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How to make your girlfriend very happy

Here’s a list of the
cutest ways to make
your girlfriend
1. Call her as soon as
you wake up just
to say a good
2. Have a busy day
ahead? Meet up
with your
girlfriend for
3. Call her at least
once in the day to
find if she was
doing fine.
4. If she’s angry with
you, get her
flowers and
5. Girls expect their
boyfriends to listen
to their problems:
so just listen and
do not offer
6. Give her time to be
with herself; there
are times when
girls like to be
7. Give her time to be
with her
girlfriends; you
could catch up
with your guy
friends at the same time.
8. Take your
girlfriend shopping.
TIP: Read 2000 questions you
must ask ask your
9. Plan a surprise
dinner for just the
two of you at her
favorite restaurant.
10. Paint her
nails...she’ll love it.
11. If you are having a
bad time and are
upset about
something, talk to
your girlfriend
about it; don’t expect her to
understand your
12. Try to sort out
before they grow
into something big.
13. Don’t force your
girlfriend to do
something she is
not ready for.
14. Tell her that it is
alright if she is not
ready for
something; more
importantly, mean
it. 15. Care for her, love
her like no one else
does. 16. You should have a
unique way of
telling her that you
love her. 17. Girls are delicate,
handle them with
care. 18. Compliment her
and you’ll see her
look more
beautiful. 19. Loving her is not
only about mushy-
mushy things; you
could even play a
game of scrabble
together. 20. Go cycling or
maybe, swimming
together. 21. Get tickets for the
latest movie;
preferably the top
row, and don’t
forget the popcorn. 22. What about taking
her for a picnic? 23. Cook a meal for
her; preferably
edible! 24. Candle-light
dinners are the
best way to cheer
her up. 25. Catch up on a cup
of coffee with your
girl, if you have
been busy for
some time. 26. Share all your
secrets with her. 27. Talk to her about
your day - girls feel
involved this way. 28. Girls love giving
suggestions, at
least pretend that
it helped. 29. Honesty is the best
policy - be honest
to her and more
importantly, to
your relationship. 30. Give her the
support and
comfort she needs. 31. She loves you, you
are her best friend
- stand by her as
her pillar of
strength. 32. If you are good
with the brush,
you could paint a
picture of your
girlfriend. 33. Small words of
appreciation will
help for what she
does for you. 34. Love her for what
she is and not
what you want her
to be. 35. Sing her favorite
song to her on the
phone. 36. Enroll for salsa
classes together. 37. Out of town for
work, drive down
and surprise her. 38. She has an
important day
ahead, make sure
you see her before
that and tell her
that everything will be fine, she is
perfect. 39. Going on a holiday
with family? Make
sure you get her
memorable. It
doesn't have to be expensive. 40. After a hectic
week, you could
plan a weekend
together to catch
up with each other. 41. Lie down with
your head on her
lap - you’ll feel
great and she’ll feel
better. 42. Call her every ten
minutes for not-so-
important reasons,
but make sure you
do not overdo it. 43. Get a massage
appointment just
for the two of you. 44. Book the whole
restaurant for just
the two of you. 45. Take her for a long
drive and maybe
you could sit and
admire the stars
together. 46. A walk along the
beach under the
starry night sky is
romantic. 47. Wear her favorite
perfume all the
time. 48. Admire her body
as you give her a
massage. 49. Some moments are
best enjoyed in
their own
privacy; be sure of
your timing. 50. Stay indoors on a
wet Sunday
evening and
cuddle up together
and watch a
movie. 51. Meet up with her
friends (obviously
with her). 52. Be the ten-on-ten
guy for her
parents. 53. Don’t just
love your
girlfriend, respect
her - it matters a
lot. 54. Be proud of your
relationship; flaunt
it as the most
expensive thing
you possess. 55. Spend a night
together in a tent
at the beach. 56. Cuddle up on a
couch and enjoy
the feeling of just
being together. 57. Everyone makes
mistakes - forgive
her if she makes
one. 58. Celebrate your
promotion with
her - after all
there’s a
woman behind
every successful man and she
deserves to be a
part of it. 59. SMS her from work
just to tell her how
much you are
missing her. 60. Love knows no
rules. If you know
any break them for
her. 61. Don’t do anything
to break her trust -
it hurts. 62. Stay up all night
planning your next
date. 63. If you are making
love to her for the
first time, make
sure it is love and
not lust. 64. When she’s having
a bad time, give
her a warm hug -
she needs it the
most. 65. A sweet good
night kiss on the
forehead and a
warm hug is the
perfect recipe for a
good night's sleep. 66. Take your
girlfriend lingerie
shopping. 67. Write a song about
her. 68. Help her clean up
the apartment
after a party. 69. Praying together in
a religious place or
even at home. 70. If she’s not well,
take a day off just
to be at her side. 71. Send out seasons’
greetings together. 72. Frame a sketch of
the two of you
together. 73. Carry her shopping
bags for her. 74. Compliment her in
languages. 75. Send her no reason

Do women have a preferred penis size?

It doesn’t matter, I used to have a nice Asian boyfriend and his penis was tiny when not stiff – but stiff it was fine – it was quite cute as he was shy about it so for me it don’t matter.
Good sex does not depend so much on the size of the penis as the technique, the desire or the chemistry between the couple. Most often men have sex with the sole intention of satisfying their sexual hunger and forget that the woman has the same hunger they feel. Also many women, instead of telling their man what gives them satisfaction, play coy and suffer for it.
If you love your woman, try to get her to feel the same pleasure you feel. And you ladies, sex is for mutual enjoyment. Tell your man what gives you pleasure and get him to try it.
It is not really the size that matters it is the experience that a lover has that matters. The perfect penis size means nothing to a woman if her lover is selfish and uncaring to her needs.
I don’t have that much of a preference, just not too big because that hurts.
Different women like different sizes.
It depends. Having a long penis is usually just for show, but at times it also accounts for sperm count, included in the size of the scrotum. A thick penis is desired for greater flexibility to the anus or vagina, and increases pleasure. It’s all a matter of personal choice really.
I think that if too big it can cause some pain if forced or used wrong.
I prefer a skinny but long penis so that it can go far in my vagina, but it also won’t hurt when it goes in.
The biggest problem with this question is that is starts with a plural – women. Do you think there is a universal preference for anything? (OK, maybe chocolate.) I think there are any number of factors that go into a person’s sexual preferences and they can change over time as your experiences change. Some of my friends have expressed their preferences in conversation. I will say the most common preference is a larger one. I have one friend, however, who has a lot a trouble with larger guys. She gets sore, bladder infections, etc. Her husband is on the small side of average and they seem to be pretty happy. One other friend confided in me that her husband likes her to make fun of his penis. They look on the Internet at pictures of other men and make unfavorable comparisons to his. She was always a domineering figure to him, so whatever floats their boat.
I used to be firmly in the “size doesn’t matter” camp when I was married to my first husband, who was much smaller than average. I’ve remarried and my new husband is extremely well endowed. I love every bit of it. So basically, not really a question with an answer.
Well my wife has had more than fifteen lovers and some of them African American. I am 6 inches long but wide. She loves the width, which stimulates all the nerves. I also believe that quality is better than quantity. She tells me she never climaxed with any previous lovers, due to the pain or the emotional connection. With me she orgasms 98% of the time. So experience does help. Don’t worry about size. If you connect with your lover, it will be great. Just remember to include foreplay. I always do at least 15 minutes of foreplay, whether oral or playing with her breasts and using my fingers to make sure she is ready for me when I enter her. It works every time and makes the experience enjoyable.
I think it’s backwards to always look at it this way; women can exercise to make their vagina tighter, but men are stuck with the size they’re given. You’d think the question would be towards the women not the men.
Yeah. They need to be really small or else we’re not having sex. Sorry, but I will never understand what is so great about a big penis.
I usually don’t do this but…. If you honestly think that she was with 15 other men and never got off then you are kinda outta of your mind- That’s very similar to the girl that’s from outta town that just happens to be a virgin. Odd how the girls from outta town are always virgins, and girls never have an orgasm with anyone but the guy they are with, and that her current man always has the perfect sized penis when pressed for an answer, lol.
Some women prefer large penises as it makes them feel better and some prefer a more average size because anything bigger causes pain.
The vagina is very adaptable for various size penises so it is down to personal preferences in reality. A man with a 3 inch penis can satisfy the right woman.
I live in Japan at the moment. The average size for guys there seems to be smaller. If I meet a japanese girl, they tend to like the fact that I’m bigger, or even some non japanese girls living here seem to appreciate it. There were a few girls, where I couldn’t have sex with, or was too painful. But I have to say overall, you get a much better reception from girls when you are bigger, than most of the guys around you.
Maybe it’s the type of girls I’m attracting though, but I don’t think so, i’m not a big guy.
I think if I went home, I would be slighly bigger than average maybe, but wouldn’t have the power you get from having an obviously bigger than average dick. But really I think other things like money, great looks, great personality have equal power with girls.
Not the best news I know… but thats what I think

Former Miss Malaika steals car?

Winner of Miss Malaika 2006, Hamamat Montia, has been accused of stealing a $35,000 Toyota Highlander 4-Wheel drive and may soon appear before an Accra Fast Track High Court over the matter.
The accusation is coming from a certain Vesa Keskinen who is believed to be an ex-boyfriend of Hamamat Montia. Reports say Vesa has already filed a writ at An Accra Fast Track Court, alleging that sometime last year, he had to travel to Finland for business but before leaving, he asked a man by name Seth Mensah to go for the Toyota Highlander from De-Gjando Company Limited.
Vesa alleged further that when Seth Mensah got to the company, he was told that Hamamat had already gone for the vehicle though he had not given her any authority to do so. Hamamat’s ex-lover noted that he left a clear instruction that the vehicle be registered in his name but he was surprised that the vehicle ended up being registered in the former beauty queen’s name. He said all attempts to get his car from her had proved futile as he could not even establish contact with her. He therefore filed a suit against her in court as Hamamat’s posture indicated that she was out to defraud him.Vesa said he bought the vehicle for $35,000. Though Hamamat could not be reached for her side of the story, a source close to her told News One that Vesa was only out to tarnish her image and that there was more to the story. “Hamamat is not a thief and she would not steal a car. At the age of 18, she was driving KIA Rio and in some five years later if she wants to drive a Highlander, she certainly knows how to work for one. She would not steal a car,” the source noted. News One gathered that Hamamat is pursuing a Public Relations course and advancing her modeling career in the United States.
In 2008, she had a mouthwatering contract to model for Senegalese R & B singer Akon’s Konvict clothing line. She has also worked for Kikiriki ki New York and Baby Phat. Hamamat started modeling at the age of 10 and in 2006, she became the youngest person to have won the Miss Malaika pageant at age 18 when she had just graduated from Achimota School. Hamamat, the last born among three children, turned 23 in September this year.

How to be a good girlfriend and get married soon

Want to learn how to be a good girlfriend? Believe it or not, men do discuss their girlfriends from time to time. Mostly they do so to complain how their girlfriends love to talk, love to shop, cannot make concrete decisions, want to only spend money and demand too much time and attention. Well, they still love their girlfriends, but that doesn’t mean they understand them completely. In order to learn how to be a good girlfriend, you will have to first learn what exactly men are looking for in their girlfriends. When a guy cannot find any flaws with his girlfriend and listens to his friends cribbing about their girls, he thinks, “Wow, I think I have found the perfect girl! Better marry her before someone else discovers her”. And bam! You get proposed! And isn’t that what all we girls are looking for?
So we tell you how to be a good girlfriend and how to bag that proposal much sooner than you expected! Get your pencils and notebooks; you might want to take down notes here!

The secret of how to be a good girlfriend:

You might think that you are being the perfect girlfriend by sending him over 1000 messages in a day, staying over every night, cuddling too much and wanting to know where he is every second of the day. First things first, men need their space. So don’t make these common mistakes only to show You Care. Men don’t see it that way. Instead they see you as a leech who gives them no personal space! So read up on how to be a good girlfriend so that he craves for the attention, not the other way round!
  • Give him his space -
Now, to learn how to be a good girlfriend, first you have to unlearn everything you thought was best for your relationship. Men don’t want you to message them or call them every hour. They don’t want you to move in your things sneakily in to their apartments. And they don’t want you to rearrange their bachelor pads before you ask their permission. The golden rule to how to be a good girlfriend is to give the guy his space. Don’t crowd his bathroom sink counter with your makeup, don’t include yourself in all his plans and don’t call him every hour. Let him call you. That ways, he knows you respect his space and will respect yours.
  • Don’t be best friends with his -
Men hate it when women automatically assume that they must be best friends with their boyfriend’s friends. This isn’t so. Don’t force your way in to his gang; instead, earn your way in. His friends may not like you. And that’s absolutely ok. Your relationship with him is about you and him, not about his friends. So please don’t start asking his friends for lunch if you want to learn how to be a good girlfriend. Let it happen naturally and wait till they invite you for their parties. All you need to do is to be polite, courteous and friendly to them whenever you run in to them.  Maintain your own circle of friends and go with them often.
  • Maintain your mysterious elusiveness -
In a relationship, the biggest mistake is to lose your individuality. Don’t make that mistake if you want to learn how to be a good girlfriend. Keep your own apartment and make it a rule to spend 4 nights a week alone. This will keep your man wanting more! Also, don’t give up your time with friends for him. If you do that, you start to expect him to do the same. And that’s not how men see a relationship. For them, it’s equally important to hang out with their friends so make sure you do the same.
  • Show your care through meaningful ways -
We understand you want to show off to your man that you care. Just don’t do it by sending his teddy bears and cute cards to office! Guys don’t like such gifts! Instead, learn to cook his favorite recipe and surprise him with a home cooked meal on a weekday. Or, book tickets to watch his favorite team play football or hockey. Don’t try and be his mother by cleaning out his closet and arranging his underwear drawer or CD collection. Men don’t like that! So to learn how to be a good girlfriend, understand what men want from their girlfriends. They want a companion who is good company, who gets them, who laughs at their jokes and stimulates them in many ways. Be that girl.
Follow these steps on how to be a good girlfriend, and you will see that he gives you the ring in no time!

Do men love heavier women?

A new sex study finds that some men prefer their women with a few extra pounds.
A gorgeous friend of mine is about 50 pounds overweight and a single mom — but she won’t create an online profile until she reaches her goal weight. “I’m not skinny enough for Match.com,” she said, so resolute. Turns out she could be ideal just the way she is.
According to a new study published in The Journal of Sex Research, some men like their women heavy; many even prefer their partners obese. They’re called “fat admirers” and the findings reveal that they are also likely to find extremely thin women attractive.
The story asked two groups of men to rate photographs of ten types of female bodies. One group did not identify with the FA subculture, which encompasses everything from obese fetishism to the simplicity of positive support within the healthy fat movement. The other group was scouted at an FA event and was identified as FA.
Skinny people already know about FA, but they call those guys ‘chubby chasers’,” my friend explained, then turned to her coloring 8-year-old daughter to tell her she didn’t like the phrase. I agree; chubby chaser is awful. But I’m not sure fat admirer sounds much better.
In the study, the FAs preferred the photographs of women with a body mass index (BMI) of 29.24, which is just shy of obese according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. BMI is determined by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters, and the example reported in the story explained that a woman at 5’6 is overweight at 155 pounds and obese at 190 pounds.
Wikipedia has an entry on the FA subject, and describes fat admirers as typically heterosexual males. However, the preference for a bigger partner is inclusive of straight women and gay folks, known eponymously as female fat admirers and gay fat admirers. What’s unexpected from the study is that FA men also liked the photographs of dramatically underweight women — the report uses the word “emaciated” — with a BMI of less than 15.
Obese and emaciated women struck their fancy? Is FA healthy or not?
The lead researcher said the findings suggest a rejection of “sociocultural norms.” That’s fine science, but the polarity of obese and emaciated is weird, no? Human physical attraction shows traceable socio-anthropological patterns. Replace the word fat with robust, thick or heavy if you want to, but it’s still instinct to want someone because we perceive him as a healthy mate. I recognize that within the subset of FA, there are great guys who simply like more than a little junk in the trunk. But to view obesity or emaciation as sexually attractive is, frankly, suspicious. And I said so.
“If a guy doesn’t like me, I just assume it’s because I’m fat,” my friend said. She’s been divorced for six years and dating for four, and whenever we talk about her weight or her diet, she has a familiar tone of resignation. She added: “Just like anything else that’s rooted in a superficial desire, there are the authentic guys and there are the creeps.”
I’ll give it up that the break from wanting a bony, over-exercised real housewife of Orange County is refreshing, but a new PC term doesn’t change the fact that fat admiration is a highly superficial preference. On the other hand, what woman at some point in her single dating life didn’t hit on a tall guy just because he was tall? And, sorry, but at no time to no man am I ever going to say “Don’t date me because you’re seriously attracted to my face.” Is an initial attraction for being big any different?
We’d love to know your opinion of fat admirers. Is it genuine and healthy fat acceptance? Or is it … chubby chasing? Please, tell us.

Men who are raped by women

Of course, the much more important question here isn’t medical; it’s criminal. Can a woman rape a man?”
My impulse to click was exactly the reaction CNN’s web team had targeted. But I read the article for a reason other than sexual curiosity. It was more a medical question: Can a woman really rape a man? What if he ejaculates? Is this rape?
The news story was this: Three women in their 20s were charged with raping 17 men in Zimbabwe and keeping their sperm in condoms for some sort of health-related ritual. (That logic is reason enough for the world to step up efforts to educate girls.) The young women apparently used drugs and raped the men at gunpoint. In regard to men raped by women, this is where the medical question popped into my head.

Can Men Come In A Stressful Situation?

We all know that a woman can certainly be raped while drugged and full of terror, but a man, well, a man has to sort of function to complete the task. But can he function on drugs or at gunpoint? I know men who can’t even pee if someone is watching.
Not convinced that a Google search would yield my answer, I decided to go to a real authority: my predominantly male Facebook page. There is a nice cross section of the male body (pun intended) among my 5,000 friends, so I knew they would have the answers. Not surprisingly, the comment stream was long. At the beginning, my male friends were as confused as I. Some dismissed the whole notion that this was a rape.
“Unless you are a straight man with dudes forcing sex on you, you can’t be raped,” said one. “You can’t rape the willing,” said another. More than a couple said they couldn’t comment because they were busy booking a ticket to Africa.
So, I brought up the drug and gunpoint thing again. Was ejaculation possible under such circumstances? The answers were mixed.

What Guys Think About Men Raped By Women

“If you’re scared and drugged, you’re not going to orgasm.”
“I don’t agree. If a man is stimulated, he would ejaculate regardless of ‘willing’ or not.”
“It’s not uncommon, since men produce sperm when intoxicated.”
Then came a true voice of wisdom. One of my Facebook friends teaches at a medical school and tells me this very question is sometimes on medical board exams. So here’s how the professor weighed in:
“Ejaculation is a spinal level reflex; it can happen. I have seen it happen in people having seizures or read documented evidence that it happens during hanging too. It’s even a question asked on med boards often enough whether a tetraplegic can ejaculate. It’s my understanding that as long as the sympathetic nervous arc is intact, one can come. For erection it’s a parasympathetic one, and it’s influenced by the higher centers, i.e. erotic thoughts, etc.”
Thanks, Doc. In household language, he’s basically saying that an erection isn’t necessary to produce sperm. Got it.
Of course, the much more important question here isn’t medical; it’s criminal. Can a woman rape a man?  Yes. If someone does not agree to have sex with another and a sexual act is forced upon them, that is called rape. And it is clearly illegal, hopefully as much in Africa as in North America.

Africans must rise and shut ‘lecturer’ Cameron up – Kwame Akuffo

Kwame Akuffo
The threats by British Prime Minister to ‘starve’ African countries which abhor and maltreat homosexuals have ruffled many nerves and sent harsh tongues wagging.
David Cameron in an interview with journalists said the rights of gays and lesbians must be protected and warned that the UK will withhold aid to those countries which will fail to respect those rights.
Religious groups in Ghana felt offended, but a lawyer Kwame Akuffo is even more incensed by Cameron’s remarks.
Head of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Prof Emmanuel Martey in an interview with Joy News said Cameron lacked the global understanding of people’s cultural sensibilities and warned no country, including the UK has the right to tell another country how to frame its laws.
He stressed the call for African countries to recognize gay practice is part of a grand strategy by forces of darkness, insisting the Presbyterian Church of Ghana is a Bible-believing church and will live by the dictates of the Bible.
Prof Martey said the Presby Church of Ghana at a just ended General Assembly in Abetifi has cut any form of relationship with groups or churches which have openly ordained gay ministers.
A private legal practitioner in Accra, Kwame Akuffo is even more vehement in his reprimand of Cameron’s remarks.
He told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh that African’s must rise and shut David Cameron up on a sensitive gay issue which attacks the very moral foundation of Africans.
He said the west has no right to export any sexual orientation and seek to impose it on Africans amidst threats of withholding aids.
“I get the impression that David Cameron has in the last couple of weeks has the penchant of going around lecturing people. Over the Eurozone crisis and European debt, he was in Brussels last week trying to lecture the Germans – he got shouted down by the French.
“I think that we as Africans must stand up and shut him down on this matter.
“First and foremost, given the standing of our cultural values and norms it is completely deficit. You do not export sexual orientation and seek to withhold aid if people do not comply with your orientation,” he argued.
He described Cameron’s position as merely hypocritical, especially when British government has deepened its trade relationship with Saudi Arabia, a country which only last week, reportedly, had some of its citizens’ decapitated and beheaded for one offence committed or another.
“Each decent loving individual knows that these crimes are reprehensible but the British have dealt with them. On what basis therefore do they think they can come to Africa because they think we are weak and decide to export sexual orientation?”

From: Ghana/Myjoyonline.com

Sex Tourism In Hohoe

The Tourism Management Team (TMT) of the Wli Water Falls in the Hohoe municipality has expressed concern over the emergence of sex tourism in the area.
It has been alleged that some tourists use money to entice young girls for sexual activities, thus casting a negative image on the high potential of tourism for poverty alleviation, employment generation, socialisation and relaxation.
A member of board of TMT, Mr Cleophas Gayi expressed this concern at a forum held at the precincts of the waterfall during the visit of 22 tourists who were undertaking a tour of along identified routes in Benin, Togo, Ghana and Burkina Faso.
The tourists are operating a 20-day solidarity caravan coordinated by M&J Travel Tours of Ghana, ADETOP of Togo, Association Burkinabe d’ecotourisme of Burkina Faso and the Eco-Benin of Benin.
They are drawn from France, Belgium, Chile, Benin, Italy, Burkina Faso and Ghana.
The national coordinator of Eco-Benin, Mr Gautier K. Amoussou said the visit would explore the concept of home-stay to replace lodging in hotels with the bid to let more revenue from tourism go to the communities for development.
He said the alternative livelihood for land owners who had been displaced by the location of tourism sites would be considered to ensure the preservation and sustainability of tourist attractions.
The Deputy Minister said Government was committed to ensuring that every region enjoyed its fair share of the national development and the Better Ghana Agenda and that government was collaborating with Vodafone Wholesale to undertake the project.
He appealed to chiefs and people living along communities where the cables would be routed to lend support for early completion of the project.
Mr.Armah also thanked the Burkina Faso counterparts for ensuring that the project came to fruition after the ministerial declarations between Burkina Faso and Ghana in 2009 to start the fibre optic connectivity.
Mr. Edwin Provencal, Managing Director of Vodafone Wholesale, whose speech was read by his deputy, Mr Kenneth Asare, said Vodafone was the only service provider partnering government to connect the less deprived areas to information superhighway.
He thanked government for the support, saying the partnership would create an ICT infrastructure in-country that would eventually open up unlimited opportunities for the citizenry, adding that his outfit remained committed to ensuring that Ghanaians reaped the full benefit of ICT usage and continue to promote digital literacy.
Mr. Mohammed Morchid, Managing Director, ONATEL-SA, Burkina Faso attested that communication between the two countries suffered direct and reliable link overthe years hoping that the project would reduce the high cost and transit rights to establish calls.
He said the project would stimulate the traffic of the sub region and enable ONATEL-SA to access SAT 3-point in Accra and to other submarine cables along the Ghana coast.
Source: Daily Graphic


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