Friday, December 15, 2017

AMA Launches Pedestrian Road Safety Action Plan

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The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has launched a Pedestrian Road Safety Action Plan as part of efforts to reduce the number of road fatalities and crashes in the City and to ensure road safety. The Plan hopes to address pedestrian safety at authorized crossings and junctions, improve walking on streets, manage public street spaces, en ...

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AMA Launches Pedestrian Road Safety Action Plan

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The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has launched a Pedestrian Road Safety Action Plan as part of efforts to reduce the number of road fatalities and crashes in the City and to ensure road safety. The Plan hopes to address pedestrian safety at authorized crossings and junctions, improve walking on streets, manage public street spaces, en ...

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blue Ocean Investments Donates To Kpone Health

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Ghana, 14th December, 2017 ndash;Blue Ocean Investments Limited (Blue Ocean), the Ghana Oil and Gas Awards 2017 Bulk Distribution Company of the Year and Ghana rsquo;s second biggest bulk distributor of fuels, recently donated to the Kpone Health Centre in Tema. This formed part of the one-year anniversary celebrations of its depot in Te ...

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Rotary Club of Accra-Ring Road Central Blood Donation 2017 Was A Success

Members of the Rotary Club of Accra-Ring Road Central recently embarked on a nationwide blood donation exercise as a way of giving back to society to help the nations health sector.

The annual blood donation exercise is undertaken by the club to support tackle the problem of regular shortage of blood in the major health facilities in the country.

It is the main reason why the club decided to embark on this noble cause which stems out of their cardinal virtues.

Last year, the clubs partnership with the National Blood Bank was such a success, hence the repetition this year; though this time around in Greater Accra Region alone.

On Friday, November 24, 2017, Rotary Club of Accra-Ring Road Central organised its second annual blood donation exercise in partnership with the National Blood Bank, which took place at Accra Academy in Bubuashie.
The exercise produced 178 pints of blood, which is on record as the largest ever to have happened in Greater Accra Region.

The President of Rotary Club of Accra-Ring Road Central, Tony Asare, stated that service to humanity comes in many forms but one which touches the health of the people and saves lives is a noble one. He used the opportunity to encourage the general public to support stock the National Blood Bank with enough blood in order to support save more lives.

Today you donate to someone's life, tomorrow someone will donate to save that of a dear one of yours.

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Girl-Child Education Will Bridge Poverty Gap

Mr. John Kwadjo Teku, the Volta Regional Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has called on parents to prioritise girl child education to bridge poverty gaps.

He said education remained the best strategy to empowering individuals to attain higher heights and urged parents, especially rural dwellers to take advantage of government's interventions to educate female children.

Mr. Teku said this at the launch of a project by World Bicycle Relief, an NGO and World Vision Ghana with help from World Vision Italy dubbed: Bicycle Education Empowerment Programme (BEEP).

The project presented 1,080 bicycles to pupils at Odumase in the Nkwanta South District of the Volta Region.

Mr Sagane Thiaw, Operations Director, World Vision Ghana said the bicycles were to aid the vulnerable in the District who travel between two to five kilometers by foot to school daily and also to reduce school drop-out rates and to improve access to quality education.

He said about seven million children were out of school due to daily long distance trekking to and from school, which resulted in poor academic performance and appealed to Ghanaians to support create a safe and conducive environment for proper growth of children.

Mr. Eric Showell, Global Director of Programme, World Bicycle Relief, urged beneficiaries to handle the bicycles with utmost care and maintain them to prolong their lifespan.

Mr. John Thasun, Nkwanta South District Chief Executive, expressed gratitude to the benefactors and hoped the gesture would improve education in the District.

The 1,080 bicycles were valued at GHC 648,000.00.

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Why Good Nutrition Is Important For People Living With HIV/AIDS

Good nutrition is very critical to all people, whether or not they are living with HIV and AIDS. It requires the intake of a variety of foods from all of the six basic food groups considered in relation to the bodys dietary needs.

A healthy diet therefore provides adequate energy, and helps in maintaining a healthy weight, and does not contain excess fat, sugar, salt, or alcohol. Good nutrition combined with regular physical activity, is the cornerstone of fine health, as anything short of this can lead to low immunity, increased susceptibility to diseases, impaired physical and mental development, and reduced productivity.

However, when discussing Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) there is the need to consider nutrition as a key component to addressing some medical conditions such as wasting or thinness, (which is presents in very low weight), diarrhoea, lipid (fat) abnormalities and Tuberculosis (TB) among others, which often leads to fatalities, especially among children and Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV).

Again because HIV infection can lead to immune suppression, a patient may be at greater risk of food-borne illness, hence food safety and proper hygiene are also of great importance when it comes to preventing infection.

It is expected that in addressing HIV and AIDS in a holistic manner, proper nutritional guidelines be ensured in order to maintain energy and healthy immune systems of PLHIV.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that malnutrition contributes to more than one third of all child deaths, although it is rarely listed as the direct cause. It also results in higher morbidity and mortality among PLHIV, by compromising their immune systems making them susceptible to opportunistic infections.

Undernutrition also increases the risk of Tuberculosis (TB) especially in PLHIV, while it has been demonstrated that poor nutritional practice is a risk factor for progression from tuberculosis infection to active tuberculosis disease and that undernutrition at the time of diagnosis of active tuberculosis is a predictor of increased risk of death and tuberculosis relapse.

It said poor feeding practices, such as inadequate breastfeeding, offering the wrong foods, and not ensuring that the child gets enough nutritious food, contributes to malnutrition in especially orphans, children born to PLHIV as well as those living with the disease.

It attributed the high under nutrition rates to the lack of access to highly nutritious foods, especially in the present context of rising food prices.

Notwithstanding all these glaring facts about nutrition which is a important item in the development status of a country, it has remained trapped in a low priority cycle in most sub-Saharan African countries including Ghana.

Reverend John Kwashie Azumah, the Leader of the Positive Minded Foundation, an HIV Support Group in an interview, urged government to come out with a clear policy strategy that tackles HIV in a more holistic manner.

He admitted that HIV and nutrition were like bed fellows, and that the absence of the latter, could have devastating consequences on PLHIV, adding that since the virus attacks and ruin the immune system, it makes it harder for the body to fight off infections.

Rev. Azumah, said in spite of the benefits of fine nutrition in supporting the overall health of PLHIV including building their immune systems, weight, and ensuring better tolerance of HIV medicines, most PLHIV can barely afford a meal and this is preventing them from taking their Anti Retrovirals (ARVs) as they should, leading to relapses in their therapies and other complications.

A United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) report, further estimates a global population of 1.8 million children under age 15 living with HIV as at 2015, and therefore links HIV and AIDS to nutrition.

This, it said was because infants born to mothers living with HIV, usually had poorer growth and higher morbidity and mortality compared to those born to mothers without the infection, exposing them to increased risks of malnutrition and weak immune system issues.

They suffer from severe acute malnutrition, which is the most extreme and visible form of under-nutrition and children with this deficiency have very low weight for their height and severe muscle wasting. They may also have nutritional oedema characterized by swollen feet, face and limbs.

To increase their chances of survival, these children need therapeutic foods to urgently treat malnutrition, combined with antiretroviral treatment to stop the disease from progressing.

It is for these reasons that the Government of Ghana has developed the National Nutrition Policy (NNP) to reposition nutrition as a cross-cutting issue and facilitate its integration and mainstreaming into all national development efforts.

Among the NPPs objectives are seeks to ensure optimal nutrition of all Ghanaians throughout their lifecycles, increase coverage of high-impact nutrition-specific interventions that ensure optimal feeding, with special reference to maternal health and child survival, high coverage of nutrition-sensitive interventions to address the underlying causes of malnutrition, and to reposition nutrition as a priority multi-sectoral development issue in the country.

Good nutrition is crucial to cushion the of HIV and AIDS orphans. The UNFPAs success story, therefore lies with its partnership with the media, which has played active roles in advocacy in the reduction of maternal and child mortality, as well as Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health education over the years.

The UNFPA is an international development agency that promotes the rights of every woman, man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity. It also supports countries in using population data for policies and programmes to reduce poverty and to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every young person is free from HIV and AIDS, and every girl and woman is treated with dignity and respect.

It spearheaded the development and launch of the African Union Demographic Dividend (DD) Roadmap and Strategic Roadmap for Harnessing Demographic Dividend in Ghana, which would focus on investing in the youth who currently constitute a majority of the population.

Some of the strategic steps would be to pursue employment-centred economic growth strategy that will ensure sustained employment creation, especially for the growing numbers of unemployed youth.

If these and the other existing policies and strategies to ensure healthy living, fine health and wellbeing of Ghanaians and especially vulnerable groups are effectively implemented, the countrys development will turn to its right path.

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We're Living In Fear - Students At Damongo SHS

Fear has gripped students of Damongo Senior High School in the West Gonja district of the Northern region following the death of Falila Natogma a first year female home economics student.

It was suspected that the deceased student died of meningitis. A source in the school who spoke on condition of anonymity said the late Falila Natogma died at about 1pm and was buried around 4:30pm per Islamic practice.

He said about 12 more students are on admission at the West Gonja District Hospital in Damongo for treatment.

The cause of this, our source says it is as a result of overcrowded classrooms and dormitories in the school.

He explained that In this school about 20 girls are in one room and in the case of the boys, its an eye saw

He disclosed that the case is not only with the Damongo SHS but most of the schools in the Gonjaland suffer this problem.

Meanwhile reports gathered by Rainbow Radios Prince Kwame Tamakloe indicate that some parents who have their wards in the school have started taking them home before vacation.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the deceased died from meningitis. A preliminary report by a medical team at the Damongo District Hospital, has indicated that the death of a student at the school in the West Gonja District of the Northern Region, was caused by non-communicable meningitis.

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Citizens Should Be Responsible In The Quest For Accra ‘Cleanest City

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A member of the governing board of One Ghana Movement, Dr. Joyce Aryee, believes citizens are responsible for making the city of Accra the cleanest in Africa. According to her, citizens have a responsibility to avoid littering and dumping refuse in open spaces to ensure a clean city. Joyce Aryee in a video for ldquo;The Right Way Camp ...

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Ngo Criticizes The Paternalistic Model Of ‘saving Africa

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The Founder and CEO of Global Media Foundation, a Ghanaian based human rights media advocacy organisation, Raphael Godlove Ahenu has criticized what he describes as ldquo;the paternalistic model of saving Africa rdquo; even as global leaders try to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mr. Ahenu was delivering a paper on the topic: ldq ...

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NLA Tender Committee Chairman Wins Contract

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After spending at least euro;8 million on a digital platform that was not working, the National Lottery Authority (NLA) has reportedly turned to one of its board members, Kojo Graham to award a new contract. The award of the contract has raised concerns about conflict of interest situation as Mr Graham explained the circumstances under w ...

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

No Way For Another Political Instability And Conflict In Liberia---Akufo-Addo

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The President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, says West Africa is not prepared to contemplate the scenario of Liberia sliding back into instability and conflict. According to President Akufo-Addo, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), over the years, has made a huge investment in promoting peace in Liberia, and l ...

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We Wont Allow Liberia To Slide Back Into Instability & Conflict – Prez Akufo-Addo

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, says West Africa is not prepared to contemplate the scenario of Liberia sliding back into instability and conflict.

According to President Akufo-Addo, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), over the years, has made a huge investment in promoting peace in Liberia, and we will do all we can to ensure that democracy is entrenched in Liberia, and we will not accept any other outcome.

The 7th December, 2017, recent ruling made by Liberias Supreme Court on their presidential election, the President said, must ensure that Liberia will have its first quiet handover of power from one democratically elected leader to another in 73 years.

The work undertaken by that truly historic figure, the first elected female leader of an African nation, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in stabilising the country, after a bitter and protracted civil war, has been very solid and commendable, he said.

The President continued, I am anticipating that, at the end of the day, Liberias institutions, particularly the Supreme Court and the Electoral Commission, will be up to the task, and shepherd the country through a successful transition.

President Akufo-Addo made this known on Wednesday, 13th December, 2017, when he delivered the Commencement Address at the 98th Commencement Exercises of the University of Liberia, in Monrovia.

Transform structure of African economies
With over 2,500 students graduating from the University, the President noted that it is not enough to hold successful elections every four years or to be able to criticize the government and to have a choice of 100 radio stations.

Democracy, he explained, must ensure that we are able to provide our people with a fine quality of life.

The structure of economies, bequeathed to us by colonialism, was dependent on the production and export of raw materials. Even though Liberia was not colonised, the structure of her economy remains very much the same as the others on the continent. Such economies cannot create opportunities, prosperity and wealth for our people, he said.

President Akufo-Addo stressed that the time is long overdue for Africa to transform the structure of African economies to serve better the needs of the African peoples.

Too many of our peoples are still kept down by extreme poverty. The promise of prosperity that was to accompany freedom has not materialised for the mass of the African peoples, and has rather been replaced with widespread despondency across the continent. This is not what our forebears promised, he said.

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University Of Ghana To Get Centre For Advanced Studies In Africa

The University of Ghana in collaboration with the German Ministry of Education and Research have signed an agreement to establish the Merian International Centre for Advanced Studies in Africa, located at the University of Ghana, Legon.

The goal of the Centre is to develop an intellectual programme and research agenda that could make the significance of African knowledge production more visible in its effect.

The Centre will be headquartered at the University of Ghana in Accra, with a second office location at the Centre de Recherches sur les Politiques sociales in Dakar, Senegal.

The Centre, expected to commence in mid-2018, is to bridge the knowledge divide between Africa and the rest of the world.

Professor Francis Dodoo, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Research, Innovation and Development, University of Ghana signed for Ghana while Professor Andreas Mehler, Director of the Arnold-Bergstraesser Institute, Freiburg University signed on behalf of Germany.

Prof Dodoo said the German consortium that won the bid to establish the centre was of the strong conviction that the University Of Ghana College Of Humanities in West Africa, offered the best location to establish the Centre.

He said that the Centre would bring together both leading and emerging scholars from Africa and the world to produce and disseminate path-breaking, rigorous and relevant scholarship in the social sciences and humanities in Africa.

According to Prof Dodoo that conviction enabled University of Ghana to establish a compelling partnership characterized by a clear vision, commitment and mutual respect.

We pledge to do our utmost to ensure that the Centre thrives and catalyses African centred knowledge production for addressing some of the burning global issues of the 21st Century, he added.

Prof Mehler said the institution which would serve the entire continent, would put top research in the Humanities and Social Sciences on a new, international recognised level, and giving it at the same time a new direction.

He mentioned that Sustainable Governance would be the key topic around which the research at the institute would be organised to offer great potential for policy advice and outreach to Africas academic communities.

We want to activate high potentials within people, and foster a climate of true collaboration among the fellows of the institute, between senior and junior researchers, African and non-African researchers and across disciplinary boundaries, he added.

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CJ Is Right: Honourable Title Not To Be Used Outside Parliament – Osei-Owusu

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei-Owusu has backed the Chief Justices call on Members of Parliament to desist from using ‘honourable as titles.

Justice Sophia Akuffo on Tuesday scolded two MPs who had written ‘honourable as titles in a writ brought before the court challenging the appointment of Gender Minister Otiko Afisa Djaba.

The two National Democratic Congress MPs  â€" Ernest Norgbey; Ashaiman Constituency and Kwabena Mintah Akandoh; Juaboso Constituency â€" wanted the court to revoke her appointment over her failure to undergo mandatory National Service.

It was in this writ that they added ‘honourable as prefixes to their names.

But Justice Akuffo while hearing the case on Tuesday questioned the basis for the use of the title, Honourable.

She told the two MPs the use of honourable as a title is dishonourable, advising that the title can only be added after their names had been written.

The First Deputy Speaker agreed. He said although in definite jurisdictions ‘honourable is used as a title, the reference to it in Ghana, specifically during Parliamentary proceedings, is only in our standing orders. It is clear that it is when you are addressing a colleague member of parliament that you use the prefix honourable.

So you can say ‘honourable member of so so and so, honourable chairman of the committee, honourable leaderthose are the occasions in our standing orders where any reference is made to the prefix honourable, he said.

He added that honourable can only be used during debates in the House, So in that respect, yes the Chief Justice is right.

He explained that for members of parliament who have asked questions, the questions are listed in their names and their titles, either minister or doctor or any other earned titles added and their constituency then follows.

So Parliament does not use honourable as a prefix to your name. It is used only as a reference to refer to one another during debates. That is the practice and that is what is recognized in our standing orders.

The Bekwai MP doubts, however, that members can be compelled to stop using the title outside Parliament.

He said outside Parliament, members are only expected to behave in a manner that does not bring the name of the House into disrepute.

I dont know whether by referring to yourself as honourable on a letterhead or on a call card amounts to that, he said, adding that perhaps a conversation needs to be had on it.

Mr Osei-Owusu said Parliamentarians are encouraged to live, behave and speak honourably, and once this is done, the public will recognize them as honourable members.

He said the Chief Justices action against the two MPs should serve as a deterrent to other members to watch how they use titles.

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Companies Must Make GPL Attractive — Opoku Afriyie

A Former skipper of Kumasi Asante Kotoko and the Black Stars, Opoku Afriyie, has appealed to big time corporate bodies and financial institutions to sponsor the Ghana Premier League (GPL) to make it more attractive.

He also urged companies to get involved in running football clubs as a way of making it more competitive and exciting to draw fans to the various stadiums.

Speaking to the Graphic Sports in an interview in Kumasi, Opoku Afriyie, considered one of the best strikers this country has ever produced, said with attractive sponsorship packages, club owners would be in a position to pay better salaries and bonuses to local players to entice them to play in the GPL for longer periods.

Because our league has no sponsors, club owners have resorted to offloading their best players to raise funds to survive. Now, their interest is not to make the league attractive to football fans as it used to be during our days, he noted.

‘It is for this reason that some of the companies in Ghana need to collaborate with the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and club owners to sponsor the league in particular and the local clubs in general to entice our young footballers to stay and mature in Ghana before joining foreign clubs, Afriyie, who scored both goals against Uganda in the 1978 Africa Cup of Nations final to ensure Ghanas second continental trophy, said.

I will not do anything to belittle the league or disparage it, but the fact remains that it has lost its attraction; and until big time companies come on board with attractive sponsorship packages, or take over the running of some clubs, it will take much time for the league to be as attractive as is happening in some sister Africa countries and elsewhere in Europe.

The retired striker, who was affectionately called Bayie in his heyday, said if the league continued without sponsors, young footballers would always use it as a springboard for greener pasture abroad, compelling football fans in Ghana to sit by their television sets to watch foreign matches as alternatives.

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Tafo Youth Movement Protest Gov't Decision To Change Their Capital City

The youth at Akyem Tafo in the Eastern Region have embarked on demonstration to protest government's decision to relocate their capital from Tafo to Kukurantumi.

A leading member of the Tafo Youth Movement, the group protesting the decision by government, told Peace FM's Eastern Regional Correspondent Michael Akrofi that the group insists for Tafo to be made the capital.

According to the Youth Movement, New Tafo is the business hub within the municipality and contributes significant revenue to the Assembly.

They further noted that the biggest market within the municipal assembly is situated in New Tafo Akim and believed changing the capital is not the best option.

The demonstrators expressed resentments over the government decision to relocate the capital.

The Tafo youth petitioned President Nana Akufo-Addo to intervene against plans to site the capital at Kukurantumi which is situated on the other side of the main Koforidua-Bunso road.

The youth also argued that making Tafo the capital will be a befitting way to honour the memory of late Member of Parliament (MP) Joseph Boakye Danquah.

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40-Year-Old Woman 'Sprayed' With Bullets In Bimbilla Shooting

A 40-year-old woman has died after unknown assailants stormed her home on Tuesday spraying her with bullets while she watched television with her children in the northern regional town of Bimbilla.

A joint police and military patrol team found the body of Alhassan Rahinatu when they rushed to the area after hearing the gunshots.

The daughter of the deceased, 14-year-old Khadija Bediako, was also hit on her left shoulder.

The body of the deceased has been deposited at the Bimbilla government hospital for preservation.

The wounded teenager is also in the same hospital where she is being treated. Police say she is responding to treatment.

Twenty-year-old Bediako Kamel â€" son of the deceased â€" escaped unscathed in the attack.

Public Relations Officer of the Northern Regional police, ASP Yussif Mohammed Tanko, told Joy News correspondent Hasmin Mohammed, that preliminary investigations revealed the spouse of the deceased, Abraham Bediako from the Andani gate was the target but was not at home at the time the shots were fired.

According to him, the unidentified gunmen stood at the entrance of the Bediakos home and shot while they watched television.

It is still unclear why Abraham was targeted. The police are still investigating the issue.

Tuesdays killing brings the number of violent related deaths in the Northern region over the past two weeks to 11.

Police are yet to make any arrests in all instances.

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Black Voters Just Saved America From Roy Moore

Black voters were instrumental in Democratic Senate Candidate Doug Jones historic win in Alabama Tuesday night.

Turnout was very high in heavily black counties, between about 72 and 77 percent of the 2016 election turnout, while it was just 55 to 60 percent in rural white counties, according to the Cook Political Report. In one particular county, Russell County â€" which is 40 percent black â€" Jones beat the New York Times estimate by 14 points.

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Mahama Trial: Six Accused Person To Be Discharged

Six accused persons involved in the murder of Major Maxwell Mahama are to be discharged by the Accra Central Magistrate court.

The six are Yaw Annor, Philip Badu, Kwame Agyei, Solomon Sackey, Vivian Asahene and Anthony Amoah.

Mrs Evelyn Keelson, a Chief State Attorney, told the court presided over by Worlanyo Kotoku that per advice from the Attorney General, there were no enough evidence to prosecute the six persons, hence the orders for their discharge.

According to the Chief State Attorney, the State was ready to commence the committal process at the next adjourned date.

Mrs Keelson cited Section 59 of the Criminal Act which clearly States that on the instructions of AG, an accused person may be discharged.

The court has, therefore, directed the A-G to serve the parties with a bail of indictment, after it refused to take the oral submission to discharge them.

The case was adjourned to December 19.

 Major Mahama, an Officer of the 5th Infantry Battalion at the Burma Camp was on duty at Dankyira-Obuasi, when on May 29, he was lynched by some residents, who allegedly mistook him for an armed robber because he had a pistol in his back pocket.

 The mob ignored his consistent plea that he was an officer of the Ghana Armed Forces.

 In the cause of the investigations 22 persons were arrested and place in police custody pending trial.

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Ghana Needs 600 Million Dollars For 100% Electricity Coverage - Veep

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on Monday said Ghana needed 600 million dollars to achieve 100 per cent electricity coverage across the country from the current 85 per cent. 

    He said the Government had put in place measures to enable it to achieve this goal within the next three years, which would facilitate its job creation and industrial agenda and ensure prosperity for all Ghanaians.

    He said infrastructure development was the building block that would propel the countrys socio-economic development, which was in tandem with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Vice President Bawumia said this during a plenary session on the role of the private sector towards the implementation of the SDGs at the African Roundtable Discussion in Accra on Tuesday.

    Other panel members who took part in the discussion were; Gunnar Andreas-Holm, the Norwegian Ambassador to Ghana, Nana Osei Bonsu, the Chief Executive Officer of the Private Enterprises Federation, and Ms Razia Khan, the Chief Economist for Africa, Standard Chartered Bank, London.

    The discussion was moderated by Ruby Sandhu-Rojon, the Deputy Special Representative for the Secretary General for West Africa and the Sahel.

    The event was on the theme: Mobilising Support and Accelerating Implementation of the SDGs.

    Vice President Bawumia said the private sector should be interested in the SDGs because successful implementation of the goals would create stable business climate to work and ensure sustainability of their operations.

    He said a Report by the Sustainable Development Commission of the UN indicated that there was about 12 trillion dollars available to the private sector to access towards the implementation of the SDGs.

    Therefore every country is supposed to build a strong foundation to achieve the SDGs, which required those countries to have fine investment climate with functioning regulatory bodies to facilitate the process, he said.

    So whatever you do, you must ensure inclusiveness in order to achieve the SDGs. For instance, in Ghana, were prioritising education to make sure everyone, at least, attain senior high education.

    We cannot build an economy that is exclusive, we must build an economy that is inclusive and since independence the paradigm is shifting from exclusive economy to that of inclusive one whether in the education, healthcare and identifying people.

    What we want in Ghana is ensuring inclusion in everything we do in terms of formalising the economy to facilitate job creation.

    We launched the national identification system for easy tracking of individuals. Were also rolling out the digital property addressing system so that every 5.5 square metre of land or water in the country can be uniquely addressed, he said.

     The Vice President called for investment from all stakeholders to implement the SDGs since it would provide a huge opportunity to the vulnerable and deprived in society to be lifted from the shackles of poverty.

     Commenting on how the private sector could be the engine to create jobs, Vice President Bawumia said one of the major concerns of the youth was to secure gainful employment adding that the Nana Addo Dankwa-Akufo-Addo led government was conscious about it and putting measures in place to create jobs for them.

     He said government was creating the enabling environment for investment for both domestic and foreign investors, adding that a conducive business climate was a fundamental ingredient for job creation to propel the fulfillment of the SDGs.

     Dr Bawumia called for the introduction of coding in school curricular so that children of school-going age would not be excluded in the digital revolution.

     He said the Government introduced the Free Senior High School Policy to provide employable skills to the youth while facilitating plans to extend electricity, water and other basic amenities to the deprived communities.

     As part of the decentralisation agenda, he said government had decided to allocate 20 per cent of the Budget to implement the One Million, One Constituency initiative so that each constituency would identify its specific needs and channel the funds to resolving them.

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NUGS Clarifies Reported Death Of Student At Koforidua Sec-Tech After Visiting The School

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Upon receiving with heavy hearts the sudden death of a first year student at the Koforidua Secondary Technical School in the Eastern Region, the leadership of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) paid an official visit to mourn and solidarize with the management of the school and the bereaved family. The General Secretary, Kabu Nar ...

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We Cant Be Spending On Just Roads--Adentan MCE

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Funding constraints are one of the main reasons residents in the Adentan Municipal Assembly have to contend with a terrible road network and vehicular traffic jams most days. The Municipal Chief Executive of the Assembly, Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah made this point in response to complaints from residents who ply many of the heavily- ...

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The 18-Yr-Old Young Man Who Raped A 90-Year Old Woman - PHOTO

An 18-year old young man, Kojo Nyamekye, has been arrested by the Awutu Breku police for allegedly raping a 90-year old sick woman at Awutu Breku in the Central Region.

The incident happened on, Monday, 11 December 2017 at around 10pm.

Grandson of the victim, Joseph Asuman, who caught the suspects in the act said on the said night, the family heard their grandmother shouting for support in her room.

They rushed in and caught Kojo Nyamekye naked forcibly having sex with her. He was accosted and reported to the police.

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson & Girlfriend Lauren Announce They're Expecting

Its raining girls for Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Shortly after the actor announced that he and girlfriend Lauren Hashian are expecting their second child together â€" another little girl! â€" he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the host congratulated him on the new addition to the family.

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Use Of Honourable As A Title Is Dishonourable - CJ To MPs

The Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo Tuesday chided two Members of Parliament for adding the title ‘honourable to their names in a writ they filed before the court.

The two National Democratic Congress MPs â€" Ernest Norgbey; Ashaiman Constituency and Kwabena Mintah Akandoh; Juaboso Constituency - had gone to the court to seek a revocation of the appointment of Gender Minister Otiko Afisa Djaba.

They wanted the court to annul her appointment over her failure to undergo the mandatory National Service, and its in that writ that they both added ‘honourable as titles to their names.

When the case was called on Tuesday, Justice Akuffo was concerned about how the names of the two MPs had been written. 

She described the act as improper, adding that MPs were not supposed to add such titles to their names.

She said, "The people who developed the tradition don't do this."

Justice Akuffo said the right thing do to was write their names first before adding "Honourable Member of Parliament and the area to it".

She said the use of honourable as a title is dishonourable.

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Court Refuses Application To Free Suspected Major Mahama Killers

A district court has rejected an application by the prosecution in Major Maxwell Mahama murder case seeking to discharge six of the suspects.

The court, presided over by Worlanyo Kotuku, declined the request explaining that the prosecution should have come with a written application instead of an oral one.

The prosecution in their oral presentation had prayed the court to discharge the six due to the lack of substantial evidence to prosecute them.

Major Maxwell Mahama was on May 29 lynched by a mob at the Central Regional town of Denkrira Oboasi, after some residents suspected him of being an armed robber after seeing his short gun.

He was part of a military detail protecting a mine from illegal miners.

Over 50 suspects, some of whom had fled the town to other regions in the country, were later arrested in connection with the killing.

About 25  persons are currently facing prosecution for their role in the murder.

The suspects have been charged with murder.

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Six Major Mahama ‘Killers To Be Discharged

Six accused persons suspected to have been involved in the murder of Major Maxwell Mahama are to be discharged by the Accra Central Magistrate court.

A Chief state Attorney, Evelyn Keelson told the court presided over by Worlanyo Kotoku that upon the instructions of the Attorney General, there are not enough evidence to prosecute the six and there orders for their discharge.

The state is ready to start the committal hearing at the next adjourned date, December 19, 2017.

Madam Evelyn Keelson cited Section 59 of the Criminal Act which clearly states that on the instructions of AG, an accused person may be discharged.

The six who are likely to walk free in the coming days are Yaw Annor, Philip Badu, Kwame Agyei, Solomon Sackey, Vivian Asahene and Anthony Amoah.

The court refused to take the oral submission to discharge them.

The Judge, Worlanyo Kotoku directed the Attorney General to serve parties with bail of indictment. 


The deceased, Major Mahama, an officer of the 5th Infantry Battalion, at Burma Camp in Accra but on a national assignment at Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region, was said to have been on his daily jogging session on Monday [May 29, 2017], when some furious youth of the town attacked him, on suspicion that he was an armed robber.

The Police subsequently arrested over fifty suspects who had fled the town to other regions in the country.

Further investigations reduced the number of suspects to 19.

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Mamprusis In Bawku Call On Other Ethnic Groups To Sustain The Peace

The Leader and ethnic Mamprusis in Bawku have celebrated their annual Damba dance festival with a call on other ethnic groupings to marshal all available resources to sustain the peace and build on unity to bring the needed development to the area.

The Kusasis, Bisas, Kassim, Frafras and the Moshies among others are the various ethnic groups in Bawku.

The festival brought together sons and daughters of the Mamprusi ethnic group in Bawku home to contribute to initiate development projects including; education, health, and the socio-economic wellbeing of the people as well as preach peace to unite them.

The festival showcased the cultural heritage of the ethnic group to its young generation and inculcated in them values, norms and aspirations of their ancestors.

The celebrants processed the area with the Damba dance performed by the youth and some elders in heavy and large smocks and drumming and dancing on horses and sending messages of peace to people to join them to celebrate the rich culture of their forefathers.

Giving a brief history of the festival, Mr Salifu Bashiru, an opinion leader for the Natinga community said the Damba festival was celebrated by the descendants of the warrior King, Naa Gbewaa who established his kingdom by conquering the lands from Fadan Gurma in Burkina Faso through Togo, then called Yanga and to Pusiga where he settled and made Pusiga capital of the empire.

He explained that the dance was done in the last month of the year called Damba kyew and said it was done majestically to show off the prestige and position of the dancer in society; and required that the dancers dressed gorgeously in well sewn smocks.

Dr Sam Bugri, Co-Chairman for the Inter-Ethnic Peace Committee who delivered a message on behalf of the elders charged the youth to be more responsible to themselves and society and not to allow irresponsible elders to use them in achieving their personal gains.

He urged the youth to form a formidable resistance force to resist activities of deviant youth who were destroying the future.

Mr Mohammed Tahiru Nambe, an opinion leader for the Youth in the area said peace was a cardinal point in the development of every community and urged all to make it a point to continue fostering peace in the area and called on other ethnic groups in the area to endeavour to harness peace to bring about the needed development as Bawku was the only place they could boast off as their home.

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Bui Not "White Elephant" – CEO

The Bui Power Authority (BPA) has corrected a misconception that it does not have what it takes to produce hydro and solar power for the country.

The Authority this year expanded its focus to include renewable energy production.

This falls in line with governments vision to increase renewables to about 10 per cent of the countrys energy mix.

Currently, the BPA is producing and adding about 400 megawatts to the countrys energy production.

In an interaction with Business Editors in Accra, Chief Executive Officer for the BPA, Fred Oware, said the Authority in the next five years would become the leader in the renewable energy market.

He said: There is a lot of misconception about this project. First of all, a lot of people think that it has not been completed and that we are not generating anything, but it was never intended to be at par with VRA. We are just about 20 per cent of VRA but we have the capacity because of where we stand today with the solar.

If we are allowed to grow on the trajectory that we find ourselves, the various people we are talking to, the various sites we have acquired in the three northern regions which will be capable of giving us more solar energy than has been planned nationally, if we are allowed to grow, Im absolutely definite that in the next five years or so, youll be talking to a very huge Authority.

And well want you to take this message across, that: BPA is not a white elephant, we are working, we have the capacity to expand and lead in the renewable energy market.

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How Your Office Job Is Ruining Your Health: From Your Eyes To Your Heart To Your Butt 

We've heard it all before: desk work is wrecking havoc on our health. 

But experts warn that, while 86 percent of Americans work at a desk, few of us know how to offset the damage. 

If you spend at least six hours a day at a desk, your heart attack risk is double what it should be. Computers also increase your risk of vision loss by 40 percent, increase insulin resistance, and affect our mental health. 

This culture of working has given rise to the 'weekend warrior' who packs a week's worth of exercise into two days, and after-hours yoga or meditation. 

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Koforidua SECTECH student Died From Meningitis – Health Director

The Eastern Regional Director of Health Services, Dr. Charity Sarpong, has confirmed that, a second-year science student of Koforidua Technical School SECTECH, who passed away over the weekend, died from Meningitis.

Denis Opare Saforo, died at the Regional Government Hospital in Koforidua on Friday, November 8, after a short illness which has now been confirmed to be Meningitis.

However, Dr. Sarpong refuted reports of an outbreak in the region, stating that the situation has been controlled.

On Thursday, we got information about a case from SECTECH that had been sent to the Regional Hospital, and I think they were suspecting meningitis. The doctor who received the case, did all the necessary things, took all the necessary investigations including a number puncher, and did all the needed investigations while the 15-year-old boy was put on treatment, she narrated.

Unfortunately, he passed away the next day in the early hours of the morning which was Friday, but then the results from the test conducted indicated positive for meningitis, so immediately the Regional and Municipal Health Directorate were informed, and a team were immediately dispatched to the school where the assistant headmaster of the school and other teachers, were met at the school. So the student body were engaged in the necessary education by the health team on cardinal symptoms of meningitis and how to go about it.

She added that after the health education, they followed up to the dormitories to inspect the dormitories and identified 22 immediate contacts who were students, so these 22 students are being followed up to know and ensure that should they also develop such symptoms they will be picked up and given the necessary treatment.

I must say that currently, everything is tranquil in the school because we have given them the necessary support, they know what to look out for, they also have our contact numbers so that when there is something we will be immediately contacted for the necessary support. I would like to repeat that it is not an outbreak of meningitis. Yes; it is a positive meningitis case which has been treated the way it should be so this doesnt mean it is an outbreak. I must say occasionally throughout the year there are cases of meningitis which we treat and majority of them recover and are healed, but it is unfortunate that our young boy could not make it.

The death had caused some concern in the school as some students fear that this could be the onset of a disease outbreak, similar to the health crisis at the Kumasi Academy in the Ashanti Region.

A total of four students at the Kumasi Academy have died from suspected Swine Flu with a further 30 being hospitalized.

However, Dr. Mrs Charity Sarpong added that the Regional Health Directorate is taking steps with the Education service to intensify surveillance and revamp infirmaries at all Senior High Schools within the Eastern Region, to enable them refer cases to hospitals promptly for immediate medical care.

We have put in place necessary things to ensure that such a thing does not happen again, the school is also being supported to revamp its infirmary because it is one of the things we noticed that they needed to revamp it to make it very active so that any student who gets the slightest ailment would be referred to the infirmary and where it is necessary, he will be referred to the hospital in due time for the necessary treatment to be administered.

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ITLOS Judgment: AG Not Implementation Agency – Gloria Akuffo

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Gloria Akuffo has said its not within the purview of her office to oversee the implementation of the landmark ruling by the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) on the Ghana/Côte dIvoire maritime dispute.

This is despite the AGs influence in the matter that saw Ghanas victory in the legal challenge between the two states.

The office of the Attorney General led by the sector Minister, Gloria Akuffo acted as a principal legal advisor  in the high profile case, but that notwithstanding she said her Ministry is not charged with the implementation of ITLOS ruling.

Mr. Speaker,the office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice is not the implementing agency of the judgment in the matter, she made the clarification in answer to a question from Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House, Frank Annor Dompreh.

Mr. Annor Dompreh sought to know from the Minister what specific steps were being taking to ensure that an acceptable maritime mark is drawn following the recent judgment delivered in the International maritime boundary dispute between Ghana and neighbouring Ivory Coast.

The Special Chamber of ITLOS in a unanimous decision on Saturday September 23, 2017, ruled that there has not been any violation on the part of Ghana on Côte dIvoires maritime boundary.

ITLOS rejected Côte dIvoires argument that Ghanas coastal lines were unstable, and held that Ghana has not violated Côte dIvoires sovereign rights with its oil exploration in the disputed basin.

President of the Special Chamber, Justice Boualem Bouguetaia, in reading the judgment, accepted Ghanas argument of adoption of the equidistance method of delineation of the maritime boundary.

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KABA Family Visits Ex-President Rawlings

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Ex-President Rawlings on Monday received a nine member delegation from the family of the late Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong (KABA) the host of (Ekosii Sen ) program on Asempa FM who died recently at Korlebu Teaching Hospital after a short illness. The delegation which was led by the Chief of Adumasa Nana Ansah Kwao (IV) was at the forme ...

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Farmer Shot Dead By Robbers

A 35-year old farmer was short dead in the early hours of Monday during a robbery attack.

The deceased, identified as Akwasi Badu, met his fate when he run into a road barrier mounted by a group of gun wielding robbers on a section of the Nyinahin-Wansamire road.

They had blocked the road to rob passengers traveling on commercial vehicles from Wansamire, a predominantly cocoa growing community, to Kumasi of their cash and other valuables.

One of the robbery victims, Mr. Owusu Sekyere, told the Ghana News Agency that the vehicle on which he was travelling with other passengers had been stopped by the robbers, when he saw Badu approaching the place on his bicycle.

Momentarily, one of the robbers pull the trigger of his gun, the deceased took a direct hit and fell to the ground with his bicycle.

Nobody could go to his aid and the robbers continued seizing cash and mobile phones from the passengers.

The robbers, he added managed to escape with their booty.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Andrew Aboagye, the Nyinahin District Commander, confirmed the incident to the and said there had not been any arrest.

He vowed that the police would do everything to track down, arrest and bring the robbers to justice.

Separately, a 25 year-old mobile money vendor, Osei Kuffour, has committed suicide.

His lifeless body was found dangling in a mango tree in the morning of Sunday at Nyinahin.

The bodies of the deceased pair had been deposited at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) mortuary for autopsy.

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KABA Family Officially Informs President Akufo-Addo Of His Death

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A family delegation of the late Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong has officially informed President Akufo Addo about the death of the late Multimedia broadcaster and host of the Asempa Fm 39;s late afternoon political show Ekosii Sen. The nine member delegation which was led by the chief of Akwamu Adumasa Nana Ansah Kwao (IV) handed an inv ...

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Monday, December 11, 2017

LeToya Luckett Is Married! See The First Wedding Photos

LeToya Luckett promised that she would be a married woman before 2018, and she meant it.

The singer and her fiancé, Dallas-based entrepreneur Tommicus Walker, tied the knot on Sunday evening in a lavish ceremony in Austin, TX.


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Stop Whining About Bad Roads; Just Pay Your Tolls - Anthony Karbo

Deputy Roads Minister, Anthony Karbo has urged Ghanaians to stop being grouchy about the bad state of roads in the country and help government by paying their toll fees for the repair of the countrys roads.

Speaking on Citi FM's breakfast show, Mr. Karbo indicated that financing for the reconstruction of horrible roads in the country has become problematic owing to the unwillingness of citizens to duly perform their responsibilities.

Comparing Ghanas situation to that of other countries, he stated that the payment of toll fees is one ideal way to generate funds for the pursuance of such projects in addition to other monies from government.

This is a discussion we should have in this country and help government to find new mechanisms, new ways of road financing because if you look at other countries, what is going on in the world now, and road users are paying for the roads, look at what is happening in America, all the roads you see in South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, are roads users are paying for.the real challenge we are having in this country is that people feel that we are paying for horrible roads because everyone is whining, the motorway is not good, its deteriorating and yet we are paying tolls," he said.

According to him, issues regarding the maintenance of major roads in the country will be resolved if the subject of financing is discussed on a much bigger platform.

We have gotten to the point where we have to open up, have a national discussion about road financing moving forward especially for major roads that we know that the volume of traffic and the amount of tolls people can pay over a period can service the road and there will be maintenance because it will be a road that everyone is paying for so the issues of maintenance which has been the biggest problem in Ghana, at least we will be somewhere in our resolving them," Karbo noted.

He commended communities who have registered their preparedness to help government by gathering financial resources for the construction of specific roads in the country.

Many communities are getting urbanized, theres a growing middle-class in the country and they are looking for a definite environment in which they can operate. Government is conscious of that and we would like to engage communities that have these new innovative ideas," the Member of Parliament for Lawra Constituency stated.

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Saudi Arabia To Allow Cinemas To Reopen From Early 2018

Saudi Arabia has announced it will lift a ban on commercial cinemas that has lasted more than three decades.

The ministry of culture and information said it would commence issuing licences immediately and that the first cinemas were expected to open in March 2018.

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Facebook Lady Gets Beaten After Being Accused Of Trying To Snatch A 'Slay Queen's' Boyfriend

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Tanzanian President Magufuli Pardons Child Rapists

Children's rights activists have condemned the pardon of two child rapists by the Tanzanian president.

Kate McAlpine, director of the Arusha-based Community for Children Rights, told the BBC she was "horrified but unsurprised".

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My Office Not Responsible For Implementing ITLOS Judgement – AG

The Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Gloria Akuffo, has told Parliament that her ministry has not been charged with the implementation of the recent judgment of the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea [ITLOS], on the maritime boundaries between Ghana and La Cote DIvoire.

Regardless of this, she noted that her Ministry played a leading role as agent for government in the trial at the international court.

Gloria Akufo made the clarification in reply to a question from Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament, Frank Annor Dompreh.

Mr Speaker, ITLOS rendered a unanimous judgement on the maritime dispute between Ghana and Cote Dlvoire on 21st September 2017.

The Attorney General and Minister for Justice as the principal legal adviser to government appeared as the agent for Ghana in the matter. The office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice is not the implementing agency of the judgement in the matter. I thank you Mr. Speaker, she said.

The judgement

The Chamber in a unanimous decision on September 23, 2017, ruled that there has not been any violation on the part of Ghana on Côte dIvoires maritime boundary.

The Chamber rejected Côte dIvoires argument that Ghanas coastal lines were unstable. It also noted that Ghana has not violated Côte dIvoires sovereign rights with its oil exploration in the disputed basin.

Justice Boualem Bouguetaia, President of the Special Chamber in reading the judgment, accepted Ghanas argument of adoption of the equidistance method of delineation of the maritime boundary.

In consideration of the new boundary, the Chamber determined that it starts from boundary 55 -200 nautical miles away, a position much closer to what Ghana was arguing for.


In 2014, Ghana took the case to ITLOS to dispel claims it has encroached Cote dIvoires marine borders as part of oil exploration activities at Cape Three Points, off the shores of the Western Region.

Ghanas defense held that Cote dIvoire was barred from demanding ownership to the disputed area it had acknowledged that Ghana owned the space without any qualms in the decades leading up to the oil discovery.

The oral hearings for the dispute were concluded in February 2017.

Ghanas oil discovery

In 2007, Ghana discovered oil and gas in commercial quantities, and this was followed by Cote dIvoire staking its claim to portions of the West Cape Three Points.

These claims were renewed in 2010 after Vanco, an oil exploration and production company announced the discovery of oil in the Dzata-1 deepwater-well.

Cote dIvoire petitioned the United Nations asking for a completion of the demarcation of its maritime boundary with Ghana, and Ghana responded by setting up of the Ghana Boundary Commission.

This commission was tasked with the responsibility of negotiating with Côte dIvoire towards finding a lasting solution to the problem.

But this commission bore no fruit, and in September 2014, Ghana dragged Cote dIvoire to ITLOS after 10 failed negotiations.

ITLOSs first ruling in 2015 placed a moratorium on new projects, with old projects continuing after Cote dIvoire filed for preliminary measures and urged the tribunal to suspend all activities on the disputed area until the definitive determination of the case.

The moratorium prevented Tullow Oil from drilling additional 13 wells. Tullow thus drilled eleven [11] wells in Ghanas first oil field.

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Bear With Us, Free SHS Problems Will Be Addressed – Hamid Pleads

The Information Minister has pleaded with Ghanaians to bear with the government on the challenges that have come up since the implementation of the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy.

Mustapha Hamid said the problems are largely due to over admission of first-year students across the country.

Speaking with members of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) at a town hall meeting Monday, Mr. Hamid was confident that with the measures the government is putting up, the problems will soon be a thing of the past.

Nobody accumulates their childrens school fees before they commence giving birth. We all give birth and struggle to take care of our children term by term.

Every term you struggle, ‘this term where am I going to find school fees for this child You hustle then you find it and then go. When they are vacating your heart starts beating again saying ‘another term has come.

Our fathers have done all that and then we have finished university, Masters, etcetera and we are who we are. So I am begging the Ghanaian people that let us bear with the challenges of Free SHS, he said.

According to the Minister, over 10,000 Junior High School leavers were not getting admission to the SHS in the past because their parents were unable to pay the bills.

But when the New Patriotic Party (NPP) rolled out its flagship programme, all the students took advantage of the policy thereby creating numerous problems such as overcrowding, Mr Hamid said.

The Minority in Parliament has predicted a collapse of the countrys SHS education in five years if the challenges under the policy are not fixed.

The opposition lawmakers say the challenges bedeviling SHS education under Akufo-Addos policy are overwhelming and will cripple the schools soon.

In September this year, the government rolled out its lead campaign promise during the 2016 campaign.

A little over two months after the implementation of the policy, there has been a number of challenges being recorded at some of the schools.

Even though the free SHS policy increased school enrolment in all Schools across the country, it came with its attendant infrastructural challenges.

But the Information Minister has charged Ghanaians not to allow themselves to be deceived to call for the cancellation of the policy because of the challenges.

I beg you if we cancel it and continue the way that we used to have it, this country it will never develop, he said.

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GH¢20,000 For KUMACA Students Families

The Families of the four students of Kumasi Academy Senior High School (KUMACA), who were killed by swine flu virus, have received GH¢20,000 help from the government.

The money was shared equally among the four bereaved families â€" each taking home GH¢5,000 â€" during a short ceremony which took place on KUMACA campus at Asokore Mampong in the Ashanti Region on Friday.

Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, who had made an impromptu visit to KUMACA Friday evening to ascertain the condition in the school, presented the cash to the four families.

In his succinct remarks, the vice president explained that government had decided to give the money to the four bereaved families to help in the burial and funeral rites of the dead students.

Dr. Bawumia, from his facial expression, was very sad following the shocking deaths of the young students. On behalf of the government, he consoled the bereaved families.

He described the deaths as very unfortunate, but quickly entreated the affected families to take heart in their trying moments.

Dr. Bawumia assured the bereaved families that the government was with them.

He prayed fervently for Allahs protection and healing power for the other students of KUMACA who are currently at the various hospitals in Kumasi receiving treatment.

The vice president also urged parents and guardians whose children left the campus before the vaccination of the students started, to quickly bring them back so that they too could be immunized.

Dr. Bawumia was accompanied to the KUMACA campus by the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu and Dr. Anthony Nsiah Asare, Director General, Ghana Health Service (GHS).

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah and his deputy, Elizabeth Agyeman, as well as the Asokore Mampong Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Alhaji Alidu Seidu, were also there.

Representatives of the bereaved families expressed gratitude to the government for its support.

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Otumfuo Explains Manhyia ‘Miracle

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has explained that God stopped the rains on Thursday afternoon during the funeral of her late mother, Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II at the Manhyia Palace.

According to him, on Thursday afternoon it rained heavily across Kumasi, with the exception of the Manhyia Palace, where the grand funeral of the late Asantehemaa was taking place.

He disclosed that it finally rained at the Manhyia Palace on Thursday evening after thousands of mourners, including President Akufo-Addo and vice President Dr. Bawumia, had left the venue.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II stated categorically that God caused the great miracle to happen at the Manhyia Palace on Thursday afternoon so that late Asantehemas funeral, which attracted scores of mourners, would not be disrupted.

It rained heavily all over Kumasi on Thursday afternoon but Manhyia Palace, where the Asantehemaas funeral rites were taking place was spared, this miracle was caused by God. It was not done by a human being.

God wanted the Asantehemaa, who was my biological mother, to have a befitting funeral that is why he stopped the rains in the afternoon and only opened up the heavens in the evening when the funeral rites were over.

This was contained in brief speech, which was read his behalf by the Asante Juaben Paramount Chief and Council of State Chairman, Nana Otuo Serebuo, at the St. Cyprians Anglican Church on Sunday during the Thanksgiving Service for the late Asantehemaa, Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II.

It was attended by dignataires such as the Speaker of Parliament, Prof Mike Oquaye and Alban Bagbin.

Otumfuo Osei also thanked Ghanaians, especially President Akufo-Addo, Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, ex-President JA Kufuor, ex-President John Mahama and ex-First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings for their support.

He also commended the various bodies and groups in the country that trooped to the Manhyia Palace in their numbers which made the grand funeral of Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II succesful.

The Asantehene also thanked the media for extensively covering the funeral so far, adding that residents of Kumasi also deserve praise for complying with a curfew on Saturday night.

The church service was characterized by the singing of Gospel tunes and dancing.

The various men of God that were present prayed fervently for Otumfuo, the Asante Royal family and Ghanaians in general.

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Beyonce Flaunts Her Gorgeous Physique In Elaborate Mini Dress

She recently expanded her family with twins.

And Beyonce showcased her phenomenal physique in a gorgeous silver feathered dress in her latest series of Instagram snaps.   

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Prince Harry Quits Smoking For Meghan Markle

With his health-conscious fiancee now ensconced in his Kensington pad, Prince Harry is having to reassess his lifestyle.

And the first thing the party-loving prince has had to confront is his love for a cheeky cigarette.

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University Of Ghana Counsels Traumatized Students After Vandal Murder Incident

The university of Ghana has charged its Guidance and counselling unit to offer counseling services to its students who might have been traumatized by the murder of an old student on its campus.

In a statement released by the management of the University of Ghana, students have been advised to visit its Guidance and counselling Center for psychological treatment.

‘The Careers and Counseling Centre is on standby to counsel any student who may have been traumatized by this incident. ‘

The statement further added that the incident in no way threatened security or the safety of students on the schools campus, adding that the two individuals involved in the bloody skirmish were not current students of the school.

Management wishes to assure members of the university community, alumni, parents and the general public that the incident is an isolated case and no threat has been identified which could cause any danger to our students in this respect. Management would also like to state at this stage that neither the victim nor the alleged perpetrator are current students of the University, it said.

A past student of the University of Ghana lost his life after a colleague student stabbed him several times in the course of a heated argument.

The suspect is currently in police custody pending arraignment before the court today, Monday December 11.

Read the full statement below

Management has learnt with shock a gruesome incident that occurred at Commonwealth Hall in the early evening of Saturday, 9 December 2017. One person who sustained severe injuries was rushed to the University Hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries leading to his death.

The University is saddened by this and would like to extend condolences to the family of the victim.

The Police are investigating the incident and Management is expecting a report as soon as the investigation is completed.

Management wishes to assure members of the university community, alumni, parents and the general public that the incident is an isolated case and no threat has been identified which could cause any danger to our students in this respect. Management would also like to state at this stage that neither the victim nor the alleged perpetrator are current students of the University.

The Careers and Counseling Centre is on standby to counsel any student who may have been traumatized by this incident.

Further details will be provided as they become available.

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Ogbojo Homes Submerged After Heavy Rains

A devastating flood has submerged several homes in the Ogbojo Electoral Area and its environs in Accra.

The flood follows hours of heavy downpour Saturday afternoon and evening.
Several residents have been displaced and had to abandon their homes to spend the night with friends and relatives.

Although no death has been recorded, the rains, which started from around 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. caused a lot of inconvenience to residents in the area who attributed the flood to an abandoned drainage system in the community.

The residents have, therefore, accused the Adentan Municipal Assembly, which has an over-site responsibility over the area of neglect, following its inability to complete drainage system which was abandoned after the 2016 general election.

Graphic Online visited the area Sunday morning and counted over 60 houses whose fence wall have been toppled by the rains.

Properties including vehicles, home accessories, electrical appliance, among many other goods worth billions of Ghana cedis were also destroyed by the flood water.

The visit also showed many victims scooping the water that entered in their rooms, compounds and shops with buckets and any other material they could lay hands on.

Some of the victims were seen drying their salvaged items in front of their houses.

Residents lament

A resident, Osei Miraku, blamed the flood on the assembly for failing to complete the drainage system in the area.

He explained that several attempts by the residents to get the Adentan Municipal Asembly to complete the abandoned drainage had proved futile.

This is the second time in this year that rains have destroyed our things in the area.but city authorities only visit and query questions without any action. , he said.

Another resident, Gladys Acheampong said although NADMO had visited the area on a countless occasions after flood cases, nobody has ever received any relief items or help from them.

We have been seeing officials of NADMO visiting the community but I can say that none of us has received any support, she said.

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Prince William & Prince Harry Announce Sculptor for Princess Diana's Statue

Prince William and Prince Harry are ending a poignant year in which they have led the public memorials to their late mother Princess Diana by announcing that a sculptor and design have been chosen to create a commemorative statue of her.

They have comissioned Ian Rank-Broadley, the sculptor behind the effigy of Queen Elizabeth that has been used to decorate all British coins since 1998.

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Nigerian Governor To Sponsor 100 Wedding Ceremonies

A Deputy Governor in Zamfara State in Nigerian, Malam Ibrahim Wakkala Muhammad, has promised to sponsor the marriage ceremony of 100 vulnerable couples across the state.

The rationale to sponsor the would-be couples, according to the governor, was part of his desire to reduce the number of widows and divorced women in the state.

Malam Ibrahim Wakkala made the disclosure Sunday evening at the graduation ceremony of 200 women trained on various empowerment skills.

He explained that already a process had been instituted to ensure that the right category of people are selected as the beneficiaries.

We noticed that many of them want to marry but they dont have financial help to so. 100 indigent males and 100 females would be selected across the 14 local government areas of the state and all what is needed for wedding will be provided by me, he assures.

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14 Tumu SECTECH Students In Police Grip For Assaulting Teacher

Fourteen students of the Tumu Senior High Technical School are assisting the police in investigate an assault on a male teacher of the school.

The students, who are currently on self-recognisance bail, are said to have assaulted the teacher, Mr Issah Ganiyu.
They appeared enraged when the 36-year-old teacher seized mobile phones from four of them after ‘lights out' after an entertainment session, and went physical on him.

The district directorate of the Ghana Education Service is currently engaging various stakeholders, including the police, parents, traditional authorities and the political administration, over the issue, following calls by a section of society to have the students dismissed.

Mr Ganiyu, the teacher, is said to be recovering from bodily pains and physical injuries.


The Police Commander for the Sissala East District, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mr Stephen Abanga, told the Daily Graphic that the students were all cooperating with the police in the investigations.

He said quiet had returned to the school, but his men were still monitoring events closely.

He indicated that Mr Ganiyu, who was the teacher on duty at the time the students assaulted him, had gone round the dormitories to ensure that the students were protected.

He said the teacher heard some students talking during his rounds, and it turned out that they were speaking on phone.

ASP Abanga said Mr Ganiyu saw and seized four phones from the students, but they did not take kindly to the act, and massed up in their numbers to attack him.

According to him, the teacher had to escape from the grip of the incensed students, some of whom were armed with sticks and other weapons.

He said the 14 were those identified by the teacher as having participated in the assault on him, although some sources within the school have told the Daily Graphic that the number that attacked the teacher could be more.

Reactions on social media

Meanwhile, the public is enraged by the act of the students, with many posting their displeasure on social media and demanding their dismissal.

Criminals, (they) should be sacked from public schools, wrote one Baful Yakubu Juah on Facebook.

This gross disrespect can scare other teachers from that school; those students should be dealt with, Nagalwie Lutufia also wrote on Facebook.

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R. Kellys Atlanta Home Cleaned Out By Burglars

R. Kelly's back at his home in Atlanta, but it's not even close to the way he left it ... because burglars cleaned him out!

As we reported ... cops ID'd a suspect who allegedly took everything that wasn't nailed down out of the singer's 2 Atlanta cribs in back-to-back burglaries over Thanksgiving weekend while he was touring.

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Lebanese Rape Suspect On Oxygen Support At The Hospital

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Rabih Haddad, the Lebanese man suspected to have raped his Ghanaian house help at his Airport Hills Residential home in Accra, is on oxygen support at the Ridge hospital. The 39-year-old accused was expected to reappear before the court on December 19, 2017, after his plea for bail was rejected and remanded into Police custody by an Accra ...

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PHOTO Of Vandal Who Was Stabbed

The University of Ghana was hit with a bang following the murder of one of its students â€" an unfortunate incident which happened after a verbal altercation between the deceased and one George Osei Mensah.

Martin Tweneboah, popularly known as Chief Tipsy was reportedly stabbed to death by George Osei Mensah, Saturday evening at the Commonwealth Hall, University of Ghana.

Chief Tipsy is believed to be aged 32 and hails from Nsoatre in the Brong Ahafo region.

He is said to have met his untimely death when George, the suspect, reportedly snatched a knife from a nearby khebab seller and stabbed him about six times in the neck.

The two were part of a group of former residents of the Hall (Old Vandals) who attended the funeral of another ‘fellow at Amrahia.

According to a statement by the Old Vandals Association, the said argument started in the bus in which they were travelling and attempts by colleagues to get them to ceasefire proved futile.

The argument became heated and the two had to be separated on several occasions by others. It went on and on. So, when we got to Atomic Junction, the driver was advised to stop and the two were thrown out of the bus. Others joined them.

When they got to the Hall, they had not stopped. It was at this time that the killer allegedly grabbed the knife of the khebab seller and cut the victim several times with it. The victim bled profusely and was rushed to the Legon Hospital by the killer and some Vandals, portions of the statement read.

The police have begun investigations into the killing. The officers have cordoned off the crime scene for assessment and collection of evidence.

Meanwhile, George is in the custody of the police.

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Multimedia's Ivy Setordzie, Hubert Yevu Pick GJA Awards

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Two Joy News rsquo; Volta Regional Correspondents have swept key awards at the maiden edition of the Volta Regional Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) Awards 2017. Ivy Sertordzie won the best journalist in the sanitation category and Hubert Mawuli Yevu Abi was adjudged the best health reporter on Saturday. The awards ceremony was held ...

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Accident Vehicle Engulfed In Flames After Crash On N1 Highway (VIDEO)

One of two cars involved in a high speed race on the George Walker Bush Highway was thrown off the road and burst into flames after it crashed into the roundabout.

According to an eyewitness, two speeding vehicles; a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Highlander were speeding from Lapaz towards the Tetteh Quashie Roundabout.

The Toyota Corolla sped under the overhead bridge but the Highlander in a bid to overtake his competitor used the overhead bridge, missed his turn and was thrown off the highway. The fourwheeler burst into flames after somersaulting and the landing, bursting all the tyres.

Reports indicate that the driver got out of the car unscathed and pleaded with bystanders to support him douse the burning car.

One fire tender was enough to put the fire out when the Fire Service arrived at the scene but the vehicle could not be salvaged.

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