Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Is it advisable for me to live with her or date her again?

Dear GSM,

My name is Peter and she is Rose, we are of the same age 25 years. We
were in relationship 5 years ago but we broke up. The cause of the
break up was that I traveled without telling her due to the emergency
of the situation and at that time I was not using mobile phone and I
am not used to keeping contact numbers in my head so I couldn't call
her. I spent only one month. when I came back I heard that she was
dating somebody so I decided not to ask her and I left that town and
settled at a different town not because of her but because of work.

Last year she searched for my contact number and she called me telling
me the situation she has passed through and what she was trying to say
was that she wants us to be together again. She has a child with the
man I heard of when I returned from where I traveled to, but they are
not dating again due to some behavior of the man.

I have studied her for sometime and have not found any problem with
her but she always blames me for what happened to her, but that is not
my problem, my problem is that, is it advisable for me to live with
her or date her again?

+Ghana Leaks

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