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Tema Rapper commit suicide after his girlfriend dumps him(The True Story)

What kind of a Rapper would end his own life because of a Girl? and the girl too isn't that beautiful aahhhh...
Gabe Smalls is really a Big Fool for killing himself over such a stupid matter..... If he gets to Hell i hope amokye whoops his ass very well... NKWASEAS3M KWA
Your parents are now going to go through lots of pains amd sorrow just because of this stupid Mistake you have done.. wo maame tw3 wate!!! Gabe Small.Woy3 Aboa
Gabe Smalls, an upcoming rapper from Tema ended his life yesterday in what is thought to be infidelity in his relationship. The 21 year old Boy is said to have beaten his Girlfriend mercilessly when he found out that his Girl was cheating on him.. The Girl to is said to have Cursed him(OBOO NE DUA) a..k.a (ANTOA) 
On 22nd november he updated his facebook status saying "Seeing the one you love love someone else is like having a dove in a cage...you love it soo much,you do everything to make sure its safe and happy but deep within it wants to fly away,soo nothin you do pleases it.....You jux gotto let it go,mourn it as if it was dead and let da pain it left you Go."
It thought Gabe had suicide thought so on sunday he went to church to clear his head and when it didnt help he ended his life.

Actor’s Manhood Exposed

What began as a muggy scene for new Ghanaian actress, Brenda Osei Bonsu, and budding actor Prince Dave Osei in Venus film’s ‘Dons of Sakawa’, ended with the unexpected when one of the two stars had the sex organ accidentally exposed to the other.

Easygoing Brenda and a daughter of a prophetess, News-One gathered, had the visual feel of Prince’s seemingly ‘huge’ manhood while she was trying to import her bedroom antics into her character. A source close to the actress said the new actress nearly collapsed after seeing her actor’s coiled genitals in his boxer shorts. The two have since been keeping what happened as a top secret, however, the scene, which contained the looming organ exposure scandal, is not helping matters as movie enthusiasts have started taking notice of it, saying ‘it is selling big time’.

How to Arouse A Woman, Part Two

Part one gave you a point of reference in knowing where a girl is. So how do you get her horny? Well, you can turn her on with your touch, and you can turn her on without touching her. I call these tactile and non-tactile forms of stimulation.

Make sure it's the right kiss
Here we have two variations: non-vaginal and vaginal. Ways to turn on a girl without touching the puss include kissing, massage, proximity (such as dancing close to her) and “being caveman.”

Let’s begin with kissing. There is one rule you need to remember on this topic … girls kiss you the way they want to be kissed. If she wants it rough, she’ll kiss you roughly. If she doesn’t want the tongue, she won’t give it to you. Calibrate your kisses accordingly.

How To Arouse A Woman, Part One


There are few things that empower a man more than his ability to arouse a woman sexually. But not every guy knows which buttons to push, since there seem to be so many, and each chick is wired differently.

So to make things manageable, I present to you an itemized list of tools, with the hope that I can bring some order to this often bewildering topic.

Turn her on
Before we get started, let me clarify what we’re talking about. You want to get girls horny, with the ultimate goal being sex. Most articles I reviewed pertaining to “how to turn on women” made much reference to stuff like romance and being a gentleman. That’s fine, but for the purpose of this article, I’m gonna assume you have these other aspects covered. Let’s instead discuss the stuff that actually gets her lady bits wet. Sound fun? Super duper.

First, you will need a scale to refer to telling you where a girl is … bone dry to dripping wet. Here you go …

Levels of Arousal
Having a system to tell a girl’s readiness to bang based on her arousal would be very useful. Of course, you can’t put a probe in her birth canal to measure drippiness, and so much of this may be a judgment call. When trying to gauge a girl’s level of arousal, look for a cluster of behaviors indicating where she’s at. Any single cue out of context may not be reliable.

And finally, this is NOT a ladder. Some guys have devised escalation ladders (starting with the back of your hand on her elbow, ending up with sex), but I think they’re lame and artificial. You may start escalation with a girl by grabbing her ass or making out with her, then jump back down to very light friendly touch, and then leap forward to foreplay. It’s this kind of unpredictable and dominant behavior that turns girls on, not the standard and safe linear progression a ladder would have you follow.

The LAST goes from 1 to 10, where 1 is un-aroused and 10 is highly eager to fuck. At 8 and above, girls are usually pretty horny and good to go. Use your intuition and calibration, and don’t look at this like a rule book. These are just indicators you can refer to when trying to discern her readiness.

The Levels

Level 1
High fives, hand shakes, knuckle bumps
Side hugs
Thumb war

Level 2
Simple, friendly hugs
Arm-in-arm walking

Level 3
She slaps your thigh while seated
Holding hands, fingers not intertwined
Tickling her
Longer hugs, held tighter
Briefly massaging her shoulders while she sits

Level 4
Hold hands, fingers intertwined
Caress her forearm

Level 5
Smack her ass (and she’s ok with it)
She squeezes your thigh
She sits on stool, straddling your legs/body as you stand

Level 6
Her palm on your chest briefly
Massage her upper back while she’s lying down
Caressing her face, neck or hair
Brief kisses, mouth to mouth
She runs her fingers through your hair

Level 7
Light making out. She doesn’t use tongue much.
Her hand stays on your chest, such as squeezing your nipple
Massage her lower back, thigh and butt
Kissing/biting her neck
You clench her hair at the back of her head
Having her suck your thumb
Caressing her lips with your finger
Touch her breast over her clothes
Briefly touching (but not rubbing) her vag area over clothes

Level 8
Heavy making out. She uses her tongue/sucks/bites
She initiates the make outs
She’s got her hand on your junk, outside of pants
Squeezing her ass during makeout
Playing with her breasts, skin-on-skin
Sucking her nipple
She keeps her arm across your lap with her elbow touching your cock
As you hold hands, the back of hers is against your cock
Stands with her pelvis against yours, rocking or gyrating
You briefly rub her cooch over clothes

Level 9
She’s giving you head
She’s rubbing your junk, skin on skin
You’re intensely rubbing her cooch over her clothes

Level 10
Fingering her or eating her out
In part two, I’ll define the various forms of stimulation at your disposal.
Source: anbrcama.com

Bekwai P0rn Video: 7 Girls Named

HUNDREDS OF people are flocking to seek pleasure from the images of the Bekwai pornography victims as circulation spreads like a blazing fire in areas such as Bekwai, Obuasi, New Edubiase and other surrounding areas.

The widely distributed pornography videos and still pictures captured several women from various parts of the country in ‘hot sex’ sessions with the protagonist, Alfred Acheson, believed to be a pornography dealer.

So far, seven of the women, who have been recognized and identified by their friends and relatives, are currently living in fear and feeling humiliated.

Out of the seven, five of them are residents of Obuasi, with two living at New Edubiase in the Adansi South District of the Ashanti region.

The Obuasi victims consist of a nurse, a ‘waakye’ (rice and beans) seller, a married woman and two students, who live at suburbs such as Boete, Anyinam and Brahabebome in the Golden city, while the Edubiase victims have been identified as students.

Tiffany: The Nude Pictures Were Meant For My Boyfriend

Tiffany Hayden's new look

Ghanaian female rapper/singer, Tiffany of “Fake London Boy” fame who was recently in the news following the scandal of her nude pictures going viral, has confirmed taking several photographs of her exposed body on her mobile phone.

She however explains that the said pictures were for private purposes and meant for her boyfriend who resides outside the country.

Tiffany (Full name: Tiffany Owusu Hayden), opened up for the first time about two pictures of her exposed breasts being circulating on the internet (Face book, Twitter and other social networks and websites) in an exclusive interview on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review”. Asked who took them; she said “I took them myself for private use”.

“First of all I have a personal life aside the music I do. I have a son and a man in my life but the nature of my work does not keep me stable at a particular place all the time. I am always traveling around but that doesn’t mean I should forget about my personal life,” she explained.

According to her, she communicates regularly with her boyfriend on Blackberry and sometimes when they miss each other they exchange pictures on the phone. “So I took those pictures for my boyfriend my fiancĂ©e who is the father of my son. It wasn’t for the public, Ghanaians or my fans”.

When host Kwesi Aboagye asked her about her boyfriend’s reaction to the leaked photos, Tiffany replied, “what he always told me was to be strong for myself and for my son... he knows that the pictures were meant for him”. She added that though some of her friends and family members might have obviously confronted him about this, she believes “He is very a strong man that is why he is with me because I am a strong woman”.

“We’ve both learnt from this and are all growing out of it,” she said.

Recounting the genesis of the incident, Tiffany revealed she took the pictures about five or seven months ago, before she traveled to London for the Ghana Hiplife Festival. Asked whether it was out of her own volition or her boyfriend coaxed her into taking the shots, the “Azonto” crooner replied, “it’s a private issue”. She however pointed out when one is involved with someone intimately and the couple have a child, its different from a mere relationship, “when you are away, you have to do certain things to let him that you still think about him and care for him”.

Asked how her personal pictures came to be in the public domain, Tiffany narrated that she was attacked by armed robbers at her home some months ago, where her money, jewelry, Plasma Television sets, bags, dresses and other personal items including her blackberry phone, were stolen.

“So I think that is how the pictures got out. For me I thought it was a personal cell phone I was using and I knew there was something like that on it at that time but I never thought I would lose it (phone) at that time. So it was stolen and someone decided to release it on the internet”.

She said she reported the case to the Tema Community 18 Police after the incident happened, but she had to travel to the UK.

“I returned to Ghana to perform at the Red Lipsticks All Female concert…later I received calls from some faceless people who claimed they have my phone and threatened to blackmail me if i refuse to pay them a ransom,” she revealed.

The blackmailer(s) initially demanded $40,000 dollars which Tiffany bargained down to about $15,000. Tiffany said she again had to travel to South Africa so she reported the case to the CID unit at Police headquarters before she left, only to be called by her mother that her nude pictures are all over the internet whiles she was in SA.

On Friday, November 25, 2011, Tiffany said the Police called to inform her that they have three suspects in their grips. According to the police, the suspects claimed coming across the phone “somewhere” so they took the memory chip out and sold the phone.

The suspects later said they saw Tiffany’s pictures on the memory chip, searched for her number and called to blackmail her.

5 suspects, all Nigerians students in Ghana, are in the grips of the law. They were arraigned before court last week and have been remanded for two weeks.

The “Last One” hit maker used the opportunity to apologize to her fans, friends and family members who were offended by the entire episode. She thanked the Ghana Police and everyone anybody who in diverse ways supported her when the incident occurred.

She said she has learnt her lessons adding that even if she decides to take any nude pictures of herself in the future she will delete them immediately after it had served its intended purpose.

Tiffany's Nude Pictures 

Raw Sex Tape Out Of Ghanaian Actress?

“Oh hurry up, hurry up Stephen…oh baby you are killing me…oh baby I am coming…”

These were sensually exciting words from a lady which have been captured in a 60-second sex video currently in circulation in Accra and Kumasi.

The video tape has generated what may become the biggest controversy in Ghana’s entertainment industry. Persons who have watched the video claim the light-skinned lady who was being ‘sexually assaulted’ from behind in a ‘doggy-style’ resembles a Ghanaian celebrity. The sex video, which can appropriately be described as a ‘porn video’, shows only the face of the lady obviously enjoying a steam sexual intercourse with a slightly tall dark-skinned man she called Stephen.

The sex was hot and raw as they enjoyed each other without a condom in sight. The lady’s hair was blond and though the News-One newspaper has seen the video and believes a striking similarity in voice, accent and looks with a celebrity, the paper, at this point cannot be emphatic about the identify of the lady. It has also been uploaded on several Facebook walls in Ghana. Several persons have downloaded the video onto the mobile phones and are circulating it through Bluetooth and BBM.

The Video
The video does not show the guy’s face. It only shows his body but shows the lady’s face very vividly. She was not naked and had not even removed her panties. She had bent over in the corner of a three-in-one sofa and protruded her backside to face the guy who has standing right behind her. In the video, the lady had shifted her panties to the left side of her buttocks and because she was bent, it gave the guy a free range to bang. While the guy was banging from behind, the lady was head shouting in ecstasy” “Oh hurry up, hurry up Stephen…oh baby you are killing me…oh baby I am coming…” The sofa was made of pink-coloured leather while the room in which the couple was mating was painted blue.

While majority of persons who have seen the video are mentioning the name of a particular Ghanaian female celebrity, others say this could not be true and that the lady in the video looks more of a white lady than the said celebrity. There is also another controversy on why the video has been deleted and reloaded several times on various internet sites and Facebook walls. It seems as if each video hardly lasts a day on any site before it gets removed and then reloaded hours later, creating a seek-and-find excitement amongst internet users.

Source: News-One

Man Who Filmed Hot Sex Sessions In His Room

WILD Hunt! Alfred Acheson

The police in Bekwai have mounted a manhunt for a 35-year-old man, Alfred Acheson, believed to be a pornography trader, who has taken the sleepy town of Bekwai in the Ashanti Region by surprise hitting the municipality with a sex scandal involving hundreds of ladies.

The suspected pornography dealer had since gone into hiding as the police mount a search for him, according to Superintendent Felix Kwasi Cosmos, Bekwai Municipal Police Commander, who confirmed the story to Daily Guide.

The police boss disclosed that Acheson made a theft case against a certain John Donkor of the local Pentecost church, indicating that the latter had stolen his drive.

Miss Malaika Is Not About Sexual Favors

Organisers of the Miss Malaika beauty pageant have categorically denied suggestions that success in the pageant is guaranteed only to those who are willing to offer sexual favors.

This follows the arrest of a young man for allegedly attempting to defraud a prospective contestant. The suspect, Godfred Amankwah-in a taped conversation- promised a prospective contestant in the pageant that he could guarantee her a place in the final if she would have sex with him.

But the Head of Public Relations at Charterhouse, Juno Turkson says the claims by Godfred are absolutely false. She told host of Joy FM that it only takes beauty and intelligence to participate in the contest.

“I can say for a fact that when it comes to Miss Malaika Pageant, no lady has had to give anything, but what they already had in them, that is their talent and their intelligence and their beauty; that is all you require to be in Miss Malaika.”

Source: JFM

NPP Man In P0rn Business

The Herald newspaper light on the pornographic activities at Tema Community 4 has turned a very interesting political twist, with the man involved in the sexual acts, Nana Yaw Owusu, now nicknamed “Tema Porno King,” revealed to be a staunch card-bearing executive member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Nana Yaw Owusu’s version of “Listening Campaign” strategy is said to have played an instrumental role in making the parliamentary candidature of Kofi Brako for the NPP in the Tema East Constituency, possible.

When The Herald talked to Mr. Kofi Brako, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for the Tema East Constituency on the matter, he admitted knowing Nana Owusu as a constituency executive. According to him he was shocked at his conduct having known him to be a very quiet man. “I am lost for words to describe my feelings when I heard of the matter and saw the pictures,” said Mr. Brako.

Bekwai Sex Video: More Men Exposed


It has come to light that 35-year-old Alfred Acheson may not be the only man involved in what has become known as the ‘Bekwai Sex Scandal’, as the faces of some four other men have been seen in the video.

Alfred is currently on the run after video recordings of his sex escapades with ladies from Bekwai in the Ashanti region and Assin Fosu in the Central Region reached the public domain.

Aside the sex videos, the recordings also came with several still lewd photographs.


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