Monday, 27 April 2015

V /R Police Command On Heels Of Criminals

Mr Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae, Volta
Regional Police Commander , has
assured residents in the region that
the police was on the ground ,
working on clues to track criminals
suspected to be connected to break -
ins reported in some communities in
the region.
He said there were indications that
the criminals were operating a web ,
whose members converge on calls by
principals, for operations .
Mr Gyinae , a Deputy Commissioner of
Police , ( DCOP), was interacting with
journalists , called to the Police
Headquarters to meet Mr David
Ampah - Bennin , also a DCOP, Head of
Police Press and Public Affairs
Department , on a visit to the Volta
Region .
Mr Gyinae regretted that while the
police strove to cage the criminals ,
people in the area would prefer to be
apathetic to helping the police with
information .
The criminals live with you in the
communities , and are your guests
when they visit for their operations,
but the tradition here , in the main , is
for people to choose to remain mute,
the Volta Regional Police Commander
stated .
He said his office was very much
accessible for inquiries and
confirmations , stressing that it was
important journalists endeavoured to
get their facts right , and stop stating
break - ins as robberies.
Mr Gyinae said the Police was
carefully evaluating the crime scene
in the region in the light of recent
arrests made , as initial indications
were that criminal activities could be
reducing .
He said there were other operational
tactics , apart from the obvious , which
the police had the option to adopt to
fight the criminals .
Mr Ampah - Bennin had been in the
Volta Region on the direction of the
Inspector- General of Police to
evaluate certain pillars of police work ,
including the state of cells and level
of police- media relations .
He said he held durbars with police
at the various divisions in the region
and also went along with night patrol
teams in Kpando .
Mr Ampah - Bennin disclosed that
other Police Management Board
members were in other regions on the
same errand .

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