‘doggy-style’ resembles a Ghanaian celebrity. The sex video, which can appropriately be described as a ‘porn video’, shows only the face of the lady obviously enjoying a steam sexual intercourse with a slightly tall dark-skinned man she called Stephen.

The sex was hot and raw as they enjoyed each other without a condom in sight. The lady’s hair was blond and though the News-One newspaper has seen the video and believes a striking similarity in voice, accent and looks with a celebrity, the paper, at this point cannot be emphatic about the identify of the lady. It has also been uploaded on several Facebook walls in Ghana. Several persons have downloaded the video onto the mobile phones and are circulating it through Bluetooth and BBM.

The Video
The video does not show the guy’s face. It only shows his body but shows the lady’s face very vividly. She was not naked and had not even removed her panties. She had bent over in the corner of a three-in-one sofa and protruded her backside to face the guy who has standing right behind her. In the video, the lady had shifted her panties to the left side of her buttocks and because she was bent, it gave the guy a free range to bang. While the guy was banging from behind, the lady was head shouting in ecstasy” “Oh hurry up, hurry up Stephen…oh baby you are killing me…oh baby I am coming…” The sofa was made of pink-coloured leather while the room in which the couple was mating was painted blue.

While majority of persons who have seen the video are mentioning the name of a particular Ghanaian female celebrity, others say this could not be true and that the lady in the video looks more of a white lady than the said celebrity. There is also another controversy on why the video has been deleted and reloaded several times on various internet sites and Facebook walls. It seems as if each video hardly lasts a day on any site before it gets removed and then reloaded hours later, creating a seek-and-find excitement amongst internet users.

Source: News-One

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